Black and Pink and Cute All Over

Lighter colors are typically associated with the summertime because they keep you feeling light, fresh, and cool during the hot summer months. Although I love my black attire, I have to ditch the all black outfits during hot summer days. Now is the time to incorporate dark and light colors that complement each other into a look that will bring the lighter color out more and make it the focal point of your outfit!

One of my favorite summer pieces to wear is overalls. Overalls are so versatile and allow you to wear a crazy colored or patterned top while keeping it pulled together with solid color overalls. Overalls come in various shades and shapes and are quick to take off and on; unclip the hooks, and you’re good to go! I chose to wear black overalls with a “millennial pink” T-shirt. The contrast of the colors is really different and looks summery without being too far out of my comfort zone.

Being a makeup enthusiast, I love matching my makeup with my attire. For this look, I incorporated lots of pink and peachy colors to tie in with my shirt. The Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadows are essential for a bold going out look or if you’re just trying to make a statement with your eyes. They are pretty and sparkly, and they add a pop of color to any summer look. They also last for hours and can be used as an eyeliner.

I also can’t pass up the Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced. First of all, the smell is delicious! But more than that, this palette has some awesome peach and warm-toned colors to create a girly look on your eyes. As for highlighter, Anastasia’s collaboration with Nicole Guerriero is a staple makeup item you need in your bag. The sparkly pop of highlighter is a perfect touch to your look in the summer!

Pinks are perfect for summer because they’re bright, fun, and match with so much. I’m sure you’ve heard that “millennial pink” is trending, so why not try it for yourself? Throw on this peachy pink look with your favorite pink shirt and overalls and hit the street for some major retail therapy.

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How to Make the Best Out of Your Jean Jacket

With the comeback of many trends from the past, we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate them into our current style. Along with chokers, jean jackets have become one of my favorite fashion pieces that are a blast from the past—especially when they are hand-me-downs from my wonderful mother. They come in all sorts of colors, allowing for maximum creativity to make it truly your own.

I have always found it difficult to find the right jean jacket that fits my body type perfectly. I typically have to size up, which can create the problem of having the body of the jacket too big. Usually, jackets with a stretchier material work best for me. It moves with my body and allows for my arms to still be able to move and function while giving me a causal, oversize look.

The best way to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind jacket is to add patches or designs to it! Your local craft store or favorite clothing store will probably have small patches you can buy. Add one or 20, and you have a personally customized piece that no one will be able to duplicate.

My outfit shown is typically how I would style a jean jacket: with a plain shirt, pants, and pops of color in the accessories. I love my black jeans, but summer is pretty hot so I opted for ripped jean shorts. Add a plain white crop top and add some funky colored sunglasses and you have my look!

I recently got a black jean jacket while I was abroad in Athens, Greece, that I wear constantly. I love styling that jacket with my favorite black dress and some fishnets. It spices up the ordinary dress and the jacket adds some great texture to the look. Jean jackets can be worn to fit any vibe, so grab some patches and try for yourself!

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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Caught in Florals

Spring has sprung (at least in the U.S.) and I could not be happier. The warm weather makes me very happy and gets me excited for new trends. When I think about the spring and summertime, loose fitting clothes, comfy sandals, and florals come straight to mind. I try to stay away from cotton materials as they get too hot on my skin and tend to be uncomfortable.

We all love looking cute all year round, but I will always take comfort over anything. That does not mean I can’t be fashion forward. Look at this Fashionista: she encompasses comfort, style, and cuteness! She loves black clothing, as do I, but incorporating florals into her style is fun. Bright flowers on a black background allows for the floral to pop out. Plus, yellow is also an attention grabber. The dress is pleated by the bust and cinched at the waist, allowing for the shape of her body to show and flatter it nicely.

I have mentioned in my other posts my love for Converse shoes. They are the perfect way to express yourself and the adventures your life has taken you on. This Fashionista loves Converse shoes, especially her black ones, because they are comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

While spending my semester studying in Athens, Greece, I have been surrounded by new trends that I have never seen before. Europeans definitely have a different style than ours at home, but I think we can pull from each others’ styles and make a completely new one. A big thing I have noticed was the styling of fishnets. The most popular way I have seen fishnets incorporated into people’s styles is styling them under ripped jeans or cropped jeans where they can be exposed around your ankle. Fishnets socks are also fun where they can peek out of your boots or heels! It adds texture and variety into your outfit as well as bringing back a major trend from the ’90s.

Don’t be afraid to play around with new articles of clothing. You can find out that you love the way it looks and want to share it with all the Fashionista/os you know.

Throw some fishnets on and catch the spring florals!

STYLE ADVICE: Dotting with Fashion

The weather may be heating up just a bit but the winds still like to peek through occasionally. But indecisive weather can’t weigh our fashion down. Never. Adapting to weather changes should be easy and not mess with your style. Everyone is able to throw together something for any weather incorporating their own twist.

Jean material has been all the rage recently. From jean jackets to backpacks to skirts, we are all in love with it. Jean skirts bring back the ’90s fashion and should become a staple in your wardrobe for the time being. It’s quick and easy to throw on while keeping you put together and a tad bit dressed up. Adding patches or pins on the skirt adds extra personalization. Also, it’s a great conversation starter with a fellow Fashionista!

Going along with the jean skirt, you can dress it up or down. Throw on a plain white shirt and Vans for a go-to look, or dress it up with a tucked in polka dot button-down. Having different designs on your blouse adds more of yourself to the look and it’s a great way to show things you are interested it. Love dogs? Pick up a cute blouse at a local store littered with cute puppies on it! Styling your outfit with different materials and prints, it’ll sure be a winner for any occasion.

This Fashionista can’t go anywhere without her brown booties. Not only are they comfortable, they are very practical and go with almost every outfit! It pairs great with this outfit as it ties in with her leather brown belt.

Express yourself through fashion. Bring pieces that you love to light, always.


“Drop it low like it did in the ’90s.”

I, as well as many people around the world, have been recently inspired to bring back all the ’90s fashion. From scrunchies to grunge looks and jean jackets, the ’90s are having a big comeback in the 21st century. And I am all for it. (Obviously!)

This outfit encompasses everything I have seen trending in recent months: jean jackets, converse, cut-up shirts, and braids.

Finding the right jacket for me can be extremely difficult. I have very broad, athletic shoulders so I typically have to size up in jackets and coats. It can be quite tricky. The arms will fit but the body of the coat is too big or vice versa. I can’t have my arms suffocating. With jean jackets back in style, it adds texture and a bit of spunk to your look. Especially if you have a black one like mine. I picked mine up here in Greece from a popular store called Pull and Bear. I’m all for the color black as it can go with everything. Jean jackets serve as an extra accessory that you can chuck on for warmth or wrap it around your waist for flare.

The color of freshly opened white Converse shoes may literally be the best thing ever. They are blinding. You don’t want to put them on because you don’t want to get them dirty or ruin them. I usually have that mentality until I muster up the courage to take them outside one day. Now, I am realizing what may be considered “dirty” Converse, really have a deeper meaning than what is on the outside. I look down at my shoes and see all the memories I have walked through. I see the pink spots from an extremely fun New Years Eve party, the stains from walking up the Acropolis to the Parthenon or the dirt from when I explored with my best friend. Why would you want to wash that away? It adds character in which I think every one needs to incorporate into their style.

I personally like the look of cut up T-shirts, only when you have created them yourself! It means your shirt is unique and no one else can steal it. Top it off with one of your favorite band logos on it. You’ll be surely to wear it over and over again.

STYLE ADVICE: Leather Me Up!

It can become quite difficult during the winter time to go and really pull together a cute look while keeping your body warm in the harsh weather. Props to the Fashionistas/os who do it every day! I applaud you.

But there is no excuse for not having a cute enough outfit to pull off during the chilly season. This Fashionista incorporates some of the best pieces in fashion to date! Leather attire has sky rocketed in the fashion industry recently and you can incorporate so many pieces into your wardrobe. It adds texture to your look while giving you an edgy vibe. Can you say “rocker chic?”

The color black will always be my favorite color when it comes to style. It’s the most slimming color and goes with anything. It can be a go-to color for winter style but adding a dash of color like this plum colored skirt really ties everything together. You can’t say a skirt is only for the spring/summer seasons. Throw on a pair of neutral or colorful tights that go perfectly with your look so your legs stay warm.

Let’s talk about the wooden heels on her boots? So trendy! This style of boot will add a little accent to your look that any fashion lover will appreciate. Accessories that are subtle but still make a statement is a major YES in fashion. They are classic pieces in a wardrobe that will make you stand out from the rest. Add more accessories like a cute bag or sunglasses and pull together the look you are dreaming of!

You don’t have to wear little clothing to look good in the cold weather. Layers and winter accessories will take your attire from a two to a 10. You’ll leave everyone envious of your clothing and have a million questions about where you got your inspiration!


Hey all! I’m Andrea and I’m a junior at Pennsylvania State University. I am majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in business. Penn State runs through my blood! Our campus is filled with beautiful sites and amazing people. I’ve made some of my best friends here. Everyone wears a smile when they are in Happy Valley!

I like to keep myself very busy during the year by getting involved with as many things as possible. I am a sister in the Beta Mu chapter of Phi Mu here at PSU as well as a student athlete on Penn State’s crew team! I recently became a contributor for an online company, Odyssey, where I edit my community’s writing articles every week. I am also an ambassador for SandCloud, which is a company whose products benefit marine life!

Fashion and makeup have been a passion of mine since I can remember. My array of makeup can be overwhelming to some, but I don’t think I have enough. I love keeping up with all the new trends and follow as many influencers as I can. I have been involving myself more into Instagram and even started another account just for my photography.  Photography has become a major part of my life and I love documenting my life through the lens.

Some would say I keep my style “athletically chic.” Monday through Friday you’ll catch me wearing ripped jeans or comfy leggings. The weekend is a whole other story and I love to dress up to the nines and smoke out my makeup. You’ll never see me without my Hamsa necklace as it never leaves my neck. Black is a staple color in everyone’s closet and I think a pair of solid black heels is a MUST in every wardrobe.

I am currently studying abroad in Athens, Greece! I am very excited to see what this amazing country has to offer as well as the extraordinary style that we might not see in the United States. I’ll be picking up those trends and incorporating not only into my own style, but showing everyone on CollegeFashionista! I have been extremely blessed to have this opportunity to explore a new country as well as continue here for another semester.


WHAT TO WEAR: Average Joe To CEO

First impressions can be everything when you step into an office of a well respected company. As you can imagine, nerves will be normal and very high. But have no fear, I got you covered. If you take tips from this Fashionisto, you’ll be hired right away.

If you dress nice, you are more than likely going to earn 10 times more respect in the office. Walk into the interview with full confidence as you know your blazer looks amazing. Suit Supply is a great place for men’s business fashion. It’s a one stop shop!

Stand out above the rest by adding color into the mix. Don’t go for the typical gray or black suit. Spice things up with a little blue and orange. Texture is key too. If you are going from something different, yet fashionable, tweed is a great second choice.

It’s all about the details! Now, this step is personal preference, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get a question or two asking where’d you get your outfit from. Spicing up your plain work clothes with some funky socks, glasses, watch or a chic handbag will take your outfit to the next level.

Once you feel confident in the clothes you’re in, nothing can stop you. Not even the most difficult question in the interview. Have fun and be creative when you are in the office. Everything can lose interest over time so you have to spice it up with something new. From average joe to CEO, this Fashionisto has a bright future!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Autumn Is Soon Over(sized)

As we settle into the fall season, lets settle into the comfiest of clothes. Just because the sun goes down earlier, doesn’t mean our outfits can’t shine. Winter is notorious for neutrals colors, but you can always find ways to stand out. Add some texture, layers and cute accessories. You’re set!

Oversized articles of clothing have become more popular over the years. It increases comfort tremendously while keeping you chic and trendy. You can pair a flannel underneath an oversized sweater or add another oversized item on top as seen on this Fashionista.

Popular brands such as Free People, Urban Outfitters and Zara have really been putting out trendy clothing pieces one after another. This Fashionista rocks these brands from her Free People jacket and sweater to her jeans from Urban Outfitters. We can take inspiration from these brands as well as many other clothing outlets and piece together the perfect winter outfit!

Don’t limit yourself to the same pair of plain blue jeans or the black cardigan you wear everyday. Make bold moves with fuzzy sweaters or an army jacket with tassels and pockets. It’ll give you that extra edge over the next girl (or boy) and take your style to the next level.

Brave the cold in style with the pieces mentioned in this post. I promise you won’t regret it! Especially when it’s 20 degrees out. If you’re still chilly, chuck on a pair of warmer boots, an infinity scarf or a cute beanie! Ample opportunities here to stay toasty this winter!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jackets are the Bomb!

The great thing about fall is being able to break out your favorite fall pieces. Bundle up with layers upon layers of current fall trends. Whether it may be your favorite scarf, sweater or pair of jeans, there is one thing this fall you need—a solid bomber jacket to be exact!

This year is the year for the bomber jacket. While scrolling through the web, they are all I see, and I absolutely love it! These jackets are so versatile and easy to style for both men AND women! Grab a lightweight bomber for an easy accessory to your look or go for a heavier one to keep you warm and cozy while you go ice skating with that cute boy from your English class.

The possibilities are endless with bombers. Choose an eccentric pattern to stand out in the crowd or be a conversation piece. If you are a bit more tame, a neutral color, like the one on this Fashionista, is perfect for you. You can pair it with absolutely anything. Light or dark ripped jeans keep the look casual or dress it up with a sexy pair of tight leather leggings. Chuck on some pumps and hit the town!

Not only is layering your clothes trendy, but stacking cute bracelets, bangles and even watches is a great way to incorporate your favorite jewelry pieces. Hearing the clinks of the jewelry and the reflection as the sun hits off of them, you’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye. Maybe even a compliment!

Hopefully you will go out and grab a bomber jacket for this fall to see what the rave is all about. I promise you won’t be disappointed!