In these hot summer days, people usually opt for less clothes and short hair to keep the cooler. It also helps to wear lightweight breathable fabrics that keep the wind flowing through and cooling the body when the sun hits it. 

This Fashionista use all three of these tips to keep cool on this hot 90-degree day and looks great doing it. A simple tank ensemble outfitted with gold accessories and beautiful edgy haircut that immediately caught my attention. I spotted her at the campus-parking garage and ran to catch her attention. The ensemble consisted of a simple tribal print tank she found at Urban Outfitters and a pair of light brown linen pants from Old Navy. The main point of attention is this beautiful girls haircut! Edgy, stylish and easily noticeable, her use of color and placement really put this hairdo work. To offset her out outfit she also wore beautiful gold and turquoise chandelier earrings, simple black sandals and black and blue shades to block out the blazing sun.

The trick to summer style, I believe, is to keep things simple and light. Minimalize your layers, brighten your colors, and think cool thoughts. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll be able to keep your cool in 90-degree weather.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pleats and Petal Colors

Spring is here! Well in Tallahassee, anyway. The warm weather hit hard this week, which gave way to light fabrics, bright colors and showing skin. Spring weather in northern Florida is much like the end of summer in the northern states so needless to say its very hot. No matter how scorching it is there are ways to maintain a stylish look by choosing cool fabrics, colors and looks.

This fabulous Fashionista was found walking to class and her outfit caught my eye immediately. Besides it being so well put together and effortless looking, her entire outfit consisted of pleats. Pleats have made numerous appearances in this year's spring lines and have made this classic cut a must have for this season. Alexander McQueen, Badgley Mischka and Moschino have all used pleats in their spring lines, which make them a perfect way to stay in season.

Today’s Fashionista wore a rose colored pleated maxi skirt by Lauren Conrad and a cream pleated sleeveless button-up by BCBG. She chose to wear brown and gold accents with her Jessica Simpson chinko sandals and a matching bag she found at Express. This simple look of chiffon and polyester is lightweight and very breathable so she is both stylish and cool: sound like a good day to me. Pleats have been making more and more appearances on the campus of Florida A&M University, it's good to see that a lot of my fellow students are getting the memo.


The time has sprung forward and the pastels are showing more and more face. When you think of spring, you automatically think of bright colors and easy breezy fabrics to enjoy the perfect weather. We see a lot of this all the time in Florida because spring and summer are long and winters are short and sweet.

Walking around campus and enjoying the weather I ran into this Fashionista sporting a very Ralph Lauren-esque outfit. After looking at the ensemble closer I fell in love with the classic uniform look. She stayed true to spring by sporting a long sleeve polo and some classic khaki pleated shorts. Pleated shorts can often end up looking unflattering, but this lady pulled it off. When quizzing her on where she got her ensemble she revealed that the entire ensemble, minus the shoes, came from her local thrift store.

For those who don’t know, Goodwill and thrift stores are the best kept secret of most Fashionistas. Most of the pieces found in thrift stores are vintage and one of a kind so you get the benefit of being one of a kind and a smart shopper. To complete her look, this Fashionista chose her brown Sperry boat shoes and a paisley print bag she also got from a thrift store. This look is great for the spring time sun; her color palette is spring classic and her overall look is easy going and fun for the day.


Florida has the craziest weather of almost any other state or the Eastern Seaboard. The Florida sun can be beautiful in the morning, deathly in the afternoon and a hurricane can blow in the evening. But no matter the weather, season, time of day or mood, everyone knows that you cannot go wrong with black. Usually in the scorching sun, black brings in the heat but there is always away around extreme weather. This Fashionista’s ensemble stood out to me with its classic color palette and weather-ready choices. This very slim and sleek look was simple and cool for the hot Florida sun. Her look included a black sheer sleeveless button up and grey skinny jeans from Forever 21.

Another fabulous addition to this Fashionista’s look was the growingly popular Jeffrey Campbell Black Litas. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are known for their modern twist to vintage style of shoes and are always recognizable; they made the perfect choice for this ensemble. Added to this already great look was a pop of color with her Leopard print clutch and black Aviators. This look is simple and effective and able to keep the wearer cool and stylish. If you absolutely have to have color in your looks, its always easiest to add a pop of color or prints to muted tones. Trade the black button-up for a colored top or the grey bottoms with a print, the fun comes in experimenting. Always be ready for whatever the day may bring and always choose to be stylish.


Today marks the fifth day in a row it has been raining here in “sunny” Tallahassee. Usually around this time the weather beings to warm and we start to see people trade in layers and jackets for shorts and flip flops. While we have a started to see a few warmer days, this week has been cold, windy and rainy. What a bummer.

Most college students, under these conditions, choose to weather the weather by putting on simple sweats, rain boots and jackets to stay warm and dry. But there is always a way to add style to a dressed down look. Take this Fashionista for example, a very simple, dressed down look augmented with stylish pieces and looks effortlessly thrown together. I caught this young lady on my way to class (late as usual) and she was more than happy to be photographed. 

She started simply with the easiest staple of all, black leggings, and put on her comfy white Fruit of the Loom distressed sweatshirt to traverse these rainy days. Her choice of layers made this cozy ensemble stylish and easy to spot. Adding a cream peacoat, brown ankle boots from Forever21 and a canary yellow and cream scarf kept simplicity but added flair to her outfit. Besides her leggings and boots from Forever21, her entire outfit came from her mothers closet and Goodwill! Talk about a college budget. She’s warm, dry, stylish and comfy! A win/win situation for a day as yucky as this.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: We Found Love in Tallahassee

It is common knowledge that today’s celebrities greatly influence the average citizen’s style and personal appearance. Style icons like Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Andre 3000 and my personal favorite, Solange, have all had their personal styles imitated countless times. It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

This Fashionista has taken her favorite celebrity style icon and put her front and center of her ensemble. This past week was Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s 24th birthday and in honor this stylish diva has worn her favorite Rihanna T-shirt from TopShop. Don’t you just love a true fan?

It’s a bit cold this morning in Tallahassee, so instead of going in just the shirt, this Fashionista decided to augment the look with a beautiful canary yellow oversized cardigan she conveniently found at her local Goodwill. Choosing brown accents, she wore lace up boots from, a hobo bag (also found at Goodwill) skinny Forever 21 jeans and a gold and burgundy striped scarf she got as a gift. This is a perfect example of how to take your favorite celebrity's style and twist it to make it your own. She took a simple T-shirt, which started as homage to the singer, and made an outfit that is totally Rihanna-worthy. I would like to think that Rihanna herself would be proud in knowing that she has such a loyal following.


Walking around campus this week was actually a breath of fresh air. The weather was pretty consistent and many of my fellow Rattlers were preparing for warmer weather that is bound to come any day now. Although the mornings are still freezing, by the afternoon it becomes the perfect opportunity to show some skin.

I ran into this Fashionisto while walking to get some lunch and was actually intrigued by how his wonderful oversized sweater was enhanced by his gorgeous blonde and black locks. I advise my fellow Fashionistas/os to include a great haircut to enhance whatever you’re wearing. This particular guy opted to brave this tricky time in the season with wearing cut off Levi denim shorts, an oversized red sweater from H&M, and black military lace up boots from ALDO. A simple but effective ensemble is made even more outstanding by his contrasting hair.

Usually women are the ones who are noticed for hairstyles that are out of this world, so seeing this young man breaks the mold. The majority of this outfit consists of color contrasts that pop, which is big this season. Neon and pops of bright color have made appearances in shows for such designers as Oscar De La Renta, Mulberry, L.A.M.B and Moschino and the trend has also made it's way into stores like H&M and Forever 21. It was a very interesting twist to see this fashion forward fellah with a pop of red in this amazing sweater and his hair. Blonde haircuts have been huge for guys ever since Chris Brown made it the cool thing to do, but blonde locks? Yes, yes, yes! Good job, sir.


It's hot! Although it's technically still winter, it’s a very warm 80 degrees here in Tallahassee. While strolling through the park one day I came across this Fashionisto and thought he was dressed rather appropriately for today’s weather shocker. His ensemble not only attracted me because of its easy, breezy feel but because of its rather simple, thrown together look. As I have stated before, Tallahassee is one of the most unpredictable climates I have ever had the displeasure of dressing under and it takes a lot to plan for the day. It’s all about layers: keeping enough on to say warm and to take off if it gets too hot.

This Fashionisto managed to look good and remain cool wearing a graphic tank from Cotton On and layering it with a plaid Champs shirt that his “loving mother” bought him. He also decided to wear some simple distressed light denim and to complete the look, threw on his favorite black classic Crocs to traverse these high Tallahassee hills. While others are burning up in their UGG boots, scarves, bombers and sweaters, he remains cool, calm and collected. This look is simple, comfortable and is basically the essence of college style. We Tallahassee students have a niche for still being fashionable under the craziest weather conditions. Come rain, wind, hurricane or heat we still have to have the style to compliment our smarts!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fall, Fun and Flannel!

Dealing with a perpetually bipolar climate like the one in Tallahassee can be a major headache for anyone. Take today for example, this morning it was a frigid 37 degrees, and by noon it reached the 70s. The trick to dealing with this kind of craziness is to dress for the weather and not the season. People in other parts of Florida have the luxury of having to worry about dressing for the weather, unfortunately, those of us living in Tallahassee do not have this privilege! 

Now take this Fashionista: I spotted her walking to the cafeteria for brunch wearing what looks to be a nice spring outfit — but don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of fall in there. Since it was beginning to warm up, she decided to stay true to fall by pulling out her favorite plaid flannel Ralph Lauren button-up while still deciding to show off her legs wearing cut off denim shorts. Adding to her simple yet effective ensemble, she wore black lace-up boots from Aldo and threw on her military patchwork messenger bag.

Don’t worry, she still has her jacket handy for that cold front coming in later on in the day. This outfit works great with the weather and still fits the season, making this Fashionista stand out in more ways than one. Her outfit came entirely from the thrift store, minus the boots and bag, and she has shown the definition of what it means to shop on a budget. Picking the right fabrics, accessories, outerwear and layering is key to remaining trendy and toasty. In these cooler days of winter, I encourage all of my fellow Fashionista/os to stay warm and stay stylish!

Style Guru Bio: Brandon Heyward

This year holds a lot of exciting things for me! New journeys, new experiences and being a new Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m so ready for 2012!

My name is Brandon Heyward and I am a graduating senior majoring in Theatre Performance with a minor in Dance at Florida A&M University. I have been performing in different disciplines since I was a little boy so I do believe that being around so many different types of artist has influenced my personal style a great bit. Serving as your Style Guru, I will be able to bring my personal and funky style to you guys as well provide you with some good advice and an appreciation for fashion. Working for CollegeFashionista is a great way for me to examine different styles in my area in a way I never have before and actually give me an outlet to talk about it more in depth.

Being born and raised in Washington D.C., there are a many different styles to look at and appreciate. Many people don’t think of D.C. when they think about fashion, but it is a great place for style.  Living in the area for so long has given me a quirky outlook on fashion and style and has given me the ability to easily identify what good style is. I brought this appreciation for personal style with me all the way to Tallahassee and continue to point out the people who aren’t afraid to be daring and different.

I have coined my own personal style as “afro centric chic,” I wear a lot of bold tribal prints and earth tones while still trying to incorporate classic pieces and silhouettes. My favorite places to shop are thrift and vintage shops but also H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Rugby, United Colors of Benetton and Urban Outfitters. If you were to take a look in my closet you would find a ton of bold prints and colors, while still finding some basic staples that can be used for any occasion. I like to think of my style as a mix between Missoni and Dsquared with a dash Lanvin. My style really does reflect my personality and I think that is the greatest mark of a stylish being: to bring forth their own personality and their own story in everything that they wear.