TREND: The Cape Coat

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is finally slowing down but the holiday season is not over just yet. One of the most glamorous days known to mankind is right around the corner. New Year's Eve is famous for the glitter and sparkles galore. Whatever your plans may be for the season, don't let the cold weather hinder your outfit choices. when going out to that New Year's Eve bash make sure to prepare with two appropriate outfits. First your show-stopping glitzy dress or skirt but also outerwear that will keep you warm when walking or traveling to your destination.

This Fashionista had the right idea of the perfect jacket to accompany her New Year's Eve outfit. The cape coat has been gaining more popularity and is very similar to a poncho. However, the cape coat allows for maximum coverage with armholes which allows you to maneuver easily. Another attractive element of the jacket is that it can slip on without the hassle of finding the sleeves. Whether you are looking for a camel Cape Coat, military-inspired, or a classic look, there is a cape coat that fits every style. This jacket is perfect to pair with jeans and a pair of boots but it can also be used for that perfect holiday mini dress.

Everyone be safe and have a Happy New Year.

Hint: Looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? Try this fabulous sequin cami dress or a metallic mini-dress. However, if you are looking for something besides the typical sparkle and sequins try this bold red dress that is sure to catch everyone's attention.

TREND: The Perfect Winter Boot

The holiday season has finally arrived. Living in the Midwest during the winter is picturesque and there are numerous spots on campus that look like those holiday Christmas cards you are mailing out this year. However, even though everything looks perfect, actually walking outside in the freezing temperatures is another story. 

Lately, the snow storms are never ending and it is hard to find a good pair of boots that will be able to handle all of the salt and snow damage. Of course, the ever popular UGG boots are a great way to keep you warm. But, the problem is, everyone on campus has a pair or two. Another alternative that you could wear around campus is the rain boot. Now I know that it is obvious that rain boots are made for the rain. However, these boots are perfect for battling the slushy snow. These boots are made out of rubber, which prevents the snow and water from damaging the surface. Another benefit of these boots is that there are now fur inserts to place inside to help keep your feet warm. The best part is they come in creative prints and some high-end designers have even designed their own line of rain boots. This Fashionista sported her own cheetah printed rain boots after a snow storm through finals week. For your own pair of rain boots try these similar cheetah printed rain boots or these boots from our favorite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. To ensure that you are warm this winter, pair a similar patterned peacoat that will be sure to catch the eyes of everyone.

Have a great holiday and remember, dress to impress!

Hint: To make a bold statement try pairing a bright scarf with your winter attire like this Fashionista did. 

TREND: An Eclectic Mix

Even though the weather is cooler, don’t let that put a damper on your wardrobe. From a brief conversation with this Fashionista, I learned about a new way to update your wardrobe without spending a dime. For your next girls night, try throwing a clothes-swapping party and have everyone bring a few gently worn pieces of clothing. At that point, you can browse through the clothing and possibly bring home a few new pieces. Hopefully your best friend brought that shirt that you have been eyeing and begging to borrow.

Underneath this Fashionista’s brown peacoat lies her newly swapped sweater and skirt. The vertical striped skirt allows for streamline height and also is an appropriate length for this winter weather. The blue hue and the simplicity of her sweater kept her outfit from being too busy. Tights or leggings are a must-have item for this weather but, at the same time, try for a textured pair because it adds another interesting element to your ensemble.

Neutral colors, like gray, cream, and black, go with anything and if you are going to wear a graphic printed bottom it is key to keep it simple. Placing a simple belt along the waistline can always pull an outfit together. But, it is hard to find a unique belt that not everyone has. This Fashionista’s belt is native inspired and finishes off her eclectic style that inspires me to mix and match all of my pieces. For your own unique belts try LAVintage, which is an online vintage store that is updated constantly, so you can always be sure to find something. 

Hint: For another low cost wardrobe update, try hitting up local vintage stores, rummage sales, flea markets, or even your local resale shop. I have found some of my favorite pieces from these places and you might be surprised at the undiscovered pieces available to you for only a few dollars.

TREND: Hipster Chic

The semester is quickly coming to an end, which means that classes are wrapping up and dreadful finals week will be here in the blink of an eye. However, just because the load of coursework is dwindling down, does not mean your noteworthy ensembles have to go down with it. Whether you are studying all day or just relaxing with friends, it doesn't mean you should wear sweats or what you slept in last night around campus. Maintaining style can be effortless and minimal with the right style combination. For finals week, try to incorporate simplicity but remember to mixing in edgier pieces to give a casual yet unique look every time.

I found this Fashionista spending her last few weeks of the fall semester in the Herman B. Wells Library stopping for a coffee break. Her outfit is the epitome of easy, effortless style. For example, the top she is wearing is an updated version of the black T-shirt. What makes this shirt more appealing are the sequin appliqués on the shoulders and the unique cropped length in the front. Get a similar style with this chain tee from Topshop. Instead of pairing her top with blue denim, choosing a grey distressed jean allowed her rocker edge to shine through. To maintain a simple look try not to over-do the accessories. Try a similar rhinestone bracelet or bib necklace to polish off your look.

Hint: Wearing updated styles of classic pieces are always ways to improve your wardrobe with minimal efforts. To get a similar cropped T-shirt like this Fashionista, find a longer looser fit tee and crop it yourself by cutting to a length you deem appropriate. You will get the same look just at a better price!

TREND: Combating Style

Combat boots are not just worn in the military battlefields anymore and now have been introduced into the fashion world. These shoes are perfect for casual attire but can be worn with a dress for a night out. This Fashionista chose to pair her combat boots with a casual pair of skinny jeans folded at the bottom to emphasize her battling boots along with a cropped sweater. There are numerous styles of combat boots that differ in color, height, and shape. There is a military boot that fits any and every style. If you are planning on a feminine look, try these boots that have oversized fabric as shoe strings. If your outfit needs more accessories, try these studded combat boots in a shade of brown. Finally if you want a pair of combat boots to wear when you are heading out to dinner try these grey high heel boots, perfect for dressing up.

Not only did this Fashionista accessorize with her combat boots, her bright orange belt and scarf made a bold statement. Tying this paisley print scarf around her neck is reminiscent of the 50s and adds a touch of sophistication.

Hint: The next time you want to wear a scarf ditch the huge oversize scarves and go for a more classic simple style. Try this pink scarf or this paisley printed scarf around your neck the next time you button up.

TREND: The Wild West

Instead of solely focusing on the forecasted trends of the season, try looking into the past for fashion inspiration. Being on top of the latest trends is great. However, sometimes this only causes you to blend into the crowd because everyone is wearing them. Take a minute to reminisce about your favorite previous influential trends and then begin to incorporate them into your outfits. Whether you are inspired by the classic look of the 50's or the radical look of the 80's be sure to find a decade that suits you.

This Fashionista resembled an updated version of a western cowgirl. Denim and cowboy boots are key indicators of this style and she nailed both of them. Cowboy boots are a statement item and your outfit should be showing them off rather than hiding them. If you are planning on wearing cowboy boots with any look, make sure your denim does not overpower or cover the boots. For the perfect denim ensemble, try this Tommy Hilfiger dress that allows for all the attention to be drawn towards your feet.

The key to bringing back the old is being able to incorporate it with the new trends as well. By wearing a pair of brown leggings and socks with the denim, she was able to add a twist that worked in tandem. Make sure the new trends are subtle pieces because you don’t want decades of clothing battling each other on your body. Another way she updated her look was by adding on a few layers of jackets for texture and volume. To top her outfit off, she accessorized with a mustard colored scarf that picks up the hues of yellow in her boots for a put together finished look.

Hint: Still not convinced this look is for you? For other great western inspired looks check out these Fashionista/os from other college campuses:

TREND: True Vintage

These days it is not hard to walk into an H&M or Forever 21 to find a vintage inspired outfit. Even though the outfit seems vintage it lacks the luster and historicism that a true vintage outfit entails. My favorite part of vintage clothing are the stories of how that special piece got to be in your hands. Whether you found a floral tunic worn by your mother in the '70s or purchased a T-shirt from a local consignment shop, vintage is the best way to go.

Graphic tees are one of the most common pieces that can be vintage. This Fashionisto was sporting a vintage graphic sweatshirt that he found while vintage shopping at a local Goodwill. The sweatshirt helps build character and adds a unique touch to his outfit. A classic pair of denim will always compliment a graphic shirt no matter what the print is. Next time you purchase a pair of jeans, try to find a pair that is an inch or two longer than your normal length so you are able to cuff the bottom. Cuffing the bottom of your jeans allows more emphasis to be placed on your shoes. If you are a Fashionisto try this pair of Levi jeans and for the Fashionista’s, try these skinny jeans from Lucky.

Accessorizing is not just for the ladies anymore this season. To fight the cold, try wrapping a similar plaid scarf around your neck. Colored eye frames or sunglasses are a huge trend right now as well and it is the perfect way to add that extra accent of color to your outfit. Try these Ray Ban sunglasses or these purple frames from Tiffany & Co.

Hint: When you are home for Thanksgiving break, rummage through your grandparent’s or parent’s boxed-up clothing to find a great vintage piece that you can add to your wardrobe.

TREND: Black vs. Brown

If you are an avid Fashionista/o, I am sure you have heard of a few rules that come from the imaginary handbook of fashion. A rule that is constantly repeated over and over again is that one should never wear black and brown together. I am going to admit that I was a firm believer in this rule a few years ago. However, over the past few years, I have seen fellow Fashionista/os break this rule. This leads me to ask, is it fashionably acceptable to wear black and brown together?

The answer to this question is clear by just viewing this Fashionista’s outfit. Black should most definitely be worn with brown because there is still an existing contrast between the two colors. Choosing a rustic shade of brown, like this Fashionista did, allows for a dramatic contrast while still complimenting the dark black color. It is important to keep in mind the shade of brown that you wear, so stay with a lighter shade like this sequin blouse or this rustic tunic from Topshop.

When it comes to this Fashionista’s accessories they are dead on for the latest trends on campus. The stone necklace is a perfect accessory to her outfit because it compliments the blouse by maintaining an earthy feel. Also, instead of hiding your socks inside your boots, try revealing a bit by pulling them outside of your boots. This can add another element of color to your outfit and represents an easy carefree attire.

Hint: Looking for a unique piece of jewelry? Try incorporating a stone necklace into your wardrobe to get an earth-tone vibe.


Now that the seasons have finally changed we have seen the most important trends of summer transition into fall and the maxi dress is one of them. These long flowy dresses can be the perfect outfit for the chilly weather that is looming in the near future. A maxi dress is the easiest piece of clothing you can own because they are hassle free and generally just take a second to slip on. Today's Fashionista wore a solid purple color maxi dress which added that extra warmth and sophistication. For a similar frock that you can wear in cooler weather, try this cowl neck maxi dress from Modcloth.

The art of layering is in full swing this season and there are no limitations. By pairing a thin lace button-up over her dress, she divided her body into two correct proportions. The length of the sheer top accentuates her waist and creates the illusion that it is a two-piece ensemble. To ensure warmth, she layered an edgy brown leather jacket to give it a Victorian Rocker feel. The brown color really compliments the deep purple while emphasizing her edgy personality. To make any dress fall appropriate, make sure you pile on the layers for warmth and varying the texture will create an aesthetically pleasing outfit.

As this Fashionista was walking I caught a glimpse of her legwear. Underneath her dress, she wore a pair of glitzy-stripped tights. This adds an elements of surprise and fun to her outfit and makes a point to keep you guessing about the various layers she has on. This week, try adding that element of surprise to your outfit that you wouldn’t normally be expected to wear. 

Hint: Another way to play with proportions when wearing a long maxi dress is to try a belt along the waistline. It will help accentuate that hour glass figure instead of a box shape, which tends to happen with long dresses.

TREND: Go Wild

Dressing up as someone or something else for a night might have to be the best part of Halloween. We spend hours contemplating our costume purchases or some spend hours crafting a unique homemade costume. Why limit yourself by only doing this one day out of the entire year? This Fashionista showed me it was possible to do it more than once by creating an outfit that incorporated the passion and creativity we have for our Halloween costumes.

Incorporating animal prints is an easy way to replicate a Halloween costume into your every day wardrobe. Lately animal prints have been seen everywhere, especially on blouses and scarves. This Fashionista displayed another alternative for wearing our favorite animal prints. Instead of wearing typical black, brown, or grey leggings, try a pair that have a bold animal print to make a statement like these zebra inspired leggings

Since this Fashionista’s leggings were the main focus, the simplicity of the rest of the outfit is key to make these leggings work. You don’t want your clothes competing against each other for the spotlight so wearing solid colors on top is a must. Wearing a long denim jacket adds texture, yet it does not overpower her exotic leggings. To get a similar style, try this trench coat from Old Navy. It is the appropriate length to wear with a pair of leggings and is a necessity for the colder weather.

Hint: For another inspiring look, glance at the other Fashionista I found. She has a similar pair of leggings just in a red cheetah print.