Right now, I love every minute of my summer vacation. Being back in sunny Los Angeles has been quite the privilege. Don’t get me wrong; I adore the small town of San Luis Obispo. However, I can’t stay away from taco trucks and Nordstrom for too long. The only downside of coming back home is the intense sunlight rays. It is a daily occurrence that my Burt’s Bees (left in my car) is completely melted due to the escalated temperature. But there isn’t too much to complain about, I’m getting a nice tan every time I walk outside!

This Fashionista dressed up in a perfect heat wave ensemble. When I took this picture, it was a good 100-degrees outside. Hot weather is a perfect excuse to wear any clothing articles that might look risqué during the colder periods of the year. Crop tops have been a huge fad for spring and now summer. It’s the perfect staple to wear with high-waisted shorts or high-waisted skirts! This simple outfit was perfect for this scorching weather because it allows you to be airy and breezy. In the summer, layering is not something you see often. Summer is an opportunity to dress simple and accessorize as much as you can! This Fashionista accessorized with an array of her favorite gold jewelry. She told me that she only wears gold! She showcased an adorable, thin long gold necklace. Her arm candy was to-die-for. She had the cutest Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, a gold chain bracelet and other gold vintage jewelry finds. And she most certainly did not forget to wear her favorite Tory Burch flats that also had gold on it!

One Simple Change: The skirt this Fashionista is wearing is too cute! Pair the skirt with a chiffon shirt and you have a perfect casual date night outfit!



One of my favorite things to do during the summer is attend as many concerts as I can. With the warm air and careless crowd, this season couldn’t be any more perfect to see your favorite band or discover a new one! There are endless concerts you can attend in the Los Angeles area. So far I’ve attended Los Angeles’ favorite summer outdoor concert on the Santa Monica Pier. I had so much fun at this free concert, which goes on all the way until September! In August, San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park will be crowded with joyful people excited to attend the Outside Lands. Needless to say, there is a plethora of concerts you can attend this summer all over California!

This Fashionista was dressed in the perfect summer concert ensemble. Summer calls for maxi dresses and skirts. It’s an easy staple that’s both comfortable and fashionable. Maxi skirts are a favorite for many women because they are flattering for different body types.  Maxi skirts and dresses are perfect for concerts at night as well. Since it is summer, some nights could get chilly! Dressing up a crop top with a maxi skirt is perfect because you aren’t showing too much skin. This also allows you to be breezy and cool on the top. This Fashionista simply accessorized her summer concert outfit with a long gold cross necklace and her favorite bangles. She decided to be bold and rock her favorite pair of black velvet heels!

Summer concerts should most definitely be on your summer break checklist. With the weather this great, there shouldn’t be any excuse to listen to great music!

One Simple Change: If you are going to hit the summer sales, maxi skirts and lace tops look great together! Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite summer hat!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

As college students, summer isn’t always a vacation where you get to wake up at 11AM and watch SpongeBob Squarepants in your pajamas.  Summer is an important season where we try to gain experience by interning, traveling as much as we can or going back to our old job at home. If you are working or interning five days a week, a weekend getaway is a must; it is summer vacation after all.

This Fashionista was dressed in a perfect ensemble that will make her shine at her weekend getaway. The scalloped red shorts were one of my favorite parts of her outfit. Scalloped shorts are a huge hit this summer and every girl should own at least one pair. They are so versatile because they can be worn casually and formally. These shorts can be worn to the beach or for a girl’s night out!  The color coordination of this Fashionista’s outfit was impeccable. It was the classic Americana red, white and blue combination. Although Independence Day has passed, it is obviously still okay to wear patriotic colors. This Fashionista finished off her outfit with the perennial DIY flowered crown. Fashionistas love flower crowns and will wear it no matter what the occasion entails. This Fashionista knows how to balance her outfit and her accessories. She lightly accessorized with a thin gold band ring and nothing more. She wanted her red flowered crown to be the only accessory that her audience kept an eye on. To pair her crown with more floral, she showcased her fun Coach sandals.

You never know whom you’ll meet at weekend getaways, so make sure to look your best!

One Simple Change: If you are going for a girl’s night out, simply take off the jean jacket to avoid looking too casual and throw on some fun wedges!


Summer is all about relaxing when you’re not at your internship, camp counselor job or working out at the gym. Although it is summer, there are days when it’s not the typical southern Californian weather. I love the simplicity of this Fashionista’s outfit. It’s so comfortable and a perfect outfit for a day of errands!

If you didn’t stay at your college town or score an internship in New York, you are most likely going back to your parents’ house. Sorry to break it to you, but you are no longer free to do whatever you like. The only nice things about going home are the home cooked meals, free laundry and endless food in the refrigerator and pantry! The minute you walk into your house, your mom already gives you a list of errands for you to complete. Replicating this Fashionista’s outfit can create a simple outfit for the desired errands ensemble. The simple, comfortable black leggings with a plain white tank top will easily do the trick. If it’s a gloomy summer day, throw on a knit jacket. Don’t forget to be stylish by putting on your favorite pair of boots! And be sure to take your black tote or purse that will be able to fit all your needs! If you wanted to, you could just dress up in sweats and go to the grocery store. But what happens when you run into one of your classmates from high school? This look that the Fashionista showcased is a simple look that won’t make you look like you just rolled out of bed!

One Simple Change: If you are going on a casual date night, just switch out your leggings with your favorite pair of black jeans. Also, don’t forget to accessorize!!


WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

There are many things I love about summer besides the obvious. The obvious are tanning at the beach, shopping at Santa Monica Promenade and reuniting with your best friends at home. The one thing I love about summer is the free time that we have to travel and explore new places! Traveling can be as simple as a road trip to San Francisco or a dream adventure to Europe. Whichever one it is, traveling is traveling. When dressing up to travel, comfort should be the number one priority. This Fashionista had the perfect travel ensemble while looking stylish at the same time.

When traveling, never ever forget your favorite pair of black leggings. They are so versatile and can be worn in a casual and formal way. Leggings can also be worn repeatedly in different outfits. This Fashionista dressed up in her favorite pair of lululemon Wunder Under Pants, a comfortable and fun T-shirt with a simple brown cardigan. In order to make her outfit less casual, she put on her favorite pair of brown boots. To top it all off, she showed off her new gold hoop earrings. Her outfit is the perfect traveling outfit. If she were on a road trip, she would be comfortable in the long car ride with her leggings. If she were on her way to Europe, she would be warm from the freezing airplane.

Traveling should be done in style and in comfort. You should pick clothing that affects your comfort level. Lightweight and breathable fabric is the way to go like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: This could also be a perfect presentation outfit, just switch out the T-shirt for something a little more formal.



Yes, we are still in school. I love the quarter system, just not when we get out one month later when all our friends are home already. It’s hard to study when people are already making their “summer 2013” Facebook photo album. Spring quarter finals are the worst because the only thing we are focusing on is fun places to go this summer. As we force ourselves to get the to the library, we prepare for a hard week. Dressed in sweats, a coffee in almost every single student’s hand and stacks of books in the other, we try our best to get through this together. Sadly to say, students are not dressing to impress. I cut everyone some slack when I looked around campus for any Fashionistas/os.

I ran into this Fashionisto on his second trip to the library that day.  I really enjoyed the simplicity and comfort of his outfit. Through the gruesome week, he was able to still look clean cut and ready to take his finals. The plain white V-neck T-shirt, comfortable olive green corduroys and leather Sperry Top-Sider was the perfect casual outfit to ace finals. The white V-neck T-shirt is a must in every man’s wardrobe. I have this theory that the V-neck will never go out of style. It’s been in the fashion industry since forever. The best part of the outfit was the corduroys. I absolutely love corduroys because it is such a casual fabric. Although it has been the stereotypical choice of the old, I thought it looked young and modern with the white V-neck.  This Fashionisto’s ensemble was a simple look that beat all the other boys wearing Cal Poly sweaters and basketball shorts during Finals season.

One Simple Change: For a class presentation, simply replace the casual V-neck for a collared shirt!

WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

Coachella and Sasquatch may be over for the year but we still have Outside Lands, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and a ton of summer concerts to dress up for! I adore the clothing that people wear at festivals for many reasons. One reason being that each outfit makes a statement of their own personal style. Another reason is because every single outfit seems to be so carefree and creative. I also love that every festival has a different audience with a different kind of fashion. During Coachella season, I would thoroughly scope many stylish pictures on different fashion blogs of festival fashion. After endless hours on the Internet, I discovered many recurring festival fashion trends. The flower crowns were among the popular trends. The flower crowns were on almost every other girl’s head. It’s become a huge trend in the festival fashion world. I believe that an outfit worn at a festival has to be breathable and frolic-able.

This Fashionista dressed in an outfit that could’ve easily been worn at any music festival. The flowered crop top with the crocheted black shorts together was screaming Coachella. Fortunately, this Fashionista was not on her way to class but to a concert held on campus! The colorful and fun crop top was an amazing purchase from LF. Her crocheted shorts were exclusively bought from Bershka, a European retailer. I wish you could see the shawl in person because it was to die for. It’s the perfect piece of clothing to simply put on to make your outfit look more bohemian. She simply accessorized her outfit with a long silver necklace. I adored her ensemble. It was definitely carefree and creative!

One Simple Change: For a girl’s night out, keep the crop top and put on your favorite black skirt and heels.


I’m so excited to be back as a Style Guru for Cal Poly for my second time! This summer I will be going back home to the fashionable City of Angels and leaving the beautiful city of San Luis Obispo. Although I won’t be able to showcase the fashionable students of Cal Poly, I cannot wait to encounter Fashionistas/os in LA. This summer I will be interning for a Fashion PR Firm in LA as well as writing for CollegeFashionista’s WHAT TO WEAR column every Thursday. When I’m not an intern, you can find me soaking up the sun or shopping at the Santa Monica Promenade.

My love for fashion started during the same time we all started to play with Barbies. I remember asking for more clothing for Barbie than for any another doll.  My entire family is part of the fashion business so I am familiar to the fast-paced, always changing fashion trends. I love seeing what people can do with different types of clothing; this is one of my favorite aspects of fashion. My inspiration comes from fashion magazines like Nylon and Teen Vogue. In class, you can see me pretending to take notes but in fact I’m browsing fashion blogs. Some of my bookmarked blogs are Song of Style, Fashion Squad and The Blonde Salad. If I’m not looking at the latest posts by Aimee Song, I’m online shopping at Free People and NASTY GAL.

On a typical day, I’m usually wearing an oversized sweater with simple shorts and my favorite pair of combat boots. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista again! Stay tuned for advice on appropriate occasion attire!


The fact that we’re still in school while almost half of the country is already celebrating their summer festivities frustrates me. The only good thing is that Cal Poly has the sweetest pool with endless chairs where we can tan until we’re forced to go to our next class. With the sun shining, the students at Cal Poly are putting away their winter attire and showing off their new summer dresses. It’s definitely a more colorful setting on campus now. I ran into this Fashionista who was wearing the cutest summer ensemble. It was a good 80 degrees in San Luis Obispo and for many people who are from Nor Cal, that’s considered a heat wave. This Fashionista was on her way home when I asked her if I could take a couple of snap shots of her carefree, summery ensemble.

The outfit was simply accessorized, which made her stand out. The tribal dress with the dashes of turquoise complemented each other really well.  It was clear that she only had one class today because of her crossbody purse and the one-subject notebook. It was the perfect dress to wear during this “hot” weather. Although not many students dress in heels at Cal Poly, some courageously rock a low heel wedge when trekking the hills of our campus. Dressing up for the summer can be so simple. All you have to do is put on your favorite summer dress, add a belt, necklace and some cute shoes. The simple long necklace works really well when rocking a strapless dress!

One Simple Change: If you are going to a brunch, simply grab your oversized hat and some sunglasses and you’re good to go!

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Cal Poly isn’t really known for their Greek life. In fact, only 10% of the students are in a sorority or fraternity. However, you can easily spot students representing their letters on campus on a daily basis. Especially on Thursdays because students involved in Greek Life wear their letters to proudly represent their house. If the fraternity boys aren’t wearing their letters, they typically look like this well-dressed Fashionisto. If I had to guess, a typical fraternity member’s closet would include a pair of Sperry Top-Sider shoes, polos and some Chubbies. These clothing items closely resemble the ensemble this Fashionisto is wearing.

I actually really enjoy the whole “fratty” look. It’s clean cut and looks professional. I think that the outfit shows that he’s serious about school and prepared to learn. This Fashionisto’s outfit was very simple. He was wearing his favorite pair of Sperry’s. If you plan on showcasing your Sperry shoes, make sure you don’t wear them with socks.The wonderful colored shorts made this Fashionisto’s outfit. Typically, a baby blue, light pink or salmon color is the perfect hue to wear when modeling these types of shorts. Chubbies can help you fulfill your wish if you’ve been wanting to buy shorts like this Fashionisto. These shorts are “comfortable, flexible, and aerodynamic.” Plus, they are very popular among the Fraternity community. A typical shirt to complete the look would be a nice polo shirt or a button down. It was a bit chilly in San Luis Obispo, so this Fashionisto wore a simple long sleeve T-shirt. To finish off the look, this Fashionisto sported his favorite baseball cap! You can easily get his look. All you have to do is purchase a pair of Sperrys, a polo and Chubbies!

One Simple Change: If you are dressing up for a presentation, simply switch out the shirt with a button-up and a loose the hat.