Here comes the snow. That’s how the Beatles said it, right? Well, the snow has started falling in Syracuse and I’m honestly a little excited. The cold weather brings the amazing opportunity to pull out your best layers and play with your favorite pieces. This is the time when you can pair pieces together you normally wouldn’t because you’re looking for that extra layer to keep warm. It’s a common misconception that you can’t look cute and be warm at the same time, and this Fashionista clearly proves it is possible.

Name: Madison Wright

Major: Public Relations

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about your personal style.

Madison Wright: I like sticking to classic, staple pieces that are timeless so I can wear them for a long time. I keep a minimalist style and play with fun accessories to change things up a bit. I always try to keep it comfortable, but cute at the same time.

CF: What are your wardrobe staples?

MW: Large, chunky scarves! I start wearing them in fall for some added warmth and continue layering with them throughout the winter. I love them because they add the illusion that I made an effort on those days when getting fully ready is just too much.

CF: What are you excited to wear as winter approaches?

MW: Layers! I love layering knit cardigans with colorful scarves and adding some cozy socks under my riding boots. I love wearing a classic peacoat and adding a fun knit headwrap

CF: What influences your style?

MW: I love taking notes from the people around me. I am constantly admiring what other people are wearing and I try to incorporate certain aspects into my wardrobe. My friends and classmates styles inspire me to pick and choose unique looks and mix them together to make my own.

How To: Instead of falling into the trap of wearing a North Face parka paired with Ugg boots and sweatpants every single freezing day this winter, spring for a look much similar to this Fashionista’s. Remember that layering is key in this situation. I love the idea of wearing a red peacoat. It keeps your look interesting without having to go that extra mile. Pair it with your favorite pair of black leggings, a simple blouse and a killer knit cardigan. Don’t forget how important accessories are in the winter; wear a chunky scarf, a fun headwrap and your best boots to stay warm. The snow might damper your day, so why not try a “look good, feel good” attitude this winter.

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Layering in the fall is a concept everyone should be all too familiar with, but many fear that they will appear as a larger size than they actually are when adding extra layers. While logic tells us that this should be true, the mastered art of layering actually compliments your body and can create a lovely silhouette. Take a strong lesson from this Fashionista on layering this fall to keep yourself a little warmer while still maintaining an effortlessly chic and beautiful look.

Name: Samantha Hart

Major: Television, Radio & Film

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing today.

Samantha Hart: I’m wearing black Levi Brand skinny jeans with a DKNY jean shirt layered under my favorite coral sweater from J.Crew. My wool socks keep my feet warm in my short Steve Madden booties along with my Barbour jacket up top.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

SH: My personal style is all about colorful sweaters, boots and booties! I tend to wear clothes that are comfortable, but cute in their own way. Thrift shopping is my guilty pleasure because I never know what hidden gems I’m going to find.

CF: What is your favorite fall staple?

SH: My olive Barbour Heritage waxed jacket. It’s not warm enough for the winter, but it’s weather proof and keeps me warm in the fall and spring on top of all of my layers.

CF: What’s the best style advice you have ever received?

SH: Layer sweaters whenever possible! It only takes a few extra minutes to put a collared shirt on underneath a sweater to give the outfit a more composed edge. It’s gives the illusion that you put more effort into your look when you actually didn’t have to do much to begin with.

How To: Don’t be hesitant to throw on a bright colored sweater this fall. Take a note from this Fashionista and check out J.Crew’s amazing selection. Pair this cable knit crewneck sweater in red or yellow with this patterned button down blouse — the colors complement each other beautifully and add that extra pop of color you might be looking for. With a great pair of skinny jeans, lace-up booties and just the right jacket, this look is perfect for any chilly day this fall.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


As soon as the fall season hits, sweater weather becomes an inescapable phrase. In Upstate New York, sweater weather is more than a phrase; it’s lifestyle that so many love to embrace. There’s nothing like the perfect sweater on a fall day and a unique sweater will stop me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with this Fashionista’s long, neutral striped and effortlessly chic sweater and how she styled it.

Name: Ana Estes

Major: International Relations

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing today.

Ana Estes: I’m wearing one my favorite fall sweaters, which I love because its long enough to keep me warm without an extra jacket for Syracuse’s short-lived fall season. My scarf is from a little boutique in Westchester, New York, which I can always count on for one-of-a-kind accessories that turn into wardrobe staples. And, of course, my booties, which I think are perfect for this time of year – so easy to move from day to night, any day of the week.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AE: I guess my personal style comes down to my serious belief and adherence to the term “sweater weather.” Fall into early winter is my favorite time of year because I firmly believe that sweaters, scarves, and riding boots can create the most perfect and easy to put together outfits.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

AE: My favorite item in my closet has to be a member of my extensive scarf collection. I think right now it would be my beautiful, brightly colored scarf that I bought at an outdoor market in Prague during my semester abroad. It brightens up any outfit and adds a fun European flair all the way in Syracuse.

How To: Base your outfit around a statement sweater like this Fashionista’s. With such a standout piece, it is important to keep the rest of your pieces simple. Try a pair of classic dark jeans, a classic black scarf and simple ankle booties. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, a fun, printed tote will do the trick.


Fall fashion is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier. Although I can’t get enough of the sound of crunching leaves under my feet, my absolute favorite thing fall brings is the ability to show off my jacket collection. I am constantly looking for new jackets to add to my closet and have been struggling to find the perfect denim jacket. With a little advice from this Fashionista, I realized vintage is the only way to go.

Name: Elizabeth O’Hanlon

Major: Anthropology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about your personal style.

Elizabeth O’Hanlon: My personal style tends to be casual but cute. I always joke that I dress kind of like a preppy but cool soccer mom, but I never really stick to one style. If I see something I like, I’m not afraid to wear it whether it fits “my style” or not. If you saw me on a day-to-day basis, I would definitely say relaxed preppy with a vintage twist.

CF: I’m so obsessed with your jacket. Where did you get it?

EO: My jacket is actually my mom’s from the ’80s! I love it so much… she actually just gave it to me. I love stealing tidbits from her closet here and there. Things like knee-high socks, big cable knit sweaters and vintage leather belts are always my favorite.

CF: What do you love most about fall fashion?

EO: The fact that I can show off my extensive cardigan and sweater collections without having to cover them with jackets. I love how by simply adding a unique cardigan you can completely change up your outfit.

CF: What is the biggest influence on your style?

EO: Always being comfortable and feeling good about what I am wearing. I would say the person who has the biggest influence on my style is my mom. She has an extremely different and unique style and she always helps me give my simple style that extra something. I love shopping with her and searching for old trends to bring back. In high school it was penny loafers, I got called a grandma for about a year and then all my friends bought a pair. My new thing is big old hair scrunchies, like from the ’90s, I think they will make a big comeback!

How To: To get the perfect jean jacket, check out a local thrift shop. If you’re not into thrifting, Levi Brand Denim sticks to their vintage vibe and makes a great jacket. Pair it with a perfect sweater dress, knee-high socks and great riding boots for an easy fall look. Add a leather belt and a mini tote bag for minimalist accessorizing and you’re all set.


It’s so inspiring when a casual outfit brings a number of different looks to the table, but still manages to be cohesive. It’s quite the challenge to pull this off and I love when I see it. When a Fashionista can mix grunge, classic cool, sportswear and a hint of vintage hippie together and create a stand out look that doesn’t look like a train wreck, that’s something to be recognized.

Name: Emily Mae Hook

Major: Advertising with a minor in Political Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing today.

Emily Mae Hook: I have a balanced mix of American and Spanish brands on today. Vince Camuto boots, Under Armour leggings (no shame, they are literally the best purchase for Syracuse), kate spade sunnies, a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag (I found it at the Brooklyn Flea Market), a black skull sweater from Mango and a quilted jacket I got in Barcelona. This look is luxury meets modern grunge/hippie. I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but I’m sticking with it. 

CF: What inspires your personal style?

EMH: Colors inspire my style. I like blending neutrals with a singular pop of color. My hair is already a focal point, so too much color all over the place can get distracting. Thrift stores also inspire my style — I have an eclectic taste to match my weird personality. They’re the best place to check out what people have done before you, but you can make it your own with modern staples.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

EMH: Scarves, headwraps and mittens. I found the cutest pair of monkey mittens that are perfect for late October weather. I also love wearing scarves so much because that is usually where I will try a more bold and quirky print. Autumn colors and gingers go very well together.

CF: How do you incorporate your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe?

EMH: I will always, always try to wear my Converse no matter what season it is. I’m also really into sunnies and I think they carry over from season to season if they are a classic shape.

How To: To create a mixed genre of styles like this Fashionista, try starting with a similar skull sweater and base the rest of your look around it. Throw on your favorite classic black leggings, edgy boots and a staple bag. Add a fun jacket and colorful headwrap for extra color and you have the perfect fall outfit.


Rules are made to be broken, right? Well, maybe not all rules, but when it comes to fashion, the most interesting ensembles are those that play outside the lines. Whoever made the rule about no white after Labor Day never understood the absolute chicness that comes from a white blazer paired with a white top. I highly recommend wearing white on white all year round because life’s just too short not to. This Fashionista doesn’t follow the rules and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Name: Alexis Mattei
Major: Broadcast and Digital Journalism with a minor in Marketing
Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little bit about your personal style.

Alexis Mattei: ‪I would describe my personal style as classic chic. I like to layer solid pieces to capture a simple and clean cut look while also adding a subtle twist on them in my own way.‬

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

‪AM: My favorite item is my black J.Brand high-waisted skinny jeans. They are my go-to piece as I can easily transition them from day to night. ‬

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

AM: My style is constantly changing with my surroundings. As a lover of traveling, I tend to take bits and pieces of each place with me. After spending two years in New York City as a fashion intern, I have paid close attention to the trends and found ways to incorporate them into my style. ‬

CF: What are you looking forward to this fall?

AM: Every fall I look forward to wearing my knit beanies. They are cute, comfortable, affordable and can give an outfit a whole new look. But this year, I am especially looking forward to the trend of slouchy pants/trousers which offer a looser and more subdued appearance than the recently popular patterned cropped pants. ‬

How To: Step outside the boundaries yourself and pair this white blazer with a simple white blouse. Add your favorite pair of black skinnies and some riding boots to finish off the look. Try springing for a statement necklace to add an extra element of surprise.


I can’t think of a challenge more immense than moving from San Antonio, Texas to Syracuse, New York for college.  It’s so important to stay true to your roots when leaving home, and this Fashionista makes sure to keep her southern background a part of her everyday style.  The way she mixes classic cool with feminine colors makes for a lovely contrast and I could not help but swoon over her look.

Name: Emily Magram
Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies
Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Emily Magram: I’m wearing Frye riding boots, J Brand olive jeans and my favorite J.Crew chambray blazer. I paired it with a scarf from Zara and my grey Rebecca Minkoff purse.

CF: What influences your personal style?

EM: I feel like my style is influenced by a mix of Texan and northeastern cultures. Growing up in Texas, I’m used to very feminine and bright colors, but going to school in the northeast, I see very classic looks. I like to look put together but I never shy away from bright colors or interesting, out-of-the-box pieces.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

EM: Right now my favorite things are either my chocolate Frye boots or my J.Crew herringbone vest. I’m so excited about getting to wear these pieces now that it’s fall!

CF: What shopping rules do you live by?

EM: If you can’t decide to buy something or not, you should leave it and if you’re still thinking about it the next day, you should go back and buy it. This advice has saved me from so many impulsive buys and makes me appreciate the things I purchase a little more.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s southern belle meets urban chic look, try a pair of olive leggings with leather detailing paired with a classic schoolboy blazer. Throw on you favorite pair of riding boots and an eye-catching scarf and you have the perfect fall day outfit.


Simple elegance is a trait that is lusted over by all Fashionistas, but is extremely rare to find. Some Fashionistas have a coveting ability to carry a sense of effortless sophistication mixed with classic cool through their style. These are the people that inspire my passion and are the reason I continue to fall in love with fashion.

But how does one create this intriguing phenomenon? Maybe it’s her calm, cool and collected personality or her impressive experience at Bergdorf Goodman and Versace. Whatever it is — Addyson Gallagher has that special something that every Fashionista strives for.

Name: Addyson Gallagher

Major: Finance and Marketing Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little bit about your personal style.

Addyson Gallagher: I would say that my personal style is classic with a touch of bohemian chic.

CF: What do you think got you started on your love for fashion?

AG: I think that my love for fashion was inherited. I have a long line of relatives and ancestors that were involved and helped shape the industry into what it is today. Growing up surrounded by it not only created my love and appreciation for fashion, but also the industry.

CF: What’s the best style advice you have ever received?

AG: Whenever I’m getting dressed and deciding what to wear there are always two thoughts running through my head that my mom would always tell me. First: it’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Second: dress your age.

CF: What item in your closet are you most excited to wear this fall?

AG: I always look forward to fall weather because that means that I get to wear my sweaters! I have a pretty extensive sweater collection that I am very proud of!  My favorites usually come from the men’s department. I love taking a masculine piece and making it look feminine by accessorizing. 

How To: This Fashionista centers her style around simple garments paired with standout accessories. To recreate her casual fall look, start with a staple ivory crewneck sweater. If you’re in the market for the perfect fitting jeans, check out these high-waisted skinnies from Courtshop. Throw an oversized boyfriend jacket on with some cute booties and a statement necklace and you’re all set!

GAME DAY: Syracuse University

Football season is in full swing here at Syracuse University, which means one major activity for its students: tailgating. Here at SU, it doesn’t matter if you have a ticket to the game (most people don’t). It has become a game day tradition to head down to Castle Court for some tailgating fun and then to Chuck’s for the remainder of the day, even for hours after the game is over.

Walk through the doors of Syracuse’s iconic Carrier Dome, and you’ll be pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of orange that fills the stands. Although the classic orange Syracuse tee with “Real Fans Wear Orange” written on the back is a common game day go-to, I think it’s important to spice up your game day look and incorporate your personal style. With the cold weather quickly approaching, this is more than easy to do. I love pairing my game day vintage tee with a fun jacket and a great pair of jeans, and I always have layers, layers and more layers. Dressing for game day is a challenge because you definitely want to stand out in the sea of orange, but you don’t want to over do it. Keep in mind to have fun with your look and you’ll be ready to cheer on your team while still having a blast.

Here are my five tips for tailgating:

  • As important as it is to look great, it’s just as crucial to dress comfortably. Chances are you’re going to be standing and moving around all day, so tuck the stilettos away. You can look just as great in a pair of flat boots or Converse sneakers.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your school spirit! Game day is one of those times where no one will judge you for rocking head-to-toe orange.
  • Add a little barbeque to the fun. College tailgates are often lacking in the food department, so serve up some hot dogs and hamburgers and you can’t go wrong.
  • Accessorizing is key. Adding a stack of bracelets or a funky vest is a guaranteed way to grab anyone’s attention.
  • Have fun! It’s an obvious tip, but it’s what the day is all about. Make sure you’re living up college game day the right way, and enjoy yourself. These are the days you will look back on and remember the most!

Have a great game day look or tip for tailgating? Share it on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


The weather in Syracuse is the biggest obstacle when it comes to dressing for the day. Any day can start off with pouring rain and within hours it will be sunny and over 100 degrees. I still finding myself struggling on a daily basis for the perfect outfit. Growing up in Miami, this Fashionista has found that perfect balance and executes it beautifully.

Name: Olivia Arty
Major: Advertising and Marketing Management
Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Olivia Arty: I would call it contemporary boho. I like trendy clothing, so basically anything that you’d find at BCBGMAXAZRIA or Zara. I also really love the boho look because it’s cute, appropriate and so comfortable. I try to incorporate both looks into my wardrobe while sticking to a minimalist style.

CF: How do you bring Miami style to Syracuse?

OA: Definitely pops of color when appropriate — and lots of sandals, shorts and maxis. Tight clothing is very Miami but never wear a tight top with tight bottoms.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

OA: My olive green scarf from Zara. It’s the perfect fall and winter color and it complements my skin tone. A great scarf is the best thing ever!

CF: Who do you draw style inspiration from? 

OA: I really don’t have one style icon. I love to just stalk my favorite brands’ websites and look books and see what is trending. I take what I like from each of them to make my own type of unique look.

How To: This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for those days when you don’t know what to wear. It’s easy, comfortable and so cute. For something similar, try this leather trimmed grey maxi skirt for a look that will transition easily to fall. Pair it with a simple cami for an effortless look then add a minimalist necklace and you’re all set.