Kent, Ohio is currently beyond blizzard conditions. With this horrendous weather unfortunately come equally horrendous outfit choices. It’s so much easier to throw on sweatpants and a hoodie to trek through the unplowed snow covered sidewalks on campus. During this particular day, I saw many people that resembled the abominable snowman and just looked miserable (myself included). When I walked into the fashion building, I saw this Fashionista looking as if it wasn’t a depressing twenty degrees outside. I commend her fashion-forward blizzard ensemble. Her layering is perfect (and necessary) for this type of weather. She is wearing a white chunky knit sweater under her gray wool jacket that matches nicely with her infinite knit scarf. You can’t tell, but her sweater has a cowl neck. I really like this because it keeps you warm and cozy without feeling too cumbersome and confined. It also allows more room for a scarf. Her jacket is the ideal alternative to typical puffy winter jackets because it maintains structure and class while still flattering her and the rest of her outfit. Since her top half is heavier (with the bulk of the outfit), her jeggings were the flawless solution to keeping her bottom half less congested, while still staying warm. When I took her picture, it was an absolute essential to be wearing boots and I am so glad she picked a pair other than UGG boots. Her boots have crisscross laces and fur detail that actually makes them more interesting as opposed to the go to UGG boots.

Name: Bobi Jo Homer

Year: Sophomore

Major: Fashion Merchandising

How To: Try Bloomingdale’s for a cowl sweater. This one is almost identical to Bobi Jo's. This striped one is also very cool and versatile with its removable cowl neck (perfect for translating pieces from one season to another). Bloomingdale’s also has many wool coats. I really like this one with the immense amount of buttons. For boots, try these from the North Face. Polish your snow-prepared look with this extremely warm infinity scarf from PacSun and these fabulous Juciy Couture gloves. This Fashionista has the right idea on how to stay warm this winter!


While I was walking around campus during winter break, it seemed to be a ghost town. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw one of my sorority sisters looking chic in an A-line denim dress paired with tights and platform heels. She also had a navy and white nautical inspired draped sweater on to keep her look more season appropriate.

Name: Bethany Dibble

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite part about your outfit today?

Bethany Dibble: My dress. It has this awesome zipper that goes down the spine and I think it adds a really cool detail to it.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

BD: Still working on it. I wouldn’t say I have a certain style, I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t think any of it really even goes together, but that’s fine with me. They say fashion should be fearless, right?

How To: To get a similar look, Piperlime has Juicy Couture denim dresses and Calvin Klein is perfect for the sweater. Finish the look with platform heels from ALDO.

Style Guru Bio: Bernadette Foster

Hello fellow Fashionista/os. My name is Bernadette Foster and I am super excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for my second semester! I’m a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Writing at Kent State University. I am a member of the Fashion Journalism Team, Fashion Student Organization, Artemis Magazine and Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Style is the biggest way to express yourself without saying a word. Your style is the first thing people see and is partial determinance to the way they perceive you. Style is a personal way to express to everyone what you want him or her to know about you; it is an art.

I wouldn’t say my personal style falls under any specific category. I am influenced by girly pieces and love bold colors and prints. My favorite fashion season is fall because I love seeing all the different ways people layer and transition from summer.

After graduating from Kent, my dream is to work for a fashion magazine. I am looking forward to another fabulous semester and cannot wait to see what trends everyone has in store!

TREND: Fashionable Finals

Ugh, it’s about that time in the semester, finals. Spending long hours in the library cramming for finals is probably the worst thing ever. Actually, I take that back, seeing some of the things people wear in the library during finals week is probably the worst thing ever. The Kent State University library is filled with one of the worst fashion “trends” ever- sweatpants. WHY oh why do girls do that? I know that they are much more capable of producing a fashion-forward outfit. I understand that while studying for the majority of the day/night you want to be comfortable, everyone does, but there is a way to be visually appealing while getting your study on.

I spotted this Fashionista in the library and was delighted to see someone (other than myself) wearing something that showcased her eye for style. While her outfit is simplistic, she is still staying chic and comfortable at the same time. She is wearing jeggings, which I am a huge fan of. I think that leggings are a fabulous item, however, how many times do you see girls pairing them with shirts that are too short and inevitably showing off their entire panty? Exactly. With jeggings, that doesn’t happen, because it is impossible. The denim material eliminates any sheer happenings that occur with leggings. Also, it is winter now and the die-hard legging Fashionistas must be freezing. Jeggings help to keep warm because they’re made of denim.

The over-the-knee boots are a great addition to her jeggings because they uphold style as well as protect her from the harsh Ohio weather. The knit scarf she pairs with the rest of her outfit is adorable. I love the tie-dye effect of it and that it gives another color variation to the simple neutral palette she has chosen. Because the scarf is neutral, it can either stay with her ensemble once she takes off her jacket or be taken off too. Her gray jacket with fur inside ensures that she will stay warm, comfortable, and fashionable during her long study hours.

Hint: Try jeggings accompanied by tall boots and a neutral scarf while studying. You'll be sure to ace your finals in style!

TREND: Modern Denim

In my opinion, no one over the age of 16 should wear a denim mini skirt. So many times I see people even in college breaking my “rule”. To me, denim skirts look so jouvenille and make you appear to look so much younger than you actually are. The things I see paired with them are equally horrible; cowboy boots, flip flops, UGG boots, ugh it’s just a fashion disaster! I also don’t think they’re flattering on anyone who is trying to be stylish. They’re always just straight and super short and don’t do anything for anyone’s body type.

When I saw this Fashionista wearing a denim skirt, I was pleasantly surprised. The denim skirt she is wearing is unlike any I have previously seen. The denim is a darker wash, which I think plays down the aspect of it looking too young. The skirt also has a little flare and isn’t pencil straight. That helps the Fashionista look modern by playing up a flirty side of it. She also paired it with a studded belt that I love. It makes the skirt much more modern and semi-rocker while still being classy and not overdoing the rocker style. The white wool crochet sweater is perfect for the crazy weather we’ve been having in Kent (40 degrees when you go to class, 60 when you come out) and adds a sleek touch to the outfit. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I commend Fashionista’s who wear heels to class, and this Fashionista is no exception. Her black booties go flawlessly with the rest of her outfit and help to make it extremely current and chic.

Hint: Next time you think about wearing a denim mini skirt, try this skirt paired with this belt as an alternative. I promise you will look much more age appropriate and even more fabulous.

TREND: Black and White

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think about an outfit that is only black and white, I think boring. I just don’t feel like there is anything special or interesting about simply black and white paired together. However, after seeing this Fashionista’s outfit I am no longer anti-black and white ensembles.

This Fashionista made black and white super cute. My favorite part of this outfit is the shoulder detail on her shirt. The rhinestone appliqué really makes the outfit more interesting and pop. The black and white colors of her outfit keep it classy and the rhinestones add shimmer that make it more fun and age appropriate. I also like that the rhinestones aren’t colored and stick with the black and white palette present throughout the rest of the outfit. More and more around campus I have seen Fashionista’s with fabulous details on the shoulders of their shirts. I have seen zippers, ruffles, and even shoulder pads. The shape/perspective of shoulders is changing in the fashion world. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana have been changing the awareness of shoulders since Fall 2009, and it’s splendid that Fashionista’s are diving into this accentuated shoulder trend and it’s becoming more popular. The high-waisted skirt this Fashionista paired with her shirt is fabulous. It’s a little higher than typical high-waisted skirts, which is very slimming, especially since it is black and the white shirt is tucked into it. The cotton skirt also elongates the Fashionista’s torso and makes her appear taller. Her leather black boots, with bows on the back, are perfect for fall and trekking around campus.

Hint: Try a ruffled shoulder top paired with chic boots.

TREND: Laid Back Bohemian

One style that I rarely see portrayed correctly during fall is the bohemian look. During summer, it is easy to throw on a flowy floral-printed tank and a hat and have a boho-chic look. However, fall is a little trickier. Many Fashionista’s around campus are spotted wearing the same brightly colored flowy floral tops as summer paired with sandals and skinny jeans. If you know Ohio weather, you realize that is so not season appropriate.

I love this Fashionista’s bohemian-inspired fall look. What originally drew my eye to this Fashionista was her headband. One of the simplest ways to give an ensemble bohemian flare is through a thick headband (scarf) tied around the peak of your head. This headband is perfect for fall because of the colors used in it. They are bright enough to draw your eye and add a pop of color, but yet maintain dark enough colors appropriate for the season. The cream cropped crochet top also is an effortless way to add boho glamour to an outfit. The high-waisted black wool skirt and tights uphold the simplicity and helps the color palette remain neutral so the only color really involved is in the headband. One thing I adore about bohemian-styled clothing is the carefree attitude that comes along with it. As I have mentioned in previous posts, many people don’t like to mix black and brown together (and I still don’t understand why). However, boho style isn’t restricted by the “outdated” rule of mixing the two colors together. The braided belt and ankle boots are fabulous additions to this outfit.

Hint: Crochet sweaters are perfect for fall boho style. Try a scarf as a headband too.

TREND: Fallin’ in Love with Bold Prints

Typically, I am not a fan of bold prints. They tend to come off as too obnoxious, even for me (and I like obnoxious things). Another thing I normally don’t like about bold prints are the things people pair with it. Around campus I see masses of bold prints with other bold pieces of clothing (i.e. chunky knit sweaters) and it just looks sloppy. 

I am in love with this Fashionista’s bold printed dress. The immense flowers are a darker pinkish tone, which is a perfect color for fall; it stands out without blinding those who look at it. The black outline of the flowers collectively with the black the flowers are on top of, certainly tie the dress together. Upon further inspection of this fabulous dress, I noticed the print that was behind the flowers. That pattern is many diagonal lines that connect to make stars, circles and abstract shapes. I think it is very modern that you can’t see this “hidden” pattern until you get close to the dress. This Fashionista doesn’t overpower the outfit either. The black woven scarf she paired with the ensemble made it more appropriate for the season as well as provided some texture. The cream leather jacket isn’t too heavy and is more neutral, which lets the dress essential stand on it’s own. The gray little booties are equally marvelous as the rest of the accessories.

Hint: Stick to ONE bold print that takes up most of the dress, not a smaller one all over. Try this dress + this jacket + this scarf + tights = Meoww, Fashionista!

TREND: Trendy Professional

“Professional or casual?” “Professional or casual? “Thoughts that can bombard a Fashionista daily while trying to pick out an outfit for the day. Even when attempting to mix the two, it is often an utter fail and comes across as a chaotic disaster. When I see people around campus attempting the trendy professional look, I often notice tights, shorts, and an oversized Kent State University hoodie. Um, hello, that is not even flattering to most people’s body types let alone fashion forward.

This Fashionista does a fabulous job of integrating the right pieces of clothing together to make an outfit that is trendy, professional, and stylish all in one. The scarf is what originally caught my attention of this chic outfit. It is hippie inspired and a full palette of colors that brighten up what might be just another stylish ensemble. The texture and pattern the scarf has really makes the outfit modern. The main bulk of the outfit (sweater and skirt) are a great combination together for this type of outfit. The sweater could be worn with jeans, leggings, or a more casual skirt, which gives the knit a relaxed feel. Tucking it in to the businessy skirt that is balanced with a belt makes it less causal and more put together. The satchel and heels are great accessories to go with this outfit. The dark brown satchel plays up the fun of the outfit while the heels maintain its classiness. Wearing heels to class are a grand idea to dress up basically any outfit. I commend any Fashionista willing to trek around the hills of KSU in heels.

Hint: Target has awesome bags and Banana Republic has stylish skirts.

TREND: Translating to Fall

True Life: I am completely obsessed with this outfit. When switching seasons, many people don’t translate parts from the previous into the current. It often comes off weird when wearing a summery dress in the fall. Countless summer dresses are full of floral chiffon prints that don’t incorporate well with bolder colors and heavier fabrics that are elements of fall. Even when finding pieces from another season that actually do fit with the current, it’s often daunting and complex to mix two seasons together to produce one fabulous outfit.

This Fashionista is incorporating a summer dress flawlessly with pieces for fall that make it into the head-turning outfit that it is. The hat and scarf obviously give the outfit a older weather feel, but the belt and tights, and boots contribute to take a summer cotton dress into the cold of Kent State University. The belt assists to create a defined waist, something that the dress by itself wouldn’t have. The belt also helps to narrow the dress so that her brightly colored eye-popping sweater can make a statement. One thing I really love that this Fashionista did is combine brown boots with black tights. People think that brown and black are a fashion faux pas and I don’t know why! Perhaps because they’re two dark base colors? Nonetheless, I commend Fashionistas that unite the two together, like this Fashionista has done. The yellow sweater is what originally caught my eye about this Fashionista. It is so bright and paired perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Since black and brown are neutrals and blue and yellow are strong primary colors, combining them all together just makes the outfit powerful.

Hint: J.Crew has bright sweaters that you can mix with black tights and brown boots.