ALL IN THE DETAILS: Key to Looking Simple Yet Stylish

Even though it’s already April, the weather in New York City is still chilly. The fickle weather makes us wonder what to wear everyday. Also, the gloomy sky makes us lazy to go outside. On days like this, just throw on your favorite pair of jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, and top it all off with some accessories. Sounds simple enough, right? With these simple items, you can look stylish too. How? The key is to look out for details within your outfit.

This Fashionista follows the rule of looking out for details within the simple items. She wears a basic white T-shirt with slightly destroyed jeans, a monochrome navy coat, white sneakers, and a baseball cap. When you look closer at her look, you can see that she matched her items according to a color scheme within her outfit. Both her shoes and baseball cap are not only white just like her shirt, but also both items have small swatches of red and blue. The subtle color match completes her look with a chic finish. If during the day the weather warms up, then she can take off the coat, and her inner shirt would still match with other items. Also, she wears similar colored earrings to maintain the simple edge to her look. By matching her look in the small details, this Fashionista brings out her chic side without much effort.

When trying to put simple items together, coordinating the details is the key to completing the look with stylish touch. Color matching can be the beginning point for all outfits.

WHAT TO WEAR: Quick, Easy, but Stylish

It’s already March, which means that we’re at the halfway point of the semester. To many of us this means midterm week! I know during this time I have so many things to get done in a short time frame. Even though I have so much to do and so little time, I do not want to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants every day. I still want to be quick, simple, and stylish at the same time. This Fashionista exemplifies such qualities.

This Fashionista has on a long sleeve crew neck sweatshirt. The sleeves are long enough so that they entirely cover her hands. Extra long sleeves are on trend right now. Also, she matches her stylish top with straight blue jeans. The boyfriend fit is not only chic, but also feels comfortable while you’re cramming through loads of work. To add character to this look, the Fashionista tops it off with a Snoopy baseball cap and light blue sneakers. The unique color of the sneakers and the cute character cap liven the whole look. In addition to these items, she also pays attention to details like the red color of her socks and her choice of lip color. The edge of the socks match the color appearing on the baseball cap. Even though this Fashionista is barely wearing any eye makeup, she adds a bright pink lip color as an emphasis.

This look considers both comfort and style at the same time. Even though the breezy spring weather in NYC permits for this outfit, if you are living in an area where it’s still cold you can always add another layer to this look, such as a coat or a bomber jacket. Show that you can be stylish with these comfy, simple outfits, and good luck on midterms!

BEAUTY BAR: Pink, Red, and Orange Blossoms on Your Face

It’s already February and wind seems to simmer down a notch everyday. Waiting for spring to come, I seem to look out for more colorful clothes and makeup. While wearing a black coat and boots, add a pink scarf to show my excitement for spring season. Also, when doing makeup, add orange or pink on brown base eyeshadows. This Fashionista’s makeup perfectly describes the “almost-spring-look.”

First of all, she wears blue jeans in both her jacket and her jeans, but with slightly different tones. To add a emphasis, she is wearing her bright red bucket bag to add a lively vibe. The main focus is her beautiful makeup. In the winter, she said that she usually wears both brown and burgundy eyeshadows with deep red burgundy lips. But these days, she still puts on brown eyeshadow and layers both orange and pink eyeshadows on top of the base to create flowery colors. Also, on her lips, she mixes two different colors: magenta pink and coral lipsticks. These mix of colors create a color of cherry blossom petals. This Fashionista finishes her makeup with natural-look highlights with moisturizing face balm. In this way she can have a chic and natural finish with moisturizing skin.

Once spring actually approaches soon, you can mix and match more bright color combinations. You can use beige or nude base for your eyeshadow instead of using deep brown color. Also, when the weather gets warmer, you can use more powdery form of highlighters instead of moisturizing balm. Whatever product you use, try to create a spring color palette so that your look can create a fresh, spring-like vibe.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Is the Key to Everything!

My favorite season has finally arrived! I love seeing colorful Christmas lights on the streets of New York City and drinking a cup of warm hot chocolate. But one thing I love the most is that I get to wear winter clothes. From scarves, coats, sweaters, and boots, I can dress up with endless coordinations, still looking cozy and stylish.

On any occasion, I like to dress simply, but especially during winter. Because of the cold weather, I have to dress warm enough, but I also like to keep my simple style. To do this, I wear two to three layers of thin clothes and add some chic winter accessories (hats, thick socks) to maintain heat. Also, I try to minimize the number of color tones of my outfit, limiting to three or four.

This simple winter outfit I’m wearing demonstrates my suggestions. I am wearing a gray turtleneck long sleeve shirt underneath a black knitted vest. Layering simple items helps to keep me warm, but also look stylish. The long black coat covers up a light layer of my cropped jeans and balances out the short length of my tops. To complete the look and stay trendy, I am wearing a gray beret hat and white slip-on sneakers. I always spot people wearing black coats, but just by adding these simple accessories makes me stand out from the crowd. Dressing simple and basic always saves me a lot of time, but I still look trendy, while trying to overdress tends to create fashion faux pas!

When shopping, try to buy the most basic items and then look out for accessories that express your personality. Because simplicity is the key to everything.


Hi, I am Anna Cho, and I am currently a sophomore at New York University, majoring in studio art. I describe myself as a simple yet creative person. I always try to bring out some kind of creative side from even basic and mundane things.

I think I got my creative and fashionable side from my mom. She has been my inspiration since I was a little girl. I grew up watching her mix and match clothes and create new things from old objects. I think new and trendy things aren’t always the best. I can find a way to recreate simple and basic things to fit me perfectly. Also, I lived in four different countries throughout my life, seeing and experiencing varieties of cultures. I always refer back to these moments when I’m creating a work of art, styling myself, and brainstorming ideas. My unusual experiences always reflect back to my choice of colors, patterns, and styles of everything.

Currently living in New York, I love that I get to freely express my style. I always match the most basic item with expressive items and balance out the whole. I love to wear striped shirts whenever, so I have a whole row of striped shirts in my closet. Also, I love turtleneck shirts since I can create a stylish vibe just by wearing them. With these simple patterns and colors, I often style DIY accessories like a thread chocker and a bracelet. I think DIY-anything can make a bold statement about oneself. Places and things in New York City always inspire me to try out new styles while still maintaining my original style.

I am excited to be a Style Guru this semester and hope to share my creative ideas and to explore new things together!