CLASS OF 2014: Brittany

When I first toured Syracuse, I looked at my parents and brother and said, “No.” Four years later, I couldn’t imagine attending any other school. Every college pamphlet should read, “College: the fastest four years of your life.” Syracuse University gave me everything I wanted and provided me with an amazing college experience.

My random roommate turned into my best friend and sister (and we’re still roommates). I joined a sorority and found a second family who acted as a constant support system, and I know I can rely on them even after graduation. I mastered balancing my social life with my academic life, and earned my degree in Magazine Journalism with minors in Nutrition and Sociology. Throughout my four years, I met people who turned into family and made memories that are permanently etched in my mind. Leaving campus knowing I won’t return as an undergrad will be difficult, but knowing I lived these four years to their fullest makes it easier. The color orange will forever represent the university I fell in love with.

One part of college I’ll miss the most is writing and editing for CollegeFashionista. I joined the team as a freshman, so I feel as though I grew up with the company. Working for CollegeFashionista gave me a way to pursue my love for fashion and writing, and improved both my editing and writing skills. I learned that despite Mother Nature’s cruelty, students know how to express their unique styles. Even when temperatures stalled in the single digits, Fashionista/os conquered the weather in head-turning looks. My own style evolved as I learned to take more fashion risks and found a way to blend comfort with casual-chic. CollegeFashionsta taught me to express myself through clothes and accessories, and demonstrated how fashion speaks loudly.

With graduation behind me, I am now focused on the future. I am moving to the city nicknamed after a giant fruit to pursue my dream to work for a women’s lifestyle magazine. My strong interest in fashion, beauty and fitness combined with my passion for writing and editing fuels my motivation to break into the magazine industry. Get ready New York City; I’ll be strutting down your streets shortly with my name in the masthead of one of your magazines—all while wearing a killer outfit.


I can deal with a little heat and a soft breeze—a burning sun with a hefty side of humidity is a different story. When you walk outside and instantly start to sweat, not wearing any clothes seems most appealing. The easiest solution to beat the heat: dresses.

With so many different styles and cuts, dresses are the most appropriate and fashionable way not to wear pants. This Fashionista stays cool in the unusual Syracuse heat in a flowy dress with sheer lace detailing. Cut-outs, mesh and see-through lace are great forms of ventilation and they combat the heat. The lace also adds a feminine touch, as do the subtle ruffles at the hem of her dress. An asymmetrical hemline paired with the dress’ contrasting lines gives off a playful, summery vibe that matches the weather.

A dress like this requires minimum accessories, giving new meaning to the phrase less is more. This Fashionsita chooses to wear a silver, mens-inspired watch for a touch of glam. She also incorporates a little color with her deep tulip nails. Her final accessory is a must-have on hot days: sunglasses. She opts for a classic pair of aviators to complete her laid back, summer look.

On sweltering hot days, get inspired by this Fashionista and sport a dress that hits above the knee. Flowy fabrics accommodate the heat by welcoming even the slightest breeze. Make a statement with a bold color or pattern, or keep it simple in a classic shift dress. If you want to rock a maxi, look for one with a deep slit for ventilation. When the heat rolls in, go pants-less and keep cool in a dress. The only thing that should be sweating is your icy glass of sweet lemonade.

One Simple Change: Switch the flip-flops for a cute pair of flats for a casual date night.


Even though finals conclude every semester, they always seem to come as a surprise. Although we wish they would disappear, denying their existence doesn’t solve the problem. On the day of the final your go-to outfit may be a university sweatshirt and some form of sweatpants. While this option provides ultimate comfort, it also caters to a mid-final nap session. Stay awake, alert and still achieve a laid back, casual vibe with your new go-to look: denim paired with an oversized flannel.

This Fashionista knows how to take finals in style. She wears a men’s flannel paired with a classic pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and Sperry Top-Siders. This comfortable yet put together ensemble puts her in the right mindset during the final, and allows her to go out and celebrate afterwards. Oversized flannels are great pieces to wear due to their versatility and comfort. Throw one on over a T-shirt or tank and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a zip-up hoodie. To complement the relaxed flannel, this Fashionsita wears a glass-faced, men’s-inspired watch—the perfect accessory for finals.

To create your own finals look, use this Fashionsita as inspiration. Find an oversized flannel that matches your style and pair it with skinny jeans. If you want a looser bottom, wear a semi-fitted flannel partially tucked into boyfriend jeans. Avoid piling on bracelets to your wrists so you are free to write. Instead, try a fun necklace or a statement ring worn on your non-dominant hand. No matter what you wear to your final, make sure you feel confident in it. When you feel good about yourself, you perform better. Besides, who wants to waste time change after taking a test to go out and celebrate? Happy finals!

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans for denim cut-offs, add a pair of shades and bring a tote bag with a blanket to go chill on the quad.

WHAT TO WEAR: Parents Weekend

Whether it’s college tours, accepted-students week or actually parents weekend, students’ family members flood the campus. If your parents pay you a visit (hopefully not an unexpected one), you need an outfit that can take you from a walk around the university to a casual lunch or dinner.

Enter the go-to ensemble: a crisp white button-up paired with denim and flats. This versatile look acts as the perfect foundation for your own style. You can dress it up with a statement necklace, or make it more urban with a pair of sneakers. Give off a professional vibe by adding a blazer, or amp up the chic factor with a pair of pointed-toe heels with cuffed boyfriend jeans (unless you’re doing a lot of walking, then stick with the flats!).

This Fashionista chose to keep things casual and simple with a neutral color palette. She spices up her look with a plaid trench coat that has oversized buttons. The trench is a great way to dress up a basic ensemble. Patterns and color add another dimension to your look without making you put forth too much effort. If she decides to remove the jacket, her outfit will still look complete. Tucking a button-down into a pair of jeans helps polish an ensemble and makes you look put together. It also allows you to sport a bright belt in honor of spring!

When parents tread on the walkways, try to break free from your sweats and dress up a little. A crisp button-up, jeans and a comfy pair of flats are all you need. Accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses and bags, are up to you, just make sure you show off the campus in style.

One Simple Change: Replace the jeans with a pencil skirt and add a blazer for an interview. Choose a chic pair of flats or a pair of modest heels.


Finally, it’s a gorgeous day on campus. The sun envelops the university with its warm, golden rays, the sky sports a light blue shade rather than its typical gray and students scatter themselves all over the grassy quad. When deciding what to wear on a day like this, take inspiration from CoverGirl’s moto: easy, breezy, beautiful.

This Fashionista rocks the all-American look with a chic twist. Nothing screams casual quite like a white top paired with classic denim—the combination exudes a laid back feeling. This Fashionista amps up the look with ripped skinny jeans and a feminine, white button-up tank. It’s her accessories, however, that take this outfit from ordinary to stylish.

From her printed headband down to her black Jack Rogers sandals, this Fashionista knows how to accessorize. Jack Rogers is a great go-to sandal because it helps polish any look, while still maintaining a sense of casualness. She takes inspiration from the ‘90s and includes a soft pink scrunchie on her wrist among delicate bracelets, creating a playful feel. Her mirrored amber sunglasses bring a warm hue to her look, and complement her Urban Outfitters shopping tote. Doubling a shopping tote as a bag works great for days on the quad as it allows you to bring a blanket to sit on. Finishing off the look with pastel nails, this Fashionista is ready for a day of socializing under the sun.

To emulate this look, start with the basics and focus on accessories. Choose a pair of light-wash denim jeans and pair it with a simple top. For a more playful take on her outfit, wear a graphic T-shirt or tank that expresses your style. Avoid wearing darker colors so you don’t get too hot, and avoid white pants (grass and dirt stains won’t really go with the outfit). Accessorize with a pair of shades to protect your eyes, and throw in an additional statement piece. It could be a printed headband like this Fashionista, or a graphic tote or bold jewelry. Apply some sunscreen and embrace the sunshine with your friends on the quad—so college.

One Simple Change: For a casual date night, swap the ripped jeans for a pair of dark-wash denim and replace the sandals for flats. Carry a cute clutch instead of a tote and your set for dinner, a movie or wherever your casual date takes you.


WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

Sometimes you just have to leave campus for the weekend. Get away from the same crowd, the same bars and the same restaurants and take a mini trip with a couple friends. A spontaneous getaway calls for a versatile, casual-chic ensemble that can transition between different atmospheres. Build your look with basics that can be re-worked to take you from a casual lunch to a night out.

This Fashionista is on point with her laid back, stylish outfit. The ensemble takes on a chic, urban street style vibe with the leather accents and classic high-tops. This outfit is perfect for a range of daytime activities from shopping to catching a local sporting event. A punchy oversized sweater paired with leggings is a great go-to when traveling. It embodies both style and comfort, so you’ll look and feel good during the day.

What makes this outfit great is its ability to go from day to night. When you only have a weekend, you don’t want to waste any time. She can replace the classic Converse with a pair of heeled ankle boots, lose the sweater for a flowy tank and tie her hair in a messy bun to hide hat hair. Swipe on a couple coats of mascara and perhaps add a bold lip and her urban chic look seamlessly transitions into night.

Your weekend getaway looks should be carefree and fun, just like the weekend itself. Pack the basics and add bold touches like jewelry or pops of color. Pack light, crank the music and make some memories with your friends in style.

One Simple Change: Replace the Converse with a pair of flats and lose the hat for a casual date night. Bonus: London is a great conversation starter.

WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

As graduation looms in the near future, one thing congests every senior’s mind: finding a job. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has your future all lined up, I congratulate you. If you’re one of those seniors whose future is as open as the Pacific Ocean, rest assured you’re not alone. Around this time, many universities host career fairs that offer students job opportunities and internships. If you don’t pay attention to school events, you’ll know there is a career fair by all the students who are walking around campus in professional attire.

When I spotted this Fashionista on a rare sunny day (key word: rare), I instantly thought her look would be perfect for a career fair or networking event. Polished and sophisticated, her ensemble embodies both professionalism and style. Her black and white printed sweater layered over a collared button-up gives off a preppy vibe and plays up the basic elements of her outfit. She sports a baby pink, high-waisted skirt, which adds a touch of femininity and a subtle pop of color. When paired with her deep violet peacoat, her ensemble instantly goes from winter to spring. To finish off her look, she wears a chic gold necklace that pops against the black and white sweater. With a Starbucks in hand, this Fashionista is ready to break into the professional world.

When deciding what to wear for a career fair, remember to dress professionally, appropriately and incorporate your own style. Fashionistas, make sure your hemlines hit at the knee, or wear tights if they’re slightly above. Layer a cropped blazer over an A-line dress to create a feminine yet professional look for spring. Fashionstos, button-ups are your go-to pieces. Choose one that reflects your style and that you feel confident in. Career fairs are all about showing potential employers why you’re the perfect candidate. Show off your style while you show off your skills. Good luck with the job search!

One Simple Change: Meeting with a professor? Make this look more casual by replacing the skirt with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and flats.



Look good, feel good right? Apply this phrase to your workout and see how much your performance improves. Gym clothes no longer equate to baggy gym shorts and a T-shirt like they did back in middle school. Athletic wear made a strong entrance into the fashion world, taking over runways (see both Alexander Wang’s and Vera Wang’s spring ready-to-wear collections) and street style alike. Take full advantage of fashionable workout gear and look good while you sweat.

This Fashionista makes a statement in an ensemble that easily transitions from the classroom to the gym. When weather permits, a vest is a great go-to piece that gives off a sporty chic vibe. Paired with her shocking orange quarter-zip, her outfit feels balanced, and the color combination shows school pride. Neon colors electrify your look and pumps you up before you pump iron or hit the cardio machines. Go bold with a bright top or bottoms, or take a subtle approach with fun sneakers (follow this Fashionista and sport non-conventional laces). Topped off with a classic hat, this Fashionista is ready for a sweat session.

Amp up your gym attire and go for fun prints, bright colors, and gym accessories. Your water bottle, headphones, and gym bag contribute to your overall gym look. To keep your hair out of your face, tie it back in a ponytail or fishtail braid with a sporty headband. lululemon has a variety of stay-in-place headbands perfect to help tame flyaways. Wear a little eye-opening mascara (make sure it’s waterproof), and enjoy your workout!

One Simple Change: For a laid back, sporty travel ensemble, switch the Nike for a pair of Converse shoes, and opt for workout leggings instead of cropped capris. For a chic finish, swap the backpack for an oversized tote.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

You hooked your significant other, now it’s time to hook the parents. Before choosing an outfit for this occasion, take a deep breath and remember: whatever you wear should reflect your personality. The parents want to get to know you, not a fake imposture with a stiff appearance. Be yourself and dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable, but still create a put together look.

When meeting the parents, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Your personality should be your main accessory, along with one standout piece to showoff your style. This Fashionsta’s brogues are great accompanying accessories. The wooden heel and metallic detailing transforms this traditional shoe into a statement piece worth admiring. Shoes like this spark conversations—a major plus when meeting the parents!

To highlight a pair of shoes, choose a pair of cropped pants. This Fashionista opts for a pair of slouchy, army green trousers, which bring a casual feel to the outfit while still maintaining a polished look. The delicate floral detailing at the cuff adds femininity, as does the slight ruffle on the hem of her coat. She complements these soft components with loose curls and natural makeup—proving that she isn’t putting on a show. A little blush, dab of lipstick and a few swipes of eye-opening mascara is all you need; you want your natural beauty to shine through.

When it comes time to meet the parents, don’t sweat it (seriously, the last thing you want to worry about is sweat stains). Aim for a polished look that represents who you are. If you love jewelry, wear your favorite statement piece. Really into beauty? Play up one of your features, or don a fun hairstyle. Your look will grab their attention, but it’s your personality that will keep it.

One Simple Change: Transform this outfit into a professional yet stylish ensemble perfect for a career fair. Simply swap the playful tote for a structured bag, and wear a tan blazer to help balance the slouchy trousers. Now go impress those recruiters in style.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Presentations call for business casual attire with your own personal style. You want to look professional and exude confidence without looking like you’re trying too hard. Make your outfit catch your audience’s attention and then make sure your presentation keeps their attention.

This Fashionsta nails the presentation look by sticking to the basics. She wears J.Crew pixie pants (leggings’ dressed up sister) with a black and white striped top. Her top’s crossover back adds interest to her outfit, and is appropriate because of the black underlay that covers her lower back. A bareback top should be saved for a night out. To elongate her legs, she wears silver-capped wedges of a modest height. She keeps her accessories to a minimum to eliminate distractions, and adds a chic touch with her hairstyle. A topknot polishes her outfit and keeps her hair out of her face for her presentation. Finishing this look off with confidence, this Fashionista is presentation-ready.

When creating a presentation look, take this Fashionista’s lead and find your basic essentials. If you choose to wear a dress, choose an A-line style layered under a colored blazer for an unexpected pop of color. When deciding what shoes to wear, flats are always a safe go-to. If you want to wear heels, make sure they aren’t too tall—you’re giving a presentation, not going to a party.

As for accessories and beauty, take a minimalistic approach. Pull hair back into a chignon bun with a jeweled headband, or wear a loose pony so you won’t be tempted to twirl your locks mid-presentation. One statement piece of jewelry is fine, but make sure that’s the only bold aspect of your look. The most important accessory to always rock is confidence, whether you’re giving a presentation or just walking around campus.

One Simple Change: Replace the summery wedges for a sassier pair or your favorite stilettos. Swap the top for a flowy tank and intensify your makeup for a night out.