TREND: Smart Young Gentlemen

There is nothing that upsets me more than encountering a guy who doesn't know how to dress. Worse still, is a guy whose definition of 'well dressed' includes 'exclusive use of a particular brand name'. While I enjoy designer clothing, I am not heavy into brand names. I prefer to go the singular route and wear clothing that reflects my personal style and flatters my body. That's why I'm always so impressed when I spot a Fashionisto with some ACTUAL FASHION SENSE. It is so refreshing to see young men who know how to dress themselves, and can manage to leave their houses looking classy and respectable.

I spotted this Fashionisto and had to take his picture. He was so well matched with his coffee colored sweater and shirt and his brown pants. The personal touches he made by rolling up his shirt sleeves and leaving his last button undone, gave his outfit a creative personal flair. I was very impressed that a college aged Fashionisto was able to dress so well and come across looking like such a smart young professional. Hats off to other young men of his caliber.

Hint: Fashionistos can add some sophistication to their outfits by wearing an ascot tie. You can never go wrong with a properly selected ascot.

Style On,




The weather is finally starting to warm up in beantown! To celebrate, this Fashionista is rocking a lowcut, black tunic embroidered with magenta beads in an intricate paisley over a pair of basic black leggings and super cute gray flats.

Hint: You don't need really jewelry  with embellished pieces like these, but a few neutral bangles can never hurt.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


TREND: Let the Spring In

The weather has been so nice this past week in Boston that it’s hard to imagine the miserable wet days we had over spring break. Thankfully, it looks like spring might be here to stay, and that means new spring fashions. I caught these Fashionistas rocking their short skirts and flats in the new warmth and it realy lifted my spirits. The bright floral patterns on the skirt of the Fashionista on the right helped me remember that the reason we Bostonians put up with the frigid winters. The weather has improved and so should the colours of your wardrobe. Retire your blacks, greys and navy blues. Now is the time for yellows, pinks, reds and greens!

Hint: Finish off your new spring style with a classic pair of sunglasses.

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TREND: Versatile Vests

Versatility is key when purchasing an item of clothing. Whats the point of buying something when it can only be worn one way? This Fashionista played up her key piece, the vest, over a striped button down for a sophisticated, preppy, ensemble and left the bottom untucked for some girly frills. Transitioning is versatility and this look is perfect for class and for work. With the very same vest, you can wear it over anything, whether it be a t-shirt or dress, buttoned or unbuttoned. It can be your blazer for the spring, so when shopping for your next key staple, look for something more versatile. This TopShop vest is absolutely adorable. The chiffon rose embroidery makes me anticipate spring even more! Or for something more casual, check out this military inspired vest . Nonetheless, every Fashionista needs a waistcoat in their wardrobe!

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TREND: The Perfect Pair For Rest of The New Year

Welcome back to classes Fashionistas/os. It’s about that time of year when spring starts rolling in and we either start realizing that we haven’t been keeping our resolutions or dig dipper and continue on with our goals for self improvement. One of my resolutions was to buy more shoes. Needless to say, it’s been quite an easy resolution to keep.

Any true Fashionista knows that when it comes to shoes, beauty is pain. No matter how high the heel or how many blisters we get, we’ll still buy the highest and most dangerously teetering heels we can find! Now I LOVE high heels, and this fashionista inspired me so much with her fabulous pair of heels, that I immediately went surfing the web for other great pairs to share with you. Here are my top choices of fantastic shoes in all the major and minor colors, and some that I’m destined to continue gaping at from shop store windows!

The Basics:


The Metallics:

The Colors:

The Adventures:
Animal Print

The Indulges:
Thigh Highs
Disco Nights
Steam Punk in Red

The Booties:

The Designers:
Alexander McQueen
Carlos Santana
Christian Louboutin
Jimmy Choo
Manolo Blahnik
Vivienne Westwood

Hint: Kim Kardashian’s new website and business ShoeDazzle makes it easy for Fashionistas everywhere to have great looking feet. Included in the $40 monthly membership, is a fantastic pair of shoes chosen by a personal stylist and free shipping to anywhere in the United States. Short on cash this month? Between the 1st and the 5th, you have the option to ‘Skip the Month’ and not be charged the monthly fee.

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Although classic pearls are one of the few items in a Fashionista’s closet that will never get old, us Fashionistas like to mix things up. This Fashionista is rocking knit leggings detailed with faux black pearls with patent gray lace-up booties. This look is perfect for spring!

Hint: Use these Bronzing Pearls for a springy, sun-kissed glow.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas