The Best Midsummer Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

Do you love summer colors but feel that most shades are either too vibrant or too soft? I’m with you. Recently, the fashion world has fallen in love with “in between” shades like blush, mauve, and sky blue, and so have I. I mean, what’s not to love about these kinds of colors? They’re flattering on virtually anyone, which means more and more people are being drawn to items of clothing in these gorgeous shades.

Just a few weeks ago a found this incredibly cute mauve cotton dress and I honestly want to wear it every day. Not only is the color amazing, but the keyhole cut-out is definitely on-trend right now! It’s the perfect way to show off a little bit of skin without doing too much. I just have to be careful not to spend too much time in the sun when wearing this dress in order to avoid a super awkward-looking tan line!

Now you may be wondering, “how would I accessorize a piece like this?” It’s actually very simple. Since the keyhole cut-out is the main detail of focus around the neck and chest, you can skip a necklace. Instead, I would suggest some cute and colorful bangles just to add some bling. For shoes, you could definitely go with a strappy neutral-colored sandal like mine or even a pair of wedges if you’re feeling fancier. You can then just add on some statement earrings to draw more attention to your face and voila! You’ve got the perfect summer look that will flatter anyone and will work for just about any slightly dressy event you have planned.

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Angel City Street Style

I am currently in Los Angeles for vacation for the very first time as I’m writing this. Shocking, right? The only other time I’ve passed through the City of Angels was for a layover a few years ago which wasn’t too exciting.

The thing I love most about Los Angeles is the street style. It’s so unique and diverse. You’ll always be sure to find some of the chicest looks in America. Head down to Rodeo Drive, and you’ll find Gucci-clad showstoppers, but take a walk along the Venice Beach boardwalk to see wacky graphic tees and clothes with the oddest phrases on them mostly thanks to tourists.

This Fashionista had the perfect look for a day in Los Angeles. With a cute tank featuring lace details and a killer denim skirt, passersby are sure to confuse you with a Beverly Hills It Girl. Accessorize with an adorable cross-body like this Fashionista’s perfect Michael Kors bag and you’ll definitely turn heads. Don’t forget to add on a statement necklace to add a little more bling to your look so you’ll fit right in with the locals.

There’s so much more to LA than just the Hollywood Sign and the Walk Of Fame. Lately, there have been multiple publications talking about how Los Angeles is beginning to give New York City some competition when it comes to being the fashion capital of the U.S. Personally, I don’t think anything can ever beat NYC, but LA definitely has its own unique style. Tourists and locals alike, whether they be an A-list celebrity or a college student like me, fill this incredible city with creativity and diversity when it comes to fashion.

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STYLE ADVICE: Winter Pieces for Spring

Let’s all be real with ourselves for a second. There’s no better feeling than cuddling up on a cold day in your favorite sweatshirt and being able to relax in comfort. Well, what if I told you there was a way to wear something so cozy out in public and still look fashionable, even in the spring? This is where I suggest the sweatshirt dress.

Sweatshirt dresses are the epitome of “comfy chic.” Though sweatshirts are generally a winter piece, as mentioned in my description above, there are ways to incorporate them into your spring wardrobe. By having a sweatshirt in dress form, your legs are free so that you won’t overheat when the weather is warm.

There are countless ways to accessorize an outfit like this, whether you want to make it look girly and flirty or casual and street-chic. Some options for a more laid-back look, as sported by this Fashionista, could be adding sneakers, or even a baseball hat. If you’re more interested in a glam type of look, I suggest accessorizing with some sparkly bangles or a ring that looks expensive but is actually totally affordable.

In my opinion, this outfit could be worn for a multitude of occasions. Do you have a music festival to hit up this month? A party with your best friends? Finals week? Wear a sweatshirt dress. You’ll look chic while still being comfortable so you can have fun (or be able to concentrate during your finals instead of suffocating in your skinny jeans) and be worry-free.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Groundbreaking Florals

As fashion’s favorite cinematic icon, Miranda Priestly (played by the legendary Meryl Streep), once said, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Though the idea of florals for spring may be 100 percent expected, they’re just such a classic. I mean, our style is constantly being influenced by the world around us. So when there are gardens full of daisies and tulips blooming left and right, shouldn’t our clothing reflect that? I don’t know a single person who isn’t delighted at the sight of flowers (unless you’re allergic, in which case, I am so so sorry). When we see flowers, we think spring. It’s human nature!

Though designers are constantly trying to create clothing for spring that isn’t so cliché, it’s hard to stray away from good old-fashioned florals. Walk into any clothing store between the months of February and May and you’ll feel as if you’ve just entered the perfect picnic spot. Nature is one of the main influences on fashion, and designers continue to make us feel as if we are outside when we really aren’t. That means that even during the worst April shower, you can just throw on a flowy floral sundress like mine and instantly forget about the real-life weather out your window.

No matter the forecast, you can never go wrong with wearing florals in the spring. Add on a statement bag, some booties or sandals, your favorite pair of sunglasses (only if it’s sunny though, don’t be that person), and you should be good to go. Even if floral isn’t the most avant-garde and unexpected pattern to wear during these warmer months, it’ll always be classic.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Silky and Snowy

Lately I’ve been super into thrift shopping, and this silk tank top is one of my favorite finds. Sustainability in fashion is incredibly important to me, which is why I’ve stopped shopping fast fashion (though a lot of my current wardrobe is from fast fashion brands, but I’m slowly transitioning). One of the easiest ways to avoid shopping fast fashion is by thrifting. Buying clothes from your local Goodwill not only is incredibly good for your wallet (that tank top was literally 99 cents), but it prevents tons of textile waste from being thrown into landfills.

I’ve found it’s quite difficult to incorporate silk into winter wear, even though it’s one of the most popular trends at the moment. However, I eventually decided to pair this tank top with a warm leather jacket and some thigh high boots. Transforming very summery pieces into cold weather outfits may be a hard task, but the overall look achieved is well worth it.

I normally wouldn’t consider wearing a silk tank top and denim skirt when it’s flurrying outside, but fashion school definitely gets you thinking outside the box. If you couldn’t tell by my cold, red hands, it was quite freezing out this day. I could have used a nice puffy parka coat and some gloves, but those would have killed the look and fashion requires sacrifices, right? However, I am NOT suggesting that you prioritize your outfit over the possibility of frostbite. Make better decisions than me.

On that note, I’d like to wish you all a happy February and suggest you stay warm!

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Walks

Happy January Fashionistas/os!

Do you ever wonder what to wear on a walk to the park with your family? It’s probably pretty cold, but you still want to look cute. This look is perfect: you can stay warm while still being chic.

This Fashionista was able to put together the perfect winter outfit. The red and cream colors really pull together the whole look, making it fit with the season. It’s a well-known fact that plaid is the designated pattern of fall and winter. I recommend pairing your favorite flannel with a nice puffy vest like this Fashionista did. Then just add some warm snow boots and a knit hat and you’re good to go!

Winter can be tough when it comes to putting together outfits because you want to look good but also not get frostbite. That’s why outfits like this can truly save you when you want to spend some time outdoors and stay fashionable. Especially with some tough winter boots, you’re able to hike in the woods, spend an afternoon at the park, or even just take your dog for a walk.

I personally love winter fashion, and I think red is my favorite color to wear during the season. An outfit like this is extremely fitting for one of those sunny, beautiful winter days spent in nature.

So Fashionistas/os, get out your favorite flannel and boots and make sure to bundle up and stay cozy. Don’t forget to bring yourself a hat and gloves as well!


STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Ellis

Hello Fashionistas/os!

My name is Amanda Ellis and this is my second semester with CollegeFashionista! I am a freshman fashion merchandising student at Kent State University in Ohio.

I would describe my style as classic but with a feminine twist. This look I put together truly epitomizes my style and personality. It incorporates a lot of 2016’s biggest trends: knee-high boots, off-the-shoulder tops, crushed velvet, and of course, chokers. I definitely consider myself to be a trendsetter, however I’m also very much a trend-follower. As a fashion student, I can’t help but to constantly pay attention to what others are wearing. I mean, it’s practically going to be my job one day.

Other than fashion, some of my biggest passions include music, art, and traveling. I’ll listen to pretty much any kind of music; I love the way songs can resonate with your feelings. Some of my favorite artists are Coldplay, One Direction (also each of the boys’ individual music), Taylor Swift, and The 1975. Art is also a huge love of mine; my dream date would definitely be at an art museum. Like the majority of young people, I also adore traveling. I love experiencing new things and cultures, and seeing places I’ve never seen before.

I truly think that my fashion sense represents my personality and interests. I enjoy dressing up and having fun and I think that really sums me up as a person.

I’m beyond excited to see what not only this semester brings, but what 2017 will bring as a whole! I can’t wait to continue writing for CollegeFashionista and hopefully connect with some more Style Gurus along the way. Happy New Year Fashionistas/os!

WHAT TO WEAR: Trendy Transitions

As most of us have witnessed, the weather lately has been out of control. I mean, 70 degrees one day and snow flurries the next; how are we supposed to know what to wear?

This Fashionista was able to coordinate the perfect look for when the weather is fluctuating like crazy. It works for days that are just a little bit warmer than it should be in the midwest in December, but it also works for when it gets frosty out.

Leather jackets are extremely versatile weather-wise because although they are not super heavy, they can keep you pretty warm. A leather jacket is basically an essential item to have in your wardrobe for those transition weeks right before it officially becomes winter.

Knee high boots may be one of the biggest trends out there at the moment, but they can also serve the purpose of keeping your legs nice and cozy if it’s a little chilly outside! It’s always a plus when your favorite garments not only look cute but keep you from getting frost bite!

One of my biggest pieces of advice for dressing during the transition to winter is to always carry a scarf with you. If you’re out and about in the evening and the temperatures start to drop, you can just reach into your bag and put on a fuzzy scarf to accent your look and protect you from the cold!

This outfit is perfect for those days where the weather is unpredictable and you just don’t know what kind of temperatures you will encounter. With a nice leather jacket, knee high boots and a warm scarf you’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws at you (unless of course it goes to the extremes, like a heat wave or a blizzard).

Happy holidays and stay comfortable Fashionistas/os!

WHAT TO WEAR: Autumn Days

Happy fall Fashionistas/os! As we’ve all noticed, the weather is changing drastically (if you live in the Midwest like I do), which means our outfits must change as well. It’s time to tuck away your favorite high waisted shorts and tank tops and swap them out for some cozy sweaters and leggings!

This Fashionista got the memo; her plaid poncho and tan boots just SCREAM fall. Mix and match your favorite autumn accessories together to create the perfect look for class, lunch with your best friends or even a trip to the pumpkin patch. As soon as I saw this perfect pairing of garments I instantly became obsessed. The mixing of prints with the plaid poncho and striped sweater truly embody the chaotic beauty that is an autumn day.

Not only do the prints remind me of fall, but all of the colors throughout the outfit do as well. Tan, burgundy, deep green and even charcoal are all found in nature during the later months of the year. As the colors outside begin to neutralize, so do the colors in our wardrobes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport your favorite bright pink sweater in November! Just try pairing it with some black skinny jeans and boots to make it a little more seasonal.

I am personally a huge fan of fall and all its colors, especially dark reds and greens like the ones in this Fashionista’s incredibly chic poncho. So break out your gorgeous jewel tones and simple neutrals and get ready to embrace fall and the incredibly cold weather that comes with it (If you live somewhere that doesn’t get cold, I envy you).

Stay warm and happy fall Fashionistas/os!

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Colors Of Summer

I. Love. Bright. Colors. I truly do. I mean, there’s so many colors out there that we don’t even know exist. Who would rather live in a world where everything is grey and dull rather than vibrant and alive? I’m definitely not one of those people who love the all black, almost goth trend. I love the way bright colors in clothing, nature and art can bring about happiness and evoke certain feelings and emotions in the human brain.

This shirt brings back a lot of great memories from the summer. Getting free third row tickets at a Coldplay concert? Yeah, that happened. The artwork and theme of Coldplay’s most recent album and current tour, A Head Full Of Dreams, are incredibly captivating with their incorporation of each color of the rainbow. Naturally, I had to buy this T-shirt when I spotted it at the merchandise stand. Now it’s one of my favorite things to wear, whether it be with a pair of pajama shorts when I’m going to bed or with a cute denim mini skirt to show off my campus street style.

I’m definitely obsessed with this outfit of mine because of how practical it is. I’m not one who usually tries to be practical for I have a wild imagination, especially when it comes to fashion. However, this outfit is beyond comfortable and is casual enough to wear to class or to grab lunch with friends. Even though it’s practical, it still showcases those beautiful bright colors in the T-shirt to make it a little bit more “out there.” I like to think that it incorporates those elements that really draw your eyes to an outfit from afar.

In conclusion, bright colors can bring the perfect finishing touch to any everyday outfit. I’m  a firm believer that everyone should own at least one fun and colorful piece in their wardrobe, even if it’s just as simple as a band T-shirt with a rainbow logo on the front.