STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From the Runway to the Quad

End of summer is upon us, Fashionistas. Summer school is officially over and campus is empty for a few short weeks before fall semester begins.

As we take on a new semester of classes and parties, we also open up our closets to the new trends that will fill it along with the store windows and magazine pages. These trends have made their way down from New York Fashion Week to the streets of our very own city, in a process that regulates at least a portion of our economy.

Runway fashion is crucial to Fashionista's here at UNCW because it sets the pace for what we all wear. As a prediction for fall fashion, I suggest all Fashionista/os to find their way to – the headquarters for all fashion looks.

My personal guidelines for this coming fall will be along the lines of Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall runway. This selection of looks and trends encompasses many combinations of feminine details in different capacities. She uses metallics, lace, and ruffles with structured lines for the ultimate Fashionista wardrobe. Unexpected combinations like these are what make us stand out, so don't be afraid to mix not only these small details but also different brands and colors.

The Fashionista featured is wearing a skirt that would make Stella proud. The ruffles add a girly and young feel to what would usually be a simple pencil skirt. Mix a skirt like this with lacey tights and a black blazer for structure and you are runway ready!

Hint: To take this idea from the runway to the quad, embrace the thought of mixing different textures, prints, and other details. When gaining inspiration from runway looks this fall, you’ll be ahead of your classmates in style.


Everyone has heard of the "runner's high", or the feeling runners get when they have time to themselves to run or race. But closer to home for us Fashionistas is something that comes from doing what we do well – dressing of course! There is a certain unexplainable feeling that comes along when you know that you look stylish and chic. I call this the "Fashionista's high," but some simply call it confidence. When you accomplish a great look and acheive this confidence, it is noticable to those around you. I feel this way when sporting the current high waist trend and it was clear to me that this week's Fashionista felt the same.

High-waisted bottoms have taken fashion runways by storm. It is no surprise that this trend has trickled down to the college hallways.  Not only is this look a spin off of the usual summer mini skirt, but it flatters most figures in a way that minis cannot. The featured Fashionista wore her confidence with a red tank and high waisted paisley print skirt from Target. Her smaller, athletic frame was complimanted by the curves this skirt added, balancing her hip to shoulder ratio. For this time of year, this look is perfectly appropriate and effortless. It works for any summer plans you might have between barbeques and classes.

Get on this trend while it's still instyle and you'll be getting high fives for your high waists!

Hint: For night time, try a highwaisted jean or shorts with strappy sandals. Pair either with a loose fitting tank and a high bun for hair and you are ready for the pages of any fashion magazine!


Love is in the air, Fashionistas! While recent weather has affected fashion decisions on campus, an evening date is just comfortable enough to dress to impress. One trend that continues to impress the fashion-conscious everywhere is the ever-classic and  lady-like look of feminine details. Small embellishments like bows will probably never see a day when they are out of style, and spring and summer seasons are the perfect times to play with girly touches like these. And since they are currently in-style, you can find them at many retailers like Forever 21 for an affordable price.

This Fashionista was sporting a simple top that attracted my eye because of the loosely tied bow on the front. She excelled in acheiving a feminine and flirty look with this fitted top and kept it quite casual for a day spent on campus. To play a look like this up for night time wear, try it tucked into a pair of dressier dark jeans and heels. The right accessories can transform this day time look into a nautical date outfit. A white wedge would be summer-appropriate and comfortable for walking around post-dinner date. Top it all off with a light white sweater for chilly restauants and a metallic clutch and you are ready for a romantic night on the town, Fashionista's!

So, look for feminine touches for your next date-night and your partner will be all wrapped up in you!

Hint: Bows, ruffles, and florals are all especially feminine looks along with pastels. And all would qualify as very feminine and date-appropriate!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hats Off to Fashionable Souvenirs!

Hats off to a fashionable summer! Or rather, hats on.

I’ve never been one to underestimate the power of a great accessory which is what led me to this week’s Fashionista.

I was drawn to her because of the way she paired her straw hat with an otherwise ordinary jeans and cardigan outfit to create a trendier look. While speaking with this Fashionista, she shared with me that she purchased this hat in Japan which gave me a great inspiration to use summer travel as an opportunity to broaden my wardrobe’s horizons.

We are all guilty of picking up a souvenir T-shirt or keychain every once and a while, but there are other options for a well-traveled Fashionista/o. When you jet-set off to your next summer vaca, look out for locally owned shops and boutiques. These are the places that usually sell handmade jewelry and other accessories. This way, when you are complimented on your fashionable find, you also have a great story to tell of where and when you found it! And remember when shopping that these are pieces that you will more than likely keep forever and put to good use by wearing in good style.

Hint: Don’t limit yourself to a hat like the one featured in the picture. Feel free to look for hand-made and beaded jewelry and unique bags. Bright colors always work for summer and can be matched with any outfit, neutral or vibrant. Remember that pieces like jewelry and some hats and bags can be worn year-round and your souvenir accessories will keep you dreaming of summer when the winter months roll around.


Summer is in full swing, Fashionista/os! By this point in the season, everyone is (hopefully) enjoying days at the pool/beach and summer cookouts with friends. Since we’ve already covered our beach look (See previous post "One Piece Wonders"), let’s take a closer look at barbecue attire.

This Fashionista is loud and proud in her printed dress from Victoria’s Secret. This season is all about bright colors and exotic patterns and this dress encircles both of those aspects. Even celebrities turn to vibrant print dresses for summer events. If a print like this is too loud for you, its okay to opt for a simple pattern or a print with black and whites (just try to avoid full animal prints!) or bring down the level of this print by wearing a neutral or solid cardigan over it and keeping accessories to a minimum.

If you are heading to an outdoor cookout, don’t be afraid to spice up your look with an attention-grabbing pattern dress like this. Go ahead and enjoy having all eyes on you, Fashionista, after all I know you’re used to it!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Natural Style with Unexpected Accessories

A look not too foreign to beach people everywhere is the “boho-chic” trend. This Fashionista accomplished an age-appropriate boho style at an affordable price. Not only that, but she used unexpected details that really pulled her outfit together.

To achieve a look like this, start with the obvious: a dress. Who doesn’t have some form of a print or floral dress lying around? Maybe it’s one that you’ve had in the closet but can’t find a way to wear it. Or maybe it’s an old dress that you feel you’ve worn in every possible way. Tie a braided belt around the waist as this Fashionista did and compliment both the dress and your figure. Colorful bangles and sunglasses added a necessary pop of color to keep this Fashionista’s look young.

What I appreciated most about the featured Fashionista’s outfit was the slouchy cowboy boots she wore with it. Not something you typically see in the warmer NC summer weather but in some ways, the boots made the outfit and brought a little southern charm to her look. Working with a budget? This Fashionista shared that she found her boots at Target.

This trend is totally appropriate for summer classes on campus or any other events you have going on this summer. To dress up, try an updo for your hair with stray pieces around your face. You could also trade the boots for a brown gladiator wedges and add more bangles. But for day, the key to this look is simplicity so go natural with hair and makeup and let your style do the talking!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shades of Red, White, and Blue

Oh say can you see? Independence Day is right around the corner. What is one way to express your patriotism this Fourth of July? By accessorizing, of course!

It is as simple as this, Fashionista/o’s: Any outfit can be taken to the next level with brightly colored accessories. Whether you choose to pick up a pair of vibrant shades as this Fashionisto did or adding pizzazz to your look in another way, you cannot underestimate the power of accessories.

The Fashionisto featured chose an effortless look, clothing-wise, but takes his style to the next level by choosing out-of-the –ordinary sunglasses to keep his outfit young and fresh. The beauty of an accessory like this is that it appeals to both sexes. Still stuck on your Ray Ban Aviators? No problem, there are many other accessory options. For instance, while colorful watches are in-style, why not opt for an American inspired red, navy, or white plastic timepiece? Another unisex accessory is the oh-so-trendy straw fedora. Already own one (or have a friend who doesn’t mind sharing)? Tie your choice of ribbon around the base of the hat and enclose with a bow (a red clip-on bow tie attached to the ribbon would be even better!).

Fashionistos: If you don’t think the casualty of this Fashionisto’s outfit is appropriate for your Independence Day festivities, you could definitely wear a button down and black skinnies with your red shades. A simple sneaker would make this look ultra-stylish.

Fashionistas: For any celebrations you have planned for the Fourth, a simple white dress worn with a denim jacket and a pair of red or blue sunglasses would be fabulous. In place of colorful shades, you could make your look more feminine with a festive necklace in our country’s colors. If wearing pride for your country on your sleeve appeals to you, look for a red, white, and/or blue bracelet or American flag print scarf to tie around the wrist.

Remember for this summer holiday to stay safe and always stylish!


Every Fashionista knows that the summer season is no excuse to slack on style.

It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect outfit to wear to the pool or beach and many people resort to t-shirts and shorts. A great alternative to wearing exercise apparel over your swim suit is opting for "one-piece wonders". The Fashionista featured above is wearing this season's romper. While some shy away from styles like this in fear that they will look like a toddler, it is a great alternative to a dress or traditional beach cover up and can in fact be quite flattering for many body types.

When worn with a straw fedora and strappy sandals, this look is suitable for the pages of any fashion magazine. Not only is this piece the perfect throw-on-over-swimsuit item but it also can be a simple outift when paired with a colorful beaded necklace and bright cardigan. Luckily, this time of year rompers are available at most clothing boutiques and nearly all other clothing retailers. Here in Wilmington, Forever 21 has a great selection of assorted colored rompers of various styles.

Keep in mind: one piece wonders are also one step wonders so the process of deciding what to wear is minimized. This style is an affordable way to look fashionable without having to piece together an outfit when huryying off to summer fun.

Whether heading to the pool or going out for dinner with friends this is one piece you'll wonder what you ever did without.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Simply a Sucker for Style

Listen up, Fashionistos! Spending the summer at the water? If you’re staying at UNC- Wilmington this summer, you’ll be enjoying days at the beach and nights by the river. When looking for an always classic summer look, try opting for something very specific to the season: seer sucker. This trend is not reserved for yacht club members or J. Crew catalogs. When worn with something normally seen as formal, like a white button down, seer sucker can be the perfect way to relax any outfit into a more casual, coast-appropriate look. While you can find seer sucker in just about any garment, shorts seem to be the least overwhelming form. Paired here with a crisp white button down and a pair of distressed navy boat shoes, this Fashionisto has his preppy summer style down to a T. If you find a pair of seer sucker pants, try rolling them at the ankles, a look that is very “in” for both men and women, throw on a white v-neck and grab your aviator sunglasses and you’re rocking the ideal distressed summer style. Whether out on a boat for the day, walking the streets of downtown, or enjoying dinner by the sea, seer sucker is the perfect piece to add to your summer wardrobe in any coastal town.

Ladies, this trend does not exclude you. A seer sucker sun dress would be appropriate for a morning brunch or dinner date, try tying a braided cloth belt around your waist to break up your summer stripes. And seer sucker shorts or skirts make any summer shirt or tank look perfectly nautical. Just be sure you and your male companion don’t choose to wear it on the same day because when worn to capacity, this trend can have you pegged as a sucker.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Lighter Side To The Classic Blazer

Summer has arrived, Fashionistas! As we are all gearing up to begin summer jobs and internships, professionalism and style are two things to be considered. What is one wardrobe basic that is sure to provide both? The classic blazer.

Here is a look at a summer staple that we should all consider adding to our wardrobes. While blazers are nothing new to the style conscious, we normally find them in darker shades of black and navy. This Fashionista is sporting a lighter colored blazer that is more fitting to the season. Spice up any old LBD as shown in the picture or pull together a pair of light boyfriend jeans and V-neck with a jacket like this and you’re sure to turn heads.

So whether you’re heading out for interviews or have already started your summer internship, think about the many ways you can work this summer staple, both inside and outside of the office!