ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Atypical Ombré

This Fashionista is keeping it casually cute with a burgandy and pink stripped crop top, black leggings, gray knee high socks and the very weather appropriate Hunter rain boots.

She paired her comfy basics with a trendy oversized distressed jacket and fitted beanie.

This Fashionista's outfit took comfy to a fashionable level, but what really made me stop her on Michigan Ave was her hair! Not only does she have long beautiful curls, but her hair is an ombré color, just not your typical ombré. Many times when you see an ombré color on someone's hair, it's from black to brown, brown to blonde, etc. Many celebrities rock the typical ombré like reality star Khloé Kardashian Odom and singers Ciara and Monica, but not this Fashionista. She has the atypical ombré and I love it. Her color goes from a red/burgandy color to an auburn.

With curly hair, especially colored hair, it can sometimes be dry; products that i would recommend are Miss Jessises curly pudding and Carols daughter. Ms Jessie's pudding has a pudding for every curly hair type. From loose curls to tight ones, her cream keeps the frizz away, your curls in tact and they stay soft unlike other products that make your hair feel crunchy and hard. Carols Daughter is another great line of products. Her products are all natural and she has products for all types of hair. If you have curly hair, I definitely suggest you try these products.


Finally we have a little bit of consistency in our weather. I love when the temperature reaches the high 60's and 70's, making it much easier to get dressed in the morning. With springtime weather comes spring, which results in fun colored springtime nails!

Sometimes nail art can be extremely tacky, but with celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry rocking decked out nails (Katy Perry even had her ex husband’s face on her nails), it's a trend that seems to be soaring. Nails are starting to be seen in different shapes and sizes; the most popular being the “stiletto nail.” It gets its name because the nails are shaped to mimic the shape of a hot stiletto!

I spotted this Fashionista sporting a shorter version of the stiletto nail with the polish “Need Sunglasses?” by O.P.I and different facial expressions painted in black. From silly faces to sad faces, this Fashionista expressed them all through her nails. This Fashionista wears dark navy leggings with UGG boots and a ¾ length sleeve rocker T-shirt. She made her very comfortable outfit casually cute.

I know that not every Fashionista can afford to go to the nail salon, or even have time to get a manicure. But, the imPRESS press-on manicure Is an easy, full-proof way to get top notch nails for half the price and no dry time. Let me know if you try out any of these crazy designs!


So many new trends are arriving in stores! I’m seeing stripes on shirts, pants, bags, accessories… everything. Personally, I’m absolutely loving the stripes trend. Although spring is all about color and brightness, I can’t help but live on the edge; I always want to throw some dark colors in the mix, and standard black and white stripes are the perfect way to do that!

This Fashionista is wearing a striped sheer tank, jean shorts and tan embellished sandals. You can find a similar shirt like this Fashionista's at Urban Outfitters. She accessorized her outfit with a black fringe shoulder bag, a peach feather necklace and sunglasses. She has her hair in a messy curly side ponytail, styled with a gray bandana.

There are many styles making a comeback from different era’s like the '80s and '90s. I really like the side ponytail. It's effortless, girly and not to mention quick and easy to achieve. To include some edge, this Fashionista added the bandana, which can amp up an outfit on any given day.

I can’t wait to see what other styles make a comeback with a modern day twist. What do you think is next?


Just when I thought it was time to pull the sweaters back out Chicago pulled another switch on us. One day its hot, one day its freezing, this weather is bipolar! Right now I just keep everything in my closet out because I never know what the weather is going to bring the next day.

Although this weather is acting crazy, I have to say that I love the colors for this spring. I see Coral and Teal all over, in tops and bottoms. I can’t wait to grab a pair of coral shorts to add to my ever-growing closet. For affordable fashion finds you can get some coral shorts at your local Zara or even Target.

This Fashionista is wearing light wash jean shorts, a fringe coral tank, with a teal blue bold statement necklace and the always-comfy TOMS. She topped off her look with a leopard headband, sunglasses and a mustard colored purse.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a headband but if you have the time you can really spice up your hair with a fishtail braid or a lazy braid. I personally love wearing the fishtail braid. I always get a lot of compliments on it. It’s a really simple braid that can take your outfit up a notch. Every time I’m having a good hair day I always feel better about my outfit. Here is a link to a video on How to do a Lazy Braid and How to do a fishtail braid. If you try these braids let me know, they are my favorites!



The weather is getting warmer and I feel so unprepared for this heat here in Chicago! Usually this time of year we are still trying to pick snow off the ground, yet now all I see is flowers? This definitely has my wardrobe in disarray. Sure, I have last year's summer must-haves tucked away in my closet, but there is nothing like something new.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing something I need to invest in, light wash jeans. I have so many dark skinny jeans, but none that are light wash (I think its good to have a pair in you’re closet). Not only can you dress these jeans up or down, but because they are a light wash, they won’t soak up any of those hot sunrays.

This Fashionista paired her light wash jeans with a blue and white polka dot shirt that was synched at the waist. She accessorized her outfit with gold jewelry, a brown purse with gold hardware and wooden heels. Her hair was softly curled into flowy waves with a side angle part.

Getting curls to stay all day is actually quite hard, regardless of your hair texture. This Fashionista had the perfect lightweight curls to go with her outfit and the surprisingly warm weather. To achieve this look, I recommend curling your hair using a 1-inch barrel curling iron or wand and using a lightweight holding spray like Aveeno Nourish + Style Fortifying Hairspray. I use this hair spray every time I curl my hair and it works wonders! Who says you can have nice curls in the heat?


This Chicago weather is crazy! I know I have been commenting on Chicago weather a lot, but that’s because it truly is weird. Usually around this time there may still be snow on the ground, but it’s almost been 80 degrees! Yes 80! I’m so shocked but I can’t say that I’m unhappy about this welcome of warm weather and sunshine. I love it because that means the summer is coming, and there is nothing like summertime Chi! Everything will be so alive and downtown will be packed with tourists from all over — I love it.

This day was so beautiful and got many Fashionistas out of their oversized sweaters and leggings. I found this Fashionista looking so stylish and ready for spring. She’s wearing printed black skirt and a bright pink cap sleeve shirt with a royal blue belt. She added some edge to her color blocking and threw on a jean jacket accessorized with various buttons. Her outfit was complete with black flats, a small shoulder bag and a royal blue turban.

I am slowly falling in love with the turban look. I have yet to try it myself, but I’ve seen it so much and it looks so cute! It’s been done in various ways and is perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day but still want to be cute and stylish. You can buy a turban or you can save money and make one out of scarf you already have at home! Here is a YouTube tutorial on six different ways to tie a headscarf including the turban. Now we can all say bye-bye to bad hair days!


The harem pant has come back in full force since its rise and shine in the '80s and can be found in all types of styles and prints now. Many times when seeing the harem pant styled, it's for a more dressy occasion than just running to class or work. Being a Fashionista, you don’t know everything. I love walking down the street and seeing styles that I never would have thought to put together. 

I found this Fashionista walking along Michigan Ave. She styled the harem pant in a very cute yet relaxed way. She wore a Givenchy T-shirt, her harem pants and Givenchy riding boots. Her hair was styled straight and with not a stitch of make-up on her face, her skin was flawless. I just had to ask her what she used for her face. 

We talked for a bit and she told me three times a week she uses “Fresh” Sugar Face Polish found at Sephora and four times aweek she uses “Queen Helen Oatmeal and Honey” facial scrub which can be found at any local drug store. To top of her weekly facial routine, she uses Aveeno “Positively Radiant” daily to keep from having dry skin.

With a skin routine like that, I’m sure we’d all have flawless skin too. If you’re like me, then acne likes to sneak up sometimes and leave hideous marks. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on various ways to get rid of them. Talking to this Fashionista, not only did I learn a new way to style something, but I got a new skincare routine to boot. Let me know if any of these products work just as well for you!


We all have those nights where you pull an all-nighter, wake up the next morning, hit your alarm clock five times and now, with less than 30 minutes to get ready, you’re pressed for time! I do this all the time. I'm queen of procrastination, which leads to all nighters, which then leads to no time to get fabulous in the morning.

Let's just say the messy bun is your friend for the day. It’s the perfect way to look like you at least tried to do your hair when we all know you really didn’t. Doing the messy bun gives you time to do other things like shower and put on some quick make-up.

This Fashionista pulled it together fast this morning with doing her messy bun in less than three minutes! She’s wearing basic black leggings, a yellow zip-up hoody, paired with a jean jacket and trendy combat boots. Living in Chicago, it is so necessary to layer your clothing. You never know when it’s going get a little warm or a little bit colder, so you want to be prepared for whatever weather the windy city throws your way. She then topped off her outfit with an eggplant colored pea coat, a brown and black shoulder bag and warm red gloves.

If you’re feeling a little girlie, add a cute hair accessory like a headband, bow or flower to glam up your comfy look and messy bun! Now I know the messy bun doesn’t come second nature to everyone, so check out this tutorial I found on YouTube to help you out.


Wintertime is so dreary, from the gray casted skies to the all the gray I see in outfits. It’s like everywhere I look is so dull! I know winter isn't necessarily the brightest part of the year, but how about brightening up your day and wardrobe with a pop of color?

No, I'm not talking about going out and buying colorful shirts and pants or spending a lot of money at all. However, one minor change that will make your outfit pop is your nail color. You know you’ve been dying to get a manicure or just have a girl’s day in your dorm, and since it’s so cold out, you could paint each other’s nails and save money.

Think about it: you are constantly using your hands, and you look at your nails all day. Having a bright color will not only brighten your mood, but also brighten up your outfits just a tad. Painting your nails the typical nudes, browns and black for winter is so boring. Spice it up like this Fashionista did!

This Fashionista is wearing a dark bubble coat and a jean jacket. She paired her outerwear with a pink T-shirt, black bodycon skirt, black tights and ankle booties. On her nails is O.P.I (a Fashionista's favorite) Teal The Cows Come Home. Blue is already a daring color, so dare add a little flavor to those hands. If blue isn’t your color, you can also go bold with red, green, yellow or orange! So next time you go to the nail salon this season, try something new to brighten up your winter mood.


Finally we have some steady weather here in Chicago, and it is just plain cold. There are no other words to describe the bitterness that bights once you step outside of your house. Right now I can definitely say I miss those days of 50 and 60 degree weather. I hope spring says hello sooner rather than later.

On the brighter side, this is the perfect weather to wear your hair straight. The air is stale that you don’t have to worry about pesky frizz, and the hold will last because of the lack of humidity. This is absolutely my favorite hair weather; it’s simply perfect.

I found this Fashionista walking down the street wearing a purple pea coat (a perfect statement color) with a Heatherette gray top and a black skirt. She accessorized her outfit with a black and white scarf, peek-a-boo gray socks and black combat boots.

Her hair is styled in a typical straight style with no part. My favorite flat iron is the Chi, since it's smooth and doesn’t pull your hair. While it may be quite expensive, it’s truly an investment (I guarantee you’ll never go back to any other flat iron). Also, using a heat protecting spray before you flat iron your hair is extremely important. Regardless of the hair texture you have, heat damages your hair. The Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray is great at shielding the damage that heat causes.

Take this cold weather to your advantage, Fashionistas, and have the perfect straight hair day!