Maxi Dresses Are Life

It’s finally summer and I couldn’t be happier. Florida is extremely hot and humid during the summer. I tried wearing an Adidas jacket the other day and almost died of a heat stroke, but with the right outfit, you’ll be fine throughout the day. This Fashionista wore a perfect outfit for a summer day.

This Fashionista is wearing a blue and white maxi dress from Earthbound, a little store in St. Augustine, Florida. The side cut outs and the self-tying straps really accentuate her curves. The slit made the dress even cuter. My favorite thing about this dress is the buttoned placket. She then wore a pair of platform sandals with gold straps. Before I met this Fashionista, I didn’t really like platform sandals but seeing how cute they looked on her, I just may go buy a pair. Plus, they add a couple of inches to your height, to whoever likes to appear taller.

For her accessories, she wore a gold choker, a layered necklace, and a pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings have always been in, but I’ve seen a lot more girls wearing them lately. Definitely something you should buy if you haven’t yet. As for her makeup, she did a burnt orange eyeshadow and a nude lip. Her outfit is very bohemian, so you should always keep your makeup neutral.

No one wants to be all sweaty during a summer day, and that’s why maxi dresses are the perfect way to go. Are you a fan of maxi dresses? Let us know in the comments below!

Denim on Denim

Summer is here! I was so excited to get back home to Florida that I decided to take my finals two weeks earlier so I could get home faster. There’s something about Florida’s blue skies that put me in a good mood.

This year, I didn’t sign up for any summer classes but this Fashionista did. This Fashionista is in law school at the University of Florida but you’d never guess that by the way she dresses. Honestly, I’ve always thought law students were pretty boring but she definitely proved me wrong. Not only is this Fashionista studying law but also she’s killing the style game.

This Fashionista wore a vintage Levi denim jacket over a cream-colored crochet crop top. The crochet crop top is perfect for summer weather as it lets some breeze in. She then wore high-waisted light wash shorts and a black belt. The black belt put the outfit together as it added some contrast. As for her shoes, she wore a pair of blush colored heels. Depending on how good you are in walking in heels, I’d suggest to you wear comfortable shoes for a day walking around campus. However, heels are still perfect for a brunch date or a night out.

As for her makeup, she kept it simple with a wing liner, highlight, and a red lipstick. She kept her hair curly which is my favorite and great for summer! With curly hair, you don’t have to worry about it looking bad frizzy as it would with straight hair.

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STYLE ADVICE: Smile, It’s Almost Summer

Spring in Ohio is something else. One day it’s sunny, the next it’s rainy or even 40 degrees. I have had to update my wardrobe by buying rain boots and coats because of this unpredictable weather. Being from Florida, this is something I have had to get use to. I was lucky to have ran into this Fashionista on her way to a brunch date with her friends. Luckily, the weather was not too bad.

This Fashionista wore a camel-colored top with a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans and nude heels. The top is super cute because it’s strapless, but still has sleeves attached to it. The color can also be worn with almost anything. If you don’t have a top in this color, I advise you to buy one! As you can see, her jeans are frayed on the bottom, which is something that is really in right now. She then added a cute silver layered necklace. This necklace was a good accessory to add because the outfit would have looked too bland without it.

This Fashionista kept her makeup simple with just her eyebrows filled in, eyeliner, and a little bit of highlighter. As for her hair, she curled it, which is perfect for the spring and the unpredictable weather.

The best part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her smile. With classes ending and summer approaching, I’d be smiling too. This Fashionista created a look that was perfect for a brunch date.

STYLE ADVICE: Spring in Columbus

Being from Florida, I’m used to wearing shorts all year round. When I moved to Columbus, Ohio, I found that the weather here is just as unpredictable as the weather in Florida. The only difference is that the weather is either warm or freezing cold here. As spring is slowly approaching, I am glad to know that warmer weather is near—until the weather decided to drop again. For the one week it was about 70 degrees, I was actually wearing clothes that kept me too warm, and then it suddenly dropped back to the 50s. This Fashionista showed us how you can pull through this unpredictable weather, and create a cute comfortable look to wear to class.

This Fashionista wore a long black and white striped shirt and paired it with blue ripped jeans. It was a simple look, but then she added a black faux suede moto jacket. This jacket completed this Fashionista’s comfortable look, because it made her outfit look a little less simple and it also kept her warm.

My favorite part of this outfit are the all-white Stan Smith Adidas. All-white shoes are the most versatile pair of shoes to have in your closet, because you can wear them with almost anything. On top of that, Adidas are very comfortable which is why I wear my own pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers to class every day. The Adidas also add a modern look to this Fashionista’s outfit.

Overall, this Fashionista showed us how you can create a cute and comfortable look to wear to class on a cold day.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dope in Vintage

The details in an outfit can either make it or break it. I have seen people wear outfits that would have looked a lot better if they hadn’t added a certain something—maybe a ring that is just too big or a necklace that is just too bulky. This Fashionisto knew exactly what to do to make his outfit look good or as I like to say, dope.

This Fashionisto brought a vintage Reebok windbreaker jacket back to life. By wearing a red Ralph Lauren hoodie underneath, he added a pop of color to his white and navy jacket. Though this jacket was made in the 1980s, this Fashionisto brought it into 2017 and made it his.

He then kept it simple with a pair of blue Levi’s jeans and wheat-colored Timberland boots. I honestly could not think of a pair of shoes that would have looked better with his outfit.

For his accessories, he kept it dope and wore a gold box chain and a gold rope chain. While the two gold chains added color to his mainly white jacket, they also paired well with his boots. He then wore his prescribed Ray-Ban clear frame glasses. Who knew prescribed glasses could look so cool? This added the final 1980s touch to his outfit.

I’m really into 1970s and 1980s fashion right now which is why his outfit really caught my eye on the way to class. I hope you guys liked his outfit as I much I did and remember to stay dope!

WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week

Winter in Florida can be the most confusing unpredictable thing ever. Sometimes we need a sweater heading to class because it is freezing but by the end of the day it is scorching hot and it is time to strip. Since our weather is so inconsistent, our outfits really depend on what the forecast says for the day.

Since it is the end of the semester, students usually lose the energy to style themselves every day but this Fashionista proved to us that it is possible to look stylish even during finals week. Comfortability is a must, which is why students usually wear gym shorts and a T-shirt to class but her outfit is comfortable yet so stylish and easy to put together.

Here she is wearing a mustard yellow sweater tucked into a pair of light distressed jeans (which are my favorite), a pair of tan booties, and a green plaid flannel tied around her waist. I am all for tying flannels around my waist because it adds a cool vibe to whatever outfit you are wearing. It’s like the upgraded version to when we would wear our jackets around our waist when we were little. She also added two small details that completed her outfit—a ring and a gray beanie. Since I typically stay within a color scheme, if I would have put together this outfit, I wouldn’t have added a gray beanie. However, seeing her do this showed me that it is not necessary to stick to one color scheme.

Overall, this Fashionista proved to us that we can be stylish yet comfortable during finals week.

STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Cardona

Hey guys! My name is Ashley Jasmine Cardona and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’ve attended Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida for almost two years but in the spring I’ll be at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio in hopes to transfer to Ohio State University for their fashion and retail studies major in the fall. Honestly I’m just a 19-year-old following her dreams and I am so excited to see what next semester has in store for me as a Style Guru!

One thing that I realized this year is that we shouldn’t be entitled to just one style. Fashion is about expressing yourself and loving all your unique qualities. My style ranges from boho to street style and it also depends on what mood I’m in. If I’m headed to class I throw on whatever I find, but if I’m going out with my friends it’s a whole different story. I look forward to going out because I enjoy putting outfits together and taking time doing my makeup. Also, the compliments that I get throughout the night make it all worthwhile.

For this look I went with distressed blue jeans, an oversized gray sweater and I paired it with my favorite booties. I have super curly hair and since I can’t wash my hair every day, I put it up in a bun. Now I’ve taught myself how to do a head wrap. This turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and I came to find out that all I needed was a scarf. It added an African queen vibe to my outfit and I loved it!

I hope you guys have an amazing semester and if you’d like to keep up with my latest posts, make sure to go follow my social media!