WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

With music festival season rapidly approaching, I’m sure many of you are stressing out about outfits and such. After all, you must snap photos at these type of events or it’s like you weren’t even there. Fear not, Fashionistas! I have found a look that is both stylish and simple, so you can run around amongst musical notes unencumbered whilst still looking boho chic.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately rushed to ask her if I could snap a photo of her for CollegeFashionista. Her floral midi skirt first caught my eye, which she told me she bought from a thrift store. I’m a huge fan of the midi skirt because I think it exudes a whimsicality that is both playful and chic, which makes it a great versatile piece that you can dress up or dress down. This Fashionista chooses to dress her midi skirt down with a simple, white long sleeve top. By choosing to wear only a top and a skirt, she makes her morning routine a lot easier since it’s just a matter of throwing on the top and slipping into the skirt. For shoes, she sports some brown flats.

This is the ideal music festival look for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, the simplicity of the outfit allows you to efficiently get ready in the morning, ensuring more music time. Whilst looking stylish is always recommended, the point of attending a music festival is to listen to the music. You don’t want an unwieldy outfit to prohibit you from basking in sweet acoustic melodies and twinkling synth sounds. Second, the flowy quality of both the skirt and the top will provide ample ventilation for when things get hot and bothersome as they are prone to get at these events. Also, flowy attire is the best attire to dance and run wild in. And last but not least, it’s a super cute look!

If you want to rock this look at a music festival, purchase a midi skirt and a loose fitting top. Check out this adorable paisley midi skirt from Forever 21. Tuck this peasant top into the skirt, slip into some flats and you’re set!

One Simple Change: For a winter night out, throw on a faux leather jacket, wear some tights underneath the skirt, switch the flats for combat boots and, if you’re a hat person, add a beanie!


I always look ratchet when I workout. I’m not even exaggerating y’all, think basic spandex with an old track T-shirt. Think the creature from the black lagoon on a treadmill. Although I’m typically style-conscious in life, when it comes to getting ready to run five miles, I can’t seem to find the motivation to dress well. Thus, I’m always impressed when I see human beings that look trendy whilst exercising. When I saw this Fashionista in the dining hall after her workout, I knew I had to snap a photo of her because I’m sure there are other folks out there that want tips on how to look cute whilst running.

This Fashionista wears a sharp pair of leggings with a printed hoodie. She dips into an on-trend style pool via smart accessory and color choices. By sporting a black beanie and neon Nike Frees, she instantly makes the look more interesting. Therefore, if you want to avoid dressing in tatters the next time you exercise, follow this Fashionista’s flashy Nike Free footsteps by smartly accessorizing and donning eye-catching colors.

First, start with a simple base: exercise leggings and a hoodie. Then add a beanie (you’ll definitely need it if you’re running outdoors), so why not choose a fashionable one? For shoes, copy this Fashionista and rep the fashion blog-o-sphere’s favorite: Nike Frees. I recommend neon or black. The latter is easier to match with, but the former is more fun. Both have their perks, so choose the one you’d rather work with.

Before heading off to the gym or park, don’t forget the most important workout accessory: your water bottle! Hydration is important; without it, you’ll die.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily turn into an early class ensemble. If you don’t mind going to class sweaty, go on a run before your first AM class. Afterwards just replace the hoodie with and oversized sweater for a comfortable and convenient morning class look.


The library is definitely the motherland of the sweatpants and oversized hoodie combo. Let’s face it, when you’re on the study grind it’s difficult to resist slipping into comfy, but ugly attire. As devoted Fashionistas/os, however, wearing sweatpants is a style sin, so it is imperative to find a way to avoid committing such a clothing crime.

I spotted this Fashionista successfully evading the sweatpants disease and looking quite put together whilst studying in the library. She dresses in smart and cozy garments with her cream cardigan, oversized chambray top, gray leggings and knee-length boots. She embellishes her top with a bejeweled tan belt.

I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again, leggings are sweatpants’ trendy sibling. If you’re searching for pants that contain the relaxed feel of sweatpants, but don’t exude the vibe that you’ve completely given up on life, leggings are what you seek. On that note, the next time you go to the library, try rocking leggings and an oversized top, like this Fashionista does. Start with some basic leggings in black or gray. If you want to be a little more bold, try leggings in a kooky pattern, like James Franco or tribal print. Then, team the bottoms with an oversized top. I’m a huge fan of oversized sweaters and large graphic T-shirts, so I recommend choosing one of the two. For a pinch of formality, add in a knit cardigan and throw on some boots for shoes.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s ensemble can easily transition into a presentation look with a switch of pants. Change the leggings for trousers, tuck the chambray top into the pants, exchange the boots for flats and you’ve got yourself a presentation-appropriate getup!

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

After a few miserable days of below zero temperatures, the air is finally warming up into the double digits. For me, this means emerging from hibernation and taking some very careful steps outdoors. It is important to tread with caution during these icy times because, if you walk at a normal pace, you might slip and fall on your tailbone. Trust me, I speak from personal experience. Anyways, for others, 25-degrees calls for shorts and skirts. It’s amazing how balmy non-negative temperatures feel after experiencing -17 wind chill, so for the Fashionistas/os that can tolerate wearing spring attire during the wintertime, I fully support you!

I spotted this Fashionista rocking the skater skirt, thigh-high socks combo on a sunny, winter afternoon. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of her outfit because it is the perfect early class ensemble. The long sleeve shirt and skirt will only take a few seconds to squeeze into. Then, it’s just a matter of slipping on the socks and throwing on shoes and you’re set!  It’s a wonderfully minimalistic approach to looking stylish in the early morning without having to relinquish those beautiful extra minutes of sleep.

If you’re into snoozing a bit more in the a.m. but still want to look put together (aka not wear sweatpants to class), cop this Fashionista’s look. Team a skater skirt with a long sleeve crop top. Then, pair some thigh-high socks with combat boots. If enduring the cold in thin layers is not your forte, add on jackets (because multiple pieces of outerwear helps a ton), a scarf, gloves and a beanie. Feel free to wear tights under the socks if you’re looking to cover more skin.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily transition into a girls’ night out getup. Just switch the boots for some Jeffrey Campbell Litas and you’re ready to paint the town red!


When temperatures drop into negative territory, the motivation to dress well plunges down with the barometer. To avoid falling in a sea of sweatpants and slovenly folk, the key is to find statement pieces that you can assemble in a quick and efficient manner. By wearing detailed and patterned clothing, you can get away with donning an ensemble that will only take five minutes to put on in the morning. This means extra minutes snuggling in your warm, comfy blanket, aka a huge victory during polar vortex days.

This week’s Fashionista evades the winter style slump with her houndstooth peacoat and textured top. By wearing two standout pieces, she is able to slip into basic black leggings and still look stylish. For an extra edge, she rocks some black combat boots that clash with her dressier top in the best of ways.

If you want to snag this Fashionista’s trendy two-piece ensemble, start off with a statement top. Textured tops, like this Fashionista’s, are always a subtle way to turn heads. Check out this chic black top from Club Monaco. If you want to be more outrageous, I recommend going with a flamboyant material, aka this fringe top, or sporting psychedelic colors with a holographic sweater.

For the very necessary jacket, you can balance out the top with a neutral colored peacoat, or pile crazy on crazy with patterned or bold colored outerwear. For shoes, thigh-high boots are still a big thing in the fashion blog-o-sphere, and they make your legs look longer, which is always a plus. And if you are in dire need of extra warmth, like me, add on gloves, a scarf and a beanie. Extra socks and tights underneath pants or leggings don’t hurt either!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit can easily transition into a winter night out look by switching the combat boots for a closed-toed pair of heels, like these Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Emphasis on the closed-toed because you do NOT want to walk around in this weather without something covering your feet. Unless you’re a fan of frostbite.


To avoid the winter style rut, layering is imperative. I know with the frigid winds and incredibly low temperatures, it’s hard not to let your unfortunate looking, but reliable, winter coat devour your outfit of the days. But you Fashionistas/os must resist! By layering, you can let the fun pieces in your wardrobe shine without sacrificing warmth.

When I saw this Fashionista between classes on campus, I knew I had to snap a shot of her ensemble to feature on CollegeFashionista. She layers a hip, army parka on top of a vibrant, blue flower patterned sweater. The best part of her outfit, however, is how she boldly chooses to wrap a bright red scarf around her neck. The pops of color from her scarf and sweater complement each other in the best of ways and make for a standout look on a gray, snowy day. To balance out the craze on top, she wears basic black leggings and an adorable pair of knee-high boots.

If this Fashionista inspires you to layer this winter season, then start off by purchasing a statement sweater. Wear an edgy army parka on top of the sweater and add some shock with a bright red scarf, like this Fashionista’s. Then, just wear some black leggings with some boots! Because I am a fan of hats, I would add a boater hat for the perfect finishing touch.

One Simple Change: For those lucky folks who aren’t experiencing polar vortex temperatures, you can still layer! Just make sure to layer with thinner material. Instead of a thick sweater, choose a light sweater with plenty of ventilation and wear a sheer button-down underneath. For bottoms, opt for a cute pleated skirt and voilà!


‘Sup street style lovers and fashion enthusiasts?! My name is Anna Lei and this is my last semester with CollegeFashionista since I am a second-semester senior graduating in May. Obviously, I am weeping hysterically and clinging onto CollegeFashionista’s virtual roots like a wild-eyed ex because I am just not ready to say good-bye.

As both a Style Guru and Editorial Intern for the past couple of years, I’ve been blessed with a plethora of amazing opportunities via this wonderful site. I got to cover London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2013 street style, write an article on college style for The Huffington Post, participate in a CollegeFashionista x eBay collaboration and eat delicious cupcakes and sour skull gummies with Amy and Melissa before Teen Vogue Fashion University 2013. Moreover, Amy and Melissa are the sweetest bosses ever and, might I add, their Facebook banter is unrivaled in cuteness and humor. Thus, I write my last STYLE GURU BIO with heavy reluctance and tear-stained fingers.

In my previous bio, I used a Girls quote to pivot into my thoughts on fashion, so this time, to keep things spicy and new, I’m going to plop in a Kanye quote on style because my New Year’s resolution is to make Yeezus my best friend. The inimitable and undeniably loveable Kanye West once stated, “You do help me get money, paparazzi. You help me show people how fresh my outfit is, and that helps me influence people.” Although these words inspired a spoof by Jimmy Kimmel, which resulted in a Twitter war between the two celebrities, and ended in peace talks on Kimmel’s show, I fail to see what caused all the hoopla in the first place. I think Kanye hit the nail on the head in terms of style’s potency. Whilst my (hopefully soon-to-be) best friend Kanye believes in his style’s ability to impact those around him, I believe that one’s personal style can empower and reflect.

Let’s be real, we’ve all experienced that moment when we’re wearing a certain article of clothing and feel invincible, confident, capable of anything. And that’s mind-blowing. How a simple pair of jeans or those gorgeous designer heels can instantly empower you. Beyond bestowing strength to the individual, I believe that style can empower the artistry within the individual. Assembling an outfit involves creativity and an eye for aesthetics aka the perfect opportunity to let out your inner Picasso and produce a masterpiece ensemble that is uniquely you. And that’s my favorite aspect of style, its ability to reflect the individual. Your clothes can speak for you and let the world know who you are without you saying a single word. Amazing.

On that note, I close my bio. I’m writing the WHAT TO WEAR section for the fourth and last time so stay tuned every Thursday to see what street style gems I discover on campus!

And if you’re not tired of me yet, check out my personal style blog.

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

After climbing out of the finals week abyss, all I want to do is sleep. The grandma invades my bones so a week of only four hours of sleep every night means I must sleep at least eight hours a day the following week to revive my body, soul and mental stability. But the other 20-something-year-olds in my life aka my friends are still blessed with a youthful energy in their blood. So, for them, post-finals week involves causing all sorts of shenanigans until the break of dawn. If you’re one of those normal college students and you’re looking for some outfit inspiration for your crazy night out, then this post is for you.

Although some people find it difficult to pick an ensemble for a night under the stars (or club lights), I think it’s quite simple. Instead of freaking out and throwing various clothing articles across your room whilst trying to construct the perfect outfit, breathe and realize that sometimes minimalism is the way to go. In my opinion, a pair of jeans and a button-down fit a night on the town like a cashmere glove. You don’t look like you’re trying too hard and you look good — style jackpot.

This Fashionisto exemplifies my above point with his dark blue jeans and baby blue button-down combo. For shoes, he wears some brown leather boots that tie the outfit into a look that gracefully tows the line between dressy and casual. The best part is that he manages to create such a put-together look with just two pieces. As a maximalist, I know the allure of accessories, but I always have to stop and admire when a look is so effortlessly stylish.

To cop this minimalist genius, pull out your favorite pair of jeans. If you don’t have a good pair, I recommend Levi Brand Jeans or rag & bone skinny jeans. Then, just team the denim with a cool button-down. For a more playful look, choose a printed button-down. Or go classic like this Fashionisto and select a solid-colored one. Girls, you can do the same thing. I recommend a cute pair of dark skinnies with a sheer flirty button-down. For shoes, throw on a sleek pair of boots (guys) or some hot stilettos (girls).

To see the full outfit, check out my eBay collection here.

One Simple Change: For a day out with friends, make the look even more casual by slipping into a cardigan. This works for both genders.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition. #FOLLOWITFINDIT


It’s here. It’s happening. The worst time of the semester is finals week. College students across the nation are walking around, dreary-eyed, chugging obscene amounts of caffeine and dreaming of better days aka winter break. It is truly difficult to gather up the motivation to dress well when all you want to do is sleep, but you can’t because you have to stay up cramming five months of physics equations into your head.

Fashionistas, this is when minimalist chic becomes your best friend. Leave the accessories in your dorm room, throw on your favorite (and most comfortable) pair of jeans and team them with a sweater that is both relaxed and trendy.

This Fashionista manages to look put together despite the horrible weather and sea of exams with her edgy skull sweater and classic denim jeans. She completes the casual look with some knee-high boots that flatter the legs and keep toes warm.

If you don’t want to look like a slob in sweatpants during finals week, emulate this Fashionista’s simple and study-friendly ensemble by wearing a cute sweater on top of jeans. I am absolutely obsessed with the H&M x Isabel Marant black and white loop sweater. But if you want a more low-key sweater, check out these knit pullovers or this cat sweatshirt. For jeans, I really dig these skinny Levi Brand Jeans. Or, for the daring hearts, pair the sweater with some leather pants. The H&M x Isabel Marant sweater would look amazing with leather bottoms. To finish up the outfit, slip into some sturdy boots. It is wintertime, after all.

For the complete outfit, check out my eBay collection here.

One Simple Change: For warmer weather, opt for a cool graphic T-shirt instead of a sweater. Keep the jeans.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition. #FOLLOWITFINDIT

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

For Fashionistas/os that have busy schedules, but also strive to squeeze in some downtime with friends after classes, internships or extracurricular activities, knowing how to assemble a versatile ensemble is imperative. What a girl wears to an 8 a.m. physics class is often not what she wears to the club on Thursday night. Sometimes, however, there is no, or very little, time to change into a new outfit after a full day of classes so the key is to wear an outfit that can easily transition from day to night.

This Fashionista has the perfect day to night outfit with her classic black dress that she pairs with a striped blazer and knit beanie. The leggings and combat boots add an additional laid-back feel to her look, which makes it perfect for a day of classes. After an 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. schedule, she can slip into some heels and ditch the beanie for a crazy night at the club with the girls (and the boy she has a crush on).

To snag a day to night outfit for yourself, start off with a simple black dress. A solid-colored dress is one of those articles of clothing that you can always count on to work for the a.m. and the p.m. Make the dress more relaxed by throwing on a cardigan that you can choose to keep on or take off during the night. Put some combat boots on your feet and a beanie on your head to make the look even more casual. Then, throw a pair of cute stilettos in your bag or car to slip into before you make your way out into the stars. Don’t forget to take off that beanie!

To see the entire outfit, check out my eBay collection here.

One Simple Change: For a class presentation, leave the beanie at home, wear tights instead of leggings and slip into some flats in lieu of combat boots.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition. #FOLLOWITFINDIT