TREND: Ride Out Finals Week in Riding Boots

Ever since their engagement, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been all over my television. But, the only thing I've managed to see are her boots.

Low heeled and knee high, her signature shoe is ideal for college students and soon-to-be royalty alike. Though these boots are notably worn by a famous Brit, they have a seemingly Americana feel. This makes them perfect to pair with plaid, denim, khaki and faux fur. To create a look that incorporates Americana style pair riding boots with a black tank top and leggings. Then, add a long plaid button down and top it off with an over sized gray or white cardigan. This may sound like a ton of clothing but the extremely low temperatures of Iowa winters make layering worth your while. 

This Fashionista rocks her equestrian inspired footwear with a sequined top, cardigan and dark washed jeans. She shows off how studying does not require sweats or, the riding boots softer counterpart, UGG boots. Pairing riding boots with your study ensemble proves to be a trendier way to hit the books. Additionally, I give this daring Fashionista props for bringing the party to the library with her sequined top. Though, she does downplay its fun attitude with a chic, black cardigan, which is also perfect for varying temperatures of the study space.

Hint: Pair your riding boots with a pair of fun knee high socks. They will peak out of your shoes to reveal a little of you eccentric side.

TREND: Sweaters, Sweaters Everywhere

The sweater – you probably had one during your first winter out of the womb and you probably have closets and drawers full of them now.

As this Fashionista exemplifies, the sweater has taken on other forms of cold weather wear. On this Fashionista, we see sweater tights, a sweater dress and a sweater material brimmed beanie. This cozy material has proven itself to be practical and stylish.

The key to layering sweaterwear is the material. For example, this Fashionista wears a sheer pair of sweater tights with a cord knit sweater dress. By layering these different fabrics you add depth to your outfit without looking like you are wearing a giant mitten.This great dress from AKIRA combines thickness with some subtle "peekaboo" skin on the sleeves. Pair this dress with a pair of jewel toned tights and knee high boots.

Another thing this Fashionista does well is her mix of accessories. Her houndstooth, ruffle scarf paired with her brimmed beanie are the perfect way to bundle up in style. The great thing about long, voluminous scarves is that you can wear them looped around your neck with a coat or jacket or hang it low if you're indoors doing some holiday shopping.

Hint: Try adding sweater material to not so obvious pieces in your wardrobe. For example, these sweater heels (yes, sweater heels) are a fun way to spice up your next "ugly sweater" party. Also, you can use them to add a pop of color or focal point to any ensemble.

TREND: Winter Bohemian

My favorite trend of all time has to be the bohemian look. Its free, fun and looks easily put together (even if it took hours to pick out). I typically find myself donning these hippie chic ensembles during those long gone, steamy, summer months.

That is, until today when I saw this Fashionista. I thought she must be a genius to combine the flowery patterns of summer with the more intense winter colors of her jacket and boots. Additionally, her bag, which she divulged was from her high school days, adds some worn in vintage flair. The flowery patterns and dark colors she uses are reminiscent of Gucci's fall/winter 2008-2009 collection. Both Gucci and this Fashionista combine layers of strong elements such as tall boots and cropped jackets with more feminine floral designs. This dynamic relationship between color and pattern keeps her outfit complicated in an interesting and eye catching way. 

To create your own look, try starting with a floral piece such as this dress from, add dark jacket like this one from Urban Outfitters, and keep you legs toasty with a pair of dark washed jeggings.

When accessorizing a bohemian themed outfit, think natural. Go with jewelry that is more rough or rustic looking, like this ring. As far as hand bags, purses, and shoes go, the more fringe the better. This also adds a little rustic flair, similar to that of Pocahontas. 

Hint: The key to dressing hippie chic in the winter is layering loose, boho elements with more structured ones.

TREND: Nothing Says Love like Leather

When the temperatures start dropping in Iowa City, students start rocking their cold weather uniforms to class. This typically consists of a zip-up North Face jacket, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and the ever popular UGG boot. So, this Thanksgiving break, why not spice things up a bit? 

This Fashionista is a perfect example of what to wear when kicking off the holiday season. She pairs knit tights with a cotton dress, slouchy boots, and lastly a leather (possibly pleather) jacket. 

My favorite part of her stylish ensemble is, of course, the jacket. Not only does it break away from the North Face rut but it also dresses up whatever she wears underneath it. Another great aspect of the lovely leather outerwear is the color. An earthly brown or tan color, like this Fashionista's, gives off a casual vibe and is perfect for turkey day with the family. At the same time, a jacket in black is great for an edgier look to rock on a night out back on campus. 

Another thing I love about her look is the match between her boots and jacket. Usually, I am not one for putting things together by color. However, today I am making an exception. By matching your top and bottom half, you can experiment with your look in between. For example, this Fashionista uses blue gray and white to offset jacket and boots. I encourage you to getting a little crazier. Try pairing a black jacket with matching Mary Jane style heels and socks (yes, I said socks. Trust me) over tights, and an oversized tunic

Hint: Check out Express's selection of leather jackets, they're a great idea for your holiday wish list!

TREND: The Cold Shoulder

The one shoulder or off the shoulder trend is loved by many especially one of my roommates. Some how she has managed to turn literally every top in her closet into a hippie inspired masterpiece. V-necks, crew necks, and sweaters are no match for that one shoulder enthusiast.

So, when I saw this Fashionista, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show my friend that she is not alone. In fact, from Rhianna's hair to the runway it seems that everyone is getting a little off center, in a good way.

Part laid-back bohemian and part '80s movie "Flashdance," this trend has proven to be extremely versatile. The asymmetrical trend's versatility allows it to convey diverse looks while still following the same bare shoulder style. For example, the laid back hippie chic look can be easily pulled together with an oversized knit top, while a structured one shoulder dress gives off a more sophisticated vibe.  

While many Fashionista/os create their own one shoulder looks by hacking away at an old sweatshirt with a pair of scissors, try going in a more humane direction sans scissors (your clothes will thank you). One thing I've learned from my friend is that a V-neck easily becomes asymmetrical look with the yank of a sleeve. Try this technique with an oversized V-neck or sweater.

Hint: Like this Fashionista, look for tops with wide necks. This way you can switch up the look of the piece by wearing it with one shoulder or two. 

TREND: Romantic Ruffles

So, maybe it's not February, but this Fashionista's outfit has me feeling the love.

More specifically, her outfit has me falling for Victorian structured tops, ruffles, and pastels. Though these styles are traditionally more popular in the spring, her combination of a dark structured peacoat, charcoal skinny jeans, and military bag puts a new twist on the ultra-feminine look. In addition to looking fabulous in general, the high-necked, Victorian ruffled look is perfect for fall/winter layering. As this Fashionista shows us, the face framing pastel colors look gorgeous peeking out from under your outer wear. You can also try the trend on you lower half with this high waisted, tulle and pearl skirt from Forever 21. To get a look like this Fashionista, pair this lady like skirt with thick, knit, tights. Then add some solid fall wear to the ensemble with this turtle neck sweater from bebe and wrap heels.

You can also take this look downtown with this romantic trend inspired dress. To make this ensemble fall weather ready, try adding a long sleeve leotard underneath like this one from American Apparel. Add some military style like our on campus trend setter with these boots from Akira.

Hint: You can add some love and romantic style to any outfit with this ruffle loop scarf.

TREND: The Cold Weather Cocktail Dress

Freezing weather may be here but that doesn't mean you have to send your party dresses packing. This Fashionista exemplifies how to wear tiny dresses in winter coat weather.

She began with a tank style dress with zipper detail then added a leather jacket and booties. Together this ensemble screams motorcycle mama with a glamorous twist. If you're thinking about going jacket-less this season opt for a dress with a little more fabric. For example, this long sleeved knit dress with studded detail shares the same theme as our Fashionista's while showing a little less skin. When looking for a dress to fit both you and the elements try exchanging skin baring straps for sleeve detail. This knit dress with beaded shoulder detail covers up without sacrificing sex appeal.An added bonus of detailed dresses is that they require less accessorizing.

However, donning these cold weather ready ensembles is a great opportunity to incorporate some unique leg wear. My personal favorite is anything knee high (I was inspired by my 5' 11" friend who has legs up to her neck.) For those of us with legs of the shorter variety, try jewel toned tights if you're wearing a dark or neutral dress or something more conservative if you are sporting a wilder outfit.

Hint: Check out the jacket selection at your favorite boutique or department store. Try and keep a few different styles on hand to pair with with your summer dresses. This way you can change up the style, depending on the jacket, while getting more use out of your summer ensembles.

TREND: Layered Love

The first thing I thought when I saw today's Fashionista was "wow, she is wearing a lot of clothes," as I took a closer look I noticed that this practical fall layering resulted in a look that is very similar to the 1990s grunge style. The idea of 90s grunge brings back childhood memories of the Hanson brothers and the stoner group in "Clueless." However, as fashion icon Mary-Kate Olsen has shown in the tabloids, the faded and layered trend may be back. 

Practicality wise, layering is the best way to maximize your options when it comes to the varying weather conditions. At the same time, wearing T-shirts, zip-ups, leggings, and shorts (like this Fashionista) is a great way to make multiple statements and add depth to your wardrobe. For example, try layering your favorite graphic tee with either a vest, button down, or jacket. When choosing each piece think about what message it adds to your ensemble. If you're feeling rocker chic, choose darker colors and patterns that express that trend.

When layering the bottom half of your outfit, take a cue from this Fashionista and be inventive. This Fashionista chose to mix a geometric patterned legging with denim shorts and oxford style boots.One way to switch it up is by pairing a jegging with a cotton skirt

Hint: For those who may be reluctant to try such a dramatic trend, try layering one half of your body instead of both. This is a good way to test the waters of the super layered look before jumping in head first.

TREND: Combat Boys and Girls

The boots say it all – the military trend is here. This Fashionisto's combo of Ray-bans, a double chest pocket shirt, and combat boots is a perfect example of the Army trend. Designers everywhere are giving a nod to our men and women in uniform with one of fall's most popular trends. This style comes in the form of jackets, boots, tops and accessories. This style has even the wimpiest trendsetters looking fabulously rugged and combat ready. 

My favorite military chic ensemble for Fashoinistos is a military vintage jacket, dark washed denim jeans, and of course tall combat boots. If you're not much of a combat boot boy try these military inspired tennis shoes from ALDO. The buckles and extended height of the shoes gives you the same trendy look without going heavy duty. For ladies, I love the aviator look. You can accomplish this style by combining a bomber jacket, a button down skirt, tights, booties and (obviously) aviator sunglasses. This look emphasizes femininity and at the same time brings out the tough side of any Fashionista. 

If you're looking to add a little combat style to an already complete ensemble, try including military inspired accessories. This bracelet which dons charms influenced by military medals once again combines feminine with masculine for a chic look. This cross-body bag is another great way to accessorize military style. 

Hint: Try to avoid camo patterned clothing. Though this print definitely follows the military trend, try to find more military structured clothing rather than simply military colored.

TREND: The Naturalist

If you were to ask my mom about my style obsessions she would sum it up in few words, huge sunglasses and funky shoes. Up until last week these are what typically defined my ensembles, however, this Fashionista has me singing a different tune. 

Her simplistic style, accented by an oversized, feminine scarf, and leather bracelet has me thinking less about bling and more about going 'au naturale.' Now that nude tones are here to stay, accessories are also taking on these subtle qualities. For example, this Fashionista's scarf is defined by a pale pink and gray rose pattern which gives a nod to neutral tones and naturalist elements. At the same time, her leather bracelet adds an earthy brown into her wardrobes color scheme. 

Another way to add earthy elements to your own ensemble is with tribal jewelry. One option is this wooden buckle bracelet. Though it definitely does not follow the neutral color scheme, it's a great a way to add a pop of color to a simple outfitt like this Fashionista. Another simple way to style up your everyday wardrobe with naturalist elements is with these gold medallion earrings. Similar to the wooden, beaded bracelet, these also seem to be influenced by old school earthly elements, only, the detailing of these seems reminicent of an Aztec design. 

Hint: Want to go nude but can't give up the bling? These nude colored booties with gem detail are the perfect mix of bold and simple.