A lot of college boys don’t necessarily love fashion. They don’t plan their outfits out weeks in advance, get excited about the anniversary sale, have a closet that is too small and shop on the daily like us girls. For those boys that do, we commend you. However, there is one aspect of fashion that I constantly see boys getting into is their shoes. Sometimes, it seems like my guy friends know more about shoes then I do. It is one part of men’s fashion I have been nervous to talk about because there are so many aspects and ways to go.

This Fashionisto, however, caught my eye. His overall outfit is understated trendy with his dark-wash denim, neutral button down and Diesel watch. However, he really make it be known that he is a Fashionisto when it comes to his feet. This Fashionisto was wearing one of my personal favorite brands for men’s shoes right now: Creative Reaction. In my opinion, it is the perfect shoe. They have everything you need and are easy to dress up or dress down. I love that this Fashionisto chose to go with neutral colors on his shoes. It’s a little bit less casual especially when paired with his dark-wash denim. Because the makers of these shoes studied the manufacturing of dress shoes, they have included some elements of dress shoes into their sneakers. The narrow toe and quality of the leather helps them give off a really clean vibe. Their low top version has all the elements of a dress shoe but is made like a sneaker, so if you are looking to dress up a pair of comfortable sneakers, those would be the best option out there.

Hint: Don’t take the fact that you can dress these shoes up too literally. Let’s be honest, they probably wouldn’t be the best option for a wedding or interview. But for semi-formal events they can be perfect. Pair them with dark skinny jeans or khakis and a button-down. Because these shoes are already so fabulous, there is no need to add many more accessories. I would skip the hat and keep the rest of the outfit simple.


August has hit (and here in Seattle we’re hoping for some sun any day now), which means the summer is sadly and slowly coming to end. It has definitely come as a surprise to me that I have yet to write about one of my favorite trends of this (and last) summer. Denim has taken on many different roles in the last few years. From denim on denim to studded to printed, there are so many different ways a Fashionista/o can go. Colored denim has been such a great twist and definitely a trend that has endless amounts of possibilities. I know it has been on the streets for a while now, but like I said, it has been one of my favorites and it is especially fun in the summer.

This Fashionisto is doing a great job of rocking colored denim. I love that he chose red; it’s such a good color for summer days. Not to mention it is also great for the patriotic trend I mentioned a few weeks back. The fit that this Fashionisto chose is perfect. When it comes to colored denim, guys should always stay on the straight and/or slim side. I know I always say that the slim fit looks better, but in this case there is no other way to go. Relaxed colored denim is way too much color and fabric. Keep in mind that there are so many other colors you can go with. Blues and greens are good because they are easy to match other colors with. This Fashionisto decided to go with black; however, the great thing about this trend is that you can pair it with my other favorite trend of this past year — color blocking! Pick a piece to color block with like a T-shirt or a jacket or blazer. Always choose a color from the opposite side of the color wheel to go with your denim. Also, always be sure to buy colored denim one size below your normal size because they will stretch a full size after you wear them. Lastly, you don’t have to stay limited to just denim, check out the great twills and corduroys a lot of the denim brands have available right now.

Girls picked up on this trend really quickly; however, I have just started to notice guys getting on board. The main point is: don’t be afraid of it! It may seem intimidating at first but follow the tips above and approach styling your colored denim like any other pair of old blue jeans and you’ll be totally fine.


Some people take the word casual way too literally. It breaks my heart when an event says casual wear is okay and boys show up in basketball shorts — please, leave those at the gym. I’ll be the first to admit, I love going casual because there is nothing better then being in your most comfortable clothes. However, even though you are in your casual attire that feels the best, who says you can’t look the best as well? It is possible to dress down while keeping those style points up.

This Fashonisto definitely has the whole classy casual thing figured out. While dressing this style it is important to consider one important thing: alternatives. He found some great alternatives that make his ensemble easy going, yet still proves that he put some thought into his look. He keeps it comfortable with an Alexander Wang T-shirt and A.P.C. denim that was well broken in. The dark-wash and slim fit looks really clean as opposed to that faded, relaxed look that has quickly been diminished in the world of fashion. What really got me about this outfit though were his jacket and shoes. Instead of a worn out college hoodie, he threw on a lightweight khaki jacket by Billy Reid. Khaki is usually a great choice and a great investment because it goes with almost everything, and it’s a little bit dressier then a denim jacket, yet still comfortable. Where most guys would choose to go with Converse or Vans (so predictable), this Fashionisto chose a pair of John Varvatos derby shoes. Over the past few years, it has become way more acceptable for guys to pair denim with dressier shoes, and once those shoes are broken in, they’ll be just as comfortable as your Jordans, I swear.

Hint: To get this Fashionisto’s look, you will need a few basics. Find a good pair of slim, straight-leg, dark-wash denim. I’d go with the Slim Jim’s made by Nudie Jeans. The trick to get this denim feeling great is to not wash it for at least 6 months after purchasing it. I know that sounds crazy, but once these jeans fit you better then any other pair you’ve had, you’ll thank me. Any one of your favorite casual T-shirts works great, the less graphics, the better. Next, you’ll need a good, neutral jacket that fits over a T-shirt but has a little room for the winter when you need to fit a sweater underneath. Lastly, finish it off with a good pair of any variation of a derby or oxford shoe. The whole look takes you just as much time as a sweatshirt and tennis shoes, but you’ll look twice as good.


I’m sure everyone’s heard the new saying that the 1995 nerd is the 2012 Fashionisto. As much as I hate to disagree with that statement, everyone knows that there is a little truth to it. Glasses, suspenders, short hemlines and slim-fit pants have been gracing college kid’s closets lately making Steve Urkel wish he was born about two decades later. When this look gets taken too far it can be a little dangerous. However, when done correctly, I am impressed with how flattering and cool the look can actually be.

This Fashionisto did a perfect job of not going too over the top with the looks, but still having some fun while accessorizing. His J Brand slim fit Kane denim look great. The dark wash is so professional and class-ready. He cuffs them a bit at the hem to show off his awesome Clarks Oxblood’s which seriously put a vintage, trendy spin on the classic, uniform looking oxfords that we were all forced to wear to school at some point. He keeps it very simple with a plain henley, grey sweatshirt, but that is only because his main accessory is too cool to draw attention from. His Casio calculator watch really sets the whole geek chic theme in place and is the perfect accessory to establish his outfit in a subtle way. He ties it all together and adds a classy element with understated, frameless Gucci glasses.

Hint: This look is all about the accessories. You want to keep the top and bottom simple so you can deck out in fun features.  Just be sure to not go over the top.  When it comes to the glasses, if you don’t have a prescription play around with the faux ones many stores are selling right now. Thick frames have obviously been a favorite lately, but if you can pull off the no-rimmed ones like this fashionisto, then go for it! With oxfords making a huge comeback, there are so many variations out there. Find a pair in a fun color that will keep your ensemble light-hearted and relaxed. Lastly, if you can find a geek chic accessory that beats this Casio watch, then mix that in for the ultimate nerd look that would even make Screech or Minkus jealous.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Feeling Distressed?

Dating back to the grunge period of the 1990s, distressed clothing has definitely made its way into fashion in the last twenty years. Many people thought it was a fad; however, because of its preservation through the changes of fashion in the last twenty years and it’s evolution with trends, distressing has done a great job of sticking around and keeping up with the times. It was the punks in London in the '80s that first picked it up and the grunge artists of the '90s that really got it going. Being a born and raised Seattlite, I must say that this trend is a favorite of mine.

This Fashionisto sports a pair of distressed 7 For All Mankind cut-offs. I love that he took a high price point pair of jeans and gave them a grunge, D.I.Y look. If anyone knows me and my fashion sense, they know that I am all about contradiction. He used a steak knife, sandpaper and fabric paint to distress these old jeans. I love that he cut them above the knee, which is a trendy length for this summer. He chose a T-shirt that matched the paint on his shorts which is also something I really liked about the outfit. However, it is always an option to do minimal colors of paint on the bottom and use the top piece as a color blocking piece. For example, orange paint on the bottom and a purple top. Remember, for the summer, bold colors are always better.

Hint: To get shorts like these, the best bet is to make them yourself. Choose a pair of denim jeans that are one or two sizes bigger then what you normally wear (so they are not too tight around the thighs). Knives or scissors are best for distressing as they add character and fringe edges. Wash them after you distress them and before you paint them. When painting them, have fun with it! Hang them up and throw paint at them like you are splatter painting a canvas. Other good items to pair with these distressed cut-offs? A flannel would be great for a real Seattle grunge look, or a tank top would give a laid back summer look. Last but not least, for a versatile look (you all know how I love contradiction), pair these cut-offs with a polo or a classy striped V-neck. This Fashionisto pairs them with a solid Public Opinion tee and matches the colors which totally coordinates the outfit. The bottom line with a distressed piece is to have fun with it! There is no wrong answer to mixing and matching.


As the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, I always begin planning my outfit for the day months in advance. However, it seems as though this year, the rest of the country jumped on this bandwagon as well. Apparel that represents the great USA has jumped on the fast track in the last few months and is popular everywhere. My conclusion? Just because Independence Day has come and gone, all the stars and stripes hype is definitely not leaving us. Generally it has been seen in flag painted cut-off shorts and flag tank tops, but there has been so much variation and I’m loving seeing what people have come up with.

I have been hoping to write about this summer trend for a while so I’m sure you can all imagine my excitement when I spotted this Fashionisto representing our great country. He picked up his T-shirt recently at a local skate shop. It’s a plain red T-shirt with an accent of a denim pocket complete with white stars — so cool! Not only does his ensemble show off my number one favorite trend of the summer, there are so many other trendy aspects about his outfit. It may be a small detail, but pocket T-shirts are super big this summer and, this Fashionisto definitely knew how to pick a great one. I personally love the fabric contrast. I also totally love his white capri pants. Capris have taken their time getting onto the streets; however, every summer more seem to pop up. Capris on guys are fashion forward and trendy. This Fashionisto makes uses a white pair to make his look so crisp. They are such a great alternative to standard denim jeans and better yet, they go with almost anything. The white pants tie in with the stars and really emphasize the nationalist feel of the outfit. Last but not least, he finishes off the whole outfit with a pair Hush Puppies that really dress up the look. The best part? These shoes were his grandpa’s! Never underestimate the vintage treasures you can find in your parents' and grandparents' closets.

Hint: These are so many ways you can go if you are looking to sport the made in America trend. Flag printed tanks are sprouting up everywhere; I like the vintage ones like this one here. Furthermore, there are tons of D.I.Y projects to update and Americanize your denim all over the internet right now, so be sure to check them out! Have one wild stars and stripes printed item and pair it with a solid red, white or blue piece. Throw on something vintage, and you’re set for a BBQ, baseball game or any other great American pastime.


Seeing designer wear on college campuses is not a regular occurrence, especially on guys. However, I do occasionally come across the one Fashionisto that is brave enough to rock his designer gear on the daily. This particular one I found while walking home, so he wasn’t nesscarily on campus. He told me he had been just hanging out at a friends and that he considered what he was wearing a more laid back outfit. I could understand this seeing as he was wearing UGG slippers and a snapback. However, I found it impressive that he was wearing a Burberry polo and 7 For All Mankind A Pocket jeans just to hang out with his friends. How often do you find guys that are this well dressed when they are just hanging out? It was a refreshing comparison to the standard gym T-shirt and basketball shorts. 

Along with his trendy polo and UGGs, this Fashionisto is sporting 7 For All Mankind jeans in a Standard Fit. The Standard Fit is Seven’s happy medium between their Slimmys (ultra skinnies) and Austyn (relaxed fit) denim. The fact that they are dark-washed cleans up the look a bit more and is personally one of my more favorite washes on guys (as you can tell from last week's post). His accessories included Prada glasses. I really liked how he chose to go with the thicker frame and more simple design which makes him look sophisticated. Lastly, to dress down the outfit, he tops it off (no pun intended) with a Nike SB hat. I’m a huge fan of the Nike SB brand right now because it definitely reflects how Nike can design for a streetwear-inspired customer as well.

To get this Fashionisto’s look try my favorite designer polo brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren (featured in my post last week) or Penguin. Pair them up with either the 7 For All Mankind Standard Fit jeans or Joe’s Classic Fit straight leg jeans in Dixon Wash. Next, for some laid back slippers, try UGGs, like he does here or L.B. Evans. It may be a bit of a splurge on our tight college budgets, but trust me, sometimes it’s worth it.


We’re seeing it absolutely everywhere; it's on hair, nails, furniture and even food. We all know it well by now — the signature look of the 2012 spring and summer seasons: the ombré look. For those of you who have yet to see the look, it consists of one color fading into a lighter shade and usually comes across with a tie dyed vibe. I spotted this Fashionisto sporting the ombré look only to find out he was completely unaware of his fashion-forward presence which further proves that ombré has done an effective job of creeping its way into every aspect of our lives, and I’m not necessarily complaining about it!

I, for one, have been a huge fan of this look since it first hit the streets a little over a year ago. It is a great way to stick to one color (in order for easier matching and color blocking), yet still add a little spice and spunk to your outfit. Ombré can be seen everywhere from the red carpet to casual tanks as we see on this week's Fashionisto. He does a great job of wearing a laid back ombré look and styling it up with clean accessories to balance out the smudgey lines of the shirt. He pairs his tank with crisp, dark-washed jeans, clean Vans and — my favorite accessory — a Neff purple beanie. I’m not always a fan of beanies because it takes a certain person to do them correctly. However, he does a great job of pairing two colors together: purple and orange. When color blocking, you should always try to match up two colors that are on opposite ends of the color wheel, just as this Fashonisto does. For example, blue and yellow or green and pink make great combinations.

Hint: If you are going for a lighter ombré, pair it with dark jeans and accessories and vice versa. Also, only stick to one ombré piece per outfit, otherwise it can get completely overwhelming. When it comes to beanies, always makes sure that you are pairing them with clean apparel pieces to offset the grunge appeal of the beanie. This way it is clearly a fashion statement as opposed to just a quick cover up for snoozing the alarm one too many times. Lastly, click around the web on blogs and Pinterest to find out and discover cool ways to find D.I.Y ombré projects; there are tons out there and are almost always better because you can be in control of the colors. Have fun with the trend and explore the endless possibilities.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Mixing Styles And Matching Colors

At this day and age, with so many different styles of clothing to choose from, many of us college kids find ourselves sticking to just one style less and less. In fact, mixing styles has become something that I have found myself very drawn to. There is something, particularly about contradiction, that I find incredibly fascinating when it comes to mixing trends. Whether it be mixing winter and summer trends or mixing patterns, it always intrigues me. However, one must approach this with caution, as there are many things to take into consideration in order to avoid a sloppy look.

This Fashionisto caught my eye as I noticed him pull off mixing trends almost effortlessly. He exudes a preppy, dressy look with a grey Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Ralph Lauren khaki shorts. However, he offsets these with laid back, sporty accessories. He does this with a flat bill snapback hat (which has been a great throwback to the '90s lately), Nike tube socks and Nike Air Jordan sneakers. What I really appreciate about the outfit though is that he ties it all together so perfectly by matching his accessories. His red and blue hat matches his blue socks and red accented shoes. His white shoes also tie in with his white watch. Though he is sporting two completely different styles, he finds a way to bring them all together, which avoids an awkward and sloppy look and instead accomplishes a fun and diverse look. And as always, a polo is a great way to dress up a hat and tennis shoes for a class-appropriate outfit that is still comfy enough for those lazy days.

Hint: Guys, you can definitely have fun with this look; there is so much you can do. You can take this Fashionisto’s route and mix sporty and preppy by pairing tennis shoes and hats with dressy shirts and khaki pants or dark-washed denim. But do not feel limited to stop there. There are so many trends and styles you can mix and match. For example, Seattle grunge and Southern prep with distressed denim and boat shoes or bright-colored polos. Or mix hipster and West Coast surfer with skinny jeans and a cool summer tank top. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. However, always be sure to tie the outfit together like our Fashionisto did with matching colors, fabrics or patterns.


Being from Washington's Palouse, we see a lot of country-inspired outfits around campus. A lot of the times it’s Wrangler Jeans or flannel shirts, but most of all, it’s cowboy boots. Though cowboy boots have become a very popular trend for girls to play with and dress up, we rarely see boys wearing them. I spotted this Fashionisto and was very impressed with his mix of rural country and dressy classics. He was unlike many of the farmers walking around campus; it was obvious he wore his cowboy boots for style. He paired black, mildly embellished cowboy boots with dark-wash, distressed Joe's Jeans. On top he really contrasted the boots with a light blue button-down dress shirt. Not only were the cowboy boots a great way to emphasize the casual style of the dress shirt, but he pushes up the sleeves and leaves the shirt untucked. Furthermore, I really liked the contrast to show that not only can dress shirts be dressed down, but cowboy boots can be dressed up to create a happy medium of a perfect class going ensemble.

Not only do I love this look for going to class, but with summer upon us it is the perfect way to add style to any outfit for the many outdoor American traditions we love, such as BBQs, where you can go with the dressed-down look our Fashionsto sports here. Or for more formal events, such as weddings or graduations parties, you can dress it up with a tie and cardigan, like David Beckham does here. Lastly, to really use your cowboy boots to their full American potential, break them out on Fourth of July and pair them with jeans or shorts and a true American tank top.

Hint: In order to clear up the distinction between your cowboy boots being a fashion statement or being a true way of life, follow our Fashionisto's look here and pair them with dark-wash denim. Distressing is a great way to tie the boots into the outfit but keep it to a minimum, maybe just at the hemline like he does. This way, others can tell that your cowboy boots are a fashion statement, not a way of life.