3 Bands You Need to See Live Now

If you’re anything like me, you love going to concerts and seeing how artists transform an album into a completely different experience for an audience. I’ve been to a good amount of concerts in my day and I have a running list of artists that left an amazing impression upon me. Here are my top three favorite performers, in ascending order, that I recommend you see as soon as you can, regardless of if you have even heard of them.

1—New Politics. New Politics, a “dance rock” band comprised of three male members, is a group that will definitely leave a lasting impression. The lead singer, David, has infinite amounts of energy and is known for standing on the crowd. Yes, you read that correctly. He goes into the crowd, pulls himself up to stand on the nearby outstretched hands, and continues to sing while, literally, being supported by his fans. Louis, the only member not from Denmark, is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen. Søren is the guitarist and he supplies humor throughout the show. New Politics is currently on tour with 311 and The Skints.

2—Magic Giant. This indie-folk band from Los Angeles is a group that’s on the rise. What sets Magic Giant apart from any band I’ve ever seen perform is the love that radiates throughout the entire set. Not only do the three members dress like hippies, but they also are unable to stop showing love to the fans. At the show that I attended, the lead singer, Austin, went down into the crowd and started hugging people during the set and told everyone to hug one another. The positivity of all of the guys—Austin, Zang, and Zambricki—shows in the performances, and that’s something that just listening to an album may not portray.

3—Bishop Briggs. Bishop Briggs is my all-time favorite performer. She has the most incredible voice and hearing it live is a completely different experience than listening to her music at home. When Bishop comes on stage, all you see is a young girl (probably with either two braids or buns on her head) who is very shy and nervous. At the beginning of each song, however, her innocent smile fades away and a powerful, strong woman emerges who owns the stage, jumping around full of passion. Then, when the song ends, she’s back to the shy girl. I’ve never seen music transform a person’s disposition until I saw Bishop Briggs live. Her voice unleashes a totally different person. Not only is Bishop incredible, but her band is also a sight to behold. The band uses electronic instruments, and they are so passionate about the music. Every beat is accompanied with head bopping and swaying. I don’t think they look up from their instruments the entire show; they’re locked in. It’s intense. Bishop Briggs just wrapped up her first headlining tour, but I highly recommend buying a ticket for her next tour.

Who are your favorite performers? Let me know in the comments!