LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Trusted Companion

Like a trusted companion, your favorite hoodie is not only always there for you during those cold Autumn nights but also helps you out during the rain. Soft to the touch, it is both comforting and familiar. Hoodies come in all kinds of hues and patterns which makes them a friendly option for many people. They are versatile, wear them dressed up or down, and will therefore be with you for all occasions. 

This Fashionisto wears his purple hooded sweater with a black and white raglan shirt, black corduroy pants and black low-top sneakers. His bright sweater pops against the neutral layer of his clothing. Sitting on a bench, this Fashionisto caught my eye because of his relaxed and amicable vibe. His enthusiastic, and genuine, smile match perfectly the vibrancy of his shirt.

Beyond its purely functional purposes, the hoodie can also be enjoyed for its aesthetic qualities when it adds to an outfit. Add some color to an item you already know and love, perhaps in Peppered Cranberry or Sea Blue. These familiar sweaters will never let you down. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Modernized Fabric

After having worn plaid for the majority of the past 5 years, the fabric has become associated, for me, with constriction and limitations in expression. Although I did like many aspects of my high school, as a Fashionista I found the dress code stiff and repetitive and did not enjoy being forced to wear only a limited amount of options.

With that said, I was presently surprised to like how this week's Fashionisto wore his plaid. He tops camel jean pants with a blue and purple plaid patterned white shirt, all accessorized with brown Sperry shoes, matching brown bracelets on one arm, a beaded white bracelet on the other and the infamous Beats by Dr. Dre.  What I found most striking about his plaid short-sleeve, was the modernity with which the fabric had been updated. The plaid he was wears is nothing like the stiff and itchy skirts I was forced to adjust to. 

The color palette of his shirt is fresh and modern and the white background keeps the style clean and tailored. The key to wearing plaid is to find patterns that reflect a more modern aesthetic (unless you are intentionally trying not to.) The modern color schemes will avoid your look from become to old and stiff. 



One small detail can change the whole of many things. When it comes to food, a missing spice will leave a plate bland; as for in fashion, the added detail adds a small touch of precision to any outfit. Now this added detail can be a variety of elements, such as the watch that indisputably ties in sophistication or the perfect duffel bag, that is at once just right for class and the gym. Whatever it is, this element can stir up an otherwise flavorless combination. 

On first glance, this week's Fashionista seems to wear the go-to attire: shorts and a tee-shirt, nothing too outside the standard. However upon closer look, this Fashionisto's style resides in his ability to incorporate small details that shift the entire outfit into a minimal, but nonetheless thoughtful, look. He wears a black scoop-neck tee-shirt with acid-wash jean shorts paired with jean colored lace-up shoes. 

This Fashionisto must've had in mind the perfect color combination of his backpack and shoe pull tab (see details). The matching of both elements is much too precise for it to be an accident, and through this, he adds an element of detail that transforms the simplicity of his look. Not only are they matched perfectly, the uniqueness of the texture of his backpack brings in urban style to his attire as well.

So what did I learn? Always dot your i's and cross your t's, that tiny added effort can go can a long way. 


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Relaxed Beginnings

It's the first day of classes and already I am missing the complete freedom, that was my August schedule. Sleep when I want, eat what I want, read far too many blogs, and most importantly wear whatever I want; everything was wonderful. Now the sun is up and the bell tower of Gilman indicates that it is time to get back into the real (academic) world. 

Of course a necessary in between stage always occurs. While professors are already assigning 200-page readings, the class remains in a summer bliss repeatedly reminding themselves, “I'll get serious next week.” The outfit choices follow this mentality. It's the first week and everyone wants to look good, but the comfort of summer dress has not fully escaped the vocabulary. 

This week's Fashionisto blended this mindset perfectly. He wears camel pants with a white t-shirt, a blue and green plaid shirt overtop, all accessorized with a black belt, brown Sperry shoes and a brown rosary necklace. I was drawn by his color combination of camel with blue and green. As well, I love to see men in different colored jeans.

Most importantly however, I enjoyed the idea of rolling-up both the sleeves of his button-down and his pants in order to have a more relaxed look. Overall he looks put together but still it is evident that comfort was a main factor in his thought process. He has yet to fall down the scale to sweatpants and a v-neck, but he is not rigid in his outfit choice either. 

Find the perfect balance for your current mindset, like this Fashionisto, for the early weeks of school. 

Style Guru Bio: Amelie Nkodo

My name is Amelie, I'm officially a second year at Johns Hopkins. Nothing much has changed since my last bio, I am still just as indecisive and I still love animal prints just as much. I am really excited to write this semester as, unlike myself, a lot of changes have been made to not only the website, but also to the Hopkins College Fashionista column.

We'll have a second Style Guru, Cindy, also writing a column this semester. She will be highlighting specific Fashionista/o on campus and what inspires them and their style. As well my column this time will focus on menswear. That's right, only boys. I've shown a lot of love to the Fashionistas at this campus, it is time to give the boys the opportunity to shine. 

This will be a new experience writing only on menswear, I hope you like my posts and learn more about these styles as I do too. I anticipate a very fashionable semester and continue to be happy to photograph and profile the many styles of the Hopkins student body. 


At first when I saw this Fashionista, I could not quite pinpoint what I liked about her attire. I still took her picture because I knew there was something aesthetically pleasing to me about her look and the more I thought about it, I would eventually come to a conclusion on where this appreciation came from. She wears a black dress with a pink and white floral pattern, paired with a matching black long-sleeved cardigan, brown open-toe sandals and a leopard print shoulder bag.

Individually none of these pieces stand out incredibly, although they are all cute. What I realized that I enjoyed about her outfit was the ease with which she was able to mix two prints together in one look. Double prints in one outfit is definitely not the easiest task to achieve; you wouldn't want one print to overpower the other nor would you want to look cluttered. 

There is no magic formula in wearing two prints. The best way to go about it would probably be to start with prints in matching colors, in order to start off with a common thread as she did with the black in her outfit. Toning down the accessories also helps in bringing out the prints. As well, the two prints do not need to be in clothing but can be part of an accessory like this week's Fashionista's look. 

Mixing and matching many prints is a task of trial and error. The more you attempt to put looks together that use many prints, the easier it will become for these looks to come about. It's definitely worth the try. 


Simple pieces are always beneficial to a wardrobe. Everyone needs classic jeans in blue and black, and an assortment of T-shirts and skirts in neutral colors that can be easily alternated and accessorized for many different looks. Although the trend is to buy printed maxi dresses for the summer, the same goes for this item as well: a neutral maxi dress. I personally love these dresses, as the simplicity of a neutral maxi dress elongates the figure. 

Going back to the ease with which basics can be alternated, a basic maxi dress also benefits from this characteristic. The dress can be worn by itself or can be layered and accented with numerous pieces: a cropped fishnet top for summer, a wrap sweater during the chilly days of fall, or even a leather jacket when the cold really hits. The appeal of a basic maxi dress resides in its multi-seasonal uses that its printed counterparts sometimes lack. This week's Fashionista stuck to simple layering, but nonetheless depicts the possibilities in a layered maxi dress. She wears a black maxi dress, paired with a white ruffle-front shirt and open-toe sandals. Her look is simple and classy, as expected as she was on her way to work. 

Fall is my favorite season because of the layering possibilities. The concept of bringing layers into another season is not only exciting but also looks really good. Expand your layering opportunities by establishing a basic maxi dress as your next purchase. 


'Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed." – Bruno Mars 

It's summer, it's hot, you've been working hard all year and while there are many benefits to attending Hopkins, the stress level during the academic year has somehow made relaxation time equate to doing absolutely nothing. By nothing I mean, just as the lyrics state, sitting around with (ideally) zero cares and worries in the world. Of course this is not really possible, but at the very least finding a comfortable outfit to channel concealed lazy qualities are a start to feeling more relaxed. 

This week's Fashionista found just the outfit. She wears black jersey harem pants with a scoop-neck white t-shirt paired with studded sandals, an ethnic bag and green shades. Her look is the definition of comfort: the fabric choice is optimal for summer and her accessories are styles that would look good with many outfits. I particularly liked her pants. I am not one to wear sweatpants and although I will occasionally wear leggings, these bottoms just do not give enough moving room. Harem pants are the perfect in between. The style originated in India and is a cross between a skirt and pants. The extra space in the crotch area gets points in the laziness factor as it allows for greater breathability and increased comfort. The tapered bottom give the pants shape, which sweatpants do note have.

For any Fashionista, the goal of each summer outfit is a balance between fashion and comfort. Overall when looking at the options for a lazy day, sweatpants, leggings or harem pant; harem pants are the combination of all the good qualities of each style of pant. This Fashionista wears a neutral pair for a minimal look, while a printed pair automatically looks more done up due to the shift in textures. Try an alternative to comfort with harem pants like this Fashionista, by incorporating harem pants in your wardrobe. 



As resort 2012 collections steadily roll in, I can't help but dream of tropical lands with clear blue skies, a matching teal blue sea surrounded by colorful plants and wooden cottages with outdoor showers and an open-roof bedroom. Unfortunately, I will be staying in lovely Baltimore for the summer and these dreams will never come to fruition. Instead, the resort collections have been serving me as a means to satisfy my craving for a vacation. The bold patterns and bright colors of these collections are unlike that of any other season, which always makes resort an important season to keep track of.

This week's Fashionista incorporated resort style in her look with the use of saturated color. She wears rolled-up blue jeans with an off the shoulder acid pink tie-dye shirt paired with a vintage-inspired over the shoulder purse, lots of gold pendant necklaces and a matching golden watch along with comfortable brown flip flops. The surprising brightness of her top emits a summery, beachy feeling that is hard to overlook. She balances the saturation of her shirt with dark colored pants, and by keeping the jewelry relatively small. Her cheerful and relaxed personality is brought to life in this outfit choice. 

A key component to keep in mind when attempting to wear such vivid colors is to offset the brightness with a neutral or darker color. Unlike in ads and photo campaigns, a lot of brights can quickly become too much of a good thing. I particularly enjoy when brights and neutrals are intermixed within one piece of clothing, like this Fashionista's tie-dye shirt. A bright color can fade to neutral, or the colors can be mixed through the use of color blocking.

Temporarily escape your chaotic environment by incorporating brights into your wardrobe just like this Fashionista.


During the summer, many students go the route of internships in the hope of gaining "relevant experience" which will help bolster a resume and look like a proactive interest in a field to the eyes of hiring professionals or graduate schools. These positions often require a business casual dress. But what does that really mean? Jeans would usually be deemed inappropriate while a full suit would only lead to an uncomfortably, sweaty and overall embarrassing day. It is important to find the perfect amount of casual to incorporate into a business outfit. However, it is also important to not lose one's own personal style in the quest to find the perfect business casual look.

This Fashionisto added his own quirky taste to his outfit by incorporating a bow tie. He wears black dress shoes with navy blue pants paired with a rolled-up sky blue button-down, matching plaid socks and a gray bow tie. His outfit interplays traditional business clothing with a younger taste; his nerdy glasses add more quirkiness to his style. A bow tie is a fun accessory that can add an element of individuality to a look. Don't be fooled, this look is not only for men!

This tie can be worn in a classic style like this Fashionista, or can be incorporated directly onto one's look like with this lovely dress. However it is worn, the style is sure to add an element of individuality and surprise to any look.