STYLE ADVICE: Experiment with Different Colors

Spring is here and everything looks happier; the flowers are out, the birds are chirping, and the warm sun makes it enjoyable to get up and walk to class. It’s during the warm months that more people experiment with color. This has always been a bit of a challenge for me because I love colors such as black, gray, and white, and tend to stay away from pinks and yellows. If you’re like me, we thrive in the fall, and it’s difficult for us during spring. However, on my way back from my statistics class, I ran into this Fashionista. What I love about her outfit is how the colors are kind of dark. She’s wearing denim, teal, and brown, but the outfit still manages to catch everyone’s eye.

Lace is another big trend during the spring, so it’s nice to see her incorporating it by wearing a teal lace top underneath her denim jacket. She makes sure to keep her jacket open and roll the sleeves so the lace can peak through. For her bottoms, she chooses a pair of tan trousers. They’re cute and comfortable to wear for a long day on campus. These trousers paired with the jacket and teal shirt makes the outfit fun, interesting, and colorful.

To add some extra glam, she incorporates a pair of big, gold hoop earrings. I think these definitely make a statement. Her whole outfit is cute and casual, but the earrings tie it all together. To finish it off, she wears some brown booties. For her hijab, she chooses a multicolor scarf and ties it at the front; it’s super cute and goes well with the rest of her outfit.

She is definitely showing off some good style here at UC Davis!

WHAT TO WEAR: How to Dress in Southern California

One more quarter for us here at UC Davis! This month I was fortunate enough to come visit my family in Los Angeles for spring break. Here in Northern California, we are still getting a mix of cold and warm days, but in Southern California it was HOT, and I loved it. I was able to wear some nice spaghetti strap tops, some trousers, grab my sunglasses, and enjoy the day out. While I was out, I was lucky enough to run into this Fashionisto. Immediately, his outfit grabbed my attention and I knew I had to share his style.

Personally, I never pick up anything in maroon; it doesn’t seem to be my color. After seeing this Fashionisto’s trousers, I immediately changed my mind. These trousers are a beautiful maroon color—nice and loose for walking around and enjoying the weather. Usually everyone reserves this color for the fall. The maroon stands out in the background of colorful leaves. However, the spring sunlight perfectly captures and brings attention to this color. You can cop a pair of a similar look here (unfortunately no maroon, but a statement color nonetheless).

Since the trousers are the statement piece of the outfit, the white top is a good decision made by the Fashionisto. This top is simple and pairs well with the trousers.

To make the outfit more fitted, the Fashionisto chose to wear some tight laced-up boots. Because the whole outfit is more loose, the boots makes the outfit look more well put together and casual. Plus, boots are one of the most comfortable shoes for being out and about. Most of us already have a pair of Dr. Martens hanging out in our closet, but for those of you missing out there is no need to worry. You can easily cop a pair of these shoes here.

There is definitely no hesitation in declaring that this outfit is perfect for Los Angeles weather!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressing for Comfort

Finals week: it’s the week where everyone is inside trying to prepare for their upcoming final exams. The line at Starbucks is long, all the good studying spots in the library are taken, and everyone is getting up early and sleeping late. The fact that most of us aren’t putting on our best clothes is understandable; we’re just too busy and too tired. By this time of the quarter, we just want to be comfortable. However, this Fashionista was able to make her outfit cute without taking away the comfort.

The outfit includes three major details: the graphic on her sweater, bandana hair piece, and the shoes.

This Fashionista incorporates a nice, oversize sweater to stay comfortable during the final weeks of school. However, while this sweater seems pretty simple, the eagle in the middle of the sweater makes it stand out. Because she found this sweater at a thrift store, it is one of a kind. Here’s an oversize sweatshirt featuring some graphics and just a regular oversize sweater; either look will be perfect for studying.

My favorite part of the outfit is the blue bandana used as a headband. This Fashionista told me that she recently cut her bangs and in order to get them out of the way when she studied, she used the bandana to hold them back. I thought it added a nice look to her overall outfit. I definitely appreciated her shoe choice—as we enter the end of the quarter, most of us are tired of walking around wearing uncomfortable shoes. Not only are these moccasins cute, they are perfect for walking to the library to study for exam. They’re also easy to put on, so you’re able to get out the door fast and head to your next class.

This look is perfect for finals week—it gives her the freedom to express herself while still being able to get dressed quickly in the morning if she needs to study before class or if she’s running late.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold to Warm Weather

It is almost spring. Yes, technically spring doesn’t start until late March, but warm weather in California comes early. Because of this, we have to deal with the frustrating cold-to-warm weather. You know what I mean; it’s freezing when you step out to go to your 8 a.m. class, but once you’re trying to get some lunch in the afternoon, your three layers of clothes are making you die of heat. It is a problem we must go through every year. This Fashionista, however, takes that challenge and suppresses it.

This minimalistic look that the Fashionista is wearing is perfect for Californian weather. Wearing only two layers, she is able to deal with both weathers throughout the day. The long black coat keeps her warm and makes her look stylish in the morning. When the sun starts to come out she can take off her coat, revealing her white button-down shirt. While the upper half of her outfit looks formal, she tones down her outfit and makes it wearable for school by pairing it with a nice pair of light denim jeans, with a subtle fray at the bottom, a current trend. For shoes, the Fashionista doesn’t choose between comfort and fashion; she picks a pair of black boots, low heel, so she does not get tired from walking to one class to another.

She keeps her makeup simple by doing a winged eyeliner and putting on a deep, bright shade of red for her lipstick, adding color to her look.

Because this look is very easy to alter it in case the weather changes, it is perfect for February here. I love the entire look and she definitely pulls it off. She’s looking confident and well-dressed going to her classes on campus.

STYLE GURU BIO: Annette Campos Carrillo

Hello everyone, my name is Annette and, of course, I love fashion. It is my first year being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am excited to see what is in store and also happy to be able to produce content for the readers.

Currently, I am a freshman at the University of California, Davis. I am a communications major, but I am also planning on double majoring in design. I am hoping to work in fashion magazines once I graduate college. My favorite magazines to read are Vogue, i-D, Dazed, and Wonderland.

There is no exact term to describe my style, as I like to experiment with different accessories and clothing. Whenever I see a good outfit, I get excited and start thinking of how I can recreate it in my own way or if I see a staple clothing piece, I start to think of ideas of how I can incorporate it into my outfits. Fashion for me has always been fun. One should always be trying clothing and accessories out of one’s comfort zone; you never know how it might look!

Most people, myself included, have a hard time picking out an outfit when it starts to get cold; most of us just throw on a jacket and walk out the door. However, having a staple piece can turn an ordinary outfit into a fashionable one. For my outfit in the picture, I decided to wear this vegan leather jacket. Underneath my jacket, I picked a shirt which served as my staple piece; this shirt has two tigers in the front of a tie dye background. It’s a unique design and it’s thrifted; it’s one of a kind! I don’t wear a lot of accessories, but hoop earrings are so easy to wear and they look good on everyone. For the rest of my outfit, I just threw on some jeans from UNIF and my white Converse shoes, perfect for walking around the campus.

STYLE ADVICE: Where to Buy New Clothes? Everywhere!

There’s nothing better than walking around campus and seeing an amazing outfit. It’s inspiring, really. While on my way to class, I ran into this Fashionista and had to ask about her outfit. While most of us walk into our favorite store and pick out different shoes, shirts, pants, etc., this Fashionista explained the diversity of how she obtained her clothes. Men’s section, hand-me-down, and concert T-shirt, all in one outfit!

The first piece I noticed was her jacket, an oversized khaki jacket perfect for the winter weather. The jacket, in general, makes the outfit cool and casual, perfect for a college campus. She picked this jacket in the men’s section. This serves as a reminder to all of us to check all sections of clothing; you never know what you might find.

Underneath the jacket, she is wearing a simple T-shirt, which she grabbed at a concert! I loved how the shirt is a basic white T-shirt featuring a unique, small design. Not only does the shirt complement her outfit, she’s showing off the music she likes and grabbing the attention of those who like it too, myself included.

For accessories, she chose to layer two necklaces, which has become a huge trend at the end of 2016 and continued into 2017. However, instead of buying an already made set, she layered necklaces which she already owned. One is new and the other was handed down to her from her mother. And as for her ears, he is wearing some small hoop earrings.

Simple, but still expressive, this outfit is perfect for hanging around campus.