STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put Your Money in Classics

These pieces have been selected with a trained and savvy eye. They're not super trendy. They're not statement pieces. They wouldn't stand out on a rack to anyone other than an expert. But these elegant and timeless numbers will take you through season after season.

I love the way this Fashionisto plays with shades. The tones are not only versatile, but totally transitional for this time of year. They're masculine and sophisticated, too (not like tall, dark and handsome really needs it, right?). His button-up is reminiscent of the '60s Nehru collared shirt without the tacky vibe, and his oxfords could not be more elegant. His jeans are crisp and well kept, and this is the first man I've seen to ever pull off a Long Champ.

So, next time your parents are on you about saving money so that one day you can invest in something like real estate (blah blah blah), just fan out your man-purse or do a little jig in your still-just-as-classic oxford shoes. “But this is an investment, Dad,” you'll say with conviction. He'll look at you with grief and disappointment, shaking his head and wishing you were more like your more practical and less well-dressed sibling. But you won't care. You've got a rocking modern day Nehru collar, darn it. Who needs them?

Hint: Interested in investing? Start with some classic oxfords or customize your very own Long Champ.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tribal ithout the Libel

This urban-tribal Fashionista (and hyped Canadian fashion blogger) has restored my belief in ikat patterns and bib necklaces. The amount of low-grade jersey cloth tribal prints that have been around the last couple of seasons were really starting to take its toll on the trend. Until this girl, that is. Her sheer chiffon blouse is embroidered with bright threads and she's set it off perfectly with a bluer-than-blue Acne jean jacket. Most girls would probably take a look in the mirror and declare that their outfit was busy enough, but this Fashionista took it a step further with her beaded statement jewelry. Perhaps she's contending for chief in her band of amazonian women? Come to think of it, if there's a tribe out there somewhere that ritualizes ombre'd hair and cherry lips than I am so totally down to be initiated into it right this second.

Anyways, this Fashionista has it all figured out. The blue metallic nails, the vintage leather lace-ups and the high-waisted leather shorts are just gravy on top of this already solid ensemble. Very good gravy. And the best part of it all is that everything she's wearing is vintage!

If you've got a little money saved up from your summer job, you can peruse this Fashionista's hand picked collection of vintage pieces at her etsy store, or of course, there's always Modcloth.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style’s Humble Surf-ant

Move over Kate Bosworth, I've found my Blue Crush! Only a chick as rad as this Fashionista could make flip-flops acceptable for the first time since 2003. She's got the whole package: the I-haven't-been-trying-it-just-happened-organically tan, the vintage surf tee, the circle glasses and the perfect pair of high-waisted jean shorts. Oh, baby.

This Fashionista has clearly seen The Endless Summer. She may not be a surfer (actually she's a very talented jewelry designer, as evidenced by the creations on her middle finger), but she could definitely get a hot surfer dude to look her way. Her look is chilled out from her throw-around flip-flops all the way to her beachy tussled hair. She saves herself from looking a little too mellow with her clean and on-trend nail polish, as well as her super glam jewelry. I'm not sure if she intentionally wore a crab bracelet as an addition to her already beach-themed outfit, but the subtle nod is totally rad.

Hint: If you're looking to imitate this look, you've got the wrong idea. You have to be independently and originally cool to create something equally as fabulous. But if you fancy yourself a worthy opponent, you can start with purchasing a surf-theme tee by 291 at ShopBop and some glitzy beach-theme gems, like this shark tooth necklace that's available at Revolve.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s Time to Tie the Knot

Many of us working gals are tormented by our own expectations of what life as a successful woman should be. Whether it's nailing down your dream job by a certain 20-something number or reaching a goal weight, these pressures to fill out the perfect life checklist seem to come from every aspect of your world. For a lot of women the biggest one, even from a young age, centers around marriage. Whether to, whether not to, when, who, how, if….?! You get the idea.

Well, sister, these aren't questions we're going to answer today. The only advice offered here is how to tie a different sort of knot that is a lot less committal — you thought I had some wise life solution, didn't you? Nope. Sorry.

This Fashionista seems to have it all figured out. She's taken a neutral maxi dress and paired it with a sheer sleeveless blouse that has been tied to cinch her waist at the middle. Her outfit is relaxed yet work-appropriate, and still sexy at that. She's quite a petite girl, but she's paired her floor length-maxi with some heels that lengthen her legs and make her look taller. For a little extra summer sass she's added some bright pink lipstick.

If you too have been contemplating tying the knot (clothes wise, of course, relax…) you can find your very own tie blouse at TopShop or My Wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Your Filthy Paws on Some Silky Drawers

So you're a super trendy Fashionista and you already know all about the lingerie-as-outerwear trend that's everywhere this summer. You're totally down to try it but there are some major obstacles that maybe the models sporting the trend on the catwalk don't really have to deal with. For example, your boss is old school and there's no way she'd be down with la Perla popping up around la Office on a monday morning. Or, call you crazy, you just don't feel super comfortable wearing a corset and garters to your Dad's 60th birthday party. No worries. I get it. And so does this Fashionista: just look at her!

Her beautiful printed satin robe is all about bringing the sex appeal into the public eye. She's just doing it with a little class. In keeping with her super trendy look, I was lucky enough to meet this Fashionista on a rooftop get-together at queen and soho (we are like so happening, right? I know.) The location has a fabulous view of Toronto and even better light for photographing her. So we put on our bedroom eyes and documented a much more refined way of trying out this trend.

She's taken an otherwise East Village look and brought a little bit of old Hollywood glamor into the mix. Can't you see her lounging by an infinity pool in Beverly Hills? She finishes off her look with some dazzling accessories. Glamour wouldn't be glamour, after all, without some shimmer. She wears a black leather belt that's woven through golden clasps, a jingly chain necklace and finally, a choker — perhaps a subtle nod to Princess Diana? Let's say it's so. This Fashionista shows us how to allude to boudoir without the bou-dirty.

Hint: Try it out yourself with a similar robe from Victoria's Secret or Marni.  

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Australian Aspirations

I spotted this Fashionisto heading to Bloor Street after work in an understated outback look that made me go “Crikey!” (yeah, I think you know where this is going…). Usually I would advise against imitating anything Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin would covet, but for this Fashionisto, I'll make an exception. We've seen safari-chic and outback-inspired looks all over Spring/Summer runways, but bringing it to the streets is a whole other issue.

Luckily, it's quite simple. Pair a khaki-colored button-down with subtle epaulettes and a crisp pair of fitted shorts. You can add some color in the shorts but don't go anywhere too bright. Think the sandy greens and dusty dark blues of the climate your emulating. No need to tuck that shirt in. We're going for rugged crocodile hunter here, after all. Oh, and don't forget your cooler-than-thou sunglasses to shade your eyes from any predators or prey you may encounter in the urban jungle (am I mixing metaphors here?).

Want to try it out yourself without having to worry about the dangers of the wilderness? Malene Birger has a great shirt that's perfect of the look and J.Crew carries some super simple shorts. You'll also need some neutral lace up shoes or a brown leather watch to complete the look. You'll be ready for an adventure with the creatures of the wild faster than you can say “you call that an epaulette? This is an epaulette.” If you don't know what I'm referencing, then mate, you have bigger problems than mastering this look.


Let's talk about your grandparents. Maybe your first response to this is “Oh man, I haven't called them for a while” or maybe “Ah, yes. Birthday money,” but eventually, your mind will wander to your memories of their refined table manners or the way your grandmother always matches her bag to her shoes. Now that you think of it, your grandmother is probably the most proper woman you know. And your grandfather? He was probably pretty impressive in his day if he managed to woo such a great lady. So how'd he do it in the first place? Well, for starters, he's got a lot of class. He's got great style. He wore loafers on their first date. He's got a picture of it.

You know what else your grandfather has? Wisdom. The hard-earned kind, too. Oh, and leisure time. And a pension. Yeah, he's pretty ballin'. So why wouldn't you want to get a piece of that swag? Clearly, he knows a thing or two. While you may be waiting a lifetime (literally) to earn most of those credentials yourself, you can at least dress for the part in the time being. It doesn't necessarily mean that you need to stock up on velour tracksuits and orthopaedics, but you can bring a piece of old-time sophistication and elegance into your everyday look by adding a classic wardrobe staple: the loafer.

Hugh Hefner wears them. Yes. It's true. But so does Alexa Chung, alright? And now, this trend has trickled down to the street where even the most low-maintenance dudes have been seen sporting them. Take this Fashionisto for example: without his awesome tasselled leather loafers, his outfit wouldn't be noticed at all. With their addition, he's suddenly a cordial gentleman straight out of Gucci Spring/Summer 2011.

You can grab a pair at Endless or just ask your grandpa for an old pair of his own. You'll save some money, and he'll stop being offended by your less-than-proper style of dress. It's a win-win really.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Turn Your Trappings Into Your Travel Log

It doesn't matter if you're in London, England or London, Ontario; we're all wearing the same clothes from the same stores these days. It's convenient, but it's also a little boring. There was a time when shopping in a new city actually meant something; you'd come back with something you couldn't get anywhere else. Now, thanks to globalization, you're awkward copycat cousin from Nebraska has an identical wardrobe to your own. In the high street world of mass produced items, it's got to be all about authenticity.

Take this girl for example. It's quite clear that she has style, right? Yes. But what makes her look unique is more about the way she shops than the final result. At least at first glance. Unlike most girls, with a shirt from this chain and some sandals from that brand, she's added unique one-of-a-kind pieces from her travels around the world: a bracelet from Venice, a ring from Soho, a bag and pants from Toronto and so on. Her outfit reads like a map of her travels. Having trouble navigating? That's because it's subtle. Otherwise, she'd end up looking like this after a day at battery park.

Too short on cash for travelling? Don't sweat it! This is just a great opportunity to become your city's number one scenester. Check out your local boutiques and research local designers. If your city's a little dry on trendy little shops then take some time and explore where you can find some brilliant independent jewelry designers.

Style Guro Bio: Bea Santos

My name is Bea and I'm a English Literature and Art History student as McGill. I'll be returning for my senior year in the fall, but for the summer I'll be perusing the streets of New York City and Toronto, catching up with fellow McGill students and seeing how other cities compare to Montreal in terms of trends and style.

I grew up in a small northern Ontario town but have been lucky enough to live in some very stylish cities such as Toronto, Madrid, Montreal and now New York City. It's fascinating to me the way that the style-vibe can change so drastically from one city to the next, and I look forward to capturing the uniqueness of all of the cities I visit. As for me, I would describe my personal style as feminine and daring. Some sources of inspiration for me include paintings from the Rococo era, fashion illustrator Georges Barbier and fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and Givenchy.

I'm so excited to start my second term as a Style Guru and begin as an Editor here at CollegeFashionista! I'd love if you'd be part of my adventures so please keep checking back for a super fun summer, full of style advice and trend spotting!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Out of Your Element

 When you're not in your comfort zone (or time zone, for that matter) your creative abilities are always put to the test. And your sense of style is no exception here. Of course, it's important to learn how to adapt your dressing to new environments, whether that be business or pleasure, but equally important to guard the tenets of your personal aesthetic like a sartorial tigress. You want to be a chameleon without being a copycat. Enough with these animal metaphors! What I mean to say is that style adaptation is possible without total annihilation.

Let's clarify with a specific example. This week, we find ourselves in New York City. And Toto, we are not in Montreal anymore! No, the blocks are longer and the blisters from husseling through them are bigger. Also, the pool of diverse style has quadrupled. This Fashionista, for instance, comes from Chile. Currently, she's a design management student at Parsons who has crossed oceans in order to get a grip on North American fashion and business. Although she wasn't lost at sea, she's retained some nautical elements from her travels. Her english is perfect, so there's no wonder it has been easy for her to translate her homegrown style into a new climate.

What I love about her outfit is its merging of beachy with business. I can see her on the beaches of central Chile or in a merchandising meeting on 5th avenue. Her look is clean and comfortable, and simultaneously shows off her style and beautiful face. Look at that, she's fluent in the language of style too!