To some of us, Florida is our go-to vacation state. We get lost in the suffocating crowds of tourists and forget that for many walking among us, Florida is home. Waking up to palm trees and 80 degrees everyday sounds like a dream. For this Fashionista, it’s a reality.

Since moving down south from Michigan, she says it’s quite a lifestyle adjustment. “I see that it’s 50 degrees and get excited I don’t need a jacket. Locals will see 50 degrees and run for a winter coat,” she exclaims. The differences in temperature are a huge influence on the difference in style. This Fashionista said that she takes a lot of inspiration from the local women she sees and from the unique southern boutiques and brands that Florida has to offer. Her romper was actually purchased from a local shop on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. With plans to go out to dinner later that night, it was a purchase of perfect timing.

As if rompers weren’t trendy enough, the off-the-shoulder look sure is as well. This fun and flattering romper fits the Fashionista and the occasion perfectly. To offset the navy and white pattern, she slipped on a simple pair of nude heels and silver earrings to complete her date night look.

The sun was setting and this Fashionista was trend-setting. I snapped my last couple of photos before her and her man walked off into the sunset … I mean, into the hibachi house.

BEAUTY BAR: Just Glow With It

The end of the semester is fast approaching and that bug to get out of school won’t stop itching. When my professor says “study” all I hear is “summer.” You’re either still recovering from PSBD (Post Spring Break Depression), or you’re enviously eyeing everyone that got to enjoy the beach while you were home in bed. Your tan is either fading, or at this point, totally nonexistent. Either way, the crave for that summer skin is real. When I saw this bronze babe of a Fashionista, I just had to know her beauty secrets.

When it comes to getting a sunny glow before the season is even here, there are a handful of products that can do the job for you. No matter how many people tell you, “pale is pretty” it’s hard to not miss your tan. Before you go baking in a tanning bed or slap on that streaky self-tanning lotion, try adding an extra touch of bronzer. This Fashionista used bronzer along her cheekbones, up and around her forehead, and down her jawline and neck for even blending. We can credit our rosy cheeks in the summer to too much sun and not enough SPF, but for now this Fashionista sprinkled on a little blush to create the same look. To keep things warm and natural looking, she used gold toned eyeshadows and a mauve lipstick.

As if her makeup wasn’t dreamy enough, even this Fashionista’s outfit is styled for summer. It’s always a good sign when the weather calls for nothing heavier than a lightweight jacket and tank top. Don’t hesitate to break out your warm-weather wardrobe, just incorporate it into today’s!

Studying may be on your schedule but summer is on your mind. I think we can all admit that college seems like a never ending cycle of “I don’t want to do it but I’m going to do it anyway.” I say, just go with it. Maybe you’re hopping on the highlight trend or just trying to add some sun and sparkle to your skin. I say, just glow with it.

STYLE ADVICE: Places to Go, People to See

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy to put together a cute outfit every morning? You wake up with a to do list already going through your mind and getting coffee is at the top of it. At this point in the semester especially, with midterm exams and mid-winter weather, leggings and a sweatshirt sound more appealing than ever. Before you slack on your style, here is some advice to keep you cool, calm, and collected during those times of craziness.

My love for the high fashion world started with binge-watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model. One of the most entertaining segments of the shows were the “go-see” challenges. Model contestants were given a map, taxi driver, and only a few short hours to make as many designer meetings as possible. Running around foreign cities, I always admired their ability to look so glamorous while on the go.

When I saw this Fashionista hopping from class to class, I couldn’t help but get major “go-see” vibes from her. It was the coldest day of the week, with snow just starting to fall. Still, she was rocking a beautiful coat unlike any I’ve seen before, and leather black booties she strutted in confidently. When I asked her how she could look so cute on such a crappy day she replied, “No matter how busy my day is, picking out an outfit that makes me look and feel good makes the rest of the day successful.” If Tyra Banks were there, she’d be smizing—I mean smiling.

To complete this busy bee’s comfy but chic look, she paired high-waisted jeans with a super simple turtleneck. I know what you’re thinking, jeans are not what comes to mind when you’re looking for something comfortable. Like kissing many frogs before finding your perfect prince, the same goes for finding the right pair of pants! With the right style and fit, you’ll feel as if you can accomplish anything.

Just as class and work are priorities, so is sticking to your style. I know you’ve got places to go, people to see, and not everyone accepts being “fashionably late”. To save time in the morning, lay out your look the night before. Instead of your usual parka, dress it up with a trench coat or bomber jacket. Swap your studs for statement earrings, which add a classy touch to any outfit. Slip into shoes with a heel and walk (or run), through your day with a newfound confidence. Your life may feel like it’s falling apart but at least your outfit is put together.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver and #Goals

Just as every year brings along new resolution goals, every year brings new style trends. Whether these trends are coming back from past decades such as high-waisted jeans or making their debut like thigh-high boots, the introduction of something fresh and enticing is inevitable. The world of fashion is fast and trends especially can be born just as fast as they can die out. You can envy it and you can keep up with it, but why not be one step ahead of it? Beat the fashion bandwagoners before they even realize there’s a new trend they want to get on. That being said, I have a New Year’s goal and new trend for you: mix up your metals!

This Fashionista fearlessly paired her silver and gold bracelets together. I know what you’re thinking, you have been told that silver and gold don’t go together. It’s a rule of fashion that seems to be set in stone, but as the great Alexander McQueen once said, “It’s a new era in fashion– there are no rules.”

Mixing your metals adds an eye-catching element to any outfit. Silver is simple, gold is sexy, and together they can complement any color. For example, this Fashionista’s olive bomber jacket has a gold zipper while the fringe purse has silver. Overall, this look was giving me major urban vibes with the subtle ripped jeans and black sneakers. And is an outfit ever complete without some neck candy? This Fashionista chose a layered gold necklace that gives her street style look a day to night flexibility.

Mix your metals this year to make any outfit stand-out, sexy, silver, and #goals.

STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Koenigsknecht

Hey Fashionistas! My name is Amber Koenigsknecht. Yes, that’s a long last name and yes, it’s German! I was born and raised in a small town called DeWitt, Michigan which is just a short drive from the state’s capital of Lansing. I’m a sophomore at Central Michigan University majoring in advertising, minoring in marketing, and pursuing my passion for social media and photography. As my Instagram bio describes me, I am “cool, calm and college-ing.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a compulsive list making and photo taking kind of girl. I am a firm believer in coffee and creativity, because the coffee keeps me up and creativity keeps me going. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve always had a love for fashion but I don’t always have the funds for it. No worries! This dilemma has actually been a blessing in disguise. My love for thrift shopping has given me the chance to fulfill my shopping and style desires without emptying my bank account. The best part is knowing for a fact that no one else has what I wear. But of course, I love to wear Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Lululemon pieces. Mixing new styles with old thrifted ones is how I put my look together. Whether it’s boho or bold, I love clothing that represents and empowers the Fashionista who is wearing it.

Throughout the holiday season, I happily added many new pieces to my wardrobe. For this look, I wore my corduroy jacket and cream turtleneck which were both found at my local thrift store. I feel the most comfortable and confident when my outfit is as laid back as I am, so my looks tend to follow a neutral color scheme. I finished off my outfit with my favorite pairs of high-waisted jeans and boots.