WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Functionality

I’ll be the first to admit that staying fashionable and on trend is quite difficult on a college student budget. One doesn’t have to necessarily dress posh every day to class, but it is especially nice from a Fashionista’s perspective to be able to let your personality shine through your wardrobe. I think this dilemma between new clothes and money arises especially in occasion where activities off campus take place. This Fashionista handled this type of situation just right.

My attraction to this Fashionista’s look was originally the functionality of her outfit. The look was intended for a spring night out in the city, which she achieved just that. Being that we are still in the phase of the weather where some days are warm and others are not, the look was intended to be prepared for both warm and cold weather.

The look achieved both a balance between both chic and street wear style. Her distressed jeans gave her the comfort of a long pant, but still cool enough to catch the spring breeze. While her graphic T-shirt played the role of tying the getup together, keeping it both fun and casual. Her accessories and shoes were the pieces in the outfit that I felt helped bring the most pizazz and personality to the look. This pair of trendy Nike sneakers helped dress down the look and keep the vibe casual and effortless. Meanwhile her statement necklace was the most engaging piece that brought both attention and confidence, essentially serving as the piece to make it concert-ready. Additionally, her leather jacket provided true functionality in keeping her warmth when the temperature dropped toward the end of the night.

The look overall incorporated pieces like the jacket and necklace that dressed it up just enough to make it functional at a concert, while the jeans and Huarache sneakers contributed to the effortless, casual outfit, that’s class and campus ready.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Suburban Urban

I think defining your sense of style in a few quick words might be one of the hardest things to do. I have tried for many years to discover where my style was headed, but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly, for it is always changing. One day I can feel inspired by a feminine skirt and blouse for my outfit, while other days I can sport a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized male T-shirt. With this eclectic type of inspiration, what exactly was my style?  After a flip through my closet and some searching through my drawers, I have come to realize that my style is an urban-inspired collection of clothes worn by a very suburban girl.

From the oversize denim jackets, colored sneakers, and ripped jeans, to jogger pant sweats, and leather leggings; this style is overwhelmingly what I sport the most. If my Pinterest tags and posts don’t say enough, then my timberland booties and authentic leather jacket speak enough for themselves. In this specific outfit I chose, I’m sporting my typical go-to look.

A graphic hoodie printed with a reference to one of my favorite cities, New York, with a pair of fitted skinny jeans. I of course had to layer it with one of my statement outerwear pieces, which in this instance, was my army green bomber. To tie it all together, I paired my knee-high suede boots and a simple gold watch. Whether it is in the city streets of Temple’s Philly campus or back home on my suburban sidewalks, I am always strutting my true urban suburban style.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mismatching Prints

It is safe to say that this abnormally warm February on the East Coast has everyone in the mood for spring and summer. With the early wave of warm weather taking over the atmosphere, you can always expect for the warm weather fashion to follow. Less boring gray clothing, and more fun, funky, and bright fashion. I personally have had enough of seeing the dull, monochromatic winter coats walk the campus, and I am more than ready to finally let spring spree. That being said, I couldn’t help but capture this chic spring-ready outfit that had everything a spring look could need.

I think it is more than necessary to highlight the boldness of the look. Sporting mismatching prints is one trend that could easily be a fashion disaster or creative brilliance. Contrary to the many common fashion mishaps that take place when prints are mismatched, this Fashionista’s bold inspiration turned out to be a flawless collaboration. The various details within this look is truly what brings it together. Between the flow of the burgundy warmth and turquoise blue tones, and the similarity in shape of the prints makes it all clash so seamlessly. Not to mention her polka dot print bomber with black cuffs and neckline trimming tied in her black Gucci loafers! Yes, ladies, I said Gucci. Last but not least, her corresponding gold wrist watch matched perfectly with the gold buckle elements on her shoes.

I truly cannot get enough of how effortless it looked for this original outfit to be thrown together. I think it is outfits like these that inspire Fashionistas to go for bold prints and colors that many are too timid to wear. Therefore, next time your thinking of sporting something out of the box, just go for it! Fashion is all about what you find to be in style. Whether it is the warm weather or the everyday innovative Fashionistas like this that inspire you, be bold and always let your style be free.

STYLE ADVICE: Simple and on the Go

As a college student, it is almost a guarantee that you will experience the greatest amount of stress and work load that life has to offer all a once. It is stressful for multiple reasons, mainly for the fact that it always feels like there is so much to do with so little time. It is this type of daily grind that causes most college students to dress quickly and comfortably. Although your first thought may be sweatpants and a T-shirt, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case if your trying to achieve the comfort and the style that comes natural to you.

This look sported by this Fashionista may seem simple at first glance, but it serves its purpose for many style-lovers that are on the go. This college student caught my eye for the simplicity and practicality of her look. When I asked a little bit about her, she explained that she’s a full-time student at Philadelphia University while working a demanding part-time job at a clothing retailer, so she truly is always on the go. She said she loves to have outfits that are chic and trendy for work, but still give her the ability to transition back into the busy student life that she lives. I couldn’t help but decide to talk about how this look achieved just that.

Some of the pieces that really brought the look together in my opinion are her denim jacket and her fashionable, metallic adidas sneakers. Her knee slit, black jeans make the look casual and served as the balance to bring everything together, while her denim jacket helped accessorize her plain white T-shirt to keep her on trend. The pieces that serve as the true pop of style and color are her sneakers. For many looks that are similar to this kind of style, the outfit almost always has to be simple in order to really bring out the real character of the sneakers. The central theme of comfort and style is all easily achieved when these very pieces are collectively put together right. It is safe to say that this Fashionista is a clear example of how effortless it is to put a great look together while still living the busy college life.

STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Bonner

Hello fellow Style Gurus! My name is Alyssa Bonner, and I am a junior at Temple University located in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. I couldn’t imagine living in no other city other than Philly. The biggest reason I love living and attending school in an urban environment is because of the fashion. The access to the retail outlets and observing all the various types of fashion that people sport in urban environments, is an experience that is truly unique to the city.  My obsession with this is evidently what led me to pursuing opportunities in fashion such as this one.

Similar to many other college students, I live a simple life spending a majority of my time studying, eating and exploring the city. When I finally do have some free time, I spend the majority of it watching YouTube vlogs, keeping up with current fashion and beauty trends. I spend even more time working on my personal beauty blog, where I review and share my experiences with all the latest beauty and cosmetic finds. I consider myself to be a major food junkie! I love trying new foods whether it’s from a funky food truck or a different ethnic type of food. If I’m not doing any of those activities, I am most likely binge watching a new Netflix show cuddled up in my bed.

`As far as my style I would say that it is a trendy yet casual style. I love rocking my leather jacket with almost every outfit I sport. It’s is an essential piece to my wardrobe that I throw with oversized sweaters and some denim. At this time of year, the weather calls for achieving both warmth and comfort in your style and I think I model most of my looks after that. My wardrobe primarily consists of neutral colors that work well in every season. I am a firm believer in expressing your individuality and I think that fashion and clothes gives everyone an outlet to do so. It is safe to say that I am more than excited to start this semester off, finding and blogging about the trendiest fashion on the streets of my campus for all to see.