You know when you walk into a store and immediately your eye is drawn to something so unique and so interesting, you just have to pick it up? Well, that was how I found this Fashionisto. With a shirt like that, how could he not catch me eye?

This Fashionisto’s shirt caught my attention with its cool graphic print. I later learned that this pattern is well known with Phish fans, and it is a hard item to come by item! Wearing T-shirts with prints is a great way to dress up an otherwise typical look. You don’t have to do any extra work to make your outfit stand out, the print does that for you! Patterned T-shirts are always a good option, especially in the summer, because it’s an easy way to add a dose of style to your look while still staying cool and comfortable.

But be weary, Fashionistos. Just wearing a cool T-shirt doesn’t make an outfit, take care to put together the rest of your ensemble! That’s something I really liked about this Fashionisto’s outfit. He takes the T-shirt and makes it into an entire look — he doesn’t just put on his shirt and ignore the rest. The slim fit khakis are a great staple to own, you can dress them up or down and they’re easy to wear through all seasons. They come in many different shades of khaki, but I like the way this Fashionisto paired a darker colored shirt with lighter pants, the contrast is a much sharper look than dark on dark or light on light.

As a connoisseur of men’s fashion, I have developed an affinity for their footwear and one of my absolute favorite options is Clarks’ Desert Boots. I think they look great on any guy with any type of style. Going for the preppy look? Desert Boots look awesome with navy khakis and a striped button-down. Doing something a little more hipster with your outfit? Desert Boots are awesome with cuffed dark wash jeans and a concert tee. They’re versatile, comfortable, durable and go with nearly everything.

A simple brown leather watch completes his outfit, and he’s ready for a stylish summer day. Sometimes, all it takes is a cool T-shirt to kick your wardrobe up a notch.

Hint: Try mixing in more wintry items, like leather shoes, to get more life out of them. Adding a leather shoe to an outfit like this can ground it and add a touch of unexpected style.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY: I Dream of Jean-ie

If I were to assign a saying to this Fashionisto’s outfit, it would be “more than meets the eye” in more ways than one! From head to toe, his outfit has details that make it unique, things that I didn’t even notice when I asked to take his photo. So take a page out of this Fashionisto’s book and make your outfit your own with individual touches.

The first thing to focus in on is his shirt. A button-down is classic for any wardrobe, whether you are a Fashionisto or Fashionista, but this guy kicks his coral button-down up a notch if you look closely. In the fabric of his shirt are tiny specks of color which really adds something cool to the shirt. This interesting color addition to his button-down has an awesome ’90s feel, and would totally be something the cool kids would wear.

The next awesome part of this Fashionisto’s outfit are his denim shorts, or as many of us in the fashion world call them, jorts. After asking a little about his ensemble, he told me he had actually cut these shorts himself out of an old pair of dark wash jeans just a few days ago. Making your own jean shorts can be hard, and I know better than anyone that one wrong snip can ruin an entire pair! But this Fashionisto nailed it with just the right length and he chose a pair of jeans that were not too slim to begin with, so they wouldn’t be awkwardly tight as shorts. In addition, by cuffing them, it gives the shorts a finished look that screams Levi Brand Jeans, DIY!

This Fashionisto finishes off his casual summer outfit with the perfect unassuming accessories. His black sunglasses have a wayfarer feel and the simple color keeps it versatile and classic. Brown leather boat shoes are the perfect option for warm weather outfits when you still want to look put together, they’re a great alternative to flip flops and they look classy even with jorts. I admired his watch too, with its dark brown leather strap and neon hands, I thought this Nixon watch really stood out. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

Hint: The ’90s are making a comeback! Look for cool pieces that are a nod to our childhood years with mixed primary colors, or even graphic T-shirts with emblems from our favorite shows and brands. They’ll always be a great conversation starter!


The plain white T-shirt: made into a fashion statement by James Dean, and now buried in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Well Fashionistos, it’s time to pull out those wardrobe staples and make them a part of your daily routine. Let’s reinvent the one piece of clothing we all own and make it the canvas to create a whole outfit off of.

I spotted this Fashionisto sporting his plain white T-shirt in a very cool way while popping in a Starbucks one afternoon. He paired his with dark-wash slim jeans, which I think is one of the best denim fits guys, with his white T-shirt. Be weary of your jeans, as light washes can be tricky — they aren’t as versatile and have a tendency to look out of date when styled incorrectly. But if you stick with a darker wash, you will always be on point. In addition, the slim fit of his pair also keeps the look current, baggy jeans are never the better option! Opt for a skinnier fit with room to move around, after all, shouldn’t jeans be the most comfortable pants in your wardrobe?

One of my favorite things this Fashionisto does is add pops of color to his outfit in easy ways. The lime green Vans really stand out against the simplicity of his dark denim and white T-shirt. I’m all about accent colors, and neon footwear could not be more on-trend this season! This Fashionisto interpreted the trend in his own way by not going overboard but rather incorporating what works for him, which is the best way to develop your own personal style.

He took the color accent trend one step further with his very cool aviator-inspired Ray-Ban sunglasses. The bright blue arms on the sunglasses are subtle, but such a bold move in terms of eyewear. It adds just a touch of style and a dose of cool to an otherwise common accessory. I also loved the gradient lenses and square frames, they made his sunglasses look unique, and with the pop of bright blue, I couldn’t help but love!

Lastly, this Fashionisto’s watch also was a great choice and perfect example of adding in a hint of bright color. This Nixon timepiece is gray silicone, which lends it a cool sporty feel, but the neon orange hands of the clock are what really catches your eye. A very simple but perfect accessory to this put-together outfit. James Dean may have opted for a leather jacket and a cigarette rather than neon Vans and Ray-Bans with his white T-shirt and cuffed jeans, but it’s still just as much of a fashion statement today as it was in the 1950s!

Hint: Sometimes simple is better, keeping your look clean and classic doesn’t have to mean boring! Some of the most stylish outfits are the ones that don’t show off every trendy item you own. Keep your look simple and add in fantastic details like bright shoes or nice sunglasses and let those pieces do the talking.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Adventure Seeker

For some people, summer means lying down in a lounge chair poolside in May and never getting up until August. But for others, these three precious months of freedom calls for outdoor adventures, and for these activities, you have to look the part.

In terms of athletic gear, it is all about the labels. This sporty Fashionisto has all the bases covered with his name brand pieces. I spotted him on a bike trail in Cape Cod and he looked like he knew what he was doing on his bike and his wardrobe. There are many top brands in the athletic world, but one of the biggest is Nike. This Fashionisto does double duty with his shirt — he supports his college while displaying the trademark Nike swoosh. Shirts like these are great because they are extremely breathable which is necessary when working out in the summer heat.

His shorts are not only perfect for biking with their shorter length (so as not to get caught in the gears), but they also totally embody the summer neon trend. Brightly colored apparel is huge in both the high fashion and athletic world. There are so many things that come in neon hues now: tennis shoes, shorts, workout shirts, even socks! It’s all about motivating yourself with style to workout and get fit. Who doesn’t like looking good at the gym?

A good pair of running shoes can be your best friend, and once you find a brand that works for you, you’ll never want to change! Asics, like this Fashionisto wears, is a quality sneaker brand that an array of different styles and colors to fit any sort of Fashionisto/a’s gym personality.

Sunglasses are a summer necessity. Rather than displaying a more traditional look, this Fashionisto went with a sportier style. These Calcutta sunglasses feature a tortoiseshell frame with a polarlized reflective lens, perfect for a variety of summer activities like biking, boating and hiking. Sunglasses like these also come in a variety of styles, be careful to find a shape that looks best on your face, and you’ll be looking cool all summer long.

Hint: If you have great workout clothes, you’ll be more motivated to work out! You don’t have to sacrifice style to get fit, athletic clothing is a genre of fashion all its own, so hit up your local sporting goods store and pick out some great new summer workout pieces!


The gorgeous beaches, fishing excursions and bike riding — all things I was looking forward to about vacationing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. But what was I most excited about? The fashion! And the prepsters around every corner did not disappoint. I spotted this Fashionisto at a local seafood joint, and with that amazing shirt, how could you miss him?

This ensemble is all about the statement shirt. His could not be more appropriate for the lobster-crazed area of Cape Cod. It takes a lot of confidence to rock such a boldly patterned shirt, but by streamlining the rest of the outfit, it totally works. I love this print for the nautical-happy Cape Cod, but for something that would be easier to pull off in suburbia, try a print that’s less loud either in size of the pattern or color of the print. Or, you can even try it in a polo shirt for a more casual look.

I love this Fashionisto’s choice of shorts. The creamsicle orange color is so perfect for summer — light enough to match a multitude of your clothes, but also a cool color that is different from your everyday khaki. While what some may consider an odd choice to pair with the red of the lobsters, I like this Fashionisto’s sense of fun with fashion. Why not pair a wild lobster print top with peach shorts on vacation? Summer trips are the best time to experiment with all your favorite items. These shorts also fit this Fashionisto very well, which is important when wearing such a eye-catching top, you don’t want ill-fitting pants to distract from all the fun going on upstairs!

His accessories also add to the eclectic mix of this Fashionisto’s fun summer outfit. A tooled leather belt with a silver buckle was a great choice. Belts are always crucial, a Fashionisto should never forget such a vital outfit staple. His blue boat shoes are the perfect touch to carry on the nautical feel of his whole ensemble, and the three-toned colors add interest to otherwise common footwear.

Hint: Embrace the art of mixing and matching! There’s nothing wrong with a little color clash, especially when on vacation and with so many awesome summer colors to play with. Sometimes, the magic is in the mix.


Mixing many bright colors may be the monster trend for summer 2013, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and focus on a smaller, but no less significant part of your outfit. This Fashionisto did just that by creating a stylish outfit all around his fancy kicks. Take a note from this Fashionisto and let your shoes do the talking this summer.

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to work while I was shopping at Richmond’s favorite outdoor mall, Short Pump. He stood out to me because of his unique styling that gave him a more mature, dressy look. By keeping the rest of his outfit classic, this Fashionisto allows these snazzy shoes to be the centerpiece. Starting with a button-down, he cuffs his sleeves to show off his silver link watch. Watches like these are great for a more formal outfit and they can be a great investment piece for your future outfits.

His charcoal gray pants are a perfect complement to his striped oxford, just neutral enough to mix with nearly any shirt, but also just different enough to make more of a statement than the typical khaki pant. This Fashionisto chose a great staple piece to thread through his belt loops, the cotton D-ring belt. The look of it is so timeless, and it adds flair to any outfit, especially with the leather details, it lends the perfect mix of casual and dressy.

But my favorite things about this Fashionisto’s ensemble are his shoes! These two-toned wing tip bucks are so unique, I instantly noticed them when I saw him. They are cool and definitely stylish, but their understated color makes them wearable and versatile. You don’t see shoes like this every day, and being a Fashionisto is all about pulling off the unexpected. This Fashionisto knows that sometimes, you can let your shoes outshine your clothes.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to try some fancy footwear! Even if the style of them is daring, if you keep the colors classic and somewhat neutral, not only will you have the courage to wear them, but you will be able to wear them again and again since they can match much of your wardrobe. Small shoes, big attitude.


Summer is all about spending time by the water, and slowly but surely, the water’s effect drip drops its way into our style, giving us the trend everyone goes crazy for — nautical. This Fashionisto has mastered the nautical look in an understated and cool way. The key to his look is choosing quality key pieces and coordinating accessories with a nautical flair.

As many of the best preppy outfits do, this Fashionisto starts with a great pair of khakis. A good fit and color is important in these because they are the blank canvas from which you can create a whole outfit. Finding the right shade of khaki is crucial, lighter ones are better for summer and pair nicely with pastels, whereas darker tobacco or golden colors work well in the fall and winter with darker sweaters and a button-down.

This Fashionisto paired his nearly white khakis with a red striped Vineyard Vines oxford shirt, giving his look a classic, summery aesthetic. Cuffing the sleeves does double duty, lending a laid back feel to the outfit and keeping you cool. It’s all about the little tricks to stay stylish and comfortable in the Richmond summer heat.

What really locks in the nautical look are his accessories. From head to toe, this Fashionisto makes his outfit something special with awesome sea-inspired details. What stood out to me the most was his cool fishhook belt. I had never seen anything like this and thought it was a really inventive way to incorporate the nautical trend. This belt does nautical in a big, but classy, way. The key to pulling off big trend pieces like this is to make sure it is good quality because doing strong trends can come off as cheap if you don’t take great care to make sure it looks just as sharp as the rest of your outfit.

The ocean influence continues in this Fashionisto’s outfit with his Sperry Top-Siders. The dark leather and white sole screams summer by the sea and matches his belt perfectly, completing his preppy summertime look. Navy and red are the quintessential nautical colors and his vintage watch adds the perfect touch, echoing the red from his shirt and gold from the fishhook belt buckle. He finishes his outfit off with a classic pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters, looking polished and preppy for a Richmond June day. This Fashionisto has got his look down to a hook.

Hint: You don’t have to go overboard (no pun intended) with the nautical trend. This Fashionisto went all the way with his fishhook belt and Sperry Top-Siders, but anyone can try their hand at trends by just adding a little something to their outfit. You don’t have to max out your credit card at Vineyard Vines, just try a striped oxford here or a little navy and red there. Easy!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: 50 Shades of Blue

Summer in Richmond is starting to sink in, just like our tans. And what’s a better way to cool off, and show off a good tan, than with turquoise and cool shades of blue? I found this Fashionisto in a local park near downtown Richmond, and his pairing of hues was head and shoulders above all the other park-goers.

My favorite part of his look is the turquoise shorts. It takes some confidence to pull off such a bright color, but this Fashionisto does it with ease in three easy steps:

One, he cuffed the shorts. This shows that he owns the shorts, the shorts don’t own him! By cuffing them, he adds a unique touch to his outfit which keeps it from looking like he tore them right off the mannequin. Adding details all your own is what creating personal style is all about.

Two, he wore a blue short sleeve button-down. This is a cool summer style that totally dresses up his look. A step up from a T-shirt but not as toasty as a long sleeve button-down, shirts like these provide some cool sophistication to any outfit. Also, the cuff on his sleeves echoes the cuff on his shorts without overdoing it. In addition, pairing the two shades of blue is bold but totally works in the warm summer months. This summer, it’s all about color.

Three, he completed his look with cool white Nikes. These canvas low-cut tennis shoes are the perfect finishing touch for this Fashionisto’s warm weather ensemble. White shoes scream summer, and this style can go with so many outfits, his footwear is what finishes the outfit with finesse. These Nikes are also a great option for summer, socks aren’t needed so they are practically as easy as flip flops.

By adding his own touches, this Fashionisto has put together a look all his own. What might seem intimidating to some, he pulls off with ease. Three seemingly simple pieces, when put together, create a perfect summer outfit.  Celebrate your summer with bright colors and white shoes.

Hint: Try putting together unexpected color combinations, like this Fashionisto. Color is huge this summer in mens fashion, so jump on the trend by injecting some color into your wardrobe through bright shorts, shirts, watches, even shoelaces! Embrace new ideas and freshen up your wardrobe, sometimes what may seem crazy might be just right.


This week I was exploring one of my favorite places in Richmond, the trendy area of Carytown. The sidewalks were filled with well-dressed guys, but this Fashionisto stood out to me because of the ease with which he pulled off this look. His whole outfit is cool and filled with great details that really make it his own.

This Fashionisto’s look is on point from top to bottom. Starting with the top: the button-down is a staple in any guy’s wardrobe, but the check pattern of this Fashionisto’s sets it apart from the other guys on the street. Sometimes patterns can be overwhelming, but if you keep it to a simple smaller print, like this check, it can be less intimidating and worn with confidence. The color of his shirt also prevents it from looking too winter-y, the cool summer blues and turquoises keep it fresh and translatable to the summer months. In addition, the lightweight fabric of the shirt keeps it cool and breathable.

A good pair of pants are hard to ignore, and this Fashionisto has the skinny khaki look down to a T. It takes some gusto to wear a more tailored pant, but he pulls it off without a hitch. The stone gray color is unique enough to add some interest, but still neutral enough to match just about anything. Make sure that when looking for a skinnier pant, you pay attention to the fit, which is the most crucial part of khakis like these. You don’t want any pulling or bunching anywhere on the pant.

This Fashionisto is all about the details in his look. Underneath his button-down, he wears a white V-neck T-shirt. This may seem like a small and insignificant part of the outfit, but layering always adds interest to an outfit. Not to mention, layering undershirts is an inexpensive way to step up what are normally more basic outfits. One of my favorite parts about this Fashionisto’s outfit is the cuff on his pants. Nothing looks better than a sharp cuff on a pair of khakis or jeans, and it really gives you some style edge, which is always a good thing. Complete with classic Sperry Top-Sider shoes, these details give his outfit a hipster flair that is all his own.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to mix different styles to add an eclectic feel to your look. Fashion is all about taking inspiration from everywhere and making it your own. Just as this Fashionisto paired preppy footwear with a trendy pant, you too can create a look that is unique just by mixing labels, styles, and trends.


The best Fashionistas and Fashionistos can spot a good outfit from a mile away, but sometimes, amazing style can be right under your nose! That was the case for this week when I was taking a walk by the lake near my house and ran into this sharp dresser.

It’s easy for Fashionistos to slack off during the summer, especially when grabbing a T-shirt and gym shorts is so simple. But this guy knows how to keep it casual, while also staying stylish. His shirt is the centerpiece of the outfit, and although it may be just a T-shirt, this J.Crew shirt has a slimmer cut and a muted bright color that sets it apart from just any T-shirt in your closet. The faded coral allows him to utilize the bright color trend in an easier way that is more transferrable to day-to-day life. With a good fit and soft color, any Fashionisto can take a T-shirt from boring gym attire to a statement-making closet staple.

Continuing his theme of a muted color palette, this Fashionisto chose a pair of pale blue kahki shorts which complement the coral of his shirt nicely. This color can be really versatile and would be great as pants too. It’s such a light blue that it almost becomes a neutral, similar to denim, which as we all know is one of the essentials for everyone’s wardrobe. Shorts like these will not only match many things in your closet, but they will carry you through countless summers, as neutrals never go out of style!

Guys have a limited selection of accessories compared to girls, but watches are one thing that can really dress up an outfit. This Fashionisto has a cool two-toned watch with mixed material, which adds some interest to his outfit. Watches are always a nice touch and contribute to a more complete overall look.

What really sets this Fashionisto’s outfit apart from any guy on the lake are his shoes.  These cool Vans are an awesome alternative to flip flops for summer. They are lightweight, neutral and easy to slip on and off. They look great with his outfit and add that extra touch of style that makes his ensemble unique. You can really tell if a guy has a good sense of fashion by his shoes — and I’d say, this Fashionisto knows what’s cool for summer 2013.

Hint: There are many different styles of watches out there — find one that fits yours! If your look is more sophisticated, try a silver link watch. If your summer involves a lot of activity in the water, check out a waterproof sports watch.  If you’re looking for an everyday item, you can never go wrong with simple leather watches.