LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Best Accessory

When it really comes down to it, it doesn't matter what you wear but how you wear it. Your personality and your aesthetic should shine through in all your looks, and because of it, regardless if you are in the most basic outfit, you will always be regarded as one with style because you allow your clothes to reflect yourself. This very personal aspect of style has hopefully been evident in all the Fashionistos and Fashionistas that I have chronicled throughout this past year here at Hopkins. Each and everyone of them woke up that morning and allowed themselves to be themselves, and really that is what caught my eye. 

This Fashionisto was no different. He wears black straight-leg jeans with a light blue button-down, layered with a closed black cardigan and complimented by Nike high-top shoes and lots of awesome wooden jewelry. His friendly face attracted me to him and his style but once I saw that big smile I couldn't help but love his look even more. His friendly demeanor and relaxed nature was not only emitted by his vibes but also in the way he wore his clothing and held himself. 

Always remember that your best accessory should be you. It doesn't matter how many trends you are able to stockpile into one look, if you are not yourself that will be evident to those around you. Genuine personality creates authentic and creative style which in turn begets a Fashionisto/a. Let yourself be yourself, and form your own style. 


Mother Nature has spoiled us long enough with beautiful sunny days, albeit with intermittent days of clouds and rain but nonetheless only now are we beginning to feel drastic weather changes towards winter. But do not stress! We have yet to reach the actual days of winter when its just too cold to look nice because your coat covers you up anyways. Instead, we are in the position that it is too cold to not wear a coat but fall layers are sufficient enough to combat the wind. 

What is there not to love about layers? When you realize the possibilities that layering allows you, you basically come up with an entire new wardrobe. A shirt by itself looks very different then if that shirt was layered with a cardigan or chunky scarf for example. Layers allow you to buy many classic basics that can be worn many different ways instead of one-time statement pieces.

This Fashionista definitely understands the benefits of a couple layers. He wears a dark burgundy sweater overtop a playful and color plaid shirt peaking out from above the collar, dark straight-leg jeans, a lovely navy blue double-breasted coat and brown lace dress shoes. I love how he paired nice pieces with playful colors and worked many different colors through his layers. He looks warm but still stylish which is surprisingly difficult to pull off. Honestly, I love everything about this look. 

Get into the layers, you won't regret it. 


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Classic Topsiders

The ever-present topsiders. Reportedly one of the most comfortable shoes ever, these shoes have managed to leap beyond their functional use as boat shoes. Today boat shoes have become an integral part of young American fashion even through the variations in trends over the months and years. I personally have never owned a pair, but always especially appreciated the daring Fashionistos and Fashionistas that infused their topsiders with their own taste and personal style. 

How does one incorporate personal taste to such a classic pair of shoes? One way is through color, as demonstrated by this week's Fashionisto. He wears slightly rolled blue jeans with a navy blue button-down shirt paired with bright red boat shoes. The vibrant color contrasts the dark shades of his clothing, and adds personality to his looks. Clearly red must be a favorite of his as his shoes match perfectly the straps of his backpack. 

Another is through texture. Sperry Topsider Woven Boat Shoe are definitely unique, I would love to see someone rocking a pair of these. The woven pattern of the shoe are unlike any other boat shoes I have seen. Finally changes in the actual style can make the shoes more casual. Try a pair of high-top topsiders for a sneaker feel. 

Boat shoes are classic and will therefore always be in style. Don't let that stop you however from bringing your own personal touch to these classics. Whether due to the color, the texture or the length, a little personality is always appreciated. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Baseball Jacket’s Comeback

After countless seasons of Riccardo Tisci bombarding us with variations on the baseball jacket (see menswear, womenswear, everywhere) , the style has finally made a comeback on this side of the Atlantic. The style is definitely a breath of fresh air in between all the standard black winter coats or leather jackets. Baseball jackets are casual, due to their sporty nature, but can still look very sophisticated as Tisci has shown many times. The style even be used to contrast sportswear with more dressy clothing. 

This week's Fashionisto stuck to a more casual styling of his jacket. He wears a black and white-striped baseball jacket with a warm dark grey button-down shirt overtop a black V-neck T-shirt, all with black jeans, a pair of grey low-top lace-up shoes and a red cap. I have to admit I very much enjoy this Fashionisto's personal style as exemplified in this outfit choice. His pieces are simple and accessible but he pairs them in a way that fits him and looks casual while still looking like he put genuine effort in his clothes. 

Even if the baseball jacket is making a comeback, don't be tempted to cram in on top of many other “trendy” clothing. By keeping his look simple, this Fashionisto kept the jacket relaxed, as it should be, and all his own. 


There are quite a few people on campus who chose to dress themselves in a preppier style: boat shoes, stripes, light, under-bearing colors. Although not my personal manner of dress, the style can be fun to make references to with blazers, cardigans and knee-high socks. I liked how this Fashionisto went for the prep look but his color choice and accessories allow him to appear casual and approachable. 

The prep style of dress is not always conducive to a casual style, it can often look contrived and lacking in originality. The navy blue that follows through throughout this week's Fashionisto's outfit brings all of the pieces together. By choosing not to wear pastels and sticking to dark colors, contrasted with the grey of his cardigan and lighter blue of his button-down, the style is fresher, a more modern take. The fit is also very important in how a look will come off. All of his pieces a loose and free.

I very much enjoyed the hipster touches her added as well with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and navy blue beanie. The accessories further modernize the prep look and allows his outfit to be more approachable. He manages to balance well new-age prep styles with classic preparatory school elements. Speaking of hipster hats, theres no better place to look than Urban Outfitters. Their array of beanies will make you want more than one. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Briefcases, Not Backpacks

You know that guy that is always a little more dressed up than everyone else? He always seems to find the perfect balance between business and casual and merges the two styles into a great look that is both classroom and age appropriate. Maybe he always wears a watch, or perhaps he truly finds boat shoes to be the most comfortable shoes in the world, or maybe he's just European, for what ever reason this guy is always one notch above the majority of the student body. 

This week's Fashionisto definitely fits right into this category. I was initially attracted to his color combination but then had to stop and take his picture when I put the full outfit together, including his accessories. He wears a dark blue and green plaid shirt under a camel scoop-neck sweater, blue denim pants, tan leather oxford shoes and a brown briefcase over his shoulder. 

Apparently tan, dark blue and green make an excellent color combination. As he walked out the library, I couldn't help but notice how well he fit into the fall colors emitted by nature. This color combination is definetely easy to try as well, as none of these colors are in credibly loud and demand a loud personality to match. As for the actual items that he wears, I really appreciate his ability to merge business with casual mostly with the briefcase. Backpacks ruin outfits (I know you've experienced this.) Obey's Uptown Notebook Briefcase is great because it's young and urban but still functional.

Backpacks are big and clunky and never match anything, while a briefcase is sleek, clean and overall a better option on days that you want to look your best. Try a briefcase and see if it doesn't take your style one step higher. 



Everyone loves a man in a suit. Now as much as I would prefer for all gentlemen to dress their best on a constant basis, I realize the impracticality of this task. However, suit elements can be incorporated into a casual look such as vests and hats. Ties, the modern descendant of the cravat, are also a sophisticated accessory that can be dressed down. 

This Fashionista works in his thin silver tie with rolled-up jeans, a blue button-down shirt, a grey and navy cardigan and brown leather loafers. Clearly he put effort in his outfit but his style is more preppy casual. Of course jeans automatically tone down any look, but the thinness of the tie also keeps the look from steering towards too much of a business attire. The brown, instead of black loafers also tone down the effect of the tie.  

Calvin Klein's x liquid luxe ties are the perfect neckties to try for this look. The long and thin length modernizes the traditional men's accessories and the neutral colors make it so that the tie does not overpower the rest of the outfit.

Add sophistication to a casual look with thin neckties. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Printed Accessories

Take one look at the spring/summer 2012 collections and it is clear that traditional prints have made a major comeback. Unlike prints such as plaid or checkers, these traditional prints reference or imitate cloths and techniques produced by usually non-Western peoples and civilizations. They tend to be more intricate with a heavy emphasis on geometric designs and bright colors. I have to say I have totally fallen in love with this trend and rejoice in seeing men wearing the trend as well. 

This week's Fashionisto obviously shares my appreciation for ethnic-influenced designs. He wears a stripped blue button-down and grey straight legged jeans with printed lace-up shoes and tribal-like jewelry and accessories such as his elephant shaped wood necklace. His accessories compliment the style of the shoes while the more classic clothing tones his outfit from looking like he tried to hard. Overall his style is a balance of ethnic-influenced designs and more generally worn clothing. 

The tribal patterns have popped up on almost any item of clothing and therefore are really easy to incorporate. An ethic fabric belt adds a special detail, layers of knotted bracelets can be worn everyday, and a printed t-shirt is the easiest item to throw on. While there may be some controversy over how to name and market these designs, their popularity is steadily growing. Incorporate elements in this style in order to diversify your wardrobe. 



LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Rainwear Worn Right

There is a common misconception that rainboots are solely for women. Although I have seen a couple brave men done these rubber soles, the shape of the shoes style makes everyone, man or woman, look a bit awkward. But what is a Fashionisto to do during a storm? Lately many companies have begun releasing alternatives to traditional rain shoes that not only protect your feet but also add to your outfit. 

The rain did not deter this week's Fashionisto from dressing well. He wears a light blue stripped button-down shirt with matching navy blue pants. He accessorizes his look with a brown leather belt, a yellow and black umbrella, and sure enough a sturdy pair of rain shoes. His weather appropriate choice are duck shoes, and although they have always been great for all kinds of precipitation, only now have the begun to be stylish. 

Take for example Native's Jimmy Duck Boot at Urban Outfitters. The shoes faintly resemble the brown and navy traditional duck boots, but have been modernized with an all black color scheme and a nicer shoe cut. This style of boot is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion, which is often a difficult feat. Don't get stuck in the rain, step into a pair of modern duck boots and enjoy both their comfort and look. 


Graphic design has been popularized and spread across the art world with improvements in computer art design and communications programs. Today, graphic designs play an important role in fields such as marketing and advertising. Not surprisingly, the ability to visually communicate and idea or message made its way into the clothing design world. Within this realm, graphic designs are used as logos that are printed on various clothing items, the most popular being T-shirts. 

Graphic tees are statement makers. The design on these tees can express a joke, an advertising campaign, music appreciation, or simple just serve as a canvas for an image. This week's Fashionisto opted for the latter design and wears a gray T-shirt with the image of a female figure. He matches his grey and black shirt with dark blue skinny jeans, black lace-up tennis shoes, and a black and grey double-layered striped vest. By keeping the color scheme neutral he is able to balance the loud stripe pattern against an imaged T-shirt. The vest actually adds another layer to the already layered design shirt.

Graphic tees are often an overpowering design and therefore should be worn with items that enhance the design and not add clutter to a look. There are thousands of different graphic tees available. Find one you like, and show of your design choices.