Not Too Bold, Not Too Bland—Tips and Tricks for Your Daily Makeup

Do you ever wish you had a go-to daily makeup style that went with everything? This Fashionista has figured it out. She uses colors that complement her skin tone without bringing distraction from her natural beauty.

For skin care, this Fashionista uses Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash face scrub and Victoria’s Secret Cloudberry Hydrating Body Lotion. When it comes to beauty, her daily makeup includes Fit Me foundation 235 by Maybelline as well as a Fit Me contour stick. When it comes to her lashes, this Fashionista sticks to her gut and continues to use “So Lashy” by Covergirl to make her lashes the most prominent aspect of her makeup.

This Fashionista, along with many others, loves to bring out her eyes with a winged tip eyeliner. She chooses Elf black liquid eyeliner when doing her wings. When it comes to doing her eye shadow, this Fashionista has multiple go-to palettes for shadow color, as well as contouring. For her eye shadow, she uses her Morphe palette and her Tartelette In Bloom palette. When she is contouring, she likes to use her Wet n’ Wild contour palette and her Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit.

Last but not least, this Fashionista decided to go with a new hair color in order to complement her skin tone as well as the style of the new school year. She chose to go with a very light lavender-white. In order to maintain her white hair color and prevent it from becoming yellow due to her natural blonde hair, she uses Matrix purple shampoo and hair toner recommended by her Paul Mitchell hair dresser.

Do you have any go-to makeup tips? If so, let me know in the comments below!

Resume, Portfolio, or Both?

When applying for your next career, you want to make sure that you have a successful resume before presenting it to any potential employers. Having a resume is crucial but having a portfolio isn’t a bad idea either, especially in the fashion world. A portfolio is a great way to get your name out there and showcase how great you are at what you do. A portfolio is the best way to present a wide spectrum of things you are interested in doing, as well as showcasing your talent in multiple fields.

When creating your resume you want to make sure that you include all of your information accurately. Make sure to double, triple, and quadruple check your information. Also, it is always beneficial to have multiple prints of your resume handy for anytime necessary. Your resume is your business card until you get one of your own.

Volunteering, serving at homeless shelters, church activities, charity work, and providing hours to your community looks great on a resume and is a simple and easy way to improve it. Employers love to see that their employees are involved in some sort of outside work. Not only does it help the community and the people around you but it is also a generally good characteristic to present. Another good characteristic is not only having a successful resume but a successful appearance as well.

When it comes to dressing for success, there are some things you need to consider. How are your overall look and communication skills going to reflect you as a person? Present yourself as the person you strive to be, with confidence and purpose.

When preparing to engage in social interaction, make sure to check these don’ts off your list in order to make the best first impression. First thing, do not show an over abundance of skin (i.e. no short skirts and absolutely no strapless tops.) As cute as they may be, they aren’t for the workplace. Also, never wear dirty clothes, obviously. However, some people might think that they can re-wear that shirt one more time before washing, don’t. Clothes tend to hold an odor that you may not notice, but others will. In addition, never think that you can get away with wearing a wrinkled piece of clothing because you can’t. Lastly, always wear clothes that fit your body the way they should. Avoid clothes that are too baggy for your body type as well as the tops you should have gotten rid of before your freshman 15.

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Sleek 2017 Summer Trends

Do you ever wake up on a hot summer day and immediately regret the fact that you have to put on clothes? No one wants to get out of bed and into clothes that are bound to hold heat while you’re already living and doing everyday tasks in it without a choice. Check out this super trendy and easy way to spice up your summer and stay cool, sophisticated, and alluring all at the same time.

Maxi dresses have been around for quite some time now. However, they are still an extremely popular, trending, and comfortable piece of clothing. That being said, they are one piece. When wearing a maxi there is no need for extra layers and sometimes no need to even worry about undergarments. This particular article is based on the comfort and stylish ways of throwing on a maxi, adding a few accessories, and being ready to leave the house in a flash!

There has been past controversy on whether or not the colors black and brown coincide with each other. Here I have put together an outfit that I believe would be an example of a way to avoid the conflict of the colors and create a look that is simple yet intriguing. This Fashionista is wearing a simple black printed dress with cut-out accents. In addition, she added brown as a contrasting color for her accessories; a sun hat, some bangles, Namaste bracelets, and a simple brown, strapped wedge.

What’s great about this summer look is that it can take you anywhere. This look is perfect for going to dinner, throwing on something in order to make a quick run to the store, going out for the day and running simple errands, and even vacation or the beach. As long as there is sun, this outfit is the one.

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