With finals in full swing, it’s tough to be motivated to do anything aside from studying, and dressing cute to class, well I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing on everyone’s minds. While looking around campus for my Fashionista this week, amidst the mix of sweatpants and presentation outfits, I spotted this Fashionista who was the perfect balance of comfy casual and adorable, if I do say so myself.

Pairing basic pieces from your closet, like this Fashionista did, can turn out to be the ideal outfit, especially when stressed about finals; basics don’t really take a lot of thought in order to be put together yet turn out to be simple and chic, which is always in style. This Fashionista was seen donning some staples everyone should have in their closet—dark wash skinnies, basic black T-shirt and a blazer. All of these items would be great even if they were all solids, but what I love about this Fashionista’s look is that she put a twist on her outfit by incorporating the navy and forest green plain of her jacket, it makes her outfit that much more interesting, and I must say, that is what caught my eye in the first place—we all know I’m a sucker for a good blazer!

Recreating this look is easier than you thought! Start by basing your outfit around a great pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, the darker the better, in my opinion. Then, take any basic T-shirt or even tank top, solid colored or maybe try a screen printed one for added interest and throw on a great structured blazer or jacket. You could stick with a basic solid color or follow suit of this Fashionista and choose a cool patterned one, whichever fits your style. To top this look off, accessorize with a scarf and your everyday jewelry and you’ve got a perfect, low maintenance outfit. Use these tips for your next exam and save yourself the added stress of finding an outfit!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black, White and Chic All Over

Black and white, what a classic combination.  From black and white newspaper print to our favorite Oreo cookie—this color combo will never go out of style, especially when it comes to what we wear.

Seen all over the hottest spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear catwalks from designers such as Givenchy, Chanel, DSquared, Celine and many more, this elementary color code never disappoints. While all fall we have been seeing bold colors strutting the streets, as we transition from fall to winter and winter to spring, our wardrobes will be returning to all colors’ very foundations—the original black and white.  With color schemes going back to the basics, this leaves more room for intricacies and detail within the clothing.

Speaking of intricate pieces, the Fashionista this week donned a stunning vintage Dior jacket adorned with beautiful, Spanish lace that forced me to do a double take. Going along with the high contrast theme is a pleated white blouse with a black ribbon tie at the neck—another one of my favorite details of her outfit, next to the lace, of course. Adding to the overall chic-ness of this fabulous Fashionista’s ensemble are sleek leggings and her black and white logo bowler bag accompanied by loafer style heels. If this outfit doesn’t scream stylish, then I don’t know what does!

So, if you’re willing to ditch the saturated hues and opt for the classics this upcoming winter and spring, do it by utilizing those staple pieces you already have! Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista by pairing a great black jacket with a simple white blouse that still has a bit of an edge to it—like the pleats and ribbon on this shirt—it will keep your outfit interesting in a subtle way. Grab your favorite bag and you’re set! Another piece of advice, pucker up and paint your lips red. They will be sure to stand out amongst the black and white as well as complete you’re look. Classics will never go out of style, including the original color scheme of black and white. Sporting these colors in a chic way will surely give your wardrobe the boost it deserves!


If you take so much as a glance at the current trend reports or latest runway shows, you’ll see the color burgundy and oxblood splashed all over, from to Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, this deep red hue is not to go unnoticed. While in my book, black will always be the new black, but burgundy is certainly a close second and quickly becoming one of my favorite colors.

With the red trend being so powerful and one that many may think is difficult to pull off, don’t worry I have some tips on how to incorporate this hot color into your daily wardrobe! If you’re one wary to break into this bold-hued trend, start by incorporating small amounts of red, by donning painted nails—try this burgundy Chanel Vamp nail polish or by sporting a deep colored lip.

Walking through campus, I spotted this Fashionista who showcases this trend effortlessly by mixing burgundy with neutral hues to allow the deep hue to really pop. This Fashionista is seen wearing cream-colored chiffon shorts with silver bead detailing—I have to admit, I became mildly obsessed with these shorts the second I saw them—paired with oversized burgundy sweater over cream chiffon button-down. Accessorized with snakeskin scarf, unique flower necklace, black tights and heeled booties, this Fashionista looks classy and put together while exuding a certain coolness by incorporating the trend of the season.

Recreating a look that utilizes this red tone is easy, especially if you read any of the latest fashion magazine—almost all of them have how-to’s on the burgundy/oxblood trend. Most of these how-to’s show different items all of the same color, but in order to incorporate this hue into your wardrobe, choose one or two items to start out with. Choose a blazer or maybe a pair of shoes and go from there; mix in some neutrals or for the dare devil Fashionistas out there, pair a brighter color like teal or salmon.

Follow these easy tips, pair this deep red tone with neutrals or bolder colors in order to really make a statement and you will surely be a beauty in burgundy!


Attending fashion school definitely has its perks—like Fashionista/os who aren’t afraid to be daring in their sartorial decisions, the freedom to let your creative mind run wild and one of my favorites: dressing up every day is more of an expectation rather than not. I love the feeling of being able to wear heels to class without being given those “what is she wearing” eyes and this week’s Fashionisto is everything but bland with his choice of bold, beautiful leather pants and as we all know, I have a severe obsession with all things leather as I’ve stated in one of my previous weekly posts.

Now boys, being in college isn’t an excuse to throw on sweats and a T-shirt, use this time to really show your inner Fashionisto and showcase your sense of style and personality. Follow suit of this Fashionisto who showed up to class donning a pair of impeccable leather pants, compliments of All Saints Spitalfields. Paired with a polka dot chambray button down and capped off with tailored blazer, black ankle boots and brilliant gold watch, he exudes confidence in his calm, cool and collected look—with double emphasis on the cool.

Reenact this look by swapping the sweats for a great pair of tailored pants. If you’re more of the dare devil when it comes to fashion, why not try a pair of leather pants—they look great with almost anything and will take any outfit to the next level. If you’re more meek in your choices, don’t worry, add a great pair of dark jeans to your wardrobe, the darker wash will instantly look more sophisticated even if you just throw on a simple V-neck. Change it up by sporting a blazer over the top; maybe even try a bold, dark-colored one in place of the standard black.

However you decide to showcase your personality through your outfits, don’t be afraid to be daring, boys! Being able to express yourself is key when trying to stand out and what better way to stand out than to make a statement with your clothes!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black Is the New Black

Nothing will ever be as classic as the color black, no matter how hard some colors try—this intense hue is the crown jewel of all things chic. Now, as you can see, my Fashionista this week happens to be one whom I’ve previously written about a couple of weeks ago. Each day that I see this sartorial mastermind, I become more and more envious of her wardrobe and couldn’t help but snap her picture once again. This week she is hitting the Chicago streets looking like she strutted straight off the BCBGMAXAZRIA runway and I have nothing to say other than I am obsessed.

Looking sleek and stylish, this Fashionista dons skinny black pants accompanied by black leather knee highs. On the top half, an elongated black cardigan is cinched at the waist by a belt with an eye-catching gold closure resembling the infinity sign. Capped off with a beautifully structured BCBGMAXAZRIA coat with zipper detailing and accessories such as a leopard print scarf, leopard head pendant necklace and a unique, fur embellished purse that begs for a second look, this Fashionista proves that black will always be the color of choice when wanting to look sleek and put together.

While this look may seem daunting to recreate, it can actually be quite simple. Begin by pulling classic pieces from your wardrobe—staples like basic black skinnies, a great pair of boots and a structured jacket or coat should be hanging in every Fashionista’s closet! Stick with a monochromatic theme that was a huge hit on the fall 2012 runways of Alexander Wang, Haider Ackermann, Sacai, Givenchy and many more, and go from there. If an all black look is too intense for you, try something along the lines of navy, emerald or even of-the-moment burgundy. Top it off with bold accessories like this Fashionista did with her purse, necklace and belt to make your ensemble go that extra mile.

Putting together a chic, monochromatic look is easy and can be an instant success when done correctly. Don’t be afraid to don an all one color outfit, choose a hue and run with it! My monochrome color of choice is black, what’s yours?


I always thought that I was meant to live some place warm, especially when the thermometer dips down to 30 degrees here in the chilly city of Chicago. These low temperatures that are becoming even more frequent on my weather app, call for desperate measures when it comes to dressing for the day—finding the perfect balance between looking stylish and not frumpy with all of your layers. Lucky for me, I spotted a Fashionista who dons this look flawlessly.

My eye was instantly caught by the brilliance of the blue hue of this Fashionista’s coat, which I noticed resembled one in the most recent Comme Des Garҫons collection. The amber reddish color of her hair complements the coat beautifully. As for the rest of her outfit, she looks put together and chic in her black high-waisted trousers, unique swan printed chiffon top, complete with a white chunky stone necklace and taupe peep toes with a chain accent. This ensemble is chic and a great daytime look that can be easily transformed into nighttime. Sometimes, the best type of looks blossom from your daytime outfit and I think it’s safe to say that this fits the bill.

To get a versatile, yet eye-catching look, make sure you utilize those items in your wardrobe that are easily mixed and matched with other pieces. Then, choose one or two things that really give your outfit that extra punch, much like this Fashionista did with this saturated cobalt coat and swan chiffon shirt. For starters, follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and try out a pair of simple and undoubtedly fashionable black trousers or change it up with a great black skirt—try playing around with different silhouettes from a pencil to an A-line to maybe even a peplum. Next, find that top that counteracts your simply-colored bottoms and pair it with some accessories, funky or classic, depending on what type of look you are going for. Finally, don’t forget about your jacket! Having that perfect jacket is just as important as what is underneath during the colder months and after all, this Fashionista’s jacket is what caught my eye in the first place!

If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of the chilly weather, then brush away your cold weather blues with a great layered outfit and of course, don’t forget about the outerwear—the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside this week!


The color trends for fall 2012 are quite eye catching, bold and somewhat stray from the usual expected fall colors of warm reds and oranges. While there are still touches of warm tones, the majority of the colors are jewel tone like with cobalt blues, emerald greens and magentas. Personally, the emerald green trend is by far my favorite and this trendy color paired with black comes across so elegant. Recently seen in runway shows of Gucci and Lanvin, this Fashionista proves to be a sartorially inclined leader when spotted pairing the rich color of emerald and black. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Spotted in a simple black top, a pair of light black flared denim jeans and beautiful emerald green kimono cardigan, this Fashionista comes out on the top of the simply-chic list. The other stand out item of her ensemble is her knockout necklace—everything about it is stunning, from the unique style to how it makes her outfit really pop. Creative accessories are the best way to dress up any outfit, and this necklace is the perfect example.

In order to recreate a look like this Fashionista’s, don’t worry about going overboard because the key to an outfit like this is to dress simply but have a couple head-turning pieces. Put together a look of neutrals, whether it is a skirt or pair of pants, then choose something that will stand out, like this Fashionista chose the emerald cardigan. If that’s still not enough, throw on some statement jewelry and you will be set. People will think you’ve put a lot of thought into your outfit when in reality, choosing your ensemble took less time than putting on your makeup. Lesson of the day: choose the pieces of your outfit wisely and it won’t matter how simple your look is. Dress it up with one or two pieces that will pop and voila—an adorable outfit is made.


What do warm colored leaves, pumpkin spiced anything, knitted accessories and layers of all kinds have in common? Fall! Start pulling out those sweaters, boots and tights kiddies, let the season for layering commence!

Not only is fall by far my favorite season weather wise, but stylistically as well. There are so many different options you have when it comes to playing with your wardrobe in order to dress successfully for all of the festive fall activities. For example, when carving your favorite face or logo into those orange or white pumpkins, you’re going to want to dress casually in jeans and maybe a flannel and chunky, oversized sweater thrown on top. When going to your team’s football games, dress to impress (read: intimidate) the opposing team. Represent your school by sporting your school’s colors and be sure not to forget your game face. For a trip to your local farmer’s market—one of my favorite things to do in the crisp, fall air—go for a comfy-chic look by dressing casual and tie everything together with a great sweater and some boots—the finishing touches are usually what make the outfit. Now, what do all of these ready-for-fall ensembles have in common? They all incorporate layering, which the Fashionista I spotted for this week’s post displays flawlessly and ever-so-chicly, might I add.

After analyzing this Fashionista’s outfits for weeks—this is meant in the least creepy way possible, I have class with her, I swear—I have noticed that she is one to be considered sartorially inclined, most definitely.  From her beautiful taupe BCBGMAXAZRIA jacket with a knitted cowl neck, to her layered shorts atop tights all brought together by a stunning pair of glossy, chocolate colored knee-high boots, there is no doubt as to why I claim this Fashionista a sartorial genius.

With black leather tote and Argo Tea in hand, steamy beverages being one of my favorite fall accessories, this Fashionista exudes a cool confidence in herself and in her ensemble. With confidence being key to any outfit you choose to don this fall, keep layering in mind. It can be as easy as taking solid colored basics and layering or getting down to the little details like Fashionista. Whatever the case, let layering be your friend and the level of interest of your outfit will instantly rise.


If anyone can pull off that eccentric, dark, rocker chic look, it would hands down be the Queen of edge, Rihanna. I, for one, am a huge, no, overly infatuated, die-hard fan of RiRi and her style that is found to be ever changing. She has gone from sweet and naïve to dark grunge, flirty feminine to her most recent: beautifully edgy and when in search for this week’s Fashionista, my mind couldn’t help but jump to compare her style to that of Rihanna’s. Everything about this Fashionista is edgy, different and I love it.

From head to toe, this Fashionista exudes a cool, unique vibe, staying true to her personal style. What first caught my eye about her look were her stellar jet black stiletto nails — which is what instantly made me think of Rihanna's notorius nails. Not many can pull off these pointed talons, but when paired with an ensemble like this, it is simply perfection. As for her actual outfit, this Fashionista was spotted wearing a basic white t-shirt knotted at the waist underneath a black zip-up hoodie. To mix up the color palette and textures, she added on a denim vest for an unexpected twist. Finishing off this look with skinny black leggings, which utilize two different types of fabrics giving these skinnies extra depth lead to the infamous spiked Jeffery Campbell Litas this fashion-forward beauty is donning. The outfit as a whole represents this Fashionista’s individuality, much like Rihanna showcases her uniqueness; being your own person and having your own sense of style is something that should certainly be a priority for everyone.

To achieve a look similar to this, start by looking to your style icon or pull inspiration from your surroundings and build your ensemble around that. Choose colors, textures and silhouettes that you love and that will flatter your body type. Mix in classic, staple items, like these black leggings with a few current trend pieces. Once you have this all together, your personality will certainly shine through your style which will make your look that much more fabulous.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Intertwining Seasonal Trends

Last time I checked, fall was a time for rich, leaf-like colors, but according to the latest Doneger and Toby reports, this fall season brings bold jewel tones as well as another color that may be a bit surprising: white. White brings to mind sunkissed skin, the beach and on a completely opposite note, winter. Although fall fashion sometimes is lumped in with winter, maybe this season the fashion gods are trying to prolong the steamy, carefree summer by incorporating a signature summer color into the fall season.

With Chicago weather being such a tease: cold enough to pull out those trench coats and tall boots one day, and the next shedding all excess layers, thankfully there is a thing called compromise, which this Fashionista showcases. Combining a great pair of dark-washed denim and a white, summer-like top is unexpected for fall, but with jeans always being a staple and a white top in everyone’s closet already, this look is on trend and super easy to replicate!

The accessories this Fashionista chose are what gives that extra oomf to her look. From the layered look of her arm party to her great brown leather carry-all bag, this goes to show that accessorizing is something that you shouldn’t skimp out on. In order to recreate a look similar to this, look no further than your very own closet! Everyone should have their favorite pair of classic dark jeans which they can pair with a white top of your choice. I recommend going with a top that has that X-factor to add some interest to your outfit, something like this sequined peter pan collared top. From there, choose the accessories that will best complement the rest of your outfit. Try what this Fashionista did and pile on the bangles and bracelets, add a stellar leather bag and you’ll be good to go!

Just remember, fashion doesn’t always have to be complex, the most current trends could very well be hanging in your closet already!