BEAUTY BAR: Lavender Locks

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” I’m going to add in “A woman who cuts [or colors] her hair is about to change her life.” Changing hairstyles and hair colors can be terrifying for people. Have you ever watched one of those many makeover shows where the person is totally fine—mostly—throwing away all of their clothing and changing their look and then it gets to the end of the show and they sit in the hairdressers chair and start to cry over not wanting to lose their locks. I get it, change is scary, but it’s also necessary. When you are in your late teens and early 20s are just starting to figure out who you are and who you want to be in this world. As silly as it sounds, a simple hairstyle change can be a factor that helps you figure that out. The best part about being young is that we can decide to change our hair as much as we want. You’re supposed to have fun with your hair at this age! Play with styles and colors until you find what’s best for you.

Don’t ever be afraid of unnatural colors. If you want your hair bright pink, go for it! Now is the time! This Fashionista’s lavender locks are a perfect example of taking full creative control of your hair. Her purple and blue highlights go perfectly with her natural dark blonde color. Dyeing your hair can be a way of showing off your personality! Don’t be afraid to take risks. Like the old saying goes, “Its just hair. It will grow back.”

 What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, start off with a semi-permanent hair dye or hair chalk if you’re not totally ready to commit. Then use a shine spray to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Finally, make sure your look lasts with a lightweight hairspray.


Sometimes I wish we could take a little advice from the past and dress up just for simple occasions. Dressing up is just fun. When you get to look your best, you feel your best. So maybe wearing a fancy dress or a suit and tie isn’t practical when going to the grocery store, but we all need a night to clean up a little. It’s time to put away the summer casual clothing for a few hours and get dressed up. Whether you have a big event already planned or you and your friends just decide to create one, there is always a reason to look fancy—Iggy Azalea taught us that one.

This Fashionisto is looking mighty dapper in his perfectly fitted suit. Guys, there’s nothing more important than a tailored suit! Girls want you to look like Chuck Bass not an awkward 16-year-old drowning in his jacket at his first prom. How a suit fits is key. This Fashionisto’s navy and white ensemble could not scream southern gentleman more. It has always been a tradition in the south to dress your best. Charleston is full of 20-somethings who definitely try and uphold the fashion standards. He pairs his navy blazer with a white button-down, which is left unbutton to make the outfit a little more casual. He then completes his look with a pair of white trousers, amazing loafers, a pocket square and a pair of sunglasses. His pocket square adds a pattern to the look. A pocket square allows you to show off some personality, while still looking professional.

Whether this Fashionisto is going to an interview, important event or first date he is sure to impress everyone in a room. This Southern gentleman is dressed to impress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to dress up! If you don’t have a reason to wear a suit, create one! Have a fun night out with your friends. Take risks; that’s what fashion is all about!”


When I used to think of matching clothing, I imagined the identical Easter outfits my mom used to buy my sister and me. The outfit came complete. Everything matched. From the hat to the dress down to the socks, everything coordinated. I thought I would never wear something as matchy matchy as that until now. Fifteen years later, I’m back to matching. Coordinates or co-ords are now a part of many Fashionista’s wardrobes. I’ve got to say, I’m obsessed. There’s no more wondering if your shirt “goes with” your shorts; it’s already perfectly matching for you.

Alexander Wang’s resort 2015 collection was all about matching patterns. He created many silhouettes, but everything matched its counterpart. Wang’s collection inspired me to give this extreme matching trend a try. For my ensemble I chose a shorts and tank top set because Charleston still feels like an oven these days. The floral print of my co-ord was reminiscent of look 11 in Wang’s collection. I’ve got to say, getting dressed has never been so easy.

I completed my ensemble with round sunglasses and a pair of gold studded sandals. These items made my look suitable for my current lifestyle. Like I said, it feels like a sauna, oven, or the equator—whatever you want to compare it to. It’s hot in Charleston. When taking inspiration from the runway, make sure to adapt the look to your lifestyle. Wear what works for you. Taking inspiration and motifs from a look a designer created doesn’t mean you have to recreate that look exactly from head to toe.

Get My Look: 1. A printed set. 2. A pair of round sunglasses. 3. A pair of studded sandals.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

With a grueling class schedule every semester, it’s hard to think of anything other than studying for the multiple exams your professors scheduled on the same day. But at some point, we are all going to have to put the information that we have hopefully learned during our college years to the real test—eventually, we’re going to have to go to a job interview. Personally, I’m terrified. I’m going to be worried about what to say and what to wear. Whether you’re trying to get an internship, summer job or start your actual career, your first impression is crucial. No one is going to want to hire someone that looks like they just got out of bed. In the wise words of Denis Waitley, “The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

This Fashionisto has definitely put in the effort that would, without a doubt, impress a future employer. His ensemble is full of Southern charm that will be sure to land him his dream job. His perfect interview outfit consists of a navy blue blazer, a white button-down and a pair of khaki pants. He adds his own personal flair with his accessories and shoes. His coral striped bow tie serves as a pop of color and really makes his outfit interesting and unique. When picking an outfit for an interview it is extremely important to look professional yet still stay true to your own style. You don’t want to look like everyone else that has walked through the door. Having a unique interview outfit will help the person that is hiring you remember who you are. He completes his look with a pair of tasseled loafers and a beautiful watch. Watches are important—even if you really don’t use them to tell the time.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble is the first step to getting the job. If you look good in your interview, you’ll feel good in your interview.

One Simple Change: His khaki pants are great for a formal interview. Swap them with a pair of dark wash jeans to transform this ensemble into a look for brunch.


I can’t believe we’re already half way through summer. As each summer day passes the temperatures get hotter and hotter here in South Carolina. Charleston has been breaking record temperatures pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks. With the amount of humidity, stepping outside is like stepping into a sauna or aquarium. For me, bad hair days have become just my every day hair and I find myself planning what I am going to wear on functionality rather than my most stylish looks. There comes a point where Mother Nature just wins. Finding an outfit to wear (that’s not a bathing suit) in this summer heat can be a challenge.

This Fashionista nailed her “it’s too hot to move” look. She kept her ensemble simple, yet stylish. Her white tank top is perfect for a day in Charleston’s natural sauna. Lately, I have been obsessed with plain white tees. No, not the “Hey There Delilah” kind, but the easy and comfortable garment kind. White T-shirts and tank tops go with pretty much everything and should be a staple in every Fashionista and Fashionistos summer closet.

She completes her ensemble with denim shorts, a cardigan, a beautiful choker and a pair of white Birkenstock sandals. You may be wondering why she has a cardigan if it is so hot. The stores and restaurants have cranked up the A.C. so much that it is like going from the equator to the Antarctic in a matter of seconds. I’m sweating when I’m walking to eat and then by the time I get my food I feel like its winter. Where is the happy medium? A cardigan tied around your waist is the perfect solution.

This Fashionista proves that a simple outfit can still be chic. Sometimes what you wear is dictated by Mother Nature, but it can still look great!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “With temperatures reaching triple digits, it’s important to dress for the weather. Keep your ensemble simple to beat the heat.”


Parents everywhere can rejoice! Thankfully, the micro mini has pretty much vanished—for now—on the runway. Unlike the early 2000s, we are no longer seeing girls walking around in uncomfortably itsy bitsy skirts and dresses. Just like our iPhones, our garments keep getting longer—okay, that was a horrible comparison. Like it or not, designers have decided to hide a lot of leg lately. The more conservative trend started with the resurgence of the maxi skirt. The maxi skirt then took a backseat to its more flattering cousin, the midi skirt. The mid-calf length flatters pretty much everyone’s body type. Showing a hint of leg won’t make you look like you’re drowning in fabric. This sweet and chic style is perfect for all occasions.

Valentino made use of this beautiful length in their spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The collection was filled with absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. The vivid pattern, colors and silhouette of look 23 inspired me to rock a midi dress.

I have always thought I was too short for this length. At 5’1” I want to take advantage of making every inch of my body. I was completely shocked at how flattering the length was when I put the dress on for the first time.

I finished this look by making it my own. Remember, when using the runway as inspiration you don’t have to completely replicate the entire look. Pull pieces, colors or motifs from the runway and then translate it into an outfit that will work for your lifestyle. I completed my look with a black felt hat and a pair of black lace-up booties. These items allow the bold pattern of the dress to standout.

Put away your minis and go for the midi. A dress that hits mid-calf is extremely classy and flattering on every body type.

Get My Look: 1. A black felt hat 2. A pair of booties 3. The perfect printed midi dress

BEAUTY BAR: Let’s Go To The Beach

It seems that Mother Nature is making this summer in the South hotter than usual. The temperatures are in the 90s every day and I don’t know how much more my body can take. And with this heat comes humidity. I feel like I’m basically walking through an aquarium every time I step out of my house. While hot and humid days call for some pretty hideous hair days for me, this Fashionista has learned to live in harmony with the summer weather. Her beach waved hair is to die for.

When it comes to styling your hair in the summer less is definitely more. There is not need for your straightener, curling iron and whatever else you may use to heat (burn) your hair up to 475 degrees. It’s time to give your strands a break and play with your hair’s natural texture. With the use of hair serums and creams you can achieve the “I am a beautiful mermaid goddess from the sea” look with ease.

This Fashionista is giving me total mermaid goddess. Her hair is wavy and highlighted to perfection. She puts her amazing locks at the center of attention by choosing earthy tones that complement her hair color. Her brown dress is great for any summer day. She completes her look with a crystal necklace, a black Nixon watch and a pair of leather sandals. This summer put the hot tools away. Mother Nature is already giving us enough heat. Let your hair ride the “beach waves” instead—why am I so corny?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, use a salt spray on your damp hair and let it dry. Then use argon oil to keep your hair looking shiny and frizz free all summer long. Finally, make sure your look lasts with a lightweight hairspray.


Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I am so excited to get this semester of style started in my beautiful hometown Charleston, SC. From shopping on King Street to taking a stroll by the water, Charleston has become known as a must-see destination for many. I could not agree with them more, the fashion here is incredible! This summer I will be highlighting the amazing personal style of the locals. Charleston is all about southern charm—not always the Bravo TV kind—with an artsy twist. From prepster to hipster, Charleston has it all.

This Fashionisto is a perfect example of the impeccable personal style seen on Charleston’s streets. His striped T-shirt is great for summer and should be a staple in all Fashionistos and Fashionistas closets. Unlike those mustache or cat printed items you bought a couple summers ago, stripes are a classic pattern that will never go out of style. Forget what your mama told you, horizontal stripes are completely okay to wear. They do not make you look wide—I’m making up totally new fashion rules here. Adding a striped pattern to an outfit can add a fun twist on any ensemble made up of neutral colors.

This Fashionisto completes his ensemble with a denim button-down, a pair of black shorts, tall socks, denim sneakers and a backpack. These items are simple, yet extremely stylish. Even though school is out for the summer and those heavy textbooks are no longer needed, having a backpack is always a great idea for carrying things around town.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stripes are always ‘in’.’ Opt for the classic pattern with any of your summer ensembles.”

STYLE GURU BIO: Anna Mathias

“Mike…Mike…Mike…Guess what day it is?!” Happy Wednesday Fashionistas/Fashionistos! That will be the last time I use that hump day reference…probably. My name is Anna Mathias, and I am a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Fashion Merchandising at the University of South Carolina. I am beyond excited to be coming back for my eighth—I can’t believe I just said eighth—semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am currently freaking out that I have been with this amazing company for over two years. Being part of the CollegeFashionista team has been absolutely incredible. My fellow Style Gurus and bosses inspire me on a daily basis. There has never been a better group of people to Insta-stalk—it’s not creepy, I promise.

I believe that your style should be a constant evolution. You can definitely notice that if you go and look back at each of my STYLE GURU BIOs from the past eight semesters. I love the idea of never really having to pick one style. Personal style is all about expressing who you are and who you want to be by what you wear. No one can tell you who you are; therefore what you wear should be entirely up to what you feel comfortable in. During college, as much as we hate to admit it, we’re still trying to figure out ourselves. With that comes changing styles. Your individual style shouldn’t be dictated by anyone but you.

This summer I will be located in my hometown of Charleston, SC. I’m so excited to capture the personal style and southern charm of Charleston’s finest Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

As for my style, pretty much every day you can expect me to be drinking iced coffee, wearing dark red lipstick, lots of black and carrying my hedgehog in his very own leather bag. If you haven’t seen him yet, I just got a hedgehog named Lionel (he’s the spiky ball in my pictures) and I am absolutely obsessed with him. Follow him on Instagram @LionelTheHog to see all of his adventures. (Shameless plug for my pet).

I cannot wait to get my eighth semester of style started! Be sure to check out my post each Wednesday!

WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

School is officially out for the summer. No more textbooks, tests and professors—at least for a couple of months. As if these weren’t reasons enough to celebrate, graduation is the definitely top of the list. Graduating college is a huge accomplishment. You’ve spent four years of your life preparing for the moment when you officially have to go out into the real world as an adult. Not the college kind of adult that eats Ramen and SpongeBob macaroni and cheese for dinner—you’re officially the adult that (hopefully) has a paying job. This accomplishment cannot go uncelebrated. A celebration should be required for every college graduate and if you haven’t graduated yet, attending your friends’ graduation celebrations should be a requirement. Graduation parties are a great way to kick off to a fun-filled summer.


Picking something to wear for a graduation party, like every other event, can be difficult. This Fashionista has pulled together the perfect look for any graduation get together. Her denim tank top is great for any summer day or night. The structure of the top gives the piece a more dressed up feel.


On the other hand, her printed mini skirt makes her ensemble fun and flirty. A printed skirt is a must-have summer staple for every Fashionista. This Fashionista completes her ensemble with a pair of brown leather booties and a cream leather purse. These items are extremely simple and add to the casual vibe of the outfit. Graduating from college is the perfect reason to celebrate! You’ll be sure to have the best time at your party in the right outfit.


One Simple Change: Her leather booties are great for a daytime graduation celebration. Swap the shoes with a pair of heels to transform this outfit into a look that would be perfect for a girl’s night out.