Normally, I’m not one to stop and admire a simplistic outfit. This Fashionista, however, changed my mind. Coffee shop bound, this Fashionista sported an easy outfit that can be tailored to anyone. Read below to find some insight into her breezy sense of chic.

Name: Lily Staski

Year: Senior

Major: Theatre Arts

CollegeFashionista: You mentioned that your closet is full of borrowed clothes, so if you could take anyone’s entire wardrobe whose would it be?

Lily Staski: I want to say the cliché and go with Kate Middleton, but instead I’d go with someone like Jennifer Aniston who always looks good and comfortable in her clothes.

CF: Would you rather spend money on a lot of inexpensive items, or spend the same amount on one big splurge?

LS: One big splurge! And not go shopping for a couple of months.

CF: Your style is very simplistic, do you ever stress about what to wear?

LS: Sometimes, but whenever that happens I can just cry to my roommate and she’ll let me wear something. I get bored with my clothing easily so some days I’ll wear jeans and a shirt and others I’ll wear a sundress.

CF: You said your necklace has sentimental value to you, explain:

LS: Hardly sentimental, I was just recalling buying the necklace when I was in middle school with my best friend. I have a hard time wearing sentimental clothing items out because I know I’ll break or lose them.

How to: Whether you choose to buy already cropped denim or decide to cuff a pair yourself, good quality selection can be purchased from brands likes Joe’s, Citizens for Humanity and Levi. As for the T-shirt, I recommend purchasing an affordable option from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.




Travel can be a wonderful time of relaxation and pleasure. However, some Fashionistas take advantage of an experience abroad to hone in on the local fashion scene. This Fashionista has visited several regions outside of the U.S.–including Canada, Mexico and Honduras–and taken away some serious style inspiration in the process. Below is an explanation of her breezy bohemian style choices.

Name: Rebekah Worley

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Has traveling to places like Mexico influenced your style at all?

Rebekah Worley: Yes! My trip to Honduras had the biggest effect on my fashion. I traveled to the coast to visit a village with people of African descent. Their rich colors and fabrics alongside the setting of the coast and tropics really intrigued me. From this, my love of color and pattern emerged. However, I would definitely say that living in the Southwest has left its mark on my fashion as well.

CF: Five years from now do you see yourself in the same style of dress or something evolved?

RW: I figure that five years from now my style will probably evolve into something different. Even now I see my taste changing as seasons change. However, deep down, I will always love my rich autumn colors, fun patterns and nature-inspired pieces.

CF: What mediums do you utilize for fashion inspiration?

RW: I love, love love autumn. Anything and everything gold, red, deep forest green and earthy brown. That mixed with a pop of pattern–bam! Also, I would say anything that has a South American twist or even Southwest twist really grabs my attention.

CF: What would you say is the most difficult aspect of dressing for New Mexico weather?

RW: The heat! Like I said, I love autumn and the rich colors, layers and accessories that come along with it. The heat of New Mexico really puts a downer on that. I attempt to make it up by utilizing the heat and wearing some fun little dresses and boots though.

How To: Like this Fashionista states, style doesn’t have to be drab even if the weather is unforgiving. Take advantage of what your region has to offer and play it up. Denim cut-offs and sweet summer dresses can really make the season stylish, cool and comfortable.



There are some Fashionistas who just embody cool with ever fiber of their being. Historically, one of the first that comes to mind is music legend Stevie Nicks and second is this college student. Grabbing a brew and a bite to eat at a local watering hole, this Fashionista chose to wear some seriously cool garb. The pants (which were gifted to her from Forever 21) are probably the show stopping element of her outfit and were the first thing to catch my eye. However, upon second glance, I found myself intrigued with every aspect of her ensemble. Find out what makes this Fashionista tick and who her style icons are.

Name: Vicky Camacho-Diaz

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

CollegeFashionista: How would you sum up your personal style in three words?

Vicky Camacho-Diaz: Blended, inspired and freestyle. 

CF: Do you have a style icon?

VCD: Several: Ginger Rogers in the ’30s, Pattie Boyd in the ’60s and Francoise Hardy, also in the’60s.

CF: As an avid thrifter, what would you say has been your best find?

VCD: Rummaging through Timeless Fashions, I came across an authentic 1960s velvet mini dress with a Peter Pan collar in nearly mint condition. It was perfectly petite, so I didn’t even need to get it tailored!

CF: Was an interest in fashion natural or evolved?

VCD: I grew up watching films from the ’30s through the ’60s so as a child I admired the refined, polished looks of the gals in those eras and sought out to imitate them. My style continues to evolve but lately my staples are ’60s inspired.

How To: Finding your inner Stevie Nicks can be a breeze for you too if you know where to look. First, start your hunt at thrift stores and then continue onward at regular retail. For this look you’ll need a few staples: a flowy boho top, bell bottoms and some great platforms!


What I tend to admire most about a well-dressed Fashionista, goes beyond mixing and matching patterns or designs and colors with taste, but instead explores the pairing of different looks. Take this Fashionista, for example. Her casual-chic vibe is offset by a pair a vintage-inspired frames, a risk not many of us would have considered to take. And yet, the elements of her ensemble complement one another with sincere perfection. This Fashionista attributes her eclectic sense of style to a wide variety of cinematic interests given her background in media studies.

Name: Angelique Felice

Year: Senior

Major: Animation and Visual Effects

CollegeFashionista: Have your best outfits stemmed from spontaneity or planning?

Angelique Felice: I’m a planner to the max! My boyfriend makes fun of me because I spend 15-30 minutes the night before a long day picking out an outfit and mixing and matching accessories. I like playing with options a lot!

CF: On any given day would you prefer to be in a dress or pants? Explain.

AF: Depends on the season. If I could find some awesome warm tights in different colors to get me through winter in the desert, I’d wear dresses year-round! I hear fleece works well, but I’ve yet to try it. Pants just feel so constricting.

CF: Has an interest in film and media affected your sense of style?

AF: Absolutely! Movies give me the best ideas for new outfits. I like a wide range of film genres, so my crazy closet reflects my taste in film. One day I’ll be in an Almost Famous mood and another day I’ll be in a Ghost World mood. Now, if only my closet could reflect Gossip Girl or The Devil Wears Prada.

CF: Is there one item in your closet that you get more use out of than anything else?

AF: I have this one Where’s Waldo? red and white striped shirt that I absolutely a-d-o-r-e. I’m a stripe fanatic and I’ve made quite a few outfits from that one shirt!

How to: If you are interested in presenting a similarly clashing but cool look, my suggestion would be to look for two different looks and then think of clever ways to pair them. Two looks I love are Victorian and grunge. Separately they seem too contrasting, but paired in the form of this dress and these boots, they are magical! For added accessories don’t forget a fun cross-body bag like this Fashionista has. My favorites come from kate spade


As they say, inspiration comes in many forms. For this Fashionista, that statement is especially true. Finding inspiration from a beloved ’80s sitcom may not be everyone’s modus operandi, but it is hers. And upon second glance at the outfits on the show, I can see how one would draw a unique sense of style from avidly watching The Cosby Show.

Name: Valerie Mirelez

Year: Senior

Major: Vocal Performance

CollegeFashionista:  Who is your style idol?

Valerie Mirelez: I look to The Cosby Show for fashion inspiration, particularly Clair and Denise Huxtable. I really like the colors and silhouettes the stylists on the show chose. The combinations are unusual and form a definitive, creative style.

CF:  What is your style must-have for summer?

VM: My must-have for summer is a good pair of shorts. Medium length, high-waisted. You can wear them a billion different ways, and you get a good leg tan.

CF:  Do you think the summer heat impedes your sense of fashion?

VM: Well, fall is my favorite because I love jackets, but summer opens up the opportunity to express a different side of your personality.

CF: When it comes to shopping, new or used?

VM: Used. It’s cheap, unique and I feel like it is less wasteful than buying everything new. It also makes it easy to transition into new styles without spending an entire paycheck or feeling too attached to old pieces.

How To: If you are not as fond of the ’80s as this Fashionista is, there are still tasteful ways to incorporate the era into your outfit. Try, for example, some statement jewelry! Gold accents are a great way to bring warmth to an outfit and include an element from the past at the same time.


Have you ever stopped to consider whether or not your style is a reflection of your background? Well, this Fashionista has! Growing up in the desert has influenced her interest in Aztec prints, Indian jewelry and of course, anything with a general Southwestern flair.

Name: Emily Williams

Year: Senior

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about a recent trend that you love or hate:

Emily Williams: Okay, I have a love/hate relationship with crop tops. In theory, I really love them, but it’s so difficult to find the right one to work with your personal style and your body type. 

CF: Heels or flats?

EW: In theory, I am always about heels! I love a good four-inch heel. However in my day-to-day life, I end up wearing flats for convenience. 

CF: Where do you seek inspiration for dressing? I.e., magazines, friends, the internet etc.

EW: I get a lot of my inspiration from my friends! They all are so cool and have their own style, and that gives me the confidence to make my own look.

CF: Do you have a signature piece of clothing or jewelry?

EW: I always wear my turquoise ring and my copper ring because they are both really Southwestern and I’m proud of my roots.

How to: Luckily for you, there was a recent uproar in Aztec and Southwestern-themed prints, so the style is readily available online and in stores. You can find the prints in loud styles like in this romper, or in a more authentic selection like this cardigan. Either way that you choose to style it, don’t forget the turquoise!



This Fashionista has an artistic plethora of titles under her belt including film actress, hair and makeup specialist, wardrobe consultant, vintage apparel designer and burlesque performer. And as if all those were not already impressive enough, she can also consider herself a style maven for the ages. It is easy to see upon viewing this Fashionista that she has her own niche in dressing. Her color-blocked ensemble of mostly primary colors, and matching bold lipstick, prove that she does not mind calling attention to herself either. While most individuals would fret over the limelight in such an outfit, this Fashionista happily embraces it. It must be all that performer in her.

Name: Anjelica Apodaca

Year: Senior

Major: Secondary education

CollegeFashionista: Describe your own style in three words:

Anjelica Apodaca: Theatrical… androgynous… pinup

CF: What would you say is the difference between being well-dressed and having a sense of style?

Being well-dressed is dressing according to a status or society norm within acceptable guidelines of neat, appropriate and organized. Having a sense of style is pulling at your inner personal desires of expression and playing them outwardly.

CF: Do you have a female figure in your life who has inspired your clothing selection?

AA: No females. My father is my inspiration for my clothing selection, actually. He taught me how to thrift shop and how to sew patterns for vintage clothing.

CF: Who is your favorite designer and why?

AA: Currently, I am beyond infatuated with Austrian designer Lena Hoschek. Her work accents all of my different style personalities combined.

CF: If you could have one person’s entire wardrobe (fictional or real) whose would it be?

If I could have a person’s entire wardrobe, it would be Dita Von Teese’s wardrobe—burlesque gear and all.

How To: To start off a look that replicates this one, you are going to need a truly wonderful tube of red lipstick. MAC cosmetics offers a great line of different shades and finishes. My favorite a bright, matte red-orange called Lady Danger. For the ensemble, I recommend making your something of your own. But, if you cannot sew there are many vintage retailers that have great products like Pinup Girl Clothing and Kenley Collins. 



As a personal vintage-aficionado, I can shamelessly relent that I am instantly drawn to anything and anyone that reminds me of past, more glamorous eras. So, I suppose it was only natural that I should be interested in the clothing selection of this Fashionista, who supports the same kind of interest in nostalgic dressing—particularly the ’60s.

Name: Anne Quiñones

Year: Senior

Major: Art (emphasis in Print Making)

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe you personal style?

Anne Quiñones: I would describe my personal style as being 1960s with a dark twist, I guess.

CF: Would you say your style is adventurous or do you look to play it safe?

AQ: I would say that my style, for the most part, is pretty safe, but of course that’s subjective. If I’m going out in the evening I think I’m usually more “adventurous.” Lately, I have been trying to wear more metallic, I have noticed. 

CF: Describe a favorite piece of clothing you have and why:

AQ: My favorite piece of clothing is a ‘60s mod mini skirt. It is burnt orange in color with crazy hexagon pattern fabric. I have had this piece with me awhile and it’s just really fun to wear.

CF: Have you had any style mishaps recently, or in the past?

AQ: About two weeks ago, my band was practicing before a show and I was wearing a sheer top with a strapless bra type of thing underneath. I was playing drums and didn’t happen to notice that I was suddenly flashing everyone. Not that bad though since it was just around friends.

How To: These days it’s pretty easy to get your hands on vintage or vintage-inspired apparel and accessories. Stopping at a thrift shop, such as The Goodwill, Salvation Army or Savers will almost guarantee an old-timey find. And if you can’t make it out to one of these stores yourself, there are many websites devoted to aiding your search, such as ModCloth and Etsy, which have great items (like this frock here). I recommend wearing old and new pieces to keep your outfit from feeling stuffy.



If there was thing you could see upon first laying eyes on this Fashionista—besides her being fashion forward—it is that she is an art major. Every detail of her outfit looked carefully selected and implemented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. So, it comes as no surprise to find out that she is, indeed, a graphic design major. And despite the fact that her respected art stems from virtual design, she seems to know a thing or two about the art of dressing as well, blending together prints, colors and accessories in an effortless and chic result.

Name: Santana Lopez

Year: Junior

Major: Graphic Design

CollegeFashionista: What do you consider when you get dressed (ie. weather, occasion, mood etc.) in the morning?

Santana Lopez: Mood is probably my only major influence. It mainly helps me determine what colors I want to try out that day!

CF: Do you have a favorite designer to wear?

SL: I guess the closest thing to a favorite designer of mine would be Lauren Conrad. She always has classic pieces that are very versatile and comfortable.

CF: How long has fashion been a part of your life?

SL: Fashion has been an influence in my life throughout the better part of my late teen years until now. It allowed me to experiment in those crucial years.

CF: Would you say that you have a style muse?

SL: My LIFE muse is probably Zooey Deschanel. So yeah, I guess I have one.

CF: How has your look evolved over the years?

SL: I’ve been through many phases since my tween-age years, but I think I’ve always tried to do something weird with it. From rocking boys clothes, to wearing horrible pattern and color combos. Weird can be both good and bad.

How to: Floral prints are one of the easiest ways to add femininity to an outfit and make you feel—well, down-right pretty. So, when you incorporate this print with a dress, you are undoubtedly going to strike a feminine note. To keep your outfit streamlined, don a pair of kitten heels or flats for the day or pair it with some sandals to avoid the heat wave. Add a pair bright colored sunnies for the final touch!



Summertime style in the Southwest can be a bit of a dilemma due to the extreme weather variations—hot desert days and cool desert nights. However, this Fashionista did not seem to be conflicted by the heat and instead donned what she called a “lightweight” denim jacket that is signature to her daily look. The appeal of this Fashionista’s appearance is the simplistic femininity that largely represents what the sweet freedom of summer vacation should feel like—easy and fun.

Name: Katie Neely

Year: Junior

Major: Art

CF: What are you wearing today?

 KN: I am wearing a dress I bought at a local thrift store for super cheap, a denim jacket from Old Navy and Arturo Chiang loafers.

 CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

 KN: I like to shop when I go out of town. Even though I love Las Cruces, it doesn’t have a wide variety of stores to shop at. If you get something on a trip, you are almost guaranteed to have something unique.

CF Do you have a style muse or inspiration?

KN: I really like the way Jenny Lewis, the musician, dresses. She always looks super classy and comfortable.

CF: Do you have any stylish tricks for staying cool in the summer?

KN: Be mindful of your fabrics, and just wear what you like.

How to: Re-create this outfit by shopping first for a denim jacket that is both versatile and comfortable. A truly great denim jacket can be paired with casual pieces or with dressier ones and still look natural. This Fashionista’s particular denim was purchased from Old Navy, but you can find great ones at a lot of different locations. As for the printed dress, an affordable place to purchase one like this is Forever 21, which is always stocked with cute frocks. To make your outfit pop, add zest with a colorful shoe. You can choose a loafer as pictured, or opt for a sandal for something more breathable.