Denim Trends You Can Have Fun With This Fall Season

Who remembers the American Music Awards circa 2000? The outrageously iconic denim looks sported by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake? If we’re being honest, it’s likely that very few, if any, were actually watching the awards live as toddlers, but surely we’ve all seen the red carpet photos at some point. Denim has always been a basic closet staple, but like everything else, its trends have their ins and outs.

In the early 2000s, denim was no stranger to the streets. The classic blue jean dates back to somewhere around the 1950s. By the 2000s, the world had seen everything from bell-bottoms to overalls, to denim-on-denim, but somehow Brit and JT’s looks still managed to rock the fashion industry.

This summer, denim has been in, and it has been big. All of these styles that have come and gone over the decades are back, and designers don’t seem to want to let them pass just yet, at least not for fall 2017.

Denim-on-denim looks have been spotted on some of the most influential supermodels, something that would have been a major faux pas just a year ago. Somehow, they’ve made it work as something fresh and new, and designers have gotten ambitious. A little scary; mostly exciting.

Obviously, the head-to-toe jean trend isn’t going to catch on for everyone, but alternative options are far from limited. Creating your own take on this trend is so easy. Seek out denim with intense distressing, boyfriend-fit jeans, the cropped skinny with an unfinished hem, oversize jean jackets, pocket or ankle embroidery, jean skirts, racing stripe jeans; the list goes on, so take your pick.

If you’re having fun with your denim, you’re perfectly on-trend. Take it from Brit and JT, they knew what was cool before it even became cool.

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Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Interview Attire

Job interviews. You can pretend to like them all you want, but the truth is, no one really does. No matter how confident you are, everyone feels a few butterflies when preparing to meet a potential employer, especially when you know they’re bound to throw a few wild questions your way. Luckily, knowing you’re prepared is the best way to deal with those pre-interview jitters. One simple trick can help diffuse much of the stress and assure that you’ll conquer that interview with grace and poise. Ask yourself: WWAHD? That is, what would Audrey Hepburn do (or rather, wear)?

Audrey herself said “you can never be overdressed or overeducated,” and how right she was! This quote is especially relevant in prepping for an interview. In my opinion, one of the most stressful components of interview prep is deciding what to wear. So many people fear being overdressed, but isn’t it more embarrassing to be underdressed? Knowing you look your best not only boosts your confidence but paints a great first impression. Ms. Hepburn has a lot to teach us about the perfect interview outfit that’s both professional and fashionable.

1—A blouse and dress pants. This is probably the most classic form of interview attire. When in doubt, I highly recommend that this is your go-to. Add a blazer and neutral pump and you’re good to go.

2—A sheath dress. Dresses can be difficult, but a sheath dress is often the appropriate length and fit for an interview. Add a belt or a nice coat like Audrey to polish off the look.

3—A skirt suit. Nothing says girlboss like a perfectly tailored skirt suit. This is a great outfit to invest in because it will show you’re serious about a position.


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