Ahh the ultimate recurring topic in fashion…beauty or comfort? Well my answer, fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos, is both! Style can be achieved in any look for any occasion at any season. Therefore, just because you’re wearing those killer stilettos and skin-tight jeans doesn’t mean that they are more beautiful just because they are more comfortable. I think that throughout the decades fashion has come to much more of a standing ground with comfort and I think everyone can agree with me that it is simply a wonderful feeling.

Fall comfortability brings one word to mind: cozy. The notions of layered knits and thicker sweaters brings a homey warmth to everyone’s fashion sense. I spotted this Fashionista sporting what looked like the epitome of cozy to me. Her chunky black and white cardigan was loose and baggy but never frumpy. It added a sense of bohemian cool to an otherwise simple look. She wore the knit with a plain T-shirt to keep a casual nature for the long day ahead. On her legs she wore leggings. Oh leggings, what would girls do without you? Perfect for any time of day, in a simple black silhouette they can just never do you wrong.

The part of her outfit that I admired the most however were the accessories. I love how she managed to look so comfortable yet she didn’t forget to pile on some awesome pieces. Her lace-up booties featured a chunky heel in blue velvet. I couldn’t help but envy the mystical and sassy quality of them. Better yet, while her shoes had attitude, her clothes said comfortable and her jewelry screamed effortlessly cool. Large beaded earrings added fun color and further touched upon the slightly bohemian factor of the entire look. As I watched her waltz away toward her first class of the day, I knew she captured exactly what I meant when I thought of comfort plus beauty.


The lust for leather this season is unlike anything before. Pristine leather along with quality faux choices are headlining every retail location, both online and brick and mortar. Motorcycle pants, zippered jackets, form-fitting dresses and tailored blouses are among the fabulous styles available in the edgy textile. That’s not to say that these leather goods are limited to the average black shade too. Leather is being seen in all colors, including rich reds, haute hunters and beautiful blues. Since the prevalence of this trend is so current I did not find it difficult to capture some supreme styles of leather around campus.

This Fashionista takes the top fall trend and incorporates it into her accessories rather than her apparel. I think it’s important to choose one or the other. Looking like the characters of The Matrix is definitely not a goal here so let’s keep it a little limited. Her leather cap, tote, necklace and booties bring the right amount of edgy chicness to her casual ensemble. Because of the bipolar weather so far this fall, she can be seen still sporting some destroyed cut-offs. The relaxed feel of her shorts and simple black T-shirt really let the leather do the talking.

Baseball caps are becoming more and more innovated and fashionable as time goes on. In black faux leather this cap is simply divine. For daytime it’s a super cool accessory that amps up your funky factor. I love how this Fashionista wasn’t afraid to pair the cap with a leather chained necklace. I think the necklace truly ties in the hat and then adds a sense of attraction with the bright pops of gold. Her bag is a prime example of a look for less, which I can personally never resist. The Céline shaped bag in genuine leather is an example of fashion design at its finest without the giant price tag. Lace-up black booties complete the look for an all around expression of fashion.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous one day, pair those black leather pants with a plaid button-down and you’ll immediately double the trendiness, like this Fashionista. Plaid and leather can definitely go together for multiple occasions. Leather of all styles is definitely making its way to the top of the trend report this fall, so get it while it lasts!


We all know the stereotypical college environment entitles big parties and lots and lots of sports. The best thing about being at Drexel University is that this stereotype is kind of diminished. Although we do have many sports teams, we also have just about every other type of activity you could imagine which drawls a great sense of diversity to the school. The different aesthetics that I see everyday are so entirely vast. This being said I think its always interesting to spot that traditional collegiate style. This Fashionisto truly embodied my idea of a sports casual way of dressing. His classic baseball cap showed that sports play a huge part in dressing for college students. Also, his toggle coat and pastel sneakers made his look verging on preppy. I think that combination between preppy and sporty identifies this style that I am referring to.

Athletic influences are making their way into the high fashion nowadays. The logo tees and embellished baseball caps are not just for dedicated fans anymore. If you notice, numbers and typical sports typography are being incorporated into trendy items more and more each season. This casual way of dressing is taking a turn into somewhat of a statement. For instance, if you are not into the preppy meets sporty aesthetic then a relaxed tee with simple numbers positioned on the front is more of a laid-back, almost bohemian way of incorporating the sports theme. I myself have never been one to consider myself sporty in any way, but I recently bought a logo vintage baseball cap that I think can easily incorporate into my casual wardrobe. I think it is possible for all individual styles of clothing to incorporate the classic trend.


Most students in the university environment is settling into their fall schedule and probably coming up on their first exams. Well we, Drexel students, are just starting our first week of fall classes! As it is a bit later into the month, back to school fashions at Drexel University are much more fall oriented. For years and years that undeniable pressure to dress for the first day of class has always been evident. First impressions are only once and clothing is the desired method of portraying your personality without having to say much. That being said, it’s always interesting for me to notice the approach everyone takes for that desired back to school cool outfit.

This week I found a new Drexel student and admired her effortlessly adorable way of dressing for the eventful first days of school. In all honesty the first few days of a new school requires running around, buying books and finishing all sorts of odds and ends. As much as we want it to just be about meeting and greeting new shining faces, the day’s activities always end up being much more stressful than expected. The event definitely requires a certain element of casual that she definitely achieved with her jeans and vest combination. I took notice of her calculus book in hand and oversized printed hobo coming in hand for the day’s necessities. However, the white leather vest was a great item for its edgy chic factor and could definitely be paired with a cute dress and tall boots for a more put together look.

This Fashionista accomplished a great trick by tying a radiant red bandana onto her head. The simple accessory looked hip and cool incorporated into a sleek bun and contrasting against the white vest. Although the rest of her look was simple, it made perfect sense for back to school sensibility. You cannot go wrong with a solid ribbed tank and fitted washed denim. Simple is always chic, Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Remember to keep it minimal but also add in some of your own personal touches when planning your own idea back to school look.


Okay, okay so I know talking about the weather is rather boring but we all know that is one of the most influencing factors of choosing pieces of clothing to wear each morning. The seasons bring new opportunities and ideas to the table such as layering or showing some more skin. From what I can see everyone is ready for the season to take its turn from scorching hot, sunny summer days sipping fruity cocktails by the pool to cool, breezy autumn afternoons sipping warm pumpkin beverages on the quad. Along with the shift in activities comes a change in wardrobe. Although the leaves haven’t changed just yet the reality is it is officially time to start exchanging those shorts to sweaters Fashionistos and Fashionistas!

This recent drop in temperatures has actually made me extra excited about bringing out my finest denim and comfy sweaters. I’ve also noticed that some students are equally as excited to find the perfect fall outfit. This Fashionista rocked her take on the perfect amount of comfort and chic for the brisk weather that’s making an appearance. Floral denim and a pullover sweater are her designated choice of fashion.

I really appreciate how she combines a light and fresh floral print on the bottom with darker grey tones to bring the look into the colder weather. We are continuing to see the printed pants trend continue from spring all the way into this season, so don’t ditch those cropped denim trousers just yet! This Fashionista took an interesting spin on the cropped pants by pairing them with Converse high tops with dark high socks peeking out a bit. Her open-knit sweater works to introduce her back into the sweater weather. I highly recommend this floral and dark grey combination for a current fall mood but take a hint from this trendy chick and add in a pop of a bright color as well, like this canary yellow satchel. A pop of color in an accessory always adds more of a young personality to outfits that is desired for college students. For now it’s the start of sweater weather but snuggle up everyone because next up is scarves, mittens and beanie weather!


The perfect shoe for the beginning of fall is undoubtedly the fabulous bootie. Booties are boots cropped down to shorter lengths from below the ankle to just below the calf. Heeled, flat, buckled and studded, this combination shoe and boot comes in a variety of chic styles and designs. Boots should be coveted items in any woman’s wardrobe. They add attitude to looks and can create a western rugged cowboy feel or sleek modern minimalist vibe. I couldn’t help but admire the sophisticated and effortless class that this Fashionista brings to her ensemble while incorporating fall’s hottest footwear. With natural tones, embroidered chiffon and relaxed chambray she brings a touch of boho to casual elegance.

The key to any great accessory is quality and versatility. Her booties are neutral in an oatmeal shade of suede and feature a two inch stacked heel. The natural hue can be matched to any other color and the heel creates possibilities for day or night. When shopping for a pair of boots this season keep in mind the value of investing in superior lush leather and soft suede. These fashionable booties definitely make this casual look that much more street worthy.

One of my favorite attributes of this outfit is how she pairs the booties with a daytime casual dress. Now is the time to ditch your strappy sandals and try out loose, flowing frocks with a chunky heeled bootie for a look that’s equally adorable! Take another style tip from this Fashionista and throw on a casual shirt overtop when that fall breeze picks up. Chambray shirts are so great for a light layering. In September I advise you to stash one in your satchel because you never know when you may need to throw overtop of an outfit.

Overall, we’ve learned that booties plus chambray shirt plus chic dress equals all you need for a daytime look this fall. This simple equation simply cannot go wrong and can take you from early morning class to dinner date night. Fashion lessons concluded.


As everyone looked to the runway collections for fall/winter 2013 for inspiration and style direction it became completely evident that classic prints reinvented into new shapes and designs were dominant. Of these prints, plaid seemed to be one of the most prevalent. For example, the famous New York based designer Marc Jacobs featured frocks, totes and caps all in wool tartans and cool checkers in his Marc by Marc Jacobs line for fall. The print is often times a fall staple, however this year we are seeing it as much more of a versatile fabric. Whether it’s a Scottish salute or a grunge gesture, plaid is expressed as the trendiest print of the season.

Being on a college campus it is often times difficult to make direct connections to the fashions seen on the prestigious runways of New York City. However, the versatility of this trend makes it so much more applicable to the likes of every fashion goer, young and old. Plaid can be both casual and formal. With the casual nature of university attire, I think that plaid is one of those trends that can be incorporated into men and women’s wardrobes with complete ease. This Fashionisto displays a prime example of the adaptable trend in effect.

Although the luxurious wools of Karen Walker and Reem Acra are fabulous, I love the grunge references to the early 1990s that plaid brings. Grunge icons like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love made plaid flannel shirts edgy-chic for decades to come. This Fashionisto takes a little bit of a cleaner approach to this grunge chic reference. His blue patterned shirt makes a bright and noticeable statement. The plaid seems to work so well to make his ensemble seem effortlessly cool.

He also pairs the printed shirt with flat front khaki shorts. The little detail of rolling the bottom of the shorts really helps to amp his cool factor. Most wouldn’t notice this tiny detail, but I think it adds to his laid-back flair, and matches the rolled sleeves of his plaid shirt. A trucker hat and two-tone sneakers both by Vans bring in that casual college simplicity to his clothing. This Fashionisto looks sharp for class while bringing high fashion runway trends to his Philly street style.

STYLE GURU BIO: Aubrie Evans

Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I’m so excited to continue to report the most fashion-forward styles from Drexel University in Philadelphia for this fall. This time around I’ll be giving you insightful guidance and updates on trends every Monday for the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column. This past summer I was thrilled to join the CollegeFashionista team and capture the eclectic essence of men’s fashion for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS category. Now that I move forward, I am dedicated to bringing you the latest and most relevant news and style advice that can be translated into everyone’s own individual wardrobes, both men and women.

Those of you that are just tuning in here’s a little about myself. I eat, sleep and breathe fashion! My love of everything involving clothing, accessories, beauty and trends is what originally brought me to this fantastic sight. I consider myself a creative, open-minded, young and spirited individual. I’m coming up on my junior year at Drexel University studying Design and Merchandising. I am constantly looking for inspiration in all outlets of my life. I find beauty and originality in all things fashion whether it be from the latest window display at my favorite boutique or artistic photography from online editorials.

If I had to describe my style in a few words I would have to say bohemian, laid-back and edgy. I also gain a lot of inspiration from blogs and websites of my favorite brands and retailers. Of these my top influences include Free People, Planet Blue and NASTY GAL. That cool girl attitude of hip bohemian clothing brings along an entire lifestyle that I find really suites my personality.

Maxi skirts are a must-have for free-spirited girls on the go like myself. I rock a feminine pale pink chiffon one here that I chose to pair it with a plain grey crop top so that I could load on the accessories. I don’t think I ever style a look for myself without piling on the jewels. Eclectic rings commonly adorn the majority of my fingers while chunky layered bangles decorate my wrists. Okay, also side note, the shoes I am wearing here are also completely amazing! I love items that are designed to look one-of-a-kind. Snake skin, cut outs and a wooden platform? What more could you want from a woman’s most important article in her closet?

I definitely have high hopes of one day taking my strong sense of creativity and passion for the industry and finding a job that creates a career that I am completely in love with. While still a student all I can do is take in everything around me and learn as much as possible!


One of my favorite places to spot contemporary men’s fashion near campus in Philadelphia is surprisingly the new skate park that they recently opened, located near the famous art museum. Boys of all ages are skateboarding, rollerblading and even riding scooters to the beat of their own drum. It seems that although these skater boys that I survey are there to take part in their favorite sport, they still manage to bring out their coolest gear. A skater’s style wouldn’t be complete without graphic tees, flashy hats and tapered skinny jeans. I noticed that the culture goes much further than typical skater style however. These boys definitely have their own spin on fashion to distinguish themselves. Whether it be through bright colors, accessories or even distinct hair styles, each athlete looks unique.

Some people have strict limitations on what they consider fashion. I see it as much more than the bright lights, A-list celebrities and multimillion dollar runway shows. That’s not to say that those elements are not important to the industry, but it doesn’t represent the majority of the business. The majority of fashion comes from day-to-day style and that is what is so interesting about these skaters to me. This Fashionisto  stood out to me in of the crowd of rowdy teenage boys. His graphic tee referenced comic strips with a vintage edgy movie title and made a bold statement against the monochrome black hue of the rest of his ensemble. His worn skinny jeans were rolled up for practicality and to keep him cool. I couldn’t help but appreciate how effortless his outfit must have been, but it was captivating!

His choice in accessories matched his look—practical but still cool. He wore a bright bandana to keep his head cool in the humid heat. He also wore a snapback on top of the makeshift headband. This was a clever take on a typical hat look. I consider bandanas a great way to add color and an artistic attitude to casual looks. Men can also incorporate the classic cloth into their wardrobes. The fabric also looks cool loosely tied around the neck. I thought the punch of color in the bandana complemented his tee quite perfectly and his thick-framed black glasses definitely brought all the accessories together. Although it was effortless enough blade the half pipes, it was still boldly chic for a photographer’s eye to catch.

Hint: If you like this look, drop the skates and opt for a modern sneaker with this look for a cool feel. The rolled jeans and high socks will maintain that interesting look to the skater-chic outfit.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Turn The Beat Around

If you’re like me and have a strong appreciation for music, then you also understand that fashion and music go hand in hand. It is so interesting to notice that many people draw inspiration from the genres and culture of music from both the past and present. Whether you are mused from the latest rap beat or enthused by alternative rock, music is a creative outlet that has strong ties to the subcultures of fashion. Branding also plays a big part in this connection to music. Fashion labels are undeniably linked to different styles and ultimately with choices in music. It’s not only the association of these specific styles to harmonies, but also the intention and emotion behind the lyrics that can strongly relate to an individual’s choice of clothing. After all, style is a reflection of an entire collection of all the attributes that make up a single personality.

I spotted this Fashionisto sporting large headphones around his neck and was immediately reminded of this strong connection that intrigues me. Headphones have become a fashion statement in themselves in recent years. His look in general can be described as audacious and edgy. He proudly shows off a witty cap complemented by tattoos adorning his forearms and knuckles. This bold and independent look shows off his careless attitude in a cool manner. This attitude so similarly presents itself in many punk rock anthems. If his outfit were transformed into a song I would say it would have to match a single made famous by the likes of Sum 41 or Blink-182.

His slim-fit pants and dark striped shirt work well to create a casual vibe that’s perfect for the rock ‘n’ roll scene. He also dons worn Vans sneakers. Vans are a classic sneaker that always capture the perfect amount of edge for a hip college Fashionisto. Originally only worn by skateboarders, Vans have become a symbol of laid back, cool style. In recent years the brand is a prime example of a fashion label associating itself with the music scene. The brand even goes as far as sponsoring a tour of rock musicians across the nation each year.

From his choice of hat, to his backpack, to his unique tattoos this Fashionisto definitely has an individualistic way of dressing and he makes a bold statement in doing so. His interest in music is evident in his choice of brands and styles.

Hint: Let music be your inspiration too! Pick a tune, play it loud and think of words that come to mind while listening. The song, mood and words can influence you to gravitate towards certain items in your wardrobe. Catchy hip-hop jam? How about this trendy jacket? Undiscovered Indie melody? Try on these unique vintage dyed shorts.