STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Boots Were Made for Riding

This week I’m happy to bring you a look that’s full of class. We’ve got poodle pins, buttons, tweed and riding boots all coming together to create a look that reminds me of an English boarding school student.
Monday’s Fashionista is ready for an equestrian adventure with her vintage-riding boots. Instead of the stereotypical leggings and riding boots, she takes the trend and amps it up with a navy blue blazer. She added a little twist from the past with a poodle pin she picked up from her grandmother. Underneath her blazer she tucked in a ruffle embellished t-shirt into a pair of glittery tweed shorts for a more modern feel.
As one of the most complicated ideas I have blogged about, you may be wondering how to reconstruct such a timeless look. You’ve already been in your grandfather’s closet now try rummaging through your grandmother’s. If you are as lucky as today’s Fashionista you may stumble upon a pair of stylish boots. But if your not having any luck in grandma’s closet a consignment store will suffice.
Throwing in a theme to make a popular trend more interesting is often a great way to revamp your outfits. Play around with old fashion trends and your final outfit could be just as exciting.

Hint: If you’re looking for some snazzy pins check out this website!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Technicolor Attack

Today’s style advice of the week brings to mind two things: the raging psychedelic parties of the '60s and the brightly colored pants worn by swarms of models during Fashion Week. I left feeling bright and bubbly after my photo shoot with today’s Fashionista. If your outfit can elicit such an excited display of emotions from your observers, you’ve got to be commended.

Bright colors are in and so are patterns, so why not try combining the two? Since both trends are already bold statements, we’re going to have to approach this look with a little bit of caution. Take today’s Fashionista as an example. As wild as the colors and the patterns are in her outfit, she looks meticulously put together. She selected a wide, flowing, long sleeve shirt and paired it with a skirt in a solid color that is very similar to the colors in her shirt. Then she used her black boots and tights to down play the action up top, while still adding a final hint of flair with her tie-dyed socks. You could imagine such a shirt would be pretty hard to find, but if you check out a thrift store (that’s what today’s Fashionista did) you will probably be able to find some bright items.

The best advice I can give you in order to pull of a similar outfit is to have fun with it! Go bright and bold with your colors and pattern up top, but keep your bottom somewhat muted. I’m sure you can find similar shirts in many of the thrift shops in Little Five Points.

Disclaimer: Your outfit will illicit a lot of attention, but hey, isn’t that what fashion is all about!?


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Good Checkered Shirts Come in Micro Check

Checkered shirts have been all the rage in the pasts few years. Both guys and girls have exhausted the ways in which you can wear plaid. Many guys have started to wear checked shirts that are generally designated for business meetings as a fashionable addition to shorts and topsiders. We’ve even seen a couple people out there sporting gingham. But lately has anyone noticed that the checks are diminishing in size? According to this Fashionisto, the micro check may be quickly replacing plaid, gingham, or any other square-patterned shirt out there.

Each item in this Fashionisto’s wardrobe is fairly simple. But once combined, his gray-washed jeans, micro check shirt, and shiny combat boots are extremely fashion forward. His last accessory, a pair of blackout sunglasses, adds a final touch of star quality.

Micro check is everywhere, so finding a similar shirt shouldn’t be too challenging. Today’s Fashionisto found his short sleeve micro check shirt at Urban Outfitters. The Gap has a similar option as well as numerous other department stores. It’s up to you to decide if you’re more comfortable with a loose or tight fit.

To complete your look I recommend skinny jeans in a nice dark wash or a pair of khaki pants. Almost any pair of shoes would work including topsiders, combat boots or oxfords. Then, of course, it’s always nice to throw in a showy accessory like a pair of shades or a shiny watch. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing your best buddies wearing micro check. There’s just something whimsical about checks so small you hardly notice them.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Average T-Shirt and Jeans

It’s time to switch up the boring T-shirt and jeans look for something fresh. It’s a new year and if you’re in Atlanta, things are slowly starting to warm up. So shouldn’t your outfit choices do the same? Pair a trendy T-shirt with a skirt for a classy twist on an American staple ensemble.

Today's Fashionista did a fabulous job putting her outfit together. I found her elbows-deep in clay in the ceramics studio (which may explain her choice of a T-Shirt instead of a florally shirt) and I had to ask her if I could feature her outfit. No matter what made her decide to go with a T-shirt, I’m sure we can all agree that she made the right choice. From what she told me her look wasn’t that complicated to create. She snagged her pale pink A-line skirt from Last Chance thrift store, and she scored her Marc Jacob’s T-shirt off of a friend. She then threw on a long patchwork sweater, tights, and some awesome boots from Urban Outfitters all to guard her from any brisk Georgia gusts.

You’ll have no problem recreating a similar look, especially because there are a slew of stores that sell trendy T-Shirts. For a truly unique look, check out some of these T-shirts designed by artists all over the world. After you’ve got your T-shirt, you're going to have to find a skirt or pair of shorts. Since this outfit works best with a tucked in shirt, I recommend high-waisted bottoms.

The rest of your accessories are up to interpretation. You’ll never go wrong with a thick belt, or stockings like the ones our Fashionista is wearing. Next time you put on your favorite T-shirt, keep this post in mind. Jeans aren’t your only option!


I am entirely in love with this week’s trend. No matter how many times I see this look, it just doesn’t get old. The boots, tights, and shorts combination has taken Emory University’s campus by storm, and I’ve never been happier. Of course, the slight draw back to the popularity of this look is that I had a hard time picking someone to represent the trend, so instead, I took the liberty of finding someone who incorporated both the shorts trend and another amazing trend, lace-up boots.

I spotted this Fashionista’s boots a mile away. Her knee high lace-ups are especially charming, because they’re not the usual brown leather; they’re suede! She also took some creative license with her great layering technique. She paired a short-sleeved jacket, which she got in China, with a long sleeve shirt and shorts. It’s a bold way to layer and it really works wonders for her outfit.

If you’re just as excited about lace-up boots and shorts as I am, go ahead and combine the two looks for a great outfit. To find some boots you can check out Nine West, like today’s Fashionista, or look at some other great options by Steve Madden. When you start your search for acceptable shorts, steer from tight pairs. Other than that, you can be as creative as you want. Experiment with cuffs, colors, and texture. High-waist shorts also, work great with this look.

Enjoy yourself when you’re putting together this look. Believe me, there’s no other way can you get away with wearing shorts in the winter!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s All About the Dress

This week’s style advice is for all of you minimalists out there. I’m talking to all the Fashionistas who swoon over the chance of finding one article of clothing that can speak for itself. Maybe you don’t want to kiss all your accessories goodbye, but you truly only need one or two small additions to make this trend work. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m talking about the all-powerful maxi dress. It was all the rage a couple seasons ago, but recently not many people have been daring enough to bring it back.

This week’s Fashionista proves that the maxi dress can still be a classic. She looks like royalty in her long sleeved emerald green assemble. Her simple yet sophisticated red beaded headband and leather moccasins add just the right touch to complement her dress.

The maxi-dress selected by our Fashionista is as basic as they come, straight from American Apparel. If you go to their online store you can find the dress in a large array of colors, which make styling a breeze. The wonderful thing about her selection is that you can wear it nearly any way you want. Try it cinched with a belt, spruced up with some chunky jewelry, or even paired with countless types of jackets and shrugs. However you decide to style it, the simple elegance of a dress that nearly sweeps the floor is hard to mess up. For some advice on what kind of shoes fit best check out Style Guru Abby Adesanya’s blog post back in December.

Just remember once you put that maxi dress on, you’re sure to stand out, so always wear your dress with pride.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spring for Sweaters

Spring is in the air! Okay, maybe I’m a couple months off, but I couldn’t help to stop and chat with this week’s Fashionista about her sense of style and her excitement for spring. While she hasn’t fully committed to the stereotypical spring look, her croquet dress and camel cowboy boots instantly transported me to my fondest memories of fun care-free spring dresses and summer hats. So the question is, how do you manage to wear a dress that could easily be part of a southern belle’s summer wardrobe and still fit into that “almost spring…not quite yet” category? My suggestion is to take a que from this week’s Fashionista and throw on a sweater.

We’ve seen them everywhere: super warm knitted shrugs that add a needed layer of warmth to any cute dress. Not only does this Fashionista’s choice of a sweater guard her from the January chill, it also acts as a nice complement to the southern flair of her outfit.

If your trying to mimic our Fashionista’s distinct “sweater and dress” look, I suggest first finding an appropriate dress. ThisFashionista is wearing a dress by Free People, but any dress in your closet with a little bit of color or an interesting pattern will work just as well. We want to spend the majority of our time finding a nice sweater. If you’re interested in this Fashionista’s sweater choice, White Warren offers a large array of cashmere sweaters in similar styles. Just keep in mind; your guilty pleasure for soft cashmere knits will not come at a small price. Lulu’s has some similar sweaters and wraps for a more reasonable price.

Now that you’ve got your dress and comfortable sweater, pump up your outfit with some stunning jewelry or a chunky leather belt. This Fashionista is sporting layered bracelets, and a gorgeous pair of crystal embellished earrings from Urban Outfitters. With the final addition of your accessories, you have now achieved a perfect look for that lag time between winter and spring.


As winter snow showers make their final debuts, we can only help but feel it’s time to shed our dark wintery colors. The easiest and freshest way to revamp a wardrobe is to bring in some neutral tones. Make your transition less abrupt by incorporating both dark and neutral shades.

What’s the best way to do this, you ask? Adopt an old fashion faux pas, black and brown. This week’s Fashionista proves that the tabooed black and brown combo can be conquered with little effort. She perfectly balances beige, black and white to achieve a look that is just as classy as black on black.

Each item chosen by today’s Fashionista lends a wonderful element to her outfit. Her military inspired peacoat is the wonderful camel color that was all the rage this fall, and her brown leather cowboy boots work well with her choice of simple black tights.

Take the lead from this Fashionista, and try to start with a bold piece in a shade of brown, such as a trench coat. Then, work on coordinating the rest of your outfit. Instead of black tights you could try out some black jeans. If you’re more in love with the neutral aspect of the outfit take fellow Style Guru, Justine Nolte’s advice. She suggests coordinating as many as 2 or 3 neutral shades for the perfect look, and throwing in a bold colored accessory for extra flair.

Once you’ve achieved your perfect neutral-toned look, get ready for the compliments. Lately the world of fashion has fallen in love with neutrals, so why not give them what they want!



Put away your ski hats and earmuffs, this week’s style trend is a hat that doesn’t sacrifice style for warmth. Today’s Fashionisto is sporting the uber-trendy bomber hat. His classy peacoat and brightly patterned scarf combination successfully wards off unexpected Georgia snow showers, while still keeping fashion alive.

He picked up his hat from Urban Outfitters, but these hats can be found all over the place in a plethora of exciting styles. Try a full fur rendition if you're a bolder Fashionista/o, or if you’re trying to embrace your inner lumberjack, try a hat with a flannel exterior.

I suggest pairing your bomber hat with other wintery accessories. I’m thinking fur-lined winter boots, a bulky scarf or knitted mittens. Also, experiment with jackets to find the look you like best. Mimic today's Fashionisto’s polished look with a peacoat, or throw on a fur coat or vest for a look that's even more glam. Aiming for a more casual look? Pair your hat with a distressed utility jacket or a thick flannel shirt.

No matter which style you choose you can be sure that your head will be nice and warm this winter.


Warm, bulky sweaters are definitely in this winter, so why not add a twist to the already popular trend with some vintage flair? This week’s Fashionista has the right idea; she turned her brother’s old unwanted sweater into a fashion statement. Her large leather bag and scarf are the perfect addition to her warm winter look.

Since we’re dealing with sweaters here, there is plenty of room to experiment. Try to look for creative patterns with as many colors as you want. If you’re going for the more classic Bill Cosby look, stick to darker or more muted colors with an old school design.

Luckily these kinds of sweater are relatively cheap and pretty easy to come by (probably because so many people disposed of them after the last Season of The Cosby Show). Check out your local thrift store for some ideas or even scavenge around someone’s closet—I recommend your dad, grandpa or maybe even an uncle. If you’re willing to pay a little bit more, check out some of the more modern re-creations that have been adopted by stores. 

Complete your outfit by accessorizing with a leather belt or some vintage boots.