WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

For some inexplicable reason, Atlanta has decided to become a normal city and have an actual winter that lasts longer than two weeks this year. With the temperature dropping below (gasp!) 40 degrees, Emory students and faculty alike are finding themselves illy prepared and frozen during their daily walks around campus. I found myself with a too-thin jacket, numb toes and a strong desire for hot chocolate when I came across a Fashionista who looked warm and cute to boot!

This week’s Fashionista didn’t let the cold weather wither her lovely floral pants. The light blue really popped among a slew of black, down jackets and fleece-lined tights. While some may limit florals to the spring and summer, countless runways, from Miu Miu to Jil Sander, have proven otherwise. Her cinched waist, navy coat was clearly keeping her warm, and her tall, leather boots were perfect to block the wind from her legs. A taller boot is great for these colder months because our legs rarely get an extra layer and who doesn’t love a good riding boot? Her tan pair is classic and elegant, like the best equestrians, and would work for anything from jeans and a sweater to a fancier dress.

One Simple Change: Take your riding boots from day to night while still staying warm by adding a pair of fleece lined tights and a thick knit dress, like this one from Madewell. Swap the down for a chic wool coat (try an eye-popping and trendy red version) and you are all set for a classy night out.


There is something about the spring that just says festival season. We all look forward to the next fabulous Sienna Miller ensemble at Coachella and seeing what that crazy indie band is going to wear at Bonnaroo this year. Until festivals really get into the full swing of things, we keep our musical minds occupied with the various concerts that are hopefully coming to our respective college towns.

Finding something to wear for these concerts, however, is almost more difficult than waiting for your favorite band to come on tour again. You have to consider whether it’s outdoors or inside, what the weather will be and whether you really want your new suede loafers stomped on by hordes of over-anxious pre-teens (I don’t recommend an Aaron Carter concert for this reason); however, do not fear! There is a solution.

This week’s Fashionista had an ensemble with the perfect amount of edge for a concert in these colder months. Her leather jacket looked great with her plaid Zara trousers, giving her a very grunge look that I’m sure Kurt Cobain would have loved. Her perfectly worn in Chelsea boots were sure to be durable and comfy no matter the venue and by layering with a sweater she can adjust to any temperature.

One Simple Change: As the weather grows warmer, as it always does here in the South, swap out the jacket and sweater for a cooler option. A flowy cropped top always looks great during concerts and helps you avoid becoming part of the sweaty masses.


As hard as it is to believe, I am beginning my second year as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Three semesters and countless posts later, I find myself starting this spring semester with a new outlook, new resolutions and lots of new shoes. I can hardly fathom how much my outlook on fashion has changed since last January as I wrote my first post.

As much as I valued the importance of street style at the beginning of last year, I never understood the impact it has until I began scouting it for myself. Scouring Emory’s campus for the next Internet sensation, I have begun to see the realities of college style. There are undoubtedly those people that wear sweatpants and pajamas to class (I get it, they’re comfortable), but those who choose to place care and effort in their personal style demonstrate the variable nature of personal style in college.

Each person undergoes there own style journey. We all look back and inevitable ask ourselves, “How did I think that looked good???” For me it was a leopard print, velvet, bell-sleeve top (yes, it existed) from Limited Too that I absolutely loved, but as you can guess, was not my best decision. Nowadays I look back to my flare jeans, choker necklaces and bucket hats with both disgust and retrospective of how my style has changed.Watching my peers as their style grows alongside mine has been a tremendously educative and mutual experience over the last three semesters. I cannot wait to continue this over the spring, the perfect season for a new look.

Just as my style has grown and changed, so has my column for this week. I will now be writing the WHAT TO WEAR section for Emory and could not be more excited to share my perspective on certain events for all of you. I hope that my posts help teach you in the same way that they teach me, how to exemplify your personal style and grow as the Fashionistas/os we are. I can’t wait for another great semester!


This winter has been one of Atlanta’s coldest, or maybe I just didn’t have a great coat. Regardless, my extremities have been urging me to invest in some good cold weather accessories for the last few weeks. From leather gloves to fur snoods, there are a number of classic accessories worth drooling over; however, the trendiest of all is still the beanie.

From Cara Delevigne to Rihanna, everyone is wearing a beanie these days, and why not?! They’re perfect for bad hair days and make you look edgy without trying too hard. This week’s Fashionista rocks her simple black beanie with a classic ensemble of a pea coat, wine colored jeans and combat boots. It’s effortless and simple, yet maintains that cool girl style that girls spend hours trying to perfect.

Beanies are so versatile that there are a number of style options. This Madewell version is great for a more feminine Fashionista and the thick knit will keep you warm. For a floppier version, Free People’s pom pom option is whimsical and warm – what’s not to love?

Rock it with your favorite skinny jeans, T-shirt and combat boots for a simple and edgy look, or opt for something more assertive with a leather legging and a flannel. The beauty of such a simple hat is that you can wear it however it suits you. While at first glance it may seem exclusively tomboyish, anyone can wear it!

In the end, the clothes don’t wear you. You wear them. Feel free to step outside of your comfort zone and try out this season’s hottest headgear.


During the last few weeks of the semester (get here already Christmas!), there is undoubtedly an increase in the percentage of students wearing either sweatpants, leggings as pants, sweatshirts, school T-shirts, etc. I won’t chastise my peers who choose to do so as I get it – this is a tough time; however, for those students that choose to break the norm and continue dressing impeccably in the morning, I applaud you. That takes dedication.

This week’s Fashionisto shows that it’s not too hard to look good during finals. Keeping it simple in a collared pullover and blue jeans, he looks put together and is sure to leave a great last impression on his professors. His practical brown boots are great for the rainy weather that has lately been plaguing Atlanta and top off his casual ensemble.

Still wondering what to wear during the ultimate hell week? I have concocted a go-to recipe. The oversized sweater is a winter staple and too easy to just shrug on after that all-nighter spent writing a seven page paper. I’ve personally stocked up at least five of these in the last few months. Next, opt for a comfortable jegging. This pair from Madewell is unbelievably comfortable and keeps me comfortable all day. Finally, you want a pair of boots that will keep you comfy and warm all day (I still do not condone UGGs) like a good bean boot. They are waterproof and classic to last you through the tough week. Top it off with your messiest top knot and throw on an infinity scarf for the ultimate finals outfit.

It’s a hard time for all college students right now, but you don’t have to let that stop you. This week’s Fashionisto shows that dressing during finals doesn’t have to be as hard as your actual exams. A few basic pieces and you are set.


However you get your fashion news, whether through a magazine, blog or word of mouth, most major critics can agree that this season top handled bags are It. Sophisticated and ladylike, though somehow also masculine, this purse is so much more than your average cross-body. It may seem mildly inconvenient to carry your bag by handles, but the overall effect is breathtaking.

This Fashionista rocks an oxblood version to elevate her daytime look of skinny trousers, an oversized coat and velvet smoking shoes. Her topknot and bundled up look creates a casual vibe that is beautifully upgraded with her purse from Zara.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of actually having to carry your purse, many top handle bags come with a shoulder strap as well. The Edie bag from J.Crew is a lovely, ladylike option that allows for both options! If you’re worried that a small bag isn’t necessarily utilitarian for a college student, a top handle tote is another great option.

While you may feel limited by a seemingly feminine bag, this purse also has a distinct inspiration in menswear. It works for both a classic, ladylike style or a more androgynous, masculine one. I like the idea of pairing the Fashionista’s smaller purse with trendy, faux leather leggings, a silk blouse and a ballet flat for a sophisticated look. In a more tomboyish style, a larger carryall inspired by briefcases would pair nicely with a boyfriend jean and an oversized sweater.

I am a huge advocate of investing in items in college that will last forever (or close to it). And, while at first glance top handle totes seem like a trend, I don’t think they are one that will go out of style. They are a classic, versatile piece that will be around for years to come.


I am fanatical about my hair. We all know what it is like to have someone cut it to your shoulders and the subsequent tears, humiliation and agony that follows. Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the stuff is my pride and joy! That is why behind bad haircuts, one of the worst perils my locks have to face is the dreaded “hat hair.”

I personally love a good hat, but I cannot stand it when I pull off a beanie to reveal a frizzy mess. Hats that don’t make your hair frizzy aren’t usually warm, and chances of your Brazilian blowout showing through are slim to none. The solution: a turban – fashion’s hottest new headgear.

Show off your hair and keep your ears warm with this knit wonder. While I was trekking to Starbucks to grab something to keep me warm with nothing warm but a leather jacket, she looked snug as a bug in her utility jacket, animal print sweater, combat boots and tights.

As soon as I saw her I realized two things: 1. I really need to check the weather before leaving my room 2. The sooner I invest in a turban, the sooner I will be able to feel my ears again.

Functional and fashionable, this wrap adds an instant, trendy touch to any ensemble. I love this knit, turban beanie to keep your whole head warm (beware of hat hair!), but this adorable Free People alternative will help keep you stress free and stylish.


I remember the moment I knew that I had to be in fashion so clearly. It was in New York City, the summer of 2011, and the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty was on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each room of the exhibit, for those who were unable to make it, depicted a different stage of his illustrious career, beginning in bumsters and ending with his version of the Creation myth. As I strolled through the wearable art that the man and genius created during his career, I walked into his fall 2006 collection, based on the “Highland Rape.”

The show, which culminated in an ethereal hologram of Kate Moss that has made fashion history, had a rawness and anger that was perfectly illustrated in a series of garments made of a ravaged tartan fabric. Reminiscent of his Scottish heritage, the kilt-like dresses were a key part of this unforgettable show and have remained prevalent in the fashion world.

These prints impacted me when I was in high school and the wearable art that his pieces represented truly inspired me to enter into this industry. They have similarly inspired this week’s Fashionista, whose tartan pants made a fabulous punk statement while remaining tasteful and elegant.

Paired with a camel sweater and fabulous oxblood booties, her plaid pants were muted and chic rather than coming forward as a loud print. Traditionally loud, the rock ‘n’ roll trousers adapted to her more classic look. Plaids are all the rage this season, and you no longer have to be a bassist in a grunge band to rock them. Don’t be afraid to try out this timeless print.

From Scotland to New York to your college campus, plaids are no longer just for schoolgirl uniforms and Hot Topic frequenters. Even if prints aren’t your thing, take a page out of our Fashionista’s book and try to mute them down. You won’t regret it.


If you have read any post on CollegeFashionista from September to now, you know fall is every Fashionista’s favorite season. Scarves, coats, boots – what’s not to love?! It creates a pressure to look your best in the latest fall fashion everyday. The best way to do so: layering. Nothing says fall, or a J.Crew store window, more than peeling off your five layers of outerwear upon entering class.

This week’s Fashionista keeps it simple with a striped button-down under a classic cable knit sweater. Atlanta fall weather is definitely slightly warmer than the rest of the country’s, so light layering is perfectly functional. I used to really struggle with layering button-downs with sweaters, but it is all dependent on fabric and fit. You want a thin shirt underneath that won’t create awkward bumps in your sweater. A thick crewneck sweater is ideal so that your collar can nicely peek through. If you’re feeling a downtown vibe, cuff your sleeves to let each layer show through together!

For a classic college prepster look, take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and let the button-down peer out the sleeves and bottom of your sweater. It creates a chic undone look. Throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a ballet flat for an effortlessly chic look that takes no more than five minutes, leaving you time to grab your Starbucks in the morning.

It’s not easy to be a Fashionista. It takes us a little longer to get ready in the morning, but on those mornings where it’s hard enough to get out of bed, let alone pick out an outfit, layering up will get you your chic ensemble of the day.


The favorite of many Fashionistas and Sporty Spice fans, the sneaker heel has won the love of our hearts and our feet. Sportswear as ready-to-wear is continuing as a trend this season (check out the shoes at Prada’s spring 2014 show) and this week’s Fashionista showed that sneaker heels won’t be jogging off any time soon.

She adds a feminine touch to the athletic shoe with a brightly printed dress and navy blue blazer. These classic pieces add a new twist to the streetwear style of her chunky sneakers. While it may not be intuitive to pair her kicks with such a feminine and classic look, somehow, the overall combination makes it work.

The great part of the ensemble is that it looks very chic and almost unattainable, but it is actually quite functional. The hidden wedge gives you height and makes your legs look long and lean without leaving you bed ridden for days due to the inability to walk. Sneaker heels are comfortable enough to be worn to and from class, but definitely have an added edge that you can’t really find in flat shoes. They are completely a shoe that is what you make it. If you’re not feeling this Fashionista’s chunky white sneakers, try a more slim fitting wine pair. They are more feminine and certainly more subtle.

I admit that I was skeptical of the fad at first, but after seeing this week’s Fashionista absolutely rocking her look, I’m sold. While it may have seemed in congruent with my minimalist wardrobe based in classic pieces, I now see that these kicks are much more than a trend for fashion forward celebrities like Rihanna or Beyoncé. They can fit any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Try them out in your own.