Trend: She’s Got Legs

The time has finally come in Kent, Ohio. It’s now consistently warm enough to temporarily cast away all tights, leggings and woolen socks and to let your legs breathe! This Fashionista reminded me how nice it is to just be able to show of your bare legs without any cold weather accoutrements. Nothing looks quite as happy and summery as a pair of legs void of typical insulating restraints.

The key to using your skin as an accessory to an outfit is to avoid showing too much! Few looks are sleazier and less thoughtful than an outfit that’s really more skin than fabric. Choose one area of the body to highlight and keep the rest relatively modest. It will also keep the focus on your favorite features making the outfit that much more eye catching than if you were half naked.

This Fashionista’s look is season appropriate. You don’t want to look like you’re going to the beach when you’re really going to class or work. Also, its flirty shape is very flattering and it features spring’s go to pattern — floral. Need I say more? Her pairing of florals and stripes is a classic way to mix up patterns without looking like a Jo-Ann fabrics clearance bin. She added a slouchy cardigan and a pair of strappy sandals that are just edgy enough. Ok, now I have to go shave my sad looking gams and prepare them for official mini skirt season thanks to today’s Fashionista inspiration!

Hint: This Topshop skirt is shockingly similar to the Fashionista's. I usually advise something different but go ahead and get this one, it's just that good! Pair it with a menswear-inspired shirt for a perfect masculine meets feminine approach.

TREND: Pretty (Dapper) In Pink

Pink is a color that most of the male population has chosen to avoid in recent fashion history. For whatever cultural reasons, certain guys seem to feel emasculated by this feminine shade. That fact, to me, is a shame. Pink can be a great color on a man, especially when done right. Today’s Fashoinisto wears this color proudly in a way that makes him look stylish and guy-ish.

The trick to wearing pink as a guy is to not make it look like you’re trying to wear pink or make a statement. It’s best if it looks like a nice garment that just so happens to be pink. A simple masculine staple like a tee or button-down is the perfect pink item for a man’s wardrobe. Keep the cut classic and the design timeless because it will look fresh and modern as opposed to cheesy.

Today’s Fashionisto knew what he was doing when donning his pink plaid button-down. He kept the palette simple by pairing the pink with light gray-tones that are a perfect shade for spring. I also applaud his use of gray denim. Both men and women alike sometimes forget the value of a pair of jeans that aren’t the basic blue. His sleeveless hoodie is great piece to throw on in the unseasonably chilly weather that is oh-so-common in Ohio. So, all of you Fashionistos out there, forget about looking girly. Be a man and wear something pink!

Hint: Try this plaid shirt from for a subtly pink punch. Also, these black American Eagle jeans are a seamless switch from the typical blue jean.

TREND: Blousy Blues

I found it difficult to pinpoint just one specific factor about this Fashionista’s ensemble that made it a great look. The first thing that caught my eye was the fun and drapey polka dot blouse. Polka dots are one of my absolute favorite prints. They’re fun, retro, simple and modern all at the same time. They simultaneously evoke images of cartoon Fashionista Minnie Mouse and '50s pin-ups. I also loved her fabulous sense of layering. The navy shades with black foundation garments look fresh, modern and not-at-all drab as one might expect.

The idea of wearing two blousy garments together, like her top and skirt, may seem like a fashion don’t but in this instance it works to this Fashionista’s advantage creating a unique and breezy springtime look. Also, don’t be afraid to don darker colors in the spring and summer months, never pigeonhole your look to match-up with the seasons too much. That idea is a tad passé as it is.

This outfit is great as-is but a clever Fashionista always utilizes her best friend, a well-chosen accessory. The round, pink sunglasses are so adorably girly and quirky and add a nice, rosy hue to the otherwise staid shades of black and blue, as does the addition of the multi-hued scarf. A shorter scarf in a lightweight fabric is a useful and appropriate spring accessory.

Hint: For a similarly spotted top try this one from Nasty Gal. It’s very sheer, though, so don’t forget something underneath! This black tank from Topshop will do the trick without stealing the show.

TREND: Sunny Disposition

It was pretty hard not to notice this Fashionista on a beautiful sunny day on campus. Her outfit radiated the same bright hue as the sun (in a good way.) Yellow is the first color the human eye recognizes, after all. In psychology there are a lot of studies about how certain colors affect our moods and I think that’s something that can go over looked in fashion many times. I know, we all love certain colors, but do we really pay attention to how they make us feel?

In traditional color studies yellow tends to make people feel energetic and refreshed, but it can become overwhelming and induce anxiety. Psychology lesson aside, in the fashion world yellow is eye catching and, in my opinion, under-appreciated. Today’s Fashionista’s ensemble is a tribute to the bright, buttery hue and to standing out in general.

Her swingy trench is a classic spring piece in an updated hue. Her similarly shaded skirt is such a classically feminine shape that amps up the flirty factor of her look. When wearing brights, it’s wise not to go overboard; you want to look like a person, not a color. This Fashionista knew this, of course, and tempered the warm yellow with cool gray and purple tones. The striped top and gray canvas shoes break up the look perfectly.

Hint: For a dose of sunshine in your wardrobe try this adorably girly dress from Miss Selfridge and pair it with something casual and uncomplicated to avoid looking too prissy. These classic TOMS in navy will do the trick!

TREND: Parallel Lines in Alternating Colors

The title of this post is the definition of one of fashion's (and design in general) most popular trends of all time. Stripes are one of the wonders of the fashion world. They're always in style; they are at once classic and unexpected; they are appropriate for both genders and every single age group. Stripes are arguably the most versatile print in the world. Think about it, stripes are constantly on runways, in magazines and on almost every one of us. They’re the graphic addition to our wardrobes that we’ll never get sick of.

Today’s Fashionista wears her stripes proudly and in an unexpected way. Her gorgeous asymmetrical black and white striped maxi skirt is an absolutely perfect interpretation of the show stealing stripes of the spring ‘11 runways. Its slim silhouette is the perfect balance of breezy and form fitting. The stark colored skirt looks great paired with a simple and pretty pastel hued T-shirt.

The oversized bag adds some weight to an otherwise lighter than air ensemble. The squared bottom of the tote keeps the bag from looking too sack-like and slouchy. Also, the stone shade complements the skirt and top combo perfectly. She adds the must-have warm weather accessories: sandals, shades and a few long, layered necklaces and her look is completed! Follow suit of this Fashionista and continue to find new approaches to wearing stripes for a unique and eye catching look.

Hint: This skirt from Ruche is shorter ruffled version of the featured Fashionista’s. Pair it with this T-shirt to get an original version of her look.

TREND: Classic With a Twist

Dressing well isn’t a difficult task, contrary to popular belief. If that’s true then why does it seem that the well dressed are in the minority? Fashion intimidates people when it really shouldn’t. It’s something to have fun with and use as a tool to express your individuality. That being said, here is an important tip from a Fashionista to an un-Fashionista, featuring this Fashionista of the day.

The easiest way to take an outfit from something unmemorable to something interesting and unique is to just add one simple item. The item is of your choosing but it should be something special. Whether its special property, a bright color, interesting fabrication or architectural appeal, that is up to your personal tastes and preferences. The important thing is that it draws attention and adds a dose of individuality to the rest of your look. Then you simply pair that item with a relatively neutral but still put together outfit and your look is complete!

This Fashionista has that idea down pat. Her classic striped sweater, black leggings and camel scarf are all neutral and simple. Those pieces alone are classic in their appeal and would look great on anyone. The cherry red rain boots are where this outfit goes from good to great in the time it took for her to slip them on. She looks at once eye catching and chic and her outfit isn’t lacking anything.

Hint: For a pair of boots perfect for April showers try these from Hunter in a striking chartreuse that will easily brighten up any dreary spring day.

TREND: Shabby Chic

Excuse the title, I am definitely not implying that today’s Fashionista looks shabby. She’s just an amazing example of the “shabby chic” aspect in fashion. It’s a phenomenon that brings up ideas of Scarlett O’Hara tearing down her drapes to make a one-of-a-kind dress for herself. And an idea that I’m sure will be sticking around in fashion for a long time to come. What’s old is new again, low brow is high brow, one man’s trash is another’s treasure etc., etc. Shabby chic is the impassioned Fashionista’s go-to look for something unique and uncomplicated.

First of all, loved the jeans on this Fashionista. The high-waist and cuff combo is reminiscent of men’s blue-collar work wear from the early 20th century. It looks especially so paired with a rugged boots and a burlap tote. This carry-all sack gets an interesting update with the potato sack-esque fabric. She feminizes the outfit a bit with a blousy top perfect for a breezy spring day. The grommets also add a bit of a tough edge that goes great with the boots. The look is completed with a few simple charm necklaces and two wristfuls of mismatched bracelets- a look that is very in right now.

Hint: Love this Fashionista’s bag? Try this tote from Urban Outfitters for a similar fabric in a classic tote shape. As for her amazing denim? These boyfriend jeans from Levi’s are a slouchier version of a cropped pant that is an absolute must for your spring wardrobe.

TREND: Equestrian Chic

Few recreational activities are quite as glamorous as horseback riding. The sport evokes images of the wealthy and sophisticated. Back in the day only the privileged upper class society members could afford such an expensive pastime. Aside from the sport being a representation of wealth and glamour, the typical riding outfit is a sophisticated image that is referenced to time-and-time again in the fashion world.

Think back to that infamous last episodes of Full House (we all watched it, you cannot deny knowing this reference) when Michelle takes up horseback riding. I know I was jealous and I’m sure millions of other girls wanted to be her as well. Well in a way, we can realize those dreams with our outfits. Clothing has many uses other than just covering us up – pretend and fantasy are a huge part of it, too.

Today’s Fashionista is a great example of the equestrian influence in fashion. Her coat is a signature bright red that exemplifies classic riding attire. She paired the coat with a black legging tucked into a knee-high boot. Although the riding influence is apparent, she avoided looking like she just got off the track by updating the classic boot with a modern wedge. She also added a splash of color and casualness with a patterned scarf neatly tucked into the jacket.

Hint: For a dose of luxury leisure time in your wardrobe a classic riding boot is a perfect and subtle nod to horse culture. And if you love her red peacoat, this Betsey Johnson find is perfect!

TREND: Uptown Meets Downtown

In fashion the best looks are often combinations of inspirations from different sources. It's important to mix and match themes so as not to look too contrived. It’s kind of like how you’d feel a bit weird wearing all of one single brand. Unless you’re walking down that brand’s runway you should mix it up to add a dose of personality and authenticity. One of the best combos in fashion styling is the high vs. low idea. You know, traditional ideas of upper class worn with “lower-end” pieces.Today’s Fashionista is a perfect example of that and how amazing they can look when paired together.

Remember that whole Mary-Kate moment in fashion in the mid 2000s when it was in Vogue to look kind of homeless, hung over, or both? Well this Fashionista has a little bit of that vintage bag-lady chic thing going on in her outfit, albeit it’s a very subtle and revised version. Her tights are slightly punky and her vintage-style boots are very '70s. Together they look just edgy enough. Her camel cape-style coat is a homage to the wealthy women of the Upper Manhattan '50s and '60s. I can imagine it being worn with a pillbox hat and oversized pearl earrings. Together, these two vibes come together to create a unique idea. Thus, an amazing outfit is born.

Hint: Try pairing this gorgeous trench-cape hybrid from Topshop with something like this biker-chic pair of boots from You’ll end up looking like Burberry and Vivienne Westwood at once.

TREND: Coordinating Colors

In this day and age of fashion there really aren’t many “rules.” The idea that there is an entire list of “do’s and don’t’s” of style is an outdated notion that simply doesn’t fly with today’s Fashionistas. So therefore the idea that you should match your shoes to your bag, belt and accessories is pretty passé. Today’s Fashionista is an exception to this anti-rule. Sometimes it looks chic and unexpected to be just a little matchy-matchy.

This Fashionista simultaneously breaks an old rule (no black and brown together) and instills a classic rule of matching. The two shades of cognac brown stand out and look rich and sophisticated with the black backdrop. Also, the shoes and bag complement each other perfectly and aide in wow-factor of brown on black. Her classic peacoat has added appeal with the golden buttons. Another point to make about this Fashionista is she’s a good example of intermediate dressing. I.e., not quite winter anymore but still not spring. Now is a perfect time on Kent’s campus to wear a nice, heeled boot like her. It’s a bit chilly for flats yet there’s no snow and slush left to trudge through. Her look is completed with a pretty, embroidered black and white top and a classically geeky pair of black frames.

Hint: Boots are on clearance this time of year so it’s a perfect time to invest in a new pair that you can still wear next fall. Try these by Unlisted for a modest but sexy heel.