As the summer months slowly fade away, Fashionistas like this one are taking full advantage of whatever is left of the nice warm weather. This Fashionista caught my attention with her bold use of accessories: gold jewelry, suede wedges and most distinctly, a pale hued distressed denim vest.

This summer has seen many Fashionista’s wearing oversized tops and dresses that lack any distinctive shape. While this dress wasn’t designed with a waistline already built in, this Fashionista created one herself by belting the dress along her natural waistline to add both shape and a bold accessory to her look. Additionally, her vintage-inspired golden snake bangle complements the darkness of her sundress as well as the shine of her gold belt.

This Fashionista incorporated denim into her outfit without just throwing on a pair of jean shorts. While everyone has a go-to pair of jeans, denim can worn in a variety of ways that should not be overlooked. It is time to find other ways to incorporate denim into a back-to-school wardrobe. This Fashionista’s '90s inspired distressed denim vest adds a casual twist that is both fun and versatile. While denim vests come in different lengths and sizes, this Fashionista chose a shorter vest with her sundress, where as a longer vest would be best worn with skinnys and a t-shirt.

For back-to-school, a simple long sleeve tee underneath a denim vest — paired with plenty of accessories — can be casual enough for class without sacrificing your own personal style. Denim can be worn in numerous ways, from a vest to a blouse, dress, romper or even skirt, so try to go beyond just a normal pair of blue jeans for something different. Denim makes it easy to create a style that can be both casual and unique, so this fall experiment with different styles and even hues of denim that complement both your wardrobe and the season.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: High Waisted is a Must

Wearing high waisted bottoms has actually replaced low-rise pants as my favorite go-to style. From pencil skirts and jean shorts to trousers and everything in between, wearing any type of bottom with a high waisted line brings attention to one’s waist and shows off each woman’s individual shape and curves. Gone are the days of hiding behind your baggy clothes with no shape. High waisted pants are available everywhere, from large department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales to Urban Outfitters, LF and Intermix just to name a few.

High waisted pants can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your height and body type. Whether you choose to wear them fitted, straight legged, loose or with a flared-bottom, all of these styles can be found with higher waist lines than the go-to low rise. I have seen many Fashionista’s contrasting a pair of fitted high waisted pants with a loose billowy tucked in top as a nice outfit for dinner out with family or friends. However, this Fashionista put a casual twist on the high waisted trend creating a look that is perfect for everyday no matter the occasion. She switched things up by pairing a nicely fitted top with a pair of loose high waisted jeans that have the bagginess of boyfriend jeans. Whichever look you choose, remember to always tuck in your shirt to show off the both the pants and your curves!

Additionally, this Fashionista kept things plain and simple with white closed-toe wedges that complement both her top and the pale denim hue of her jeans. In keeping with the simple look, she wore minimal jewelry and make-up to create a fun and fresh look for these last weeks of summer vacation.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: As Summer Fades to Fall

It is that time of the summer, when internships are starting to end as Fashionistos and Fashionistas all across the country prepare to go back to school. Before retiring your business casual looks to the back of your closet until next summer’s job comes along, try incorporating internship appropriate looks into casual everyday attire.

I spotted this Fashionista downtown after a long day interning with a prestigious Italian designer. She told me that she needed to be dressed appropriately both for work and to meet up with friends afterwards. She paired a royal blue collared button down with a black high-waisted pleated skirt and neutral toned wedges. These two pieces are both essential and versatile which give her a lot of flexibility to mix and match them in the upcoming months ahead.

Want to wear these pieces in both the office and the classroom? It is relatively easy to transform this look from working business woman to hard working student. For back to school, layer a neutral toned crew neck tank top with a royal blue button down tucked into a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. Either ankle boots or ballet flats (and a backpack) will complete this back-to school look.

Additionally, a black pleated skirt like this can be worn over any short or long sleeve fitted shirt.

Hint: Don’t forget to add a bold gold necklace to accentuate the gold detailing of the skirt’s side buttons. This style skirt is also available in a variety of colors and patterns which are perfect for the fall. Even if it gets cold, adding a pair of patterned tights and combat boots will keep you warm and fashionable through the cool fall months. Whichever way you decide to wear it, this top and skirt are perfect in a variety of seasons and not just for interning Fashionistas.


New York City is known for being extremely fast paced. All over the island people are rushing to and from work, home, appointments and stores in the hopes that moving that much faster will get them where they want to be on time. It is a city where people need to speed up in order to fit in.

I spotted this Fashionista near my office in Union Square, rushing from a busy day out and about, on her way to her friends’ apartment. When I stopped to take her photograph she was quick, to the point and was off again in an instant, blending into the thousands of people all trying to get where they need to be. 

In a city that won’t stop moving, it is critical to wear clothes that fit your lifestyle choices. For this Fashionista, it is clear that she requires clothing that will allow her to move at a quick pace, weaving in and out of traffic. Her lightweight linen pants and cross-body bag allow her to do just that. Her clothes make accomplishing what she needs to that much easier. For example, had this Fashionista been wearing jeans instead of linen pants she may have felt restricted or held back, in a city where endless possibilities lie ahead.

Additionally, this Fashionista’s bright neon top and colored linen pants immediately caught my attention in the overcrowded streets of Union Square at rush hour. As I glanced down the street, I spotted mostly black, navy, white and khaki-the usual go-to work appropriate hues. Fortunately for me, that made this Fashionista stand out even more. This Fashionista paired a fitted neon orange top with high wasted aqua blue linen pants and a cross-body bag. Her neutral toned bag complements the brightness of her outfit, while her canvas tricolored sandals add a unique twist to her look. This Fashionista demonstrates how best to dress when looking for a casual and comfortable outfit to wear while racing between daily activities.

While high wasted pants are nothing new this season, the aqua color of this Fashionista’s pants is both different and fun. She put her own spin on this commonly worn trend, and created an outfit worth remembering!


Although white-on-white hasn’t always had the best reputation, it was seen all over the spring and summer runway shows as a clean and fresh look with a edge that no one saw coming. It’s sleek and chick combination leaves nothing to be desired and everything to be gained. So it was to my surprise this summer to see Fashionista’s like this one taking to the streets of New York City as if the sidewalk was their runway. This Fashionista in particular stood out to me within the sea of bright hues that thrive in the warm weather.

This Fashionista’s all white attire paired high wasted button up jean shorts with a button down blouse. The semi-sheer blouse was worn over a shiny gold bandeau that complemented both the shirt’s gold detailing and the wedges’ sandy color.

So while white may never go out of season, it has arrived in this one in even larger quantities than ever before! From white jeans to white blazers and everywhere in between, adding a hint of metallic color makes any entirely white outfit stand out in any crowd. Hint: all white is even acceptable in an office setting. An all white linen suit exemplifies both sophistication and professionalism that is perfect for a summer job or internship.

I believe that wearing white has never been given enough credit. In fact, white jeans are most frequently worn just as a neural pant paired with a bright colored blouse. Well, now that white is in, it is finally time for white to stand out and be noticed!


The preppy style, infamous on college campuses up and down the east coast, is known for classic, clean-cut pieces in bright colors. Patterns such as plaid, stripes, floral, paisley and polka dots, as well as the infamous collar, help to differentiate this style from all others. While the preppy style is very distinguishable, this Fashionista added a personalized twist onto this well-known style that immediately caught my attention.

Firstly, swaying away from the polo shirt and khaki pants norm, this Fashionista experimented by pairing a simple pale pink dress with an open navy blazer and a red velvet miniature clutch. During the summer, the blazer is a perfect layering piece that is easy to throw on inside a chilly office or restaurant. The button-less blazer adds an edge to any outfit and has the benefit of not synching at waist, but rather allowing the clothes underneath to show through. Adding a twist to the preppy look is the longer blazer and the striped detailing on the cuffs which complements this Fashionista’s height and sense of style.

This Fashionista’s matching pearl earrings and necklace add a hint of sophistication to her ensemble, while her neutral toned and casual ballet flats make the outfit perfect for a summer internship or a dinner out afterwards.

The preppy look however is not just limited to Fashionista’s. For Fashionisto’s can easily rock the preppy look too, by pairing khaki pants with a bright colored collared shirt and a pair of either loafers or boat shoes. To show off a bit of individual creativity, Fashionisto’s can mix and match two different colored polos and overlap them. Hint: to stay warm and fashionable when the cold weather finally come back, Fashionisto’s can try Brooks Brother’s new collegiate collection featuring a line of pre-embroidered clothing with the logo of the college or university they attend.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Hats Off” to Fedoras

From the West Coast all the way to New York City, the fedora’s appearance is both long lasting and unmistakable. Worn by celebrities across the country, the fedora has the ability to transform any outfit from simple to chic. This accessory, inspired by menswear, can accentuate any outfit whether you're in the city or lying on the beach during the summer months ahead. Whichever location you chose, this is the perfect addition to any look and, as a bonus, provides an extra shield of protection from the sun. The best part is that the fedora can be worn in almost any season, so it’s a great piece to add to any Fashionista’s wardrobe all year round.

Manhattan’s upper west side, away from the hustle and bustle of lower parts of the island, is filled with small boutiques on every corner. With a much slower pace than the rest of the island, it is a perfect place for a late afternoon walk. After work, I spotted this Fashionista on the upper west taking advantage of the beautiful day. Coming from her internship, this Fashionista explained that living in the city inspired her to play around more with the pieces in her wardrobe, such as her recently purchased fedora. Even for Fashionista’s who don’t think they can pull off the fedora, try it before you assume! The fedora comes in many different patterns, colors and shapes. Different color combinations look good with a wide spectrum of outfits so be sure to try a whole range before making a decision. Whatever you choose, just remember that fedoras can be worn with almost anything so just pick the one that’s right for you!

While most Fashionista’s have retired their black jeans in exchange for their white ones, the simplicity of the white blouse and black skinny jeans paired with matching black wedges almost made me forget what season we were in. The contrast of the simple outfit with the bold necklace brought out the shimmer that added a unique twist to her look. So to all those Fashionistas who automatically threw their black jeans into the back of the closet when the warm weather hit: don’t completely forget about them just because summer is officially here. On cool days, they can be the perfect neutral base for a great summer outfit.


Westchester's moderate summer climate allows Fashionistas like this one more flexibility to incorporate fun fall pieces into a summer wardrobe. The combat boot's presence in the cooler months of the year is a given. However, this Fashionista stood out to me because rarely do I see the heavy combat boot incorporated into a season known for floral patterns and sun dresses. While most Fashionista’s have retired their boots until well after Labor Day, it’s time to break out of the summer norm and trade in the gladiators for that pair of combat boots in the back of your closet.

What caught my eye about this Fashionista was the juxtaposition between the dullness of her worn leather boot and the shine of her neon green Tory Burch clutch. Combining something borrowed and something new, this Fashionista's gold watch, passed down by her grandmother, complements the gold detailing in her green clutch and brings some bright color into the fall-inspired summer outfit. A pair of combat boots like these is tremendously versatile and gives a vintage flair to any look. Additionally, a summer floral ensemble softens the boot while leggings or jeans give it a harsher and edgier look. The combination of a diverse blend of textures and patterns creates a simple and unique style.

This Fashionista shows off her own individual style by deciding against the florals and the jeans for something in between. Mixing the combat boots, a pair of high-waisted black shorts buttoned to the top and a loose-fitting crop top, this Fashionista is ready to take on whatever the day may bring. However you choose to mix and match an outfit, the combat boot is a great way to accessorize. So even if the summer months bring high temperatures, the rugged combat boot may be the perfect addition to complement a casual ensemble.


On her way back from hostessing at Serendipity 3, I spotted this Fashionista’s maxi from blocks away. However, when I stopped to photograph this Fashionista, it was her bubbly and energetic personality that became immediately apparent. The smile on her face continued to grow as the moments passed, which brought out the life in her outfit. The maxi’s bold patterns and bright colors are the perfect match for this Fashionista’s personality and sense of style.

At a mere five feet, two inches tall, this Fashionista told me she very rarely wears maxi dresses simply because they overwhelm her with the quantity of fabric. However, when paired with a cute pair of heels and pulled up by a high-wasted belt, Fashionistas of any height can pull off the iconic maxi dress. Furthermore, this Fashionista even exemplifies how best to dress up a maxi with the appropriate heels and jewelry to turn this day look into dinner appropriate attire. 

This Fashionista’s darker toned accessories complement the exotic fabric of her dress, making it the focus point of the outfit. On a perfectly sunny day like this one, the blend of browns, blues and reds come alive as the accessories add a bit of shine to this Fashionista’s step. The dress’s rustic colors paired with the dark gold bangles and oversized hanging earrings create a pulled together look that expresses this Fashionista’s individual creativity.



During the summer, students from all across the country come to the capital to take advantage of the thousands of internship opportunities D.C. has to offer. However, it’s not an internship that takes up the majority of this Fashionista’s time: it’s summer school! As finals ended around the first week of May, this Fashionista enjoyed only one short week of vacation before returning to campus for classes to begin yet again. As the already rigorous classes get shortened and condensed into only a couple of weeks long, Fashionistas like this one are found hitting the books during the week but dropping them as soon as Friday rolls around. With so much to do in Washington D.C over the weekend, this Fashionista is taking advantage of the sunny day and starting the weekend a little bit early.

What first caught my eye was this Fashionista’s hot pink shoulder-strap bag, which she wore diagonally across her torso rather than down at her waist. Although it's too small to use for class, it is the perfect weekend bag to brighten up a look! The bag’s touch of gold on the buckle and zipper matched perfectly with her oversized Marc Jacobs’ watch, bangles, rings and a necklace. Who says accessories have to be boring and dull? 

Perfect for sitting in class or a making weekend outing, pair a bright patterned Urban Outfitters romper like this Fashionista’s with a pair of Steve Madden gladiator sandals for a comfortable yet stylish weekend ensemble. Don’t let the stress of the week bring you down. The weekend is finally here and it is time to enjoy the warm weather!