Here are the 5 Summer Essentials Every Fashionable College Student Owns

While the term “summer school” feels a bit like an oxymoron, it is a reality for many college students. Instead of hitting the beach, these students will be hitting the books while trying to sneak in some sunshine in-between.

As if the concept of summer school wasn’t bad enough, getting ready for said classes does not sound any better. You never know what to wear to class given that it is super hot outside while the AC in a classroom has you convinced it’s December. Plus I’m pretty sure wearing a bikini top and cut-offs won’t earn you a glowing recommendation from your professor. So what’s a girl to wear to summer school? I’m so glad you asked…

Here are five summer essentials every fashionable college student should have her in wardrobe to hit the books in style!

#1: A black leather backpack gives your outfit a feeling of lightness and freshness for a summer school look. Plus it doubles as a great purse or carryall when you hit up a summer concert or two! (Photo via @oohmytash)

#2: Underwear as outerwear is one of the hottest trend this summer that even your professor would approve of. This styling trick can make even the simplest outfit seem more intriguing and flawless for the perfect summer look. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

#3: No one really wants to wear jeans in the middle of July. A striped jumpsuit will make you look super stylish and professional without the possibility of overheating during hot, summer days. (Photo via @alliesarachene)

#4: Save your eyesight. Protect your eyes, stay on trend, perfectly frame your face, and shine bright with a pair of signature sunnies. (Photo via @maddyhaller)

#5: Flat mules and slides are not only stylish, but are pretty much a socially-acceptable excuse to wear slippers out of the house. (Photo via @colleenconnelly)

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Good News! You Too Can Take Street Style Photos Like a Professional Photographer

Nobody said it’s easy being a Fashionista. Moreover, it is even harder to show the world that you are one. And we’re not just talking about your friends and passerbys who get the chance to take in all your stylish effort IRL. When you nail the perfect OOTD, you have no other option than to capture said look and post it on Instagram.

The problem? Getting followers’ attention to your shots requires that your pictures, not just your outfit, are aesthetically appealing and eye-catching. Exhausting, right?

If you don’t have a professional photographer or blogger boyfriend walking everywhere with you and taking all of those perfect ‘totally candid, in the moment’ pictures, you often feel lost.

But before you just snap another mirror selfie and call it a day, think again. Here’s exactly how to take those double-tap worthy street style photographs like a professional, even if you don’t own a DSLR (or a photog BF).

Tip #1: Framing is a key of a good picture. If you shoot street style pictures, make sure that you are is in the centre while avoiding cutting off head or feet. In addition, stay away from extreme low or high angles are rarely good ideas as they distort the reality. (Photo via @couturecrushrei)

Tip #2: Be natural and avoid forced postures. Play around and have fun while taking pictures! The more candid the pictures look like, the more appealing they are to the viewers. (Photo via @samanthaneira)

Tip #3: Natural lighting is irreplaceable—it makes not only your skin look really good, but also your outfit pop out more. Make sure to use this gift of nature to your advantage, knowing where the light is coming from will help you position yourself to the camera. (Photo via @sennialinabloom)

Tip #4: It does not hurt to take multiple pictures. It’s a whole heck of a lot easier to delete photos than to go back in time (or so I hear). Take your time and capture several frames to increase your chances of getting the perfect shot. (Photo via @juuliaolkkonen)

Tip #5: Avoid busy places. Sure you may think it is a good idea to shoot at the “coolest” spot. But maneuvering around crowds or having awkward strangers ruin your shot is never fun. A simple yet cool wall is always the safest options to make the viewers focus on your look. (Photo via @mmoor)

Tip #6: Sometimes weather makes taking pictures outside more challenging and plays with the lighting on your pictures. In order to avoid weird shadows, dark silhouettes, and overexposed parts on your pictures, do a shooting during “the golden hour.” It is the time right before the sunset when the light is weaker and warmer, which will make your photos look more magical and soft. (Photo via @devynnediaz)

Tip #7: It is all in the details, so make sure you actually capture them! Pictures of details are as important as full-body frames. They make your shots look more interesting and add variety. Take some extra pictures featuring the details to complement the entire presentation of your section of pictures and your grid. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

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These 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands Are Going To Be The Next Reformation

From a young age, we are taught to reuse, reduce, and recycle. So why doesn’t the fashion industry follow those same practices, especially since it is the second-largest polluter on the world.

Luckily, some brands are building their companies on sustainable practices. Brands like Reformation have gained popularity not just for the chic dresses and it-girl styles, but for their brand ethos as well. But they’re not the only ones contributing to the positive change in the industry.

As conscious consumers, it is important to educate ourselves on brands who are promoting sustainability through fashion.

To improve the environment and your wardrobe, here are five sustainable fashion brands to know beyond Reformation:

#1: Knowtow

If you love minimalism, this brand will follow all of your aesthetics standards. Knowtow is organic, fair trade clothing that is sustainably made from seed to garment. It is characterized by its rich hues, crisp fabrics, and simple silhouettes that are very classy and always in fashion.

#2: Veja

This French brand offers trendy Scandinavian-inspired, casual, timeless sneakers.The brand’s vision is to combine fair trade, ecology, economy, social initiatives, and the environment all together.

#3: Ingomma

The Canadian-company makes innovative super-sustainable silicone rubber that is hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and with endless options of possible designs. The company shapes new industrial design technologies by creating beautiful designs, empowering creative class, and meeting a zero-waste goal.

#4: Freedom of animals

It is a cruelty-free luxury bag label born from the love for animals. The brand creates faux-leather goods from recycled materials and organic cotton providing customers with distinct designs that comply with ethical practices.

#5: Siizu

It is a 100% organic fashion brand with a philosophy to design and deliver high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices. This brand is a proof that stylish, sustainable, and comfy fashion at an affordable price point is possible.

What other brands are shaking up the industry and making a positive impact of the world? Let us know in the comments below!

Get The Most Out of Your Summer Internship With These 5 Tips

If you are a college student, you know the words “summer break” is hardly a break. While, sure, you may not be spending your days in class, study sessions, and under piles of homework, there is a much larger (and dare I say, daunting) way you’ll be spending your time: interning.

Having a summer internship takes all those things you learned in the classroom and requires you to put them into practice, often for the first time. It is an invaluable way to learn, building your resume, gain experience in the industry, and get your foot in the door. However, landing a summer internship is just the beginning. It’s what you do after that means the most. You need to remember that an internship is not just a little side job or fun summer activity. It is important to treat it as a real job to get the most out of the experience (and hopefully translate it into one of an actual real jobs).

As you start to get yourself prepared to transition from student to intern, here five tips on how to get the most out of your summer internship:

Tip #1: Do your homework. I am sorry to tell you that during the summer you still need to do your homework. In order to be successful as an intern, you must know the company you intern for. That means having a general idea of their image, reputation, history, culture, and current events. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

Tip #2: Gain trust early on. Actually show that you care about what you do. Pay attention to detail, follow instructions, be proactive, ask thoughtful questions, and ensure that the quality of your work is always the highest possible. (Photo via @velvetnvinyl)

Tip #3: Never ever think you are too good for something. Even if you are given a boring or easy task you don’t want to do, don’t let your attitude takeover. Go in with the mindset that no task is too big or too small. Do the work the best you can because once you will get through this stage, it is more likely you will be perceived as a reliable person and receive more interesting and challenging tasks. (Photo via @jenvpetrova)

Tip #4: Always ask questions. The worst thing you can do is to guess what you should do. If you are not sure what you are doing, always ask. Remember that you are there to learn and no one expects from you knowing everything. There is a difference between asking a thoughtful question and expecting to be spoon-fed the answer. Do your research, try to find the answer yourself, and if you can’t, it’s okay to clarify any misunderstandings or concerns to avoid putting you in a spot of doing something wrong and save you time. (Photo via @taylormackenzieh)

Tip #5: Ask for feedback. Once you are done with a task or after a few weeks, ask your supervisors for feedback. Knowing what you could do better or work on more is a great hint to help you improve your skills, set your goals, and grow as a person. (Photo via @berrytrendy)

Any tips you picked up in your previous internships? Help your peers out! Let them know in the comments below so they have a step above the rest as we head into internship season. And if you are still looking for a summer internship, may we suggest this great one

8 Spring Tops You’ll Love if You Lived in Sweatshirts All Winter

If you are anything like me and every other fashion-inclined student (heck, any college student for that matter), you probably spent your winter wearing crewneck sweatshirts. They were on trend (thanks athleisure!) and kept you seriously warm (no thanks, Mother Nature). What more could you have asked for?

But now that that the temperatures are on the rise, your go-to top of choice is no longer a viable option unless you want to sweat or get heatstroke. Luckily, spring is prime cute top season! Suns out, crop tops and graphic Ts and camisoles out (that’s the saying right?)

So if you are freaking out about no longer being able to rely on your trusty sweatshirt, don’t panic just yet. Here are the most fashionable tops, we have spotted amongst our Style Gurus, that are perfect for warm weather!

1. T-shirts with feminine slogans—show everyone who runs the world! (Photo via @venesajco)

2. Tops with tie-up sleeves—easy and literally breezy. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

3. Off-the-shoulder tops—look mom, no straps. (Photo via @alliesarachene)

4. Sheer tops—let some sun shine through. (Photo via @riaxla)

5. Tied tee—turn your top into a figure-flattering piece by knotting it in the front (Photo via @dani_rebecca)

6. Button-down T-shirt—elegance, casualness, and style all in one! (Photo via @mmoor)

7. Basic cropped tank—can’t decide between crop top and classic tank top? We got you. (Photo via @imdreamingofchanel)

8. Contrasted layers of tops—pro-tip: a bralette as an outerwear works perfectly as well. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

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5 Tips To Help You Have Personal Style That is Actually Personal

“What’s your personal style?” If you have any sort of interest in fashion, this is a question you are constantly faced with. Heck, I am sure you sit and ponder it yourself.

Nailing down your personal style is actually way harder than it appear. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of coming and going fashion trends. We get sucked in until we find ourself staring blankly at our closets full of clothing and seeing nothing we could wear or even like.

But knowing your personal style is about more than a nicely curated closet. It is about living each day with confidence and feeling like you in your own body and clothes.

So to help you find your style, and ultimately your voice, here are five tips to get you started on your journey!

#1: Always stay inspired. Staying inspired needs to be on the list of every fashion person, but what exactly does it mean? There is no one place someone should look for inspiration. Follow fashion blogs and magazines; create mood boards; admire different forms of artworks; look around you; experiment with different clothing pieces. It should not be confused with copying somebody else’s style. Instead pull together all these sources of inspiration to make them your own.

(Photo via @cfashionista)

#2: Take your lifestyle into consideration. It is not enough to just like the clothes you have, but also to feel comfortable in them. If they are not practical or inappropriate for your professional environment or persona life, then they probably aren’t “on brand” for your personal style.

(Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

#3: Make conscious choices while shopping. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale or your friend told you it looks good on you. Before making a decision, consider if you actually need it, if it last you a long time of period, if it will go well with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe, and, most importantly if it actually reflects your personal style and you would like to wear it often.

(Photo via @camullz)

#4: Remember that the size of your confidence is way more important than the size you wear. This not only a tip on how to find your personal style, but also a lifetime guideline. It honestly could not matter less what the size on the tag. If you love a piece, it looks great on you, and fits your personal style, who cares if it is a eight versus a six? You know what size really matters? The size of your confidence while showcasing your personal style.

(Photo via @corrimsmith)

#5: Stay true to yourself. There is nothing worse than doing something you don’t want to do. Forcing yourself to wear something simply because it is trendy or you read somewhere that everyone should wear it is the biggest mistake you can make while trying to find your personal style. It it not about them, it is about you. Everyone is different and this is what make us all unique. Staying true to your own sense of style is the number one thing to do in order to fully form your personal style.

(Photo via @gabscherer)

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4 Fashion Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Think About Fashion

Like everyone, I love a good movie. However, recently, I found myself enjoying documentaries even more, especially when wanting to get a little more out of my Netflix binge. Like every Fashionista, I love everything that involves fashion and that includes films. But fashion is not just just pretty clothes and newest trends; it is about bigger social context; history; people and their visionary ideas. Fashion documentaries, when done well, can provide their viewers with great knowledge and such an exclusive insight into the world of fashion that would be impossible to convey in a magazine article.

So as start to set up your queue, be sure to filter in some stylish substance amongst the fluff. And in case you need some recs, here are four of my favorite documentaries that have changed the way I think about fashion.

‘Dior and I’

This documentary will take you into the world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a  behind-the-scenes insight into Raf Simon’s first haute couture collection. It will make you feel like being a part of the elite that experiences the process of creating the collection and all of the logistics of putting such a tremendous runway show only a few actually get to see in the real life.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘The September Issue’

If Anna Wintour is your spirit animal, this documentary definitely should be on your list to watch. The filmmaker takes you to the world where the biggest issue in Vogue’s history was produced as you are able to follow ups and downs of the editor-in-chief of the fashion bible and her team.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘Bill Cunningham New York’

It is a must see doc if you are a creative, photographer, artist, or any type of visual creator! This documentary is a profile of Bill Cunningham, an American fashion photographer for The New York Times, who was known for this street style photography works he has done in New York. Moreover, it is also a great lesson on how to look for fashion trends that happen on street runways.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘The First Monday in May’

If you love museums and the combination of art and fashion sounds perfect to you, this doc is for you! It allows you to follow the process of the creation and preparation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibition in history called ”China: Through The Looking Glass.” It explores Chinese-inspired Western fashions throughout the lenses of Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton.

(Photo via IMDb)

What are some of your favorite fashion documentaries? Let us know in the comments below!

The Unexpected Handbag Star of Spring Your Grandma Already Owns

Ask any girl with a slight interest in fashion and she will agree that collecting bags is like collecting artworks. Hear us out. Both have to be unique while coordinating with your other possessions. Both have to serve a certain purpose as well as create a specific vibe around. In fact, a well constructed handbag takes timeless artistry and craftsmanship.

The handbag star of this season proves all of the above as it is actually a style from the past. In fact, your grandma has been rocking it for decades. The top handle handbag has a very ’60s/’90s vibes that we are never bored of. It’s ladylike, retro, and definitely mini works for art that can also carry all your essentials (or hard candies, if you want to go full granny).

While your grandma is the star of your life, you may be surprised to find her favorite accessory is about to be the star of your spring wardrobe. Check out how we suggest you style it below!

Grandma bags are identified by their classic shapes, top handles, quirky textures or prints, and beautiful detailing. (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

They give any modern outfit a totally unexpected twist making you look super stylish and mature. (Photo via @ohmy_sash)

They take your #OOTD pictures onto another level, so make sure to get a granny Instagram update. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)

Grandma bags are chic, yet very functional as they will get you through most of your day activities from coffee dates, work, and shopping. (Photo via @baileyttaylor)

They are perfect for fashionistas who have old sartorial souls of chicness, playfulness and timelessness. (Photo via @couturecrushrei)

A Velvet Lover’s Guide to Spring Fabrics

While, yes, there are styles that seem to take over a season, this winter it seemed like fabric reigned supreme. More specifically, velvet. Everything from dresses to chokers to footwear was cut in this lush, rich fabric. There’s something cool girl meets rebel that velvet seems to instantly exude.

As versatile as the fabric is, the one thing that holds it back from being truly universal is it seasonality. Have you ever tried to wear a velvet dress in 50-degree temperatures? (If you have, then congrats±you have successfully survived heat exhaustion and lived to tell about it.) Probably the only thing we will miss about winter is velvet.

But just because you can’t wear velvet during spring doesn’t mean you have to totally shift your personal style. With some strategic swaps, you can still be the cool girl meets rebel of spring!    

Here are the five fabrics to wear this spring when wearing velvet isn’t medically advised.

1—Denim. Sure this fabric is seasonless, but everything from jumpsuits to skirts to culottes are being cut in denim. This unique juxtaposition is creating a fresh take on a timeless fabric. Can’t say we hate it. (Photo @wenndy_t)

2—Sheer. Let your skin actually see the light of day. Anything sheer—tops, dresses, bodysuits, shoes—are a warm welcome after hiding under layers of bulky material for months. (Photo via @bruddock_)

3—Silk. You know that camisole or slip dress you have been wearing over your favorite turtleneck all winter? Well now you can ditch that bottom layer without worrying you will be freezing and/or the snow will stain your silk. (Photo via @biancacanales)

4—Fishnets. From what internship to take to when you will officially switch over to iced coffee, you have enough decisions to make this season. Fishnets are an easy breeze pick that don’t require you to choose between tights and socks. (Photo via @jordanflyley)

5—Lamé. It’s your time to shine this season, literally. We’re all about the slightly over-the-top but totally amazing impact lamé has on any outfit. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

6 Spring Outerwear Styles That Will Make You Even More Excited To Ditch Your Winter Parka

If you are anything like me, you are the type of person who does not acknowledge the idea of fashion or style during the winter time. All my styling decisions ultimately come down to whether or not it can fit under my embarrassingly large but ultra warm parka.

Luckily, spring is almost here! It means that there are finally more options available for you that have nothing to do with down filling. To get you psyched for spring (and in hopes that the days of our winter jacket are numbered), we are coming to you with the best outerwear solutions for spring. And, more importantly, these universal pieces will go with any outfit you can imagine!

Here is a guide on the best outerwear this season inspired by our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus:

Outerwear #1: Denim jackets are not enough these days, instead embroidered denim jacket are a thing now. Get creative and have some fun with embroidering your jean jacket if you haven’t already. (Photo via @ashtonguevara)

Outerwear #2: A cape is probably one of the cutest transitions from winter to spring, it will keep you warm, but not too hot, while giving your outfit fresh and cheerful vibes at the same time. (Photo via @hannahmarie0309)

Outerwear #3: Let’s not forget about a timeless, black leather jacket that will never disappoint you no mater what season it is. If you are feeling like a summer look, your leather jacket is ideal to make your outfit suitable for the spring weather. (Photo via @lovelyykelly)

Outerwear #4: A green light parka for spring is like a camel trench coat for winter. You can never go wrong with this statement piece that will probably never go out of style. You can wear it with a denim skirt. (Photo via @venesajco)

Outerwear #5: A pink bomber jacket is perfect for light layering during the spring time. Not only it will keep you warm when it is still chilly outside, but also and it will make a bright finishing touch to your outfit to forget about gloomy days. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

Outerwear #6: If you cannot decide whether you are too cold or too hot, choose a fur vest that will be just fine for the spring days. (Photo via @_fashionjunkie__ )

What outerwear style are you most excited to wear this spring? Let us know in the comments below!