Oh, finals. The bane of any college student’s existence. After a semester of having fun, goofing off and choosing sleep over homework (What? We’re growing kids!), it is time to get to business and review all the reading you may or may not have done. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, we are still expected to dress well. Luckily, this week’s featured Fashionisto shows us that with the perfect basics and confidence to kill, looking good during this last stretch isn’t as hard as it would seem.

A pop of color against the gray skies plaguing Atlanta (oddly indicative of the mood on campus), this Fashionista paired a casual T-shirt with cuffed chinos and bright teal Vans. Make his look a little more feminine by choosing a classic navy and white striped shirt and a skinny motorcycle pant. Très francais, no? The look is simple, but our Fashionisto’s smile and ease gave the unassuming outfit a new life.

This week’s Fashionisto proves an important point with fashion. This may be hyperbolic, but it seems like 99% of an outfit is really the attitude you put behind it. You can’t really pull off Lilly Pulitzer with an angry attitude just like wearing a totally grunge outfit but acting shy won’t really work.

“When you look good, you feel good” might be true, but when you feel good, your attitude can bring life to any ensemble. Your clothes shouldn’t bring you more stress during finals. After all, fashion is fun. So wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and you’re sure to be best dressed on campus.

One Simple Change: Add a denim jacket to this look and you’re all set for colder weather next fall!


Within these last few weeks of the semester, there is no end to the students seen hurrying along the quad, backpacks hitting their backs as they rush from place to place in a frenzy to get to the millions of places they are being pulled to. Whether it’s the appointment at the career center for those last minute internship details, the study abroad office to determine their next semester or the library for some kind of resource for a research paper, we are in the final push before finals and then the freedom of summer. In addition to all that we have to do, we are still supposed to look good, because that’s what Fashionistas do.

This week’s featured trendsetter shows us the easiest way to look chic on the go. With a simple, white sundress (Atlanta weather, you get me), a tailored, denim jacket and classic white Converse, she is the perfect mix of casual yet put together. No one wants to be uncomfortable while running errands, so dressing up in lots of layers is not the best. Your six-inch Lita boots might not be great either, so sneakers are key and so on trend.

Get her look by starting with a simple shift dress. Keep it casual and add some shape with this classic, Levi’s trucker jacket. It will add necessary structure to your breezy dress. Finally, throw on some sneakers and you are ready to go. Everyone who is anyone in street style knows that sneakers and dresses are a must-have combination this season, so go for a fun pair that will make a statement. This New Balance for J.Crew pair are fantastic.

One Simple Change: Switch the sneaks for ballet flats or wedges and you are ready to go straight from your errands to a night out with friends.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

On the rare occasion that dating still happens in college (I won’t go into an analysis of hook up culture), one question pervades; what do I wear? Frankly, there are times that I am forced to even question whether or not that cute guy in my history class asking me to grab dinner is a date or not, so the thought of creating an event appropriate ensemble is daunting to say the least. This week’s Fashionista created the perfect, versatile outfit to wear to any casual occasion.

She started out with a basic, white button-down that doesn’t say too much, but is flattering. It’s slightly cropped fit looks perfect with her high-waisted, light wash skinny jeans, a must-have for this spring. This cropped version from Madewell is ideal. With the addition of classic, white Converse sneakers, she dresses down her look enough for anything from dinner and a movie to bowling.

The key to the casual date night is comfort. You want to be relaxed enough to not have to focus on your outfit while wearing something that makes you feel sexy. Personally, I cannot get enough of a well-fitting jean to accentuate what’s going on back there, but if you feel better in a sundress, then go for it. It is important to not overthink it.

One Simple Change: Date not what you hoped for? Take this look from casual date night to a girls’ night out by swapping the sneakers for edgy, cut-out booties that are all the rage this spring. Jeffrey Campbell has you covered.

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

If there is any time that you can wear what you want, it is when you are out with your friends. The moment that first “OMG I love you!” slipped between your lips, a contract was signed that mandated a weird combination of Girl Code, unlimited access to each others’ closets and no judgment. Ever. That being said, with your friends you can play chubby bunny, send shameless snapchats and wear your craziest sequin, shoulder-padded, oversized blazer to brunch with no weird looks.

This Fashionista’s edgy, tall gladiator sandals are just the kind of risk that is perfect to take when you’re out with friends. While they may not be the most functional, your fashion savvy friends will totally appreciate the statement. Luckily, spring has finally arrived and our fun sandals can come out of the dust where they’ve been packed away to see the light. She paired hers with shorts, a striped tee and a classic denim vest for a relaxed look straight off the streets of Los Angeles.

Next time you’re thinking about investing in a piece that might be a little risky, remember that even if you are not comfortable wearing it to class or alone in public, when you’re out with friends anything goes.

One Simple Change: Swap out the shorts and sandals for a cool leather legging and some cutout booties to take your look from a day out with friends to a casual date night. Nothing says nighttime like leather, but the T-shirt and denim vest will dress it down to perfection.

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

Somehow, the spring semester always goes faster than a pair of size seven Manolo pumps at a sample sale – trust me, it’s fast. After two snow weeks and a viral spread of procrastination, midterms have happened upon us. Confused college students can be spotted all over Emory’s campus wondering where the time went and how to cram half a semester of intro to sociology into their heads.

During this time, fashion can be pushed to the wayside as our peers frantically rush to the library, local Starbucks or counseling center in attempts to prepare for the anxiety ridden week ahead. This Fashionista shows that staying true to your personal style is not as hard as we might think during midterms.

Her secret? Pattern. She pairs red plaid pants and a green plaid jacket with a simple, gray T-shirt and neutral booties. If you have read any of my posts, you know I’m a sucker for tartan. Our fabulous Fashionista uses two subtle plaids to add pizzazz to her ensemble while not being overwhelming. The forest green goes well with the merlot pants while brighter colors may have clashed. Her well-placed basics beautifully complement the motif and keep her casual and comfortable. In four pieces, she has created an adorable and functional outfit for midterms!

One Simple Change: Swap the gray T-shirt for a white button-down to head to an internship (summer is coming quick!). Put your hair in a sleek topknot to add a little more professionalism, and you scream business casual meets cool girl chic.

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

There are some nights where you find yourself back in your room after a day full of class, ready to throw on your yoga pants (not that you own a pair because, well, we’re Fashionistas) and watch Scandal while your roommate offers you tea. Then you realize it’s a Friday night and the world expects you to be social. My idea is to usually just throw on some heels with whatever I wore this day, but that doesn’t always work. Luckily, this week’s Fashionista shows us how to take your look from day to night seamlessly making the tear away from Netflix much easier.

Opting for a grunge chic look that would make Kate Moss proud, our Fashionista takes an “oh so trendy” gray turtleneck and pairs it with leather moto pants, an oversized boyfriend coat and classic, black Dr. Martens. While the look may not have bright prints or extraneous details, the clean lines and timeless silhouettes are chic and edgy, making for the perfect outfit for either a day at class or a night out to bars with friends. This look will help you transition from your busy days to your busier nights, and no one will question your style once.

One Simple Change: So many layers can get a little hot for Greek events—sweaty frat guys under the influence just don’t respect the beauty of a good sweater. For a less relaxed night time event, swap the coat and sweater for a breezy tank top and bandeau. For my friends on the shorter side, swap the flat combat boots for heels and enjoy your night out! I will be at home with Netflix.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

While many college students are ready to spend their Saturday sleeping in till four, never changing out of their pajamas and watching four episodes of Scandal (no judgment, I just prefer to stay up late watching Olivia Pope rock my world), I have never been the type. I like to wake up by 11, scope out a brunch spot with a fantastic eggs benedict, although I would settle for Nutella pancakes, put on a semblance of an outfit and enjoy a day with friends. Call me active. While my outfits often consist of jeans, boots and a T-shirt (I love the ones at Madewell), this Fashionista rocked her Saturday with a comfortable and chic outfit.

Just like Drake, we will start from the bottom. Flat boots are a must-have for any weekend activity with your friends, especially active ones. Her flat, suede pair were perfect for a day spent walking. I loved how she left her ripped jeans over her boots. While that might usually be a fashion faux pas, this Fashionista killed it. The oversized parka was a lovely casual accent. The neutral color didn’t attract too much attention, but the silhouette and pocket gave her outfit some depth. Finally, the chunky infinity scarf, clearly a winter must-have, kept her snug as a bug and toasty.

One Simple Change: Swap the flat boots for a pair of Converse or Vans and you are ready for a day of errands. You might think that boots are super comfortable, but I know a pair of flat arches that will negate that real quickly.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

While each one of us wishes we could a pull a Queen Bey and “wake up, flawless,” the sad reality for us mere mortals is that the morning is not always great. For me, it revolves around the struggle to remove myself from my heavenly cloud of a comforter, climb down my eight foot loft and then attempt to coherently put together a resemblance of an outfit while scarfing down toast (sorry to disappoint, Beyoncé). Fortunately, we can take a page out of the books of our peers, like this week’s Fashionisto, and learn how to make the mornings easy.

In a bizarre turn of events, Atlanta is having a second cold front. Emory students everywhere are questioning why they bothered leaving the North amidst our second snowpocalypse, but this Fashionisto was bright and smiling, ready for the day in a killer outfit. What struck me was that he could wear three layers, be toasty and not look like an overgrown marshmallow. After many a furrowed brow, I realized that the thin down coat, the ultimate cold weather savior, and thick knit, shawl collar cardigan layered nicely to keep him cozy yet sleek.

The cherry on top was undoubtedly his hat (I’m sorry for that pun). The beanie added a pop of color and is perfect for any bed head you might have in the morning. Rather than sticking to the traditional black, his gray and red combination was eye-catching and adorable. The pom on top was the perfect note of whimsy on a wonderfully functional outfit.

One Simple Change: Swap out the beanie for a comb to smooth out your hair before your class presentation in that eight a.m. Hats don’t usually sit well, but this polished look will take you through your day with ease.

WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

After winter break, it is inevitably hard to get back into the swing of things. After winter break and an unanticipated snow week, motivation among Emory students has proven nonexistent, and the various papers, presentations and quizzes that our professors thought we would have due this week have been pushed back in a smart correlation with students’ increasing procrastination. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t been pushed back is the endless search for that perfect summer internship or job. For that, we are lucky to have career counselors constantly planning fairs, meetings and resumé workshops, but an important question still remains: “what do we wear?”

For that Fashionistas/os, I can happily provide an answer. This week’s style maven has a look that will take you from classes to career fairs without breaking a sweat. No one wants to be that girl walking around in her skirt suit in the 150 person Introduction to Human Biology lecture, but at the same time, it’s necessary to look put together and professional at a career fair. This Fashionista seamlessly transitions from a casual to a more formal setting in an “oh so trendy” light pink, wool blazer layered over a V-neck sweater and business-appropriate light yellow pants. Her cheetah print infinity scarf adds a playful touch and the brown combat boots are functional yet fashionable.

One Simple Change: Swap out the slightly casual pants for a tapered, wool trouser to transition into an interview setting. Switch out the boot for a cute D’Orsay flat and your look is perfect for a trendy entrance into the corporate world!

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

Out of some miracle, this week Atlanta saw its first real snow since the “Snowpocalypse” of 2011. While the city might have shut down (the south does not know how to cope with an inch of snow), this meant that school has been out for a few days now. This means sledding, hot cocoa and anything but work, but more importantly, next week, we will all be frantically meeting with our professors to attempt to catch up on the work we missed and the obscene amount of readings we have to catch up on. This Fashionista’s youthful, yet professional, outfit is perfect for the slightly hectic nature of those meetings.

What really caught my eye with this outfit was her plaid dress. Plaid, as I have written earlier, can be scary for some of us Fashionistas – I know it reminds me of my high school uniform – but clearly the risk pays off. Her collared, blue and green dress is simultaneously conservative and young, making it perfect for a casual meeting with that professor you want to make a good impression on in these first few weeks of school. The collar really works to her advantage here to give the simple shift dress a nice, little detail.

Paired with a utilitarian, black down jacket, tights and brown combat boots, her outfit is versatile and won’t be too overdressed for the rest of your day. This dress may be tame, but it is still trendy. You will be sure to dress to impress.

One Simple Change: If it is too cold for just the dress and the jacket, try layering a sweater over the dress and adding a collar tip! The prep school chic look is edged up by the up-and-coming accessory, and the extra layer will keep you warm during snow week!