I Washed My Face with Oil for 6 Months—Here’s What Happened

While scrolling through Pinterest one fateful day, in the midst of all of the DIYs and healthy cookie dough recipes, I stumbled upon an article about the oil cleansing method (OCM). Now I’ve been to dermatologist offices, so I’m aware of the bad reputation that oil has in the acne industry. Even so, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

I researched more about the method and found pictures of glowing skin and rave reviews. Some fans of this method had managed to clear cystic acne, and others hadn’t purchased a traditional facial cleanser or moisturizer in years. Some of you may be wondering what the heck the oil cleansing method is. This method is a skin cleansing regimen in which you smear oil all over your face, then place a warm washcloth over top to open up your pores. You massage the oil into your skin, wipe away the excess, and you’re done. The idea behind this is that the oil you put on your face dissolves the bad oils in your skin. This will supposedly leave your face clear and moisturized. I grabbed some olive oil from my kitchen and proceeded to forego traditional face wash for six months.

My research suggested that I would go through a transition period, where I’d break out before things got better. This period typically lasts two to three weeks, and then supposedly my skin would be glowing. It’s safe to say that in all my six months I never made it to this light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, there were days when my skin would look and feel great, but for every one of those days there would be two or three where I’d be sprouting pimples like crazy, and it was not a good look.

I figured that I may just be using the wrong oil, so I began to invest in a few different kinds: jojoba, rose hip seed, coconut, and castor, just to name a few. Nothing worked, and I began to feel my skin grow oddly dry and even more zit-infested.

In an act of despair, I drove to the drugstore and picked up the chemical-laden cleanser I had been using before my OCM journey. And you know what? It worked. Soon after, I discovered my holy grail face wash, black African soap, and I’ve never looked back into my greasy past.
In conclusion, this method didn’t work for me. There are obviously people who it does work for, though, so if you feel inclined, try it out! You may regret it, but you might love it.

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Additional photos by Cassidy Clark.

Finding Balance in the New School Year

With school starting again, it’s easy to get swept up in the endless sea of homework, work, and extracurricular responsibilities. Let’s face it, everyday college life can often leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve compiled a list of four ways you can help keep your physical and mental health in check and find balance in a world full of pop quizzes and eight-hour shifts.

 PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

1—Find time to exercise

Exercise can quite literally help you find your balance. Even if you only have thirty minutes to spare, make sure you squeeze in some sort of workout. Whether it’s just going for a long walk or completing a complex workout at the gym, make sure you get that heart pumping and those muscles moving so you can reap the multiple mental and physical benefits exercise has to offer.

2—Try to cook as much as possible

Look, I get it; we’re all immensely busy, so cooking three square meals a day isn’t always practical. But I find that when I find the time to make myself an omelet rather than just tossing a protein bar in my bag, I tend to feel fuller longer and I feel a small sense of accomplishment knowing that I can do adult things like feed myself. When you cook for yourself, you also know what goes into your meal, unlike those tasty yet mysterious cafeteria and restaurant dishes, which often hide added fats and sugars. Along with your health, your wallet will also thank you for those home-cooked meals because fewer trips to McDonald’s (sadly) means more coins in the bank.

3—Make time for friends

Make time for friends.Even if it means just walking Catherine to stats, or grabbing a coffee with Sam when you have a second. Laughing with friends is one of the best ways to keep your sanity in this crazy college life. Although we’re all super busy, let’s make sure to occasionally put down the textbooks for a girls night out.

4—Find hobbies that interest you

I’m learning to play the guitar, and it has become a massive stress relief for me. While I’m playing, I clear my head so I’m not thinking about anything except how everything sounds. After, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges may come my way for the rest of the day. Find time to do something you enjoy each day, whether it’s meditating, reading a book, or painting.

I’m sure we’re all planning on studying hard this semester and getting those As. Taking the time each day to practice self-care will keep us in the right headspace and physical shape to do just that. Here’s to the new school year; let’s crush it!

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Additional photos by Kelly Rogowski and Valerie Cammack.


For those of us who live in cold winter climates, November through March can be a tough time to keep up appearances. The alluring siren song of your favorite sweatshirt/sweatpant combination can be hard to ignore when dressing for an 8 a.m. lecture, and the mere thought of trudging out into the frosty air to make it to class is enough to make any Fashionista/o want to crawl back under the covers and hide until summer. What we really need to beat the winter blues, and effectively ditch our sweats (at least until after class), are outfits that are stylish, yet cozy enough to withstand the January chill. Take some style inspiration from this Fashionista, who seems to have it figured out!

A leather jacket can add a touch of edge to any outfit, while simultaneously keeping the wearer nice and toasty. Leather jackets also ooze cool kid vibes, and this Fashionista’s dynamic-front coat with silver hardware is no exception. She pairs her leather with a delicate gold chain, adding a bright, eye catching detail to this otherwise earth-toned outfit.

Sweater dresses are the perfect way to stay stylish yet warm this winter season. This Fashionista’s dress is of a neutral color, making it easy to pair with an array of vibrant tones, and its trendy lace-up detailing keeps this timeless piece looking modern.

Heeled booties keep your feet safe from the snow and ice, while also adding a touch of glam to your look. This Fashionista paired her booties with tights to keep her legs from turning to popsicles, and their fishnet pattern adds yet another head-turning component to her cozy ensemble.

Fashionistas/os, it can sometimes be tough to show our true, stylish colors on campus in the bitter winter months, but hopefully next time we’re faced with going out in the cold we’ll be able to think twice before pulling on our favorite hoodies.


Hey, I’m Ashtyn! I am a sophomore studying business and marketing at Utah State University, and this is my first semester as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista. Beginning in February, I’ll be posting from Zhongshan, China, where I’ll be studying abroad; and I’m excited to share the fashions I find with all of you as I experience a new part of the world.

Here’s a little bit about me: I listen to The Chainsmokers and Bastille on constant repeat, and eat copious amounts of pho. I enjoy reading everything—from the backs of shampoo bottles to novels—and I also love to write, which is why I’m so excited to be an intern with CollegeFashionista this semester.

Being nearly six feet tall, I realized from a young age that I stuck out like a sore thumb. I wore understated, generic clothing pieces in a futile effort to blend in with my peers, until one day in the eighth grade I slipped on my first pair of neon knee-length socks, and I’ve never looked back. I genuinely hope my style has become slightly more sophisticated since that fateful day that helped to spark my love of fashion, but hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? I now realize what I failed to as a child: that people are going to stare at my giraffe-like self no matter what, so I might as well wear whatever the heck I want.

In the look pictured above, I paired my black-and-white striped blouse with distressed jeans, my coat (a must in the Utah cold), and a pink choker. I also have on my go-to pair of booties (this is my second pair because I love them so much) and my favorite thrifted bag that I bring everywhere with me (it was less than $1, which I make sure to tell everyone, because I’m embarrassingly proud of it).

I’m looking forward to working with such a diversely creative group of Style Gurus this semester and getting to interact with all of you Fashionistas/os. Here’s to a great semester!