Flowers aren't the only things blooming this season; blossoming romances are some of the best summer experiences! (I mean, Danny and Sandy made a whole movie about it, remember!) So if you've got a big date plan with the someone special but find yourself low on cash, worry no more! A new and expanding site will meet your needs in more ways than one.

Founded at Harvard University by then-student Yifan Zhang, Styleta works to reduce clothing waste on the planet while selling great pieces for less. "Styleta is a nonprofit organization that collects donations of high-end clothing and accessories, and sells these donations online to a fashion-conscious membership base. The net proceeds of these sales will then benefit charities that focus on women’s initiatives." (Styleta Company Information). With great pieces from several different designers and stores, your date-night-dress opportunities will be endless! Shop online for a great pair of vintage Armani shades: perfect for a stroll down Kirkwood with your new companion. Snatch a delightful pair of Marciano heels for a meal at Uptown Cafe. 

With Styleta constantly working to fill and update their inventory (Styleta execs are currently in New York shopping for pieces from Armani, Fossil, Coach, and more), your options are endless — not to mention cheap! Sign up for the newsletter and join their Facebook group for shopping discounts and updates about the site. With a new wardrobe that helped save the planet, contribute to charities, and a few bucks, how could your new date not fall in love with you?


Congratulations to all you first-session-summer-class students! With the end of classes and these toasty temperatures, we're bound to see some bonfire invites filling our inboxes! Looking for a quick guide for your cookout clothes? Look no further.

Bonfire apparel can be tricky; here in Indiana, we are no strangers to the humidity. After the sun sets, heavy air mixed with some hungry mosquitoes doesn't exactly shout inviting; however, this Fashionista's outfit would protect her from the bugs without making her break a sweat. Let's start from the top: a baggy, cropped top with verticle seams. Instead of a classic dark wash jean, our Fashionista paired her terrific top with an acid wash pair of skinnies (a definite favorite find). Grouped with a pair of slim sneakers and a luscious leather crossbody bag (get one! They're perfect for a night out: just big enough to carry your cell, camera, and some gloss. Just picked up a great Betsey Johnson one myself), this outfit begs for some much-deserved attention.

So this weekend when you're toasting your marshmallows and catching up by the campfire, choose an outfit that fulfills your two musts: fashion and function. Look fabulous while protecting yourself from those greedy insects! Keep everyone's eyes off the flames and on your fabulous finds.


No longer must you arrive at the pool in a two-piece and cover up! No longer must you sacrifice a sunny day of looking great for a day by the pool; now you can have both. Get ready to raid your closet or take your girls out shopping, because one way or another, you're going to have a fabulous water-side wardrobe for the weekend.

While out looking to expand my own wardrobe, I spotted this Fashionista dressed from head to toe in some vivacious vintage pieces: a floral (and summer-color appropriate) tank paired with some high-waisted denim shorts. During their first big appearance last year, I will admit I was a little hesitant of the new denim; however, this modest and, more importantly, versatile pair makes me want to purchase a pair myself: the height isn't overly dramatic (a factor that would teeter me between pulling the item off the rack and putting it back) and the length is perfect for the season. With a pair of mustard flats and a simple up-do, this Fashionista is ready for the pool: her outfit isn't too hot for this sizzling summer month and can be easily worn on top of her new suit.

Whether you're headed to the pool to catch up on your rays or play some pool games with your friends, keep your apparel in mind: a spicy summer outfit may catch the eyes of potential Marco Polo players!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Terrific Tribal Prints

Just because you've got a million plans to situate for this weekend (happy independence day, everyone!) doesn't mean there's an excuse to not look your best! The founding fathers fought for this day; the least we can do is look fabulous for the fourth!

As you're skimming through your closets, don't overlook that V-neck shirt just yet. Think the V-neck is over? Think again, Fashionistas. No need to get rid of the silhouette completely: just update the design! This Fashionista picked out a summer-appropriate colored V-neck with a tribal print. Not only does this number sport many colors to allow for easy accessorizing, it's especially flattering to our Fashionista's skin tone. Not blessed with this Fashionista's beautiful bronze? Don't worry, Pantone has got you covered. 

Pantone forecasts new and upcoming colors for the retail seasons. This season's palette consisted of a lagoon teal (like on our Fashionista's shirt), purple orchid, golden glow, and a few others (Pantone Fashion Color Report). So if you've still got some work to do on your summer glow (like me), try out some corals or orchid hues. 

Another one of my new favorite finds is the solitaire charm necklace. Long pendant necklaces are out; these new, understated accessories are in. Whether silver or gold (my vote? gold!), pick out a thin chain and a single charm (try something significant to you, like this Fashionista has done) and try it out. It'll go with anything and, most importantly, it'll be unique to you!

So this weekend, whether you're celebrating the 4th with friends or family, try out some tribal prints in your most flattering colors; you might just make it on College Fashionista!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Walk Like an Egyptian

One of our favorite things about IU is the variety of activities it offers during weekends; this weekend, call up some friends and attend a local concert. Once you've rallied the gang, you'll be faced with the most important decision: what to wear? Instead of grabbing for the all-too-safe tank dress we've seen everywhere from local boutiques to Wal-Mart (you know the one I'm talking about: color blocked dress with a tank on top, elastic empire waist band, and mid-length skirt) take a risk and wear a, dare I say it, new style of dress. Need a reference? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

This Fashionista sported a fantastic floral number with a bandana-inspired skirt. Instead of resorting to the familiar tank sleeve, we instead see a delightful princess cut in a bright black and blue print. To top off her look, she paired this dress with an unexpected sandal: not a gladiator or flip-flop. Our Fashionista wears Egyptian sandals (a breath of fresh air from the over worn gladiators). While sipping her favorite brew at the Kirkwood Starbucks, this IU student studied in style — the only way to study, of course.

So, as I have said and will continue to say, take a risk this weekend! Go support a local band and see if you can steal the show!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Hello, Again, Mid-Thigh!

We all remember that dreaded walk from our rooms to the front door, trying to make it out of the house with a skirt we knew was far too short; just before we could get out the door, we'd hear our mothers calling after us in regards to our micro-minis. Well, our mothers would be proud of us now. We've said "ta-ta!" to our mini-skirts and welcomed in a more mature and modest hem length: mid thigh.

This Fashionista was spotted confidently wearing the new style (key word: confidently. You can pull anything off if you believe it looks good yourself) on Kirkwood Avenue. If you're a little apprehensive about trying a mid length denim, ease into it with some already-fabulous stables in your wardrobe: this Fashionista combined her skirt with a boho bag, delightful scarf, and the new sandal (which we're seeing everywhere — love them!).

So this weekend, take a risk! What else are weekends for?


Since its recent farewell, the wave of bohemian fashion may, in fact, be upon us once again. This Fashionista sports a loose-fitted tank and well-worn denim shorts topped off with an unexpected leather belt. The rustic/boho theme transends well in these early weeks of summer: light and fresh while still making us look oh-so put together.

There's something about this effortless look that draws in the Fashionista. Pay no worries to perfectly matching your shades of blue or themed florals: boho is meant to look disheveled. It's no surprise that a look that can be thrown together in minutes attracts us college students; 8 A.M. classes don't exactly allow for hours of preparation.

Too often do we Hoosiers dream and fantasize about the big cities: could the boho fad be us "owning" the Midwest appeal? The baggy tanks and loose denim allow for a modest look — no need to show skin to catch people's attention. And perhaps the most appealing aspect of bohemian fashion is the price! What else could we ask for, owning the "poor college student" charade for four years? Not only can you take advantage of thrift and secondhand stores, you can become a "cross consumer" — thanks H100 for the vocab 😉 — by wearing your denim from your favorite boutique and your belt from a local thrift. What else could you ask for?

Style Guru Bio: Amanda Travis

Beginning this fall, I will be a junior studying Apparel Merchandising and Business at Indiana University. I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to go after I graduate in 2012; all I know is I plan to immerse myself in the retail industry. I love learning and writing about fashion. I follow Marc Jacobs, Christian LaCroix, and Matthew Williamson. My personal style changes everyday, but I always let myself enjoy my favorite guilty pleasure: animal print.

Have a great summer; enjoy!