5 Tips to Get Organized and Reduce Stress

I think we can all agree, college is not all filled with fun times. It is hard and staying organized during our hectic schedules is even more difficult to do. There is always a point in the semester where you just realized that you haven’t finished your assignments or have any clean pants because you forgot about your laundry. Because of this I came up with these top five ways to a stress-free and organized lifestyle.

Planner. While I never thought planners were useful in high/middle school, college is a little bit different. It is extremely helpful to have something that you can write down assignments, due dates, and important events to keep you on track!

Colored pens. Another tip is to color code everything you write down in your planner. Coding things like school, sorority events, and personal stuff is an awesome way to keep things clear and straight to the point. I personally use the Stabilo Finalizer pens in the point-four millimeter point.

Clean out your backpack. Another way to stay organized is to clear out your backpack, purse, or whatever you take to class with you at the end of every day! Gum wrappers, random pieces of notepaper, broken pencils are not a pretty sight. Emptying my backpack everyday is a good way to keep open space for each new day in class. Something I have learned throughout my past three years at Western Michigan University is that things pile up fast! You need to keep up or you’ll be drowning in notepaper by the end of the semester!

To-do list. To-do lists are especially relevant to our busy college schedules. If you were to take anything away from these tips, it should be that to-do lists are your best friend in college. For example, my planner this past semester was filled with different to-do lists for all my classes and personal life! It makes what you need to do extremely clear. When you cross something off your list, it’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!

Make time for yourself. My last tip to all students is to make time for yourself, because it is hard to balance a healthy lifestyle and a successful semester! You will always feel a little overwhelmed or maybe a little more run down that you would like. Allowing your body to recover from your stressful week is just as important as your homework! College life is fun; I think we can all agree on that. However, if it takes staying in one night to catch up on some sleep and do your favorite face mask, then so be it!

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STYLE ADVICE: Next Stop, Mexico

What better way to end the school year than with a vacation at a tropical resort in Mexico? I recently had the pleasure of photographing this Fashionista before she took off for her first summer trip.

Being in the hot sun, we want to wear things that are comfy and allow air while also being stylish and fun. This Fashionista is wearing a burnt orange off-the-shoulder shift dress from Forever 21. This dress is perfect for going out to a nice dinner or just exploring the area with your friends. Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are huge right now and are the perfect way to show off your tan in another country!

She paired her dress with a pair of comfy sandals from Target. It is important to have comfortable shoes when going on vacation so you can wander the resort or city and see everything without discomfort. This pair of strappy sandals are the perfect example of comfortable with a touch of style.

To pull the look together, this Fashionista wore her basic sunglasses with round frames. Sunglasses are the most important accessory for any trip! You can dress up any outfit with a cute pair of sunglasses while also protecting your eyes from the sun. She also touched up her look with a dainty gold necklace to match the gold on her glasses.

Whether you’re going to the city or the beach, these pieces can help you stay comfy and stylish while taking on the town, hit the beach, and having the time of your life!


For me personally, staple pieces are timeless and should be owned by every woman. Staple pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe and are the easiest things to dress up or down when in a rush. Being a college student, I have so many pieces that I can layer, accessorize, and create new outfits with.

One of my favorite staple pieces is my oversize jean jacket. Owning this jean jacket gives me the perfect way to add texture and layer to any of my outfits. This jacket in particular is light blue with distressed rips through out the sleeves and back. I paired this jacket with my favorite basic white V-neck T-shirt to allow me to add length under the jacket. I love pairing my favorite jackets with a longer length undershirt or sweater to add dimension to my outfit.

To add some darkness and edge to my outfit, I wore my short black jeans and black quilted Steve Madden slip on sneakers. These shoes have been one of my favorites since coming to college. They are the perfect shoes to just throw on and run out the door while being so cute at the same time! Since this is a more basic outfit, I kept the accessories to a minimum and just wore my favorite rings and black sunnies to top it off.

Using my favorite staple pieces to put together new and fun outfits is something I love doing. When I come across a new piece to add to the collection, I know that I have hit the jackpot! My best advice to you to be the best Fashionista possible is to collect your staple pieces and never be afraid to do or wear something a little different.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

Transitioning from winter to spring can be tricky when living in a place like Michigan. One day can be sunny and warm and the next could be snowing, you just never know what to expect! Having one particularly sunny day is a blessing for someone who hates covering up their fashionable outfits with a big coat like myself.

This Fashionista was dressed in the perfect outfit where she could take her jacket off during the sunny day, yet still have something cute and warm for a night out with her girlfriends.

One piece I love is her black leather jacket. Having a staple piece like a leather jacket can put so much edge into any outfit and also help you stay super warm. To keep the edgy look going, she wore her black ripped jeans and paired it with a simple gray tank top. Wearing a tank top under a jacket is always smart, just in case you go somewhere that is a little warmer inside or if you are jumping from place to place.

To pull the whole outfit together, this Fashionista wore her plain black choker, black high heeled lace-up boots, and a black purse with gold details. This purse is perfect for going out with your friends! It is big enough to carry all of your essentials, like your brush, makeup for touchups, and your wallet. Plus, her bag goes perfectly with her black heels.

I am sure we all have fun wearing heels, but be careful if you plan to walk far or being out all night. Whether it be on campus or in a new city, this Fashionista has put together the perfect pieces to stay comfortable and warm while showing off her edgy side for a night with her girls.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple Stripes

This month’s feature is all about details. Accessories can make a super simple outfit into something unique and stylish. In the pictures, this Fashionisto turned his basic jean and button-up look into something stellar, starting off by rocking his brown and black detailed watch, which is an essential piece to any outfit. Finding the right watch to match your outfit is key when it comes to putting together something fabulous.

In this case, he paired this watch with his brown lace-up booties, which ended up being the perfect match. These brown boots are perfect for any outfit, since they are neutral and durable for any man. It is important to have a pair of neutral shoes that allow you to show your sense of style with more than one outfit!

He complemented his patterned button-up with dark blue jeans, where he cuffed the bottoms to show off his shoes and give them a more tapered, clean look. This is something you can do to take off length, or allow you to show off more of your shoes. This trend is huge right now with women and men’s style, and is definitely one of my favorites! To top off his look, this Fashionisto wears his black simple sunglasses. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory, whether it be in the summer or winter, and can allow you to create new outfits with the same piece.

I am absolutely loving the trends and style that men have created in 2016. Details really do give effortless outfits something to rave about.

STYLE GURU BIO: Brittany Walton

Hey y’all! The names Brittany, Brit, B… the possibilities are just about endless! I am a huge sucker for stripes, sunflowers, pugs, and all things gold and glitter. I grew up on the east side of Michigan with my big happy family, but am currently a junior at Western Michigan University. Though my major is advertising and promotion, I have always had a niche for fashion and beauty! I love that I have the opportunity to piece together articles of clothing or accessories in a way that shows who I am as a person, and hopefully I can teach you to do the same!

In the pictures above, I paired my black distressed jeans with a cozy gray off-the-shoulder sweater. This is my go-to outfit when I want to dress a little edgy, but still be comfortable! An outfit like this describes my everyday wardrobe perfectly. I am constantly trying to stay as comfortable as possible, while still being fashionable, especially going from classroom to classroom all day!

Another one of favorite staple pieces is my black Coach purse. Black goes with almost everything, and this specific bag allows me to use it as a crossbody or carry it by the smaller straps. The gold detail allows me to match my other accessories to my purse! I am always wearing gold rings and jewelry, so this is perfect for my everyday life.

To pair with my black purse, I decided to wear my Steve Madden sunglasses, which are my absolute favorite accessory. These are my go-to glasses that are perfect for any occasion!

I am constantly trying to live my life to the fullest and love as much as I can. If I can teach you anything from my posts, it is to be a confident person with a loving heart and a badass wardrobe.