The summer is beginning to end and students are starting to focus on school schedules. Some Fashionistas/os are going to deal with getting up earlier, while others might have the benefit of waking up later. Every student’s class load and schedule is different, yet they all have one question to keep in mind: what to wear? Students worry about many things before school starts including first impressions, the temperature outdoors and indoors and of course comfort. What is your biggest worry?

This Fashionisto is strictly worried about his first impression. He’s not worried about people judging him by the way he looks — he wants to make a statement. What better way to say it by wearing print on print? Mixing his paisley floral button-up with leopard skinny jeans definitely makes a lasting impression. The short sleeve button-up is ideal for the August heat, yet the jeans allow him to be comfortable in the air conditioned classrooms. This Fashionisto also thinks it’s appropriate to purchase new spectacles for the upcoming semester as they serve as a unique accessory.

Think this Fashionisto was done making a big first impression? Think again! He went out and purchased some creepers. Velvet creepers to be more specific. Make this your next shoe purchase, Fashionistas/os. Don’t forget to style the hair and add in finishing accessory touches. With his few silver hand accessories and a bag full of personal belongings, he is ready to finish out his summer and start a new semester in style!

One Simple Change: Add in a skinny tie and you are ready for your first presentation!

WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

Family birthdays parties, friend birthday parties, co-worker birthday parties, the list goes on. How to look casual, yet not too boring? This Fashionista picked the perfect ensemble. Her jumpsuit says chic and sassy, but it is easy to move around in. Whether she is chasing little kids around at a family birthday party or just having a few drinks for a friend’s birthday party, she is ready for anything. The high neckline is appropriate for all birthday parties.

Don’t overdo the hair and makeup, unless you have a special someone you are trying to impress! This Fashionista rocked straight hair with an interchangable part, depending on which side she wants her hair to fall. To give a little more attention to her soft blue eyes, she applied a thick layer of top eyeliner — just enough to make her eyes pop.

Every Fashionista has to bring along her bag full of tricks, A.K.A her purse! This Fashionista couldn’t leave the house without her big white and gold purse. This purse is big enough to pack the essentials, plus a little more. You never know how long a birthday party might go, especially if it is on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This once again goes perfectly with her ensemble because it is casual yet sophisticated.

She kept her accessories to a minimum, but of course didn’t forget to add them! Her rings, necklace, earrings and shoes give off the summer gold glow, perfectly accenting her sun-kissed blonde hair. Her personalized “Z” necklace is super trendy and keeps her look simple.

Ready to go! And what better way to say happy birthday than with your presence and a beautiful smile like this Fashionista?

One Simple Change: Switch the flat sandals for a pair of heels and you are ready for fancy date night!

WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy Date Night

The Fourth of July holiday is long gone and August is approaching soon. I know many of you Fashionistas/os have garments that you specifically purchased to wear to show your American pride. Planning on pushing those outfits to the back of your closet until next July? Think again! Why not try to wear at least one piece of your Fourth of July ensemble before the summer ends. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should go all out with the red, white and blue socks or leis, but there should be some way to incorporate some piece into a night out.

Fashionistas, take note from this Fashionista and whip out the red or blue dress out for a fancy date night with your special someone.

This Fashionista took her royal blue dress and ditched her red belt and replaced it with a simple black belt. This helped her ensemble not scream USA! Even though her heels have red in them, she decided to keep her heels though because they matched the dress perfectly. They add in a little zest with the zebra print on the heel. With her loose curls and a hint of red lipstick she is ready to knock her date dead.

This Fashionista forgot her jacket at home, so unless you plan on having your special someone drape their jacket over you make sure you pack one along. Now flash those pearly whites and enjoy your fancy date!

One Simple Change:  Trade in the heels for flats, throw the hair back in a pony, add in a denim jacket and you are ready for a more casual date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ahh the weekends! So much to look forward to! Time off from the job and time to relax, have fun, go out and adventure. The options are endless when the weather is good. Making plans is first priority, but deciding what to wear is the top second.

This Fashionista is an out and about type of girl. Wherever the day, road or agenda takes her she is ready to roll out. Being that she does not have set plans, her outfit can be worn for multiple occasions. The torn black denim shorts give off a casual, laid back vibe, while her white see-through top dresses up the entire ensemble. Throw on a black bandeau underneath and you are ready for the hot summer sunshine. Or if you really want to spice it up why not try lace or even a printed bandeau?

Her studded booties with buckles are an easy chic choice of shoe to wear anywhere. They won’t break your ankles if you are walking a ways, yet they keep the ensemble a little more dressed up. Her black purse can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. This is a perfect choice because it is easy to carry on the go and it is not too big or too small.

Can’t forget about her accessories! Now’s the time to go crazy with multiple different jewelry styles! This Fashionista chose different styles of rings to add diversity and show off her creative side in an aesthetically pleasing way. The gold watch is classic and trendy. Her simple necklace and nose ring give the finishing edge to her overall glow. To top it off this Fashionista is rocking ombré hair. Watch out, weekenders! This Fashionista’s smile is ready!

One Simple Change: Lose the black denim shorts and trade it for a long black maxi skirt and you are ready to meet the parents!

WHAT TO WEAR: At the Beach

“Let’s go to the beach, beach! Let’s go get away!” Isn’t that every Fashionista’s/o’s thought process during the heat of the summer? I know on my days off it’s the first thing that I want to do.

Rise and shine, look out the window and question which coverup? A maxi dress? Oversized tee? Button-up? Destroyed denim? That’s what went through this Fashionista’s head last weekend. This Fashionista ended up putting on a sheer white button-up, which allowed her suit to be seen through. Then she slipped into her mint denim shorts. This casual beach ensemble is perfect for going around to beach shops as well!

If you are planning on staying for the entire afternoon, you need to be sure to pack some snacks or a lunch. This Fashionista’s cooler is just the perfect size to pack some food for her and her friends. It’s not too heavy and easy to carry around.

Lastly, it’s bound to be a hot one so why not try a messy bun? Having your hair up keeps you a little bit cooler. Then throw on some radical rims and you are ready to go! Flip on the flops, smile at the sun and ocean oasis here you come!

One Simple Change: Switch out the flip flops for a stylish pair of boots and you will be ready for a summer concert near the water!

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Students with summer internships are full into the swing of things! Co-workers are getting to know the interns more, and the interns are getting more comfortable in the workplace. Interns, although you might be feeling more at ease and the nerves are gone, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t dress to impress!

This Fashionisto is casual and comfortable perfect for the OBEY headquarters in Irvine, California. Even though his ensemble leans toward the more casual side, he is still sporting some trends. The cut-off shorts are perfect for the California weather. His three-quarter length top gives him the perfect temperature in the workplace. We cant forget to mention his printed Vans. Those will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. They scream beach and summer all day. Before running out the door he also throws on a hat for style and to block the sun from his view. With a longboard and a smile, he is ready to take on the day and get some of that hands-on experience during his internship!

One Simple Change: Switch the three-quarter length top for a tank and he is ready for a heat wave!


With summer season in full swing, many Fashionistas/os are working on keeping their beach bods in shape. There are many different types of workout apparel to choose from these days. Yet your decision has to be based upon what type of exercise you are going to be doing.

This Fashionista is into hiking this summer. She thinks that looking at the beautiful scenery while exercising is the most ideal summer workout.

There are many more necessities to hiking though. Prepare everything from a sturdy pair of tennis shoes to sunblock! Before leaving her apartment this Fashionista applied sunscreen and put her sunglasses on her head. She also packed a backpack with snacks. This is no ordinary backpack though, it also holds water. So instead of packing water bottles she just fills her backpack up. When she’s thirsty, she doesn’t even need to take off the backpack. There are many different styles and colors for this type of backpack. Check this one out from CamelBak. This Fashionista also chose a pair of Nikes to get her up the mountain. Last but not least, you need to be sure to pack or wear some type of sweatshirt or zip up. Even though you might break a sweat, the weather could change quickly. So the solution is to layer up!

Tie those tennis shoes and smile for the outdoors awaits you!

One Simple Change: Slide into a pair of jeans and you will be ready to run all your errands for the night in cute yet comfy attire.

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Summertime is one of the most popular times to take a vacation, holiday or break. Whether it is for three months or just a three day weekend, every Fashionista/o looks forward to picking out trendy outfits.

This Fashionista goes all out while deciding on what to wear. Going from her own closet, to her sister’s closet and even to her mother’s closet, she successfully put together a fabulous ensemble.

Everything from her trendy fedora to her floral skirt screams summer vacation! Her choice to mix and match a polka-dot button-up with a flowing floral skirt is phenomenal. Mixing prints or patterns is going to be an exciting fad this summer. If polka-dots aren’t your style, try this button-up from PacSun!

I can’t forget to mention her accessories of a pink beaded necklace and arm candy! The colors of her accessories pull out the different colors in her skirt, making the viewer get a eyeful of color and fun!

If you are leaving on vacation you must decide if you are going to take your pets along. This Fashionista takes her pooch along without hesitation! Especially since she has a fun-colored puppy purse to tote her around in.

Finally, before she slips out the door for her vacation activities, she puts on a Barbie pink shade of lipstick to match perfectly with her Barbie pink heels — simply exquisite with her adorable smile.

One Simple Change: Throw on some flats and a pair of skinny jeans and you’ll be as cute as ever for a casual date night!

WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” These words spoken by the great Dr. Seuss. Summer semester is full in swing and students have a choice of multiple journeys. Some students continue with their studies, while other students take a break from classes and focus on making money. Then there are the even luckier students who get to look forward to traveling this summer!

This Fashionisto gets to spend his summer working and traveling on his time off. As if packing for a trip isn’t hard enough, this Fashionisto wants to travel with comfort yet still have some style swag. You never know whom you might meet at the airport or gas station!

Along with comfort and style, you also need to be prepared for temperature change. A great way to stay comfortable is to wear or bring a long sleeve zip-up. Zip-ups are the perfect type of jacket to take on and off easily, while in a tight car or a full airplane. Since it is the beginning of summer, this Fashionisto is safe with wearing khaki shorts. His flip flops are also a decent choice because he will not be on his feet very much.

We can’t forget the tech accessories! Whether you have an iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, you have got to make sure you have some tunes to make the trip go by faster. This Fashionisto just has the simple iPhone ear buds. Have some extra spending money? Why not purchase a pair of beats? You will not be disappointed!

Also keep in mind while travelling to limit the accessories. This Fashionisto chose to wear a flat bill. This tops his ensemble off with just the amount of swag that is needed while traveling.

So go, go! Be on your way. But be sure to smile along the way!

One Simple Change: Why not switch the flip flops for some comfortable tennis shoes and you will be ready to run some errands!

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

Happy summer semester everyone! Who’s ready to be out and about with that warm summer sun gently kissing your skin? I caught this Fashionista out with her best friend for the day. They were goofing around in the summer sun, dressed to impress of course. This Fashionista struts her high-low dress with a whimsical whirl of fun! The high-low style is going to be a huge hit this summer, not only in dresses but in skirts too. They give off a chic, feminine summer glow.

This specific printed high-low dress is easily dressed up or down. I would have to say this Fashionista is right in the middle. She added in a simple skinny belt that gives her a sophisticated vibe. She wanted to let others know she is still a country girl, so she put on her favorite cropped denim vest. We cannot forget this Fashionsta’s unique shoe choice! The heel is dressy along with the sparkles, but the sneaker type toe gives it a more casual vibe — perfect choice for a day out with friends. To top it off, she threw her hair in a high, pulled back bun, displaying that she cares about her looks, but she’s not trying too hard. Cant forget this Fashionista’s adorable smile, it is the best accessory she owns (even better, it’s free)!

One Simple Change: A Fashionista cannot leave the house for a day of shopping without a little cash! Why not add in some type of bag like this clutch from H&M? In case you need to buy an ice cream cone or a must-have necklace, you will be prepared.