TREND: Adding Mystery With Shades

As the sun's rays grow a little stronger and the days get a little brighter, the perfect way to transform your summer outfit into a “Fashionista” one is by adding a pair of cool shades.

This fashionista finds the perfect fit for her oval-shaped face with these Ray Ban sunglasses. Another great pair of sunglasses for an oval-shaped face are these Burberry oversized square sunglasses. Statement sunglasses that are wider and oversized work best to complement an longer face because it helps balance the length of the face by adding width though the sunglasses.

If you have a heart-shaped face or a square-shaped face, it is a lot harder to pull off the above sunglasses because they can overwhelm a look by covering up too much of your face. My favorite style for a smaller face are Ray Ban retro-esq sunglasses, but at a much more reasonable price! These sunglasses from Forever 21 fit perfectly for a heart-shaped face or a square-shaped face because they are softer around the edges and contain a slightly bigger lens size than regular Ray Ban’s.

For a rounder face, I love going with an aviator look. With an aviator pair of sunglasses, each lens have a wider top that is slimmer at the bottom, which helps elongate a round face and make it look thinner by the chin line, too. I recommend this pair of oversized sviator sunglasses from Topshop.

TREND: Knowing What Time it is

Summer is the perfect way to show a casual side to your wardrobe, along with your dating regime. Instead of going for a fancy dinner to get to know your new beau, why not enjoy the warm weather with a game of miniature golf, or cool down with a trip to a local frozen yogurt shop.

This Fashionista dresses perfectly for a summer date by incorporating fun basics with a little chic flare. An ideal “go to” outfit for a fun date is a plaid shirt with a pair of Hollister shorts. I recommend this Sparkle & Fade Plaid Shoulder Pad Button-Down Shirt from Urban Outfitters because it is made out of cotton, instead of flannel.

Instead of wearing sandals, spice up your typical summer shoes with a pair of fun boating inspired shoes, like this Fashionista did. Her Balsa Women’s Shoe from Nike comes in many different color schemes to fit to any Fashionista’s preference!

My favorite part of this outfit is the watch accessory because it separates her outfit from being too casual for a date. Her Fossil Watch can be found at the local Buckle in Eugene, OR. I love the rhinestone studded brim of the watch combined with the white band, because it makes the watch a unique piece of statement jewelry. 

So, for your next date, feel free to let down your hair and be sure to enjoy it by adding some fun accessories to a basic outfit!

TREND: The Denim Illusion

Denim is having a huge comeback this summer season. Whether combined with vests, shorts or button up tees, jeans seem to fit to the ideal summer style. However what's not so perfect, is the actual denim material. With the upcoming heatwave bound to hit in August weather, jeans will be less comfortable to wear from head-to-toe. Let’s be honest: Jeans + Sweat = uncomfortable rub against any individual’s skin.

This Fashionista figured out a way to stay in style while remaining comfortable, with a dress from Forever 21 that gives the illusion that the material is denim material, but actually is composed of cotton, linen and spandex. This way during the summer, she can comfortably enjoy the heat while staying fashionable.

To accessorize with the faux denim dress, she paired Chanel Sunglasses with Ecote Twist Sandals from Urban Outfitters. To accentuate her waistline, this Fashionista paired the denim dress with a black belt. I recommend this Lace Detail Elastic Belt from Topshop.

My favorite part about this outfit is it’s versatility for the fall and winter. Any Fashionista can easily add lace tights and/or a black blazer to transform this outfit for future seasons.
Here are some of my favorite dresses from Forever 21 that give off the illusion of denim. Add fun accessories to make them into your own Fashionista worthy outfit!

Hint: Try these pieces to emulate today's Fashionista. Option 1-Bold Striped Woven Dress and option 2-Striped Tank Dress

TREND: Dressing for Two Temperatures

During the sun-filled day, Eugene is beautiful location to host a barbecue; however, once the sun sets, the weather drastically changes from “summer fun” to “winter chills.” This Fashionista perfectly prepares for a drop in temperature with her outfit by incorporating many popular trends, and makes sure she will not be the sizzling hot dog during the day, or the cold watermelon during the night time.

Fedora Hat: This accessory, perfect to shield the sun from your face and cover a bad hair day from the heat, can also be the perfect way to keep your head warm during the colder part of the night. This Grace Straw Fedora is a perfect accessory that will match any outfit, but still can make a bold statement on its own.

Scarf: This Saloon Rose Scarf is a perfect way to add color to a basic outfit. During the day, it can keep you cool because of the light fabric, but also insulate heat once the dinner has been grilled.

Jean Jacket: Going with the jean trend exploding this fall, this jacket is a great way to add to an outfit as the night becomes chillier. I recommend this AE Denim Jacket to complete a barbecue look.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s barbecue outfit was her nail polish! The turquoise color, “For Audrey,” by China Glaze adds elegant color that will match any summer outfit! I also loved how she played of the color by adding a matching, turquoise ring.

With this outfit, any Fashionista will be prepared for some barbecue fun! 

TREND: Rompin’ Into Fall

Throughout the past spring and current summer, the one trend that is making a full comeback is the floral romper. This piece serves as a perfect mix for a Fashionista looking for the fancy in a dress yet the sporty with shorts or pants. Mostly rompers have been accentuated with floral prints to accommodate fun colors that celebrate spring, but as we begin drifting toward the end of summer, how will the romper transition to the upcoming fall season?

This Fashionista wore a Charlie Jade romper that can effortlessly transition from her summer wardrobe into her fall one. Still light and breezy for the summer, the black hue will serve the romper as a perfect item to pair with a scarf or cardigan for the upcoming fall. Instead of pairing her outfit with a pair of sandals, this Fashionista chose to wear a pair of fabulous black flats by Tory Burch with a Deena & Ozzy Zip-Front Moto Satchel from Urban Outfitters.

I recommend a romper like this Velvet by Graham & Spencer 'Rilara' Jersey Romper to help our fellow Fashionistas 'romp' himself or herself into the fall. Depending on skin tones, this romper is perfect because it comes in black or navy! To utilize this romper for summer, I recommend pairing it with a colorful scarf or a studded belt.

TREND: Going Nautical for Independence

It's always hard to repetitively reinvent a stylish “Fourth of July” outfit every year when ones limited to three colors: red, white and blue. Luckily for our Fashionistas in 2010, a popular trend this summer is combining a nautical vibe with your wardrobe.

This Fashionista wore a nautical-inspired piece from Angl that would serve as a perfect addition for any trendy Independence Day outfit. Not only does it contain two of the three “must have” colors for July 4th, it also contains another arising trend for the summer: off the shoulder detailing. With the top’s sheer material, it is easy to incorporate red underneath with a swimsuit or a camisole. This piece is perfect for Fourth of July because it can serve as a swimsuit cover up by the pool and can transform into a fun top later in the night to watch a firework show.

This Fashionista is also wearing "Blythe" Abercrombie and Fitch shorts and an Urban Outfitters Macrame Belt. For more of a summer look, I recommend this BP “Hawthorne” bootie.

So, for this Fourth of July, instead of going for the traditional red, white and blue outfit, add some sparks to your wardrobe not only by watching fireworks, by inspiring your “independence look” with a nautical theme!

TREND: Rocking Out with Relaxed Fashion

My favorite part of summer is letting loose and having fun at an outdoor concert. With the combination of warm weather, lovely friends and a trendy wardrobe, what can go wrong while watching your favorite band?

This fashionista embodies every quality that will destine herself for a memorable summer evening of music! I found this fashionista enjoying mojitos and dancing with her best girlfriends in style at a local concert in Eugene, OR.

In contrast to bright floral prints, soft, subtle nudes are also flowing their way into the summer breeze, and this Fashionista made sure not get caught in the whirlwind! By pairing her Thistlepearl Chiffon Camisole with an edgy purple purse embellished with studs, she remains cool and casual for the evening concert. This combination keeps her from going “too soft” for an outside concert in the park. To complete her look, she added cuffed Rebecca Shorts from Abercrombie and Fitch and Steve Madden “Serrious” Sandals.

So make sure to check out a great concert this summer- It is a great way to relax and have some fun with your fellow Fashionistas! 

TREND: Carrying a Message into Summer

If you are anything like me, a conflict  has arisen during this month: How do I downsize my purse to a lighter one for summer? This summer, big boho bags are out and the must have item of the summer is the "messenger bag." Although it may sound scary, downsizing your items for this style is totally worth it.

This Fashionista incorporated her Lulu messenger bag with the ideal, laid back summer outfit. For the first sunny day in Eugene (finally!), she paired her Abercrombie Shorts with a fun top and black sandals, both from Urban Outfitters. Lastly, she wore a hot pink bandeau top from Free people and matched it with a Juicy Couture Necklace.

Here are some items to help you get this "Laid Back Fashionista Look" :

1. Abercrombie and Fitch Fiona Boyfriend Shorts

2. Ecote Twill Tape Camisole

3. Sam Edelman "Delia" Sandal

4. Free People Lace Trim Bandeau

5. Juicy Couture Wish Pave Heart Necklace

If you want to check out some other messenger bags, below are a couple that I picked out!

  1. Hilary Radley Bubblegum Pink Handbag
  2. LuLu Mini Crossbody Bag
  3. Deena & Ozzy Pebbled Mini Hobo

TREND: Flirty and Feminine

We all know that sometimes, floral can be quite an overwhelming print that is fairly difficult to style for an internship atmosphere. With floral print hitting sky scraper levels in popularity this summer, how can one tame such a fun trend in the office?

This Fashionista found the perfect compromise with her Forever 21 Rosy Lace Dress, a piece that incorporates calm hues and lace for the ultimate classy, office look. By incorporating nude Steve Madden Trinitie Blush Pumps and a simple Leaf Headband from Urban Outfitters, this intern-Fashionista is ready for success! 

Style Guro Bio: Andrea Blythe

Hello Fashionistas!

I'm currently a junior at the University of Oregon, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Business and Italian. I love learning about and participating in social media, including Twitter and blogs! I have many passions, including writing, sketching and sushi. I've always been one to divulge in fashion and I am super excited to share my thoughts about today's current trends! 

I would describe my style as urban, laid back, and simple, but every once in a while I love to splurge on something unique and crazy, to add detail to my outfits. My favorite outfit would be skinny jeans paired with a cardigan and a fun, trendy scarf. Although color is fun, I tend to stick to brown, grey, navy, black and white when shopping for pieces- Don't worry, I'm desperately trying to steer out of this funk.