STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Conservative Glamour

Advertisements for Thanksgiving begin long before Halloween has even happened. We are bombarded with warm colors, food and most importantly family and friends. The change in weather makes many of us want to stay inside and be with the people we love.

My thoughts on family and parents led to me reflect on the clothing choices many girls make today. From asymmetrical shirts to cropped tops, denim cutoffs and thigh-highs, most parents would disapprove of a lot of the clothing worn by college students. Of course the classiness of these styles are dependent on the other items that are worn with them, however it is clear that the many girls now believe the more skin the better the look.

This Fashionista’s oufit was very refreshing. She wears a white button-down tucked into a grey tweed pencil skirt over black tights and paired black Mary Jane’s and a matching black peacoat. She is fully covered unlike many of her classmates, despite the cold weather, but she still looks very glamorous, ladylike and appropriate.

For a look that is both parent and peer approved, incorporate streamlined, tailored designs in muted colors into your wardrobe such as a pencil skirt, a turtleneck and even cropped pants.


The more we learn, the more it becomes clear that everything in life is based off the same basic concepts and ideas that are reinvented in order to fit with our ever-evolving society and world. No one thing is completely original and new: everything has some inspirational basis that propelled the idea.

Fashion is no different. It is often said that the styles that are popular in fashion are recycled every 10 to 20 years. The resurgence of wide legged trousers, full skirts and long hemlines in fall 2010 lines is definitely reminiscent of past days when simplicity and perfect tailoring dominated.

Preppy clothing and designs have played an important role in American sportswear and will probably never go out of style. Prepsters have always been associated with college and the style continues to be worn by many college students in some form or another. This Fashionisto exudes new school prepiness: he is dressed in the quintessential polo, trousers and oxford shoes and even has on the classic backpack. 

However, he does not look overdressed or uncomfortable. By layering his green polo with a blue T-shirt, his entire outfit becomes a lot more casual and relaxed but the grey pants and black shoes add sophistication to his look.

His main accessory brings the idea of recycled designs together. At first glance his backpack seems very simple but it is actually a snake textured leather backpack. His outfit and his accessory demonstrate how designs are reinterpreted with every season.


As the semester goes on students are starting to feel the pressures associated with attending one of the top institutions in the country. From problem sets, to essays, to grueling midterms, to research, the workload can often seem overwhelming and tedious. With all this constantly on our minds, our day-to-day outfit choices often fall last on the to do list.

A majority of the class population wears sweatpants and a T-shirt to class in order to avoid the trouble in the morning of putting together an outfit. However today's Fashionista decided not to let midterms stress out her wardrobe choice. Her outfit is deceptively stylish: donning black leggings paired with a white V-neck, a black and white stripped cardigan and the essential pair of black boots I'd say she is quite the trendsetter.

Each item is simple but worn together she is perfectly put together for a long day of lectures. Hopefully her studying skills are as effortless as her style.


Zippers have been popping up all over the place. The return to 90s grunge fashion led to an increase in use of exposed zippers in surprising places. From purses, to dresses or shoes, the zipper is no longer used simply for joining together two edges of fabrics.

This hardware detail usually paired with strong fabrics, such as leather and denim, and associated with a tough, grunge look has been reworked and incorporated into feminine designs and fabrics. Zippers can now be used as a fashion statement. They can be the main element of an outfit or a discreet detail depending on each individual’s style.

I really enjoyed the tough nature of the zipper paired with the simple and feminine design of this Fashionista’s outfit. She wears a floral-patterned dress with a hot pink cardigan and black combat boots. The zipper detail in the front of her dress is playful but not overbearing. The metal from the zipper as well as the combat boots contrast the classic design of the dress and sweater however, the two do not overtake the overall elegant feel of the outfit.

Zippers are an easy detail to add to any outfit as they have been added to every possible piece of clothing and accessory. Because of this, this trend can fit all styles of dress. Try a zippered shirt, skirt, and pair of shoes or zippered accessories that reflect your own personal style.


Debuted in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking epitomizes menswear-inspired clothing: the designer created a tuxedo suit for women that was well-tailored, structured and still sexy. The elongated and high-waisted take on a classic pair of trousers paired with a tight-fitting blazer is often seen as a defining moment in fashion: this suit was a means to empower women as they were now given the option to wear an outfit that was associated with powerful and wealthy men.

Menswear has continued to inspire many designers. Many have taken part in the reinterpretation of traditionally male items such as button-ups, suits, trousers and jackets with some designers, such as Chloe, focusing their entire Fall 2010 RTW lines on this style of clothing. Chloe was able to add femininity to the designs by playing with proportions, fabrics and color.

This Fashionista wears two menswear-inspired clothing: a blazer and boyfriend jeans. By pairing a tight-fitting blazer overtop a sequined top with boyfriend jeans, she is able to create a look that is balanced and still feminine. The incorporation of certain characteristically female accents such as a bangle and the sequined top add a contrast to the designs. Her look is both chic and flattering.

Many menswear items can create a boxy shape; it is therefore important to play with proportions and fit when wearing menswear-inspired womenswear. In order to avoid this effect, the waist should be emphasized somehow such as with high-waisted trousers or a cinching belt overtop a boyfriend blazer or coat. It is also important to contrast the masculine items with feminine accessories in order to avoid looking like a tomboy. Try a formfitting blazer or perfectly fit trousers; these items are sure to add maturity and sophistication to your wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All in the Details

Beneath the accessories, this Fashionista’s outfit would seem very simple: blue skinny jeans with a plain black top. Although simplicity is never bad, too simple of an outfit can make you fad into the background. Personally, I rely on basics. Basics can be worn over and over again each time with different accessories that give your outfit a new feel. Every Fashionista should have in their closet a V-neck, a dress, a pair of perfect fitting jeans, a pencil skirt and a cardigan in neutral colors that can be worn in variation regardless of season or weather. Accessories are however vital to putting together a trendy and stylish outfit.

Today's Fashionista accessorized her simple outfit with a purple cardigan sweater, printed scarf, and moccasins. The ethnic print of the scarf and the moccasins work together in style thereby creating an outfit that is cute, casual and simple but not at all boring. A scarf is an easy accessory to complement any outfit. This decorative accessory has practical origins: it was a piece of fabric worn by women around their heads in order to protect their hairstyles. Since then the scarf has become a must-have, in part by designers such as Hermes who turned the scarf into a luxury item and Emilio Pucci who redefined colorful prints.

Scarves come in all different textures, fabrics and sizes and can born an unlimited amount of ways. As the weather turns try a printed or neutral circle scarf to keep you warm or throw on a scarf to add some color and spice up any outfit. But do not limit yourself to wearing scarves only around your neck. Try something new and tie it as a turban, a trend that has been popping up all over street style blogs.


As summer comes to a close it’s important to find clothing that transitions well for the colder months. Lace is the perfect trend to transition from summer to fall. This fabric adds a statement to any outfit: it can be sexy, trendy, edgy and casual or can add a vintage feeling as well as a touch of sophistication and femininity.

This Fashionista paired her vintage cream lace top with high-waisted blue shorts. She accessorized with orange flower pumps and a purple shoulder bag, thereby adding modernity to this classic fabric.
Whether worn in a dress, a top, or through accessories simplicity and moderation are the key words for this trend. Too much lace will lead to an outfit that looks overdone and excessive. Try a lace top or an updated version of the little black dress. For a sexy nighttime look, wear lace leggings over a belted shirt-dress and sky-high heels, booties or wedges.


Of all the amazing things Baltimore has to offer, its weather would probably never top the list. While there are many beautiful days in this city, Baltimore weather has been known to be unpredictable: it goes from sunny and humid to windy and cold within the span of a few hours.  Just as breaking out fall clothing seems like the best idea, the sun comes out and makes those layers and boots seem just a bit too warm.

The quintessential fall item, the sweater, has gotten a new spin with the Fall 2010 lines. Sweaters have become chunkier, bigger and more comfortable yet increasingly more stylish as designers put a greater emphasis on the knit trend.  Big design houses such as Prada, Missoni and Michael Kors covered their models in oversized slouched sweaters that exuded comfort and functionality. This trend continued with designers Alexander Wang and Catherine Malandrino re-interpreting knitwear in their Spring 2011 lines.

This Fashionista, originally from LA and still adjusting to the weather, found a perfect balance by pairing her belted crochet dress with a chunky purple cardigan.  Throw a chunky cardigan or wrap sweater over a dress, a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans and stay warm while still looking trendy for these early fall days.



As Fashion Week comes to a close, my mind is only beginning to process all the amazing clothing the designers have put out. One aspect of Fashion Week that many Fashionistas encounter, including myself, is that the styles and trends shown during Fashion Week can often seem inaccessible and unrealistic for the real world. Designers create elaborate visions that must be toned down in order to be better accessible for the lives of the everyday Fashionista. One big trend this season that is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe is lace-up boots. With the revival of 90s grunge fashion, lace-up boots, popularized by Doc Martens, have made a definite comeback.

Lace-up boots are easy to integrate into any closet because of their diversity: they can be paired with a floral dress or skirt in order to create a juxtaposition of styles, or they can be worn with leather and denim for the grunge look.  This Fashionista paired her black calf-height lace-up boots with acid washed jeans and a menswear inspired button-down. The washed out appearance of her jeans paired with her shoulder bag and “boyfriend” shirt, create a vintage feeling to her outfit.

Lace-up boots are easy to transition into any season and are therefore a necessity for every Fashionista. Try these mid-rise boots for a military inspired look or these ankle height boots for a more vintage vibe.

Style Guru Bio: Amelie Nkodo

Hi I’m Amelie, a freshman at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Psychology and Art History and your new Style Guru. I would describe my style as edgy, simple and unique. My outfits are usually centered around one item or accessory that I try to highlight. I like to wear neutrals paired with prints (usually leopard), lace and cute jewelry and accessories. As an Art History major, I am obviously inspired by all kinds of art including photography, architecture, painting, film and anything in between but I also find that inspiration can come from unexpected places such as nature or literature and of course other people. There are some very Fashionable students here at Johns Hopkins University and I’m very excited to be able to show you all some of them!