FASHION NEWS: 5 Holiday Must-Haves

Happy holidays everyone. In this, the holiday edition of our weekend forecast, I've scouted out my five favorite "must-have" pieces for the end of 2010 and the introduction of '11. While there's no doubt we'll all be unwrapping delightful presents from under the tree tomorrow, this is also the best time to get some ideas for where those coveted gift cards and holiday cash should be spent. Here are my favorite five:

1. The Velvet Dress from Betsey Johnson: Velvet has, without a doubt, been making its appearance over the last year. While some may be hesitant to try this luscious fabric, I encourage you to incorporate it into your wardrobe, specifically for New Year's Eve next week. This to-die-for dress from Betsey Johnson, my self-proclaimed idol, has got me so excited to try out velvet. With an interesting choice of color (olive), this dress will definitely turn some heads at all your planned New Years parties.

2. The Maxi Skirt from Nasty Gal: My first entry with College Fashionista discussed the departure from the mini skirt. I am in LOVE with maxi skirts this season (and hopefully they'll continue into spring and summer) and found this fabulous find on Nasty Gal. Try this piece with a tightly fitted tank and some great lace-up boots.

3. The New Wedge from Urban Outfitters: Never having been a girl with a knack for heels, I've always found myself avoiding pumps, wedges, etc. But lately I've noticed myself paying quite close attention to the new wedge silhouette: sporty and masculine. I fell in love with this perfect pair from Urban, with their interesting cut-out shape in the back of the heel.

4. The Arm Band from Bitching and Junkfood: I remember a specific episode of Sex and the City where our pint-sized protagonist sported a scarf tied in a knot around her arm. Ever since then,  I have been searching for the perfect band for myself. This gold arm band from Bitching and Junkfood (a new favorite site) ties in this season's push on metallics and jungle theme.

5. The Clutch from L.A.M.B.: Like I said before, I've never been a heel gal. But where I lacked in heels, I made up for in purses and clutches. This L.A.M.B. number caught my eye while browsing their selection: I love the black, brown and white color combination. It's perfect when paired with a black and taupe outfit (a great color scheme for NYE: sophisticated yet understated).

Until 2011, Fashionista/os, I hope you have a very happy holiday and a fabulous new year.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Splash of Holiday Color!

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! As finals come to a close this week, everyone will be in the hustle and bustle of trying to pack up for winter break. Lets not forget every opportunity to spruce up an average outfit to make yourself look fabulous! This last weekend forecast before break: incorporating a splash of cheery holiday color into your wardrobe.

This Fashionista was stopped picking up a few things from College Mall in a wonderful number: an all black ensemble with a seriously scarlet peacoat (full-length, what a switch-up!). Though I'm definitely sticking true to the black/charcoal color scheme this season, I may have to consider adding some ravaging red into my winter outfits after seeing this darling outfit. To top off her 'do, our Fashionista grabbed a rose pashmina. For warmth = function, for look = fashion: the whole package. She also added delicately simple earrings. She was definitely ready to revisit her hometown and wow her old schoolmates.

So as you're cramming that last outfit into your suitcase this weekend, don't forget your holiday reds. After all, you never know who you'll bump into at the mall picking up those last minute holiday gifts.

WEEKEND FORECAST: The Unusual Suspects

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope studying for finals isn't trying everyones' nerves too much. While you're bundling up in our lovely Herman B. Wells library this weekend, lets not forget the opportunity to get someone's attention. This weekend's forecast: WHITE.

As I trudged home in the chilling weather this weekend, I had to stop my fellow Fashionista on the sidewalk; dressed in a simple, but ever-so-elegant, white peacoat, this gal sure made me stop in my tracks. I think it's safe to say we've all been focused on blacks and grays this season. Maybe it's time we checked ourselves and made a little change. There's nothing more classy than pulling off white (with my skin a strikingly same hue, it's hard for me to do, but I have faith in all of you).

This weekend, instead of grabbing the predictable black or charcoal jacket to keep warm, switch it up with some white. If you don't have one, I've got one word for you: thrift. With the holiday season upon us, there's no better time to stop by your local thrift shop (my fave: the Cactus Flower) and grab a few fantastic finds for you and your recipients. These fabulous vintage shops are sure to have a great white piece or two, so play an unexpected card and go for white.

So, fellow Fashionsta/os, as you're putting together your next great piece for the weekend, incorporate some white. After all, you never know when the snow's going to hit; stand out while you can!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Bodacious Bombers

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope you've all had a delightful Thanksgiving break and are ready to hit the books before finals start up! This weekend, as you battle through your studies, gear up with a beyond-fantastic bomber jacket!

This ferocious Fashionista paired her vintage-inspired bomber with an all-black ensemble, complete with military boots and black leggings. Accessorised to perfection with dainty fish-tail braids, this Fashionsta was ready to hang out with her friends before buckling down in the library. Military boots are everywhere right now, accessible at all price points. My favorite spot for these shoes? Aldo. They've got a great sale going on for these particular boots right now, and offer a wide variety of styles!

So go vintage this weekend and put together an outfit fit for a fighter. After all, those exams aren't going to complete themselves!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope you're all staying warm and cozy, even with this chilly weather we've been having! Fashion advice for the weekend? STAY WARM! Bundling up for the cold doesn't have to mean frumpy, bulky winter coats anymore; this fall and winter, keep yourself warm with a signature coat of choice–I couldn't help but spot a military inspired peacoat on campus that I had to get a snapshot of.

Today's Fashionista was waiting at the bus stop in a darling black peacoat; this silhouette has always permeated stores, especially over the last five years. This coat, in particular, draws inspiration from the ever-so-popular military look. With slightly-cinched sleeves, this coat takes a twist from the traditional pea-coat, allowing for everyone to find a jacket best exemplifying their personal style. Paired with an unexpected flared pant and simple black flat, this Fashionista rocked the bundled up look with style and class.

So instead of grabbing for an old sweatshirt to layer underneath your winter-puff-jacket, layer an oversized sweater with a pea-coat of your choice! Throw in a scarf and adorable gloves (new glove collection at Target has me ga-ga) and you'll be set for our chilly campus!

FASHION NEWS: Experience the Finer Things

Among the infinite debates revolving around the world of fashion and dress is one of my favorite topics, the source of fashion: where do we get ideas? Where are trends/colors pulled from for the upcoming seasons and inspirations? Though possible explanations are endless, I personally believe that one of the most inspiring sources of fashion is art. While fashion is an art in and of itself, I'm talking about the fine arts: painting, drawing, photography, etc. And where do you go to witness such masterful craftsmanship? Why, our own Fine Arts Museum, of course! Indiana University provides, among countless other things, an exquisite collection of fine arts. If you haven't been to the Fine Arts Museum on campus, you should definitely make plans to. Neighboring the IU Auditorium and HPER building, the Fine Arts Museum rests cozily and conveniently right in the middle of campus.

Two weeks ago, the Fine Arts Museum began displaying an exhibition called "Playing Fields" which "features the work of Patrick Berran, Melissa Oresky, Ryan Schneider, Olivia Schreiner and Jered Sprecher. The five painters’ work represents a spectrum of approaches to the practice of contemporary painting" (IU Student Activities). Being a wanna-be artist myself, I couldn't help but ogle these artists' work. Many utilize the interest of lines and bold colors to lure in and intrigue the viewer: it certainly worked for me. It's fun to visualize art and consider the millions of ways each painting could be made into a couture gown or ready-to-wear ensemble seen on the runway. The possibilities are endless.

So take a trip to the Fine Arts Museum this weekend. Grab a friend and a quick lunch before retreating to the heart of campus for an inspirational look at my favorite way to draw ideas for fashion; who knows what you'll come up with!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Hallo-weekend!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Fashionista/os! Hope you've had a successful week preparing your costumes and readying your trick-or-treat bags! Anyone who knows me knows the daunting task I've taken on this week: finding the perfect Halloween costume. After deciding I wanted to be a 50s pin-up girl for Halloween, I realized just how difficult it was going to be to put the outfit together–I was on the lookout for anything 50s on campus.

This Fashionista was spotted in the stadium parking lot getting ready to head home after a day of mid-terms. A couple of things caught my eye about her outfit; first, the classic Ray-Bans she was wearing. I knew if my outfit was really going to emulate 50s wear, I had to have a pair of Ray-Bans. The straight-leg jeans (or possibly jeggings) also shouted 50s, especially with their perfect dark wash and just-at-the-ankle crop. The Fashionista's electric orange shirt, too, paired with her dark jeans screamed "Happy Halloween!"–not many can pull off the combination without looking costume-y!

Today's Fashionista definitely inspired confidence in my 50s-costume-search, but I will definitely have to perfect the look by tonight. So happy Halloween-ing, and may your costume get the "best dressed" award!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Boots that were Made for Walking

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope you've all had a fantastic week; I was lucky enough to embark with fellow Fashionistas from IU to Chicago last week for a retail seminar.  Let's break this down: IU Fashionistas + retail seminar + Chicago = the best way to spend a weekend! After some of the most excellent experiences in some of Chicago's top stores, we swapped our business blazers for our shopping clothes and hit the town.

This Fashionista hit the town in a fabulous pair of leather knee-highs paired with a military inspired jacket. The boot has definitely shown its face this season; whether they're just over the knee, at the knee itself, or just above the ankle, leather boots (particularly light fades) are a favorite find this season! This Fashionista rocked her slightly-heeled boot and military jacket with a pair of dark-fade jeans she picked up here on campus (utilize your resources, people!). Add a classy watch and a comfortable shirt and you're ready to shop til you drop!

So this weekend, whether you're roaming the wonderful streets of Chicago or Bloomington, make sure you bring back the boot! Like they always say, dress to impress!


Good Friday, Fashionista/os! I'm stopping in this weekend to let you know about a favorite find this week! Local boutique of the week: b boutique!

Humbly residing on College between 10th and 11th, b boutique provides the newest and possibly more understated, but still super trendy, fab finds in Bloomington. The store sells adorable pieces from brands like Hardtail, Free People, Alternative Apparel, Sweetees, Scrapbook, Hanky Panky, Lollia, Tocca, Kee Ka Baby, Trumpette and more ( If you're looking for a piece well worth its expense, grab a friend or two and visit b botique. The apparel gives a fresh take on modern/contemporary fashion without being overly outspoken. One of my favorite themes in an outfit is European and natural: French Elle published a fantastic issue on the natural look the European woman captures, almost effortlessly. I die for an exquisite (but again, understated) dress with a simple blow-out and natural face. 

I was visiting their site online and found a fantastic piece: a charcoal and white striped dress contrasted with soft lace sleeve cuffs. I fell in love with the counterbalance between the hard stripes and the delicate lace. Retailing for a modest $42, I'm jealous of the reader who beats me to this dress (which will undoubtedly happen as I am the definition of a struggling college student). Treat it well!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Oversized… Well, Everything!

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! I hope you've all had a fantastic week reading our fabulous Style Gurus' pieces. To cap off the week, I'm bringing your attention to my favorite find of the week: oversizing! We're all familiar with the oversized T-shirt paired with simple legging fad. But what happens when the chilly fall air hits? No worries: just upgrade your trendy tee to a lush sweater!

This Fashionista combined a few of my favorite fall pieces into one outfit:

1) The oversized sweater: Feeling bloated from drinking one too many chai tea lattes? No worries: the oversized sweater works for everyone (a feature not many fashionable trends offer). Once you've got your size specification down, move onto color. 

2) The scarf/pashmina/what have you: I'll never forget my first pashmina. A friend brought me back a beautiful cerulean number from France. It's never stayed in my closet for more than a week in the autumn season. My advice to you? Find your perfect scarf and make it a staple in your wardrobe: it can dress up or down any outfit. This Fashionista chose a simple oversized black scarf, tying in her leggings and keeping the color scheme neutral.

3) Leggings: When worn the appropriate way, leggings are the perfect bottom piece for so many outfits. 

4) The boot: This is definitely one of those fads that non-ambitious students will be hesistant to try for at least another year. But I love the ankle boot. It's unexpected and throws in just enough color to draw some attention.

So this weekend, take a risk of your own and sport the emerging oversized sweater with a FANTASTIC pair of leggings: you might just change someone's opinion on the pants!