CollegeFashionista X Foster Grant: University of Maryland

The most practical fall accessory is a perfect pair of shades. Whether you call them sunglasses, sunnies or shades, we all use them and need them to survive the summer sun. Without them, how would we hide on the days we go sans eye makeup, have bags under our eyes, or just need to pretend the world can't see us? As an avid sunglasses collector, I have about six in my rotation, and  I was beyond thrilled to another pair when I received these Foster Grant shades. No matter if you have six, now seven pairs of sunglasses like me, or just have one, we all need a pair we can depend on to block those UV rays from our precious eyes. Whose the Fashionista behind those Foster Grants? It's Me! 

I am very picky when it comes to my sunglasses. I stick to one shape of lens that I believe looks best on my face, and these Foster Grant's are exactly that shape. The shape mimics a classic aviator shape, but has a squarer lens, which look good on just about any face shape.

Not only is the shape of sunglasses important when searching for the perfect pair, but color is as well. The blue cheetah print on these frames are unlike any other pair of sunglasses I own. If I am wearing a simple outfit, these shades amp it up. In jean shorts, a striped T-shirt and neon sandals, I couldn’t choose a more perfect pair of sunglasses. And FYI—I have bags under my eyes thanks to a busy work week, but you couldn’t even tell, could ya?

Who's that fashionista behind those Foster Grants?


The easiest way to have a whole room stare at you in awe is by dressing in a carefree manner. Long wavy hair, a sheer top and flowy pants scream professional, but show personal style. When I spotted this Fashionista, I was awestruck. Her outfit was on another level. I lusted after her red pants, wanted to grow my hair another 10 inches, and immediately needed to own a floral kimono-esque top. This intern knows personal style, and has no problem with being herself.

Name: Kacey Langston

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is your go-to internship outfit?

Kacey Langston: I really love wearing maxi dresses and jumpsuits. They’re easy to throw on and easy to accessorize. And I am from Florida, so everyone has such a laid back style. Maxi dresses are perfect for summer and are the perfect dressy, but not too serious outfit for fashion internships.

CF: Where did you get your red pants and how do you usually style them?

KL: These pants are from a small boutique in Florida where I go to school. High-waist pants elongate your legs and are flattering on everyone. I suggest getting a pair in a neutral color that you can wear year round. These red ones are my favorite and I definitely wear them in the winter and summer.

CF: Living in NYC is expensive, so where do you shop for clothes on a budget?

KL: Living in NYC on an intern budget is hard, but that doesn't always mean shopping is hard. I look for sales at H&M, Zara, Topshop and Forever 21 all the time. I also love to go to random boutiques. It's the hunt that makes shopping exciting!

CF: What is one tip for dressing for an internship?

KL: As an intern, you want to look professional but stylish. I always lean toward classic pieces but give them a twist. If you have a statement accessory, wear it.  It won't overtake your outfit and will definitely give your outfit the perfect kick it needs. Just one piece of advice, don't wear too many bracelets. They are noisey and will bother everyone around you when typing away at your computer!

How To: To recreate this easy, careless look, wear a loose fitting top made of sheer fabric, and be sure to wear your hair down. Don't be afriad to incorporate colors into your outfits. Even though New York City is known for its black ensembles, color is always in. Kacey's red pants separate her from the other interns, and shows how comfortable she is in her own skin.


When internship begins to wind down, we tend to forget to keep our work stamina up. We get comfortable at our desks, with all of our tasks, and with our co-workers, and we forget to keep pushing through until the end. The dog days of summer set in and we get tired, sweaty and well, the excitement just weans. As much as we like to say it doesn't happen, it does. But just remember that to have an internship, especially in a big city like New York, you are lucky and always need to impress! We must always be a gem. Keep shining at your internship and it will pay off.

When I spotted this intern leaving the Conde Nast building, not only could I tell she was a gem of an intern, but she was wearing jewel tones! What a coincidence! Jewel tones are the perfect transition piece into fall. Their tones are bright enough for summer, but the hues are cool and deep, perfect for fall. What I loved most about this intern was her necklace. I have always been a fan of statement necklaces, with most of mine being rhinestone and neon. Spotting her muted jeweled necklace was a nice alternative to the bright summery baubles. And plus, her jewel toned dress and necklace go so well together they almost should never be worn apart.

So remember interns, with only a few weeks left of Starbucks runs, errands and filing—totally joking, Interns don’t do ANY of those tasks—remember to be a gem and keep your work up to par. Internships are the key to a successful future!

INTERNSHIP FASHIONISTA: Get Wild In The Concrete Jungle

When my roommate first told me she was lusting after a sweater with an animal on it, I was confused. I understand animal print, but an actual print of an animal? I debated this trend in my head, and after spotting Kate Bosworth rocking a sweater with a penguin on it, a high-waist skirt and a perfect chignon in the glossy pages of a magazine, my views were immediately changed. Now I, just as my roommate, am lusting after a picture of a furry creature to wear on my garments. When I found this Conde Nast intern wearing the most ferocious animals of them all on her sweater while walking to her lunch break in the concrete jungle, I was floored.

Her tiger sweater adds the perfect amount of personality to her outfit and toughens up her delicate white lace skirt. What I love about her outfit is not only is she wearing a tiger on her sweater, but elephants on her blouse! This intern is all about personal style and lets it shine through in the garments she wears.

In a city full of interns it is often hard to make yourself stick out in a crowd. Throw a wild animal into the mix, and you are sure to make a lasting impression. For fall and winter, stock up on animal cardigans, blouses and even jewelry — you won’t be disappointed at how versatile these wild garments can be!


Sorbet colors and lace; what a dreamy match. Throw in pair of nude flats and a Michael Kors bag and you have a simple, beautiful, wear-anywhere outfit. This Fashionista knows simplicity goes a long way, and sticks to that rule when dressing everyday for her internship.

Name: Kelly Reid

Major: Advertising Account Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly Reid: I love wearing bright colors and pastels. My outfits usually revolve around a colorful piece and are simple. I have an awesome pair of pink floral jeans from H&M that are my favorite right now.

CF: What are you favorite places to shop?

KR: I love shopping at H&M, Zara, Topshop and department stores like Saks and Nordstrom. Being in New York City has been awesome for shopping! After I get off work I always end up in Macy's or Saks browsing around.

CF: What are your summer necesities?

KR: In the summer it is all about florals, wedges and dresses. I could throw on a dress any day of the week with a pair of brown wedges and instantly feel dressed up. You want to wear pieces that will keep you cool, so I try to stay away from heavy fabrics and pants.

CF: Who do you look at for fashion inspiration?

KR: I love looking at people on the streets or in my office for inspiration. It's realistic to admire something someone you know or see on the streets is wearing because I know my college budget can afford it. If I lust after an item I see on a couture runway, well that's not so realistic! My co-workers and friends definitely inspire me, along with street style bloggers.

CF: What are your favorite fashion magazines?

KR:  I love Teen Vogue for its accessibility, Glamour for their new layout and People Style Watch for their great shopping tips!

How To: To recreate this look, choose a pastel color top and rock a white bottom. Skinny white jeans and a seafoam green top would be just as dreamy as this peach and lace combo. Keep the accessories to a minimum and choose a cute designer bag to hold your necessities.


If you find a trend you like and you can rock, go for it. But often times those trends come with restrictions. It is hard to rock one trend only, and most times, it should not be done. For example, an outfit full of neon? Definitely never allowed, especially at an internship. However, there are few trends that you can rock 100 percent, in every aspect of your outfit.

This Fashionista, who is an intern at Anna Sui, pulls off the sheer, neutral trend with ease. From her sheer ivory blouse, to her gray pleated skirt, down to her brown oxfords, this intern incorporates neutrals into every aspect of her outfit. I love that she adds a touch of personality to her look with her ombre hair, rings and geek-chic glasses. Just because your outfit may be neutral doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. Her hair and glasses definitely let her fun personality shine through.

After writing about internship style this summer, I feel like I have many tips on how to dress for internships without sacrificing personal style. The best internship style advice I can give is knowing your dress code. What one intern can wear is completely different from what another intern can. If I showed up to my internship wearing business pants and a blazer, everyone would stare, and not because they are envious of my outfit. And I am sure if an intern working on Wall Street showed up in what I wear to my magazine internship, they would be sent home to change immediately. Know what is acceptable at your internship and what works best for your body and you will never go wrong.


Since the summer heat never fails here in the city, the only thing I can seem to want to wear is a loose dress. I have my fair share of summer dresses, but I never feel like they are appropriate for work. The hemlines are either too short or the pattern is too beachy. Finding a compromise between comfortable and professional is every interns dream.

When I spotted this intern leaving her office for the Fourth of July holiday, the temperature was tipping 90 degrees. A pair of black pants or even a black pencil skirt would have made any intern sweat, especially when walking back in the middle of the day (woo hoo for half days!) A loose fitting dress like this Fashionista’s is perfect for the office and a hot day. This Fashionista is an intern at JP Morgan where she must dress professional. Her simple orange sheath dress and cheetah flats proved to be just enough for the hot summer day.

As this Fashionista shows, just because it is hot out does not mean you cannot be stylish. Her cheetah flats and nude bag are the perfect accessories to her orange dress. When in doubt, pair your bright colors with neutral accessories, especially at an internship. This Fashionista lets her bright dress stand out but ensures she isn’t too much of a distraction while at work.


Prior to starting an internship, you are more than likely going to be nervous. Questions continuously race through your head as your start date approaches and you can only hope for the best. What do you wear? What do you bring with you? Flats or heels? Do you pack a lunch? And the list goes on. With the city burgeoning with interns during the summer, I get to meet them and ask them their advice on prepping for an internship. When I spotted this intern who was lucky enough to score an internship with Lucky Magazine, she shared with me some of her tips she has learned along the way while interning.

First, she emphasized the importance of comfortable shoes, as I have mentioned in previous posts. This Fashionista works in the fashion closet at Lucky so she is constantly going to showrooms such as Prada, Jason Wu and Michael Kors. When you are sent to the show rooms, your supervisor expects you to do it quickly, so your best bet is a pair of flats. This Fashionista chose every intern’s go-to flat made by Tory Burch. This Fashionista’s flats have a bit of a wedge to them, which can be more comfortable than a flat shoe. A slight wedge goes along with the natural curve of your foot and you also don’t feel like you’re walking barefoot on the sidewalk as some thin flats make you feel.

This Fashionista’s other advice is not your typical “how-to-survive-an-internship” advice. She is an iPhone advocate, but then again who isn’t these days? She survives in the city on her iPhone, which is decorated with a Teen Vogue It Girl’s heart patterned skin. She uses her iPhone to HopStop and Google Map her way to her destinations. (If you are in the city and don’t use HopStop you are seriously missing out. Download it from the app store! It will make your life so much easier!) She also uses her iPhone to catch up with different fashion companies and publications on Instagram and Twitter throughout the day. After all, supervisors love knowledgeable interns so Instagram and tweet away!


What I love most about interning and living in New York City is its diversity and culture. It is not rare that I get on the elevator in my building and the women around me are speaking French, Russian or Spanish. I love feeling like I live in the biggest melting pot in the world, and meeting Fashionistas from all over is truly inspiring. When I approached this floral Fashionista she smiled and politely asked me to speak slower because she did not understand English well. Turns out, this Fashionista is from France and is interning at a French beauty company here in the Big Apple. Eventually this Fashionista agreed to be photographed and I am sure glad I caught this international Fashionista.

This Fashionista’s outfit is simple and fun. While I focus on fashion while discussing interns’ outfits, I couldn’t help but to address this Fashionista’s hair first. Braids are always a given in the summer—they are easy to do, hide frizz and keep you cool. This Fashionista rocked a braided headband to her internship. Styling your hair in a non-fuss do like this Fashionista is perfect for an internship. You won’t have to worry about fixing your hair all day and can focus on your internship tasks.

Even though this Fashionista is from a different country, she has the intern style down: dress comfortably, professionally and add your own personal flare. Her floral skirt and sheer blouse are fun while her black tights and practical black flats make her outfit professional.

I cannot stress enough to either wear flats or bring a tote bag, like this Fashionista did, with a change of flats inside. You never know when you will have to go on an unexpected errand and no boss wants to hear the “Sorry I was limping down 7th Ave because my feet hurt so I’m late” excuse. You and your feet will both thank me.


Interning in the heart of Times Square can be stressful. Coffee runs can turn into coffee spills, tourists cause traffic jams and the people dressed up in character costumes are just downright scary. So when this intern walks to the Condé Nast building in Times Square each day, she ensures her outfit is perfect, and steers clear of the characters begging for a photo.

With all the lights and people around, this intern needs to stand out among the crowd. Her patterned black and white pants definitely can help her with that. This Fashionista is on top of her trends, killing two trends with one stone. Two trends all over the runway for the spring and fall are the pajama pant trend and the patterned pant trend. I personally adore the pajama pant trend—who doesn’t love a trend that makes it okay to wear comfortable pants? Also, I am loving the patterned pant trend. Wearing a pattern on your pants is a fun alternative to the standard black pants and blouse most women wear to their 9-to-5. Take a note from this Fashionista when dressing for work and rock the pattern on your pants.

While choosing your pants for work is important, the most important part of any Fashionista’s outfit is definitely her shoes. While most interns do not wear heels because they are constantly running around the city, if you do decide to wear heels, make sure they have a sturdy heel. This intern wore wedges, which are perfect for an internship. Another perfect shoe is the flatform. Flatforms are not as tall as wedges and are on trend for the summer. Both wedges and flatforms are comfortable and your heel won’t get caught in many of the notorious New York City pot holes.