Looking for the perfect item to help you beat the sweltering heat of the dog days of summer? Well, look no further, because the maxi dress has come to save the day. Maxi dresses have made a big return this summer. Maxi dresses are ideal for the summer time because they are comfortable, flowy and come in all sorts of fabulous prints and colors. The maxi dress is very versatile and ready to wear. Wear them with flip flops and shades or high heels and a clutch, maxi dresses can be accessorized to take you from day to night for any occasion. It’s all about how you accessorize the maxi dress that really makes the outfit. While maxi dresses are generally great on all figures that can sometimes be overwhelming on petite figures so figuring out how to wear the maxi dress to flatter you is important.

For all the petite girls out there stick to a maxi dress that is form fitting because other maxi dress styles generally have a lot of volume and will eat you alive. When styling your dress you want to make sure you don’t over accessorize. The maxi dress is a statement piece and you want the dress to stay the focus. Pairing the dress with some fun jewelry and cute shoes is just enough to make this outfit look pulled together. Shopbop offers a great selection of designer maxi dresses for any occasion.

Shop Planet Blue has a great selection of dresses that have a very beachy feel to them. Free People also introduced a lot of great eclectic type maxi dresses to their collection this season as well.


Looking for an item to really make a statement? What’s better than a graphic shirt? A graphic shirt can tank can take an outfit from looking plain and simple to eccentric. Graphic shirts in the past have been most commonly seen on men. As they have spread more into the women’s fashion domain they have become pieces that can really make a bold statement. While plain t-shirts and tanks are great because they are comfy and cute they can be fun because you can use them to express yourself.This Fashionista really did a great job of mixing and matching her outfit to really make a fashionable outfit that stands out. The outfit looks effortless yet so chic. Each item compliments one another so fabulously.

Graphic shirts can be found almost anywhere and in basically any style you can think of. They come in so many colors that ideas are endless. Graphic shirts are more versatile now than ever. They can be paired with anything creating looks from very casual to fashion forward.

Retro-like graphic shirts, like this Fashionista’s, are the most popular of graphic tanks and are a favorite amongst celebrities. Celebrities have been notable for using graphic shirts to make statements with a very blasé attitude. Junk Food Clothing offers the best selection of graphic shirts ranging from Disney characters to Pink Floyd. Urban Outfitters also has a very strong selection of graphic tees and tanks. For all this Fashionista’s selections, remember to also check out the men’s selection for the best ones!


What’s the one item that will never go out of style for the summer months? Well that would be sunglasses of course. But in particular the Wayfayer glasses that were originally made popular by Ray-Ban in 1952. The Wayfayers have gone through several revivals since the 1950’s but have been making a comeback the past couple of years. In 2001, Ray-Ban did a redesign of the Wayfayer frame making them smaller and less angled. A celebrity favorite since its development, the Wayfayer shades has been seen on the likes of Robert Pattinson in Twilight to Tom Cruise in Risky Business. The Wayfayer has built its way up to become an American icon. The Wayfayer shape is a classic that will never go out of style. They are particularly great because they go with well, just about everything. The Wayfayer frames look great on every face shape and look fabulous on both men and women.

To get the original Wayfayer frame check out Ray-Ban for a great variety of colors and offers the selection of the classic and the2001 redesigned frames. If looking for a less expensive option Forever 21, Urban Outfitter, 80’s Purple and H&M all have great selections that look just like the real deal. Also check out Ebay for a great selection of vintage Wayfayers. Getting a great pair of Wayfayer glasses is the perfect item to snag this summer as they will last you forever and are a classic timeless piece that is around to stay.


High waisted skirts have been around for a while now. While they have been really popular in some fall and winter seasons, this summer they’ve been popping up more and more. Skirts are great to have in the closet because they are much more versatile and allow for more outfit choices unlike the normal go to “dress”. High waisted skirts are great because they work for any type of body type. They are great for curvier girls because they accentuate small waists. They also shorten the torso for more petite girls creating a taller look. High-waisted skirts are the perfect item to have as they can take you from day to night. You can pair them with anything from tee shirts to a dressy blouse.

The more popular high-waisted skirts are becoming the more style and cuts are becoming available. What drew me to this Fashionista’s skirt was how it was cut so that the front was shorter and elongated as it went back. These skirts also allow opportunity for great accessories. For example, this Fashionista paired her skirt with a thick high waisted belt that adds to the “cinching” effect that the high waisted skirt is so popular for.

Urban Outfitters offers a great selection and variety of high waisted skirts. For skirts with a more preppy spin, check out J. Crew. If you are looking for a more classic and professional type of skirt, Zara offers an excellent selection that are particularly chic for the workplace or a job interview. American Apparel also has some great high-waisted body con skirts that are perfect for going out.


A trend that I’ve recently found myself victim to are fedora hats. While a recent celebrity craze, fedora hats have been around for quite sometime, but have been especially popping up tons this summer. Fedora hats are very versatile as they are unisex and probably one of the only hat styles that look good on every head shape. I have never found myself to crazy for hats as I have never seemed to have found a style that I thought looked particularly good on me. However, this changed when I actually decided to try a fedora for the change. Fedoras, once being stereotyped as for only “hipsters”, have officially gone mainstream. They are a great item to have this summer, as they are a great accessory to add a little oomph to an outfit. Fedoras come in a variety of colors and now actually coming in prints. Urban Outfitters has an excellent selection of fedoras that are very chic an inexpensive.

Topshop also offers a great selection of fedoras that are a little more pricey but have more of a variety of styles. Planet Blue also has some great fedoras that are more bohemian in style but are perfect if you are going for that Californian laid back look. Fedoras are a great item to have because they can be used all year round. Fedoras are especially great for the summer months as they are perfect to be used at the beach and can even add some style to a bathing suit.

Try looking for more neutral colored fedoras for the summer months such as cream, tan or like this Fashionista, a perfect brown!


Blazers have been around for several seasons now, meaning it’s a piece that is here to stay. Blazers are so versatile that they can be worn in any season, for almost any occasion, day or night. This makes them a piece that every Fashionista should have in their closet. The blazer is especially great in the summertime because it creates a professional summer look. Wear it with shorts, dresses, pants, t-shirts; the addition of the blazer makes any outfit look more put together effortlessly. Blazers primarily come in two different styles, boyfriend or fitted. Boyfriend blazers are generally more oversized while fitted blazers emphasize your curves. You can pair blazers with anything to create a more polished look.

You can find great looking, well-made blazers without breaking the bank. Stores such as H&M and Urban Outfitters offer a great variety of cuts and colors. If searching for great designer blazers, look at Shopbop as they offer a great selection. While black and dark colors can be worn during the summer try searching for more neutral colors such as white, cream or tan that really are made for the summer months. This Fashionista is sporting a great tan colored blazer that really accents her floral romper. Also, look for bright colors and prints that have been popping up more this season.

The blazer is a great piece to have, especially in the summer as it can take you from a day at work to looking chic on a summer night. 


A big overall trend this summer throughout fashion magazines has been retro flair. Going retro is not always easy to incorporate into an everyday outfit, but a great way to incorporate this trend this summer is through high waisted shorts. While high waists sometimes can be tricky, when fitted correctly it can create an overall flattering look by cinching your waist. Also by adding a belt, you can increase this “cinching” effect.

High waisted shorts can be paired with lots of different tops such as crop-tops, creating a casual, effortless look, or a nice collared blouse, making a more dressed up look. Pairing this item with heels can create a long and slim look for your legs, which is great especially for petite girls. This look is really effortless, but creates a very put together effect. You don’t have to break the bank to find a really nicely made and well-fitted pair.

Check out stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and ASOS that offer a huge variety of different styles. High waisted shorts can also now take you into the winter months creating a very chic look by pairing them with tights. It’s always great to find an item that you can use pretty much year round.

There are tons of great new styles of high waisted shorts now available such as lace, fitted, loose, printed and sailor shorts. Like this Fashionista, try finding a great bright colored pair of high waisted shorts to really make the look feel like summer. Whether your personal style is preppy, hipster, boho or trendy there is a pair of high waisted shorts out there perfect for you!


A great investment to make this summer is in a good fitting pair of skinny jeans. Summer trends such as neon colors, crop tops and florals look much better when paired with white denim, creating a “fresh” look. The great thing about white skinny jeans is that they can be paired with almost anything. They can take you from a casual day at the beach to dressing up for a night out, simply by adding a great pair of heels. White denim also enables your outfit to have a summery feel on some of those colder days. With white being a versatile backdrop to any outfit, the possibilities are endless with creating outfits.

When searching for the perfect pair for you, make sure you get a fit that is flattering for your body type, but also comfortable. Skinny jeans don’t necessarily have to be skintight. J.Crew offers great fitting (and relatively lower priced) white skinny jeans. My personal favorite when it comes to great fitting denim is J Brand. J Brand offers several variations of white skinny jeans such as high waisted, cropped, cigarette and also in their “jegging” (jean legging) line. J Brand jeans are available at Shopbop. Buying a great fitting, well-made pair of jeans is important because this is an item that will last.

A tip to keep in mind when shopping for skinny jeans is to also search for a pair of skin colored undergarments. We all want to make sure that there is no visibly panty line — a common mistake made with white jeans.


A perfect item to have in your closet this summer, especially in the hot and muggy New York City, is the simple and classic sundress. The sundress is the one item that never goes out of style during the summer months.

Sundresses can come in so many different themes that you can find one that suits your style. To find a more eclectic, bohemian type sundress check out designers like Free People. For a more classic, yet fun, sundress, Anthropolgie has a lot of great options. Victoria’s Secret surprisingly also offers a great selection of sundresses that are only available online, but definitely worth checking out. You can also find great bargains on sundresses over at H&M and Forever 21.

This Fashionista’s sundress is great because she has been able to incorporate girly and contemporary accents to brighten it up. The great thing about this Fashionista’s dress, in particular, is that it is more on the girly/edgy side and the color and print allows it to be able to be worn into the early fall. It’s always great to find a piece that can take you into a different season– you know you are certainly getting your money’s worth.

A sundress is so versatile that the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing. A great sundress can be dressed in so many ways that you are getting so many outfits out of one key piece. Investing in a great sundress is something that is definitely worth the money, especially for this season.


As summer is about to come into full bloom, the one stylish must-have every Fashionista should have in her closet to get through the upcoming hot months is the romper. Although rompers were once intended to be “loungewear,” fashion has certainly put a new twist on things. The romper provides a fun and effortless look to a simple piece. Its simplicity of essentially being a whole outfit in one piece is perfect for the hot summer days when you are just looking for something to throw on and still look chic. With the different forms, patterns and colors that rompers now come in, Fashionistas can find a romper perfect for almost any occasion. Whether it be heading out to the beach for the day, or perhaps a more formal affair, the variety of options are endless.

The key is to pick out a style that is right for you body type. Rompers now come in such a variety that there is now a perfect style for everyone. Even though rompers were fairly prominent in last summer’s fashion trends, take notice because this is one item that you will be seeing more and more this season. Sites like Shop Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Karmaloop offer a great selection at some great prices.

Hint: Try a solid colored blazer to go along with your look. The key is to add a little personal flare to your romper, while keeping in mind that sometimes the romper can have a “loud” personality all by itself.