Jean jackets can be either a hit or a miss depending on how the garment is worn. When shopping for a jean jacket make sure the silhouette is flattering and that it fits correctly. A well fitted denim jacket should keep its shape and flatter your figure. Be careful not to get lost in a jacket that is oversized. The jacket should fit the shoulders and arms correctly. Consider the following cute ways to wear a jean jacket.

A jean jacket can be worn perfectly in the summer with a dainty dress. Pair the outfit with some cute sunglasses, bag and sandals. If the dress is too flowy and you would like to add some shape, simply belt it with a fabric rope or leather belt. Match the shades of the dress and accessories to the colors in the jean jacket. For instance, there are jean jackets that are more pale denim shades. Pale colored jackets go great with bolder, brighter colors to offset the subdued tone of the jacket. However, denim jackets that are more earthed toned and have bronze buttons go best with cute dresses that are also within the same color family, just not exactly the same color.

While some may think stacking denim is a faux-pas better left to the 90s, I think wearing denim on denim can definitely be cute without being too matchy-matchy. Just make sure you change up the shades. So if your jean jacket is dark, pair it up with some pale colored skinny jeans and vice versa. Jean jackets can be worn with heels for a more sexy and sassy look, with comfortable flats or Nike sneakers––such as this Fashionista’s––for a comfortable and casual look.

Jean jackets can look just as cute in winter as they do in the summer. Simply style up your outfit with dark fall colors. Throw on some black tights or leggings to keep warm and add some sophistication to your outfit or go boho with layered Petit Bateau T-shirts. Add your favorite scarf or snazzy bag to classy it up. Get your spring wardrobe started with your own American Eagle jacket.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spotlight Your Shoes

I’m a sucker for any shoe that is bright or ostensibly adorned. Since my style tends to lean towards the classic (in fashion as well as color palette), I like to make my shoes the color statement. While they’re a great way to light up this wet and drab winter, I also know that one woman’s shoe dream is another one’s shoe nightmare––what on earth does one wear with these wild shoes?

The easiest way to go about it is to choose a solid color like red, pink, blue, yellow, purple or teal like this Fashionista’s Payless flats.  If you’re not sure about wearing colorful shoes that stand out too much, you can opt for more muted shades but read on to find some tips worth following.

Don’t shy away from textures and patterns. Floral prints and animal sprints are trending so go for it. Grab your favorite skinny or bootlegged––depending on your body shape––jeans or a pair of leggings and throw on a nice oversized sweater or blazer like this one from Forever 21.

For solid color shoes, feel free to jazz it up with a printed top in the same shade or a complementary one. If you don’t feel  like you’re quite there yet, feel free to  wear solid color shoes with a solid colored top of the same shade. Another option is to wear a white top and play with your accessories. But for printed shoes, solid colored tops and dresses are your best bet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a very busy look and veer into fashion faux-pas territory.

Style Advice of the Week: Little Black Dress Revisited

Coco Chanel once said that “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. It seemed she was helping a girl out when, in 1920, she introduced the little black dress as a multipurpose and affordable solution. Today its legacy carries on as a staple in women’s wardrobes. Wearing a little black dress allows a woman to be as simple or outrageous as she chooses to be. Whether your goal is to find the perfect one or to accessorize the one you own, the key is to be true to your style.

Find your perfect fit. The selling point of the little black dress is that it’s so versatile. Comfort is everything, which means that it doesn’t have to be “little” or “short”. When you find the length that fits your style (in this Fashionista’s case a thigh length BCBGMAXAZRIA jersey dress), take a gander at the different fabrics. There are so many options available that finding one should not be a problem.

Choose accessories that suit the occasion. Keep in mind that no matter how classic the design, a few accessories will always be needed to stray from the boring. Just keep in mind that different occasions call for different add-ons. For instance, keep the sparkles for a cocktail party (tennis bracelet, diamond studs or a paillette clutch) and for a dinner party opt for pearl studs, a long colorful beaded strand or a statement belt.

Warm it up. Keep in mind that the weather leans more towards the chilly end of the spectrum so don’t hesitate to play around with silk scarves and wraps. While these accessories could be seen as strictly reserved for evening wear, if thrown over a LastCall cropped jacket or cardigan, it can work anytime.

Find the right shoes for you. When I think of the LBD I tend to picture a bright hued pump or a tall black boot paired with colorful tights. While those options are great, keep in mind that booties and flats are also a viable option. The only time I like to match my lip color to my shoe color is if it’s a bright red. Because the dress is monochromatic, try to have at least two complementary statement pieces.

After all is said and done, the biggest advice to be give is to work it! The LBD’s power is that it allows the wearer to portray exactly what she is feeling. So if you are feeling confident and ready to conquer the world, the whole world will feel it. Get your own at Charlotte Russe.


Carrie Bradhsaw from Sex and the City once said, “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.” She might as well have been talking about me — clumsy is my middle name. So I am not wrong when I say white is scary! It can get dirty, reflects the light in weird places and lacks the slimming components of dark colors. Not to mention the age-old “no white after Labor Day” fashion rule.

As if to push me out of my box, white was everywhere fall 2011, thus reminding us that there’s nothing more fitting amidst the plethora of fiery leaves than white. From such staple designers such as Alexander Wang to super-edgy designers like Rick Owens, all the way to classic luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Chloé and Thakoon — the spot light was white hot staples. 

There are easy ways to avoid making a faux-pas.  The first is to steer clear of white shoes and opt for nude ones. Also steer clear of white tights or leggings and instead follow this Wheaton CollegeFashionista’s lead and go for cute Urban Outfitters knee highs. The second would be to read my Layer Slayer post and feel free to throw on heavier layers, like sweaters and jackets in the hue. Take a cue from this great Urban Outfitters knit. She knows how to look cute and warm with such wighty staples as the Target wool coat and the Urban Outfitters booties and vintage jewelry.

So when you go to udpate your winter wardrobe, keep in mind that dark hues are not your only options. Go into the light!


If you are a coat phobic like me, you’ll find yourself looking for any way possible to delay having to put one on. One solution that is often used in women's fashion is layering. There are a million ways to layer clothing; some are great ways of making your style that much more original and snappy while others only succeed in giving the unwanted “just rolled out of bed” look or just unneeded bulk. While the perspective of stacking your key pieces over each other can be daunting it becomes child’s play if you consider the two main points: color and texture. Also avoid over layering — this is easily done by keeping it to three pieces.

To come up with a successful color palette, it is suggested to stick with neutrals and classics as they have a low saturation. This low saturation is ideal if you want to mix it with a layer of brilliant colors, which will become central in making the softer colors act as a buffer. This will create a harmonious yet playful layered look. Next, throw on your first layer by squirming your way into a close-fitting tank top or T-shirt — although tanks are recommended for their ability to go from day to night. The middle layer should be looser such as a tunic or a button-up shirt. The final one is the outwear which should be chosen depending on the seasonal needs. Right now I would recommend a cute men’s bomber jacket like this Nordstrom's one. Keep in mind that your accessories are meant to tie the look together not to weigh it down, so keep it light and simple.

When I think of layers I automatically refer to Molly Ringwald in most of the John Hughes movies she’s in. I credit the latter reference for my instant adoration for this Fashionista’s balanced yet eye-catching get up, complete with the adorable hat. With her American Apparel neon tank, H&M skirt and shoes, Anthropologie tunic and flea market straw hat, she makes it look effortless. 


Style, as we all know, is all about mastering the art of tastefully taking it to the next level. In that vein it is not only a good idea to integrate the new green jean pant/jean trend into your fall wardrobe, it’s a must. The prospect of sporting such a bold shade on your stems might be terrifying (I know it was for me at first) but with a color wheel and fashion basics, we can all make it work!

The first step is to research the different shades — from moss to bright emerald to light olive to dark forest — to find your top three favorite shades. Next, make sure you find the shade that is most complementary to you coloring. As most art majors can hopefully tell you, all colors have undertones to them. Greens are no different and rock yellow or blue undertones. You can go all movie montage and hold up different color strips against your face to see which looks best. For those of us who don’t have that kind of spare time, just know that if you have blonde hair your best bet would be to wear chocolate and green khaki green/chocolate or greenish gray/black. On the other hand, brunettes should stick to dark greens/blue or olive green/white. Trying to give an illusion of a tan? Opt for an olive green. To figure out what to pair them with opt for the color wheel test — the color exactly opposite to your specific shade of green is the ideal color to pair it with.

Tone down your green jeans with staple neutral: blacks, grays, whites and browns. Heather grays and tan shades of brown are complementary and good for everyday wear — as shown by this bold Wheaton College junior who paired her Kohl’s jeans with a light latte top, a gray and barely-there yellow/blue Target scarf and bejeweled DSW sandals. 

To get your own type, scroll and click your way to


There are certain days when dressing sober is a must — job interviews, family brunch, a school function — on these days it is easy to gravitate towards black. Luckily, a new color has emerged as a fan favorite for its soothing and fresh qualities: blue.

After years of inspiring artists such as Yves Klein and making a cameo in movies like The Devil Wears Prada (I refer you to the cerulean blue sweater monologue), it’s made its way into our closets. With so many varieties and depth, this color can easily be worn with black, tan and shades of green. The key to pulling it off is to take special care with color contrast (often times a dark/light one is preferable).

This Wheaton CollegeFashionista is a perfect example of how to create color blocking reminiscent of summer but also appropriate for the fall. She chose to make her blue-violet floor length skirt the focus of the eye by pairing it with a mint green tank, a black H&M cardigan and blue-violet Payless braided sandals. Her tan belt and copper arrow earrings made for a well-rounded color palette.  She could easily convert this from day to night by replacing the cardigan with a leatherette collar open blazer from Wet Seal.

For great blue skirts take a peek at shopstyle, for adorable booties take a gander at overstock and for a great replacement (and weather appropriate) of the tank and cardigan, click your way to a knit sweater found at LoveCulture.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Halters Never Falter

Celebrities and divas turn to the halter dress for an easy-going yet glamorous look. It is interesting to think that two pieces of material that have been sewn together and made to tie behind the neck could add a zest of sexiness to the already glamorous silhouette. It is important to choose the style that will suit you best. Halter dresses come in various styles: the knot that ties in the front or the strap that ties behind the neck. Choose a style that suits your shoulder width the best. The best way to compare them is to think of the straps of the halter neck dress in terms of spaghetti width. Some halter dresses come with adjustable straps and some come with elastic for additional comfort.

Keep in mind that halter dresses tend to keep the focus on the upper half of the body — shoulder, bust and face — so it is recommended to go without a necklace and to accessorize your ears and head. It is also important to invest in a strapless or halter bra so that the bra straps aren’t showing. This style of dress is good for all body types, but it’s most flattering for women with curves.

This Wheaton College junior is a perfect example of how to turn your halter dress into a sassy daytime outfit. She chose her American Eagle halter in an ultra feminine floral print that can only be accentuated by her coral sweater, Payless Spartans and vintage sunglasses.

Joining the halter movement is easy thanks to Pink Basis and Lovers + Friends.


Men’s suits, when properly fitted and stylized, can be one of the most dashing attires out there. Need exemples? Turn on your TV and feast your eyes on Mad Men’s Don Drapper, Suits’ Harvey Specter and How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson. As a woman, I hadn’t given the whole trend much thought, from a male perspective, beyond admiring such designs by Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani. Who doesn’t swoon when looking at the likes of Matthew Bomer, Shia Labeouf or Adam Brody in a suit?

After snapping shots of this sharply dressed Wheaton College senior, I got the 4-1-1 on this symbol of professionalism. Men’s suit styles are not all that complicated. The main thing you really need to know is that there are four principle styles: Italian, British, American and Mandarin. The Italian suit is double breasted and preferable for tall men, the British suit is single breasted and chosen for its regal look and the American suit is the most relaxed of the four and gives off a younger image. The Mandarin suit is the most unique of the four since it is influenced by more traditional eastern cultures. Which style you choose is mostly dependent upon body type, personal preference and functionality. 

This Fashionisto’s classic navy single breasted jacket — which he inherited from his grandfather — matches his Brooks Brothers pants. He chooses a colorful Hermès tie for a focus point over a crisp white Uniqlo shirt. To add some zap he throws in a pocket square along with the Timex watch he purchased in Ireland while studying abroad.

Take a trip to Bloomingdale's and, as Barney would say, suit up!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: America The Beautiful

It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind — classes, homework, friends and parties — and forget that there’s a whole big world outside of the campus greens. Then we’re hit with an event that’s so heart wrenching that it engraves itself in everyone’s memories forever. A couple weeks ago we saw the passing of the eleventh anniversary of September eleventh and although we didn’t have a moment of silence or could hardly bring ourselves to talk about it, it was far from forgotten. Around the country people did their part: a crowd gathered on lower to hear the names of the victims who were killed read aloud, Wall Street companies held charity events for their fallen employees and Sailors and Marines aboard a warship forged with 7.5 tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center held a remembrance ceremony. Although Fashion Week ran its wonderful course, the fashion world assured us that it wasn’t oblivious to the date through the Fashion Video

This New Yorker showed some love with an eye catching yet classic American flag graphic tee from American Apparel. He kept it the focal point by keeping the rest of his outfit monochromatic — black of course — and sleek. His Ray-Ban sunglasses and Tumi messenger bag completed the student/rock’n’ roll merger. He does a great job in showing us that it’s important to keep your printed tee the focal point…after all it took you a while to pick it out. To jazz it up even more, feel free to pick two prominent colors form your print and match your shoes and hat with them.

Get your print on!