TREND: A New Way To Do Nautical

As a fan of alternative music, I can say I've been to a good share of concerts, so when I saw this Fashionisto, I was instantly reminded of all the cute, shaggy-haired males I've seen at concerts before.  Despite the fact that his long, curly hair caught my attention first, it didn't take me long to notice his great laid-back style, too. One thing that's always baffled me about the opposite sex is how easily they can throw on an outfit and still look good. In the same amount of time it takes girls to brush their teeth, boys can get completely ready.  I'll admit, it makes me kind of jealous.  I'm sure you can imagine how I felt when I asked him how long it took to put his look together and he answered, with a shrug, "I guess five minutes."

Above all else, it was this Fashionisto's shirt that truly garnered my attention. His black and white tee takes regular, old nautical stripes and reinvents them. Each stripe contains a piece of a picture and as a whole, they depict an urban, city scene. Not just stylish, but artistic, too? Win.

He opted for black cotton shorts (always a good fabric choice for the summer) and completed his outfit with black and white, leather Vans. He's practically a mirror image of every boy I've ever seen at an alternative concert; it's because it's the perfect outfit choice for when you're about to be smothered by hundreds of people trying to get close to a stage.
Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, are always a smart choice when you're trying to keep cool.

So albeit a simple, dual-tone outfit, I can honestly say I'd never look this put together in five minutes. So although his outfit may not be extremely cutting edge or risk-taking, I have to hand it to him.  If girls only had five minutes to get ready, most of them would still be naked.

TREND: Make It Metallic!

If I had to say there was a color that practically anyone could pull off (other than black), I'd say it's gray. I think gray has that rare ability to compliment any skin color — whether you're dark skinned, bronzed, or fair skinned like this Fashionista — without making you appear washed out, dull, or drab. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself; it's even popular among celebs right now.

But even hotter than gray right now are metallic accessories. Metallics are the perfect way to help add excitement and play up an otherwise simple outfit – which is exactly what this Fashionista did. Although her gray, cotton romper is fairly basic, it’s just the right thing to wear on a hot, humid day. And if you’re worried that the summer heat is going ruin your style, you can still stay cool, comfortable and fashionable by playing up your outfit with accessories.

This Fashionista incorporated a gray headband with pretty diamond embellishments and a silver metallic purse into her outfit…But most importantly, she was able to finish her look with stylish accessories, without having to wear additional pieces that would make Ohio’s 80-degree weather unbearable.

Although she seems to be conquering the latest trends with her gray romper and metallic accessories, the best part about this Fashionista’s outfit is that it’s nearly all from Target (romper, headband and purse). Who knew someone could look so cute for so cheap – and be able to find it all at a single store?

TREND: Watch out, Kelly Cutrone.

This Fashionista certainly knows how to incorporate a fun, colorful item into her outfit, like her ruffled, chartreuse top.  While her job may require business casual attire, she knows how to include pieces that make her outfit stylish, but still professional.  Her choice to include only one attention-grabbing item was smart — unless you're working for Kelly Cutrone or someone who understands the fashion idustry, you cannot dress like you're getting ready to walk down the runway.  Your workplace or internship is a serious environment, so dress seriously, or you won't be taken seriously. That being said, you can have a little fun with your outfit while still being professional.

This Fashionista opted for dark skinny jeans instead of dress pants, which is a working girl's best option when she's about to tackle a long, stressful day. The darker denim wash provides a more dressy feel, which is important in the workplace. But remember, you can be comfortable but still look put together and fashionable. The last thing your boss wants to see is destroyed denim with a huge chunk of thigh showing — that's definitely not appropriate for the work environment (unless you're part of the Lost cast).

Lastly, a simple, black, fitted blazer and black heels pull her business-chic attire together.  Closed-toe heels are always a good choice when you're trying to appear more professional, but closed-toe heels that  you can walk in are the best choice. Your boss isn't going to be impressed when your 6-inch heels force you to slowly hobble to and from the copy machine.

I think this Fashionista aced her internship attire. She looks not only professional, but stylish, and comfortable and ready to take the working world by the reigns. Watch out, Kelly Cutrone.

Style Guru Bio: Brittany Schmigel

I believe I'm undeniably fashion forward, but not one to jump at overly-trendy styles that can be found on the clearance rack minutes later. Instead, I like to hold true to my own style (edgy with a feminine touch) and incorporate trends of my choice. I've had an affinity for fashion since I was little and I can honestly say there’s nothing better than sparkly jewelry, ankle-breaking heels, and the looks you get from others when you strut into a room wearing a killer outfit.