TREND: Baby It’s Cold Outside

What's winter without sweaters? The Fashionistas of BU seem to follow this mantra to the tee! Campus is filled with funny grandpa sweaters, so dig 'em out and sport them with pride (and warmth).

This Fashionista donned an oversized sweater with a Pendleton-esque pattern. What was once reserved for old people in the Midwest is now in fashion! Although this Fashionista found her sweater at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philadelphia, you can find Pendleton prints at Urban Outfitters, Dillards or on the Pendleton website. This print-style is not only reserved for sweaters. You can sport this trend on coats, capes, bags and shirts.

Sweater material clothing can also be worn on other parts of the body; sweater-tights and sweater-shirts are also becoming popular! Urban Outfitters even carries sweater shorts. Be on the lookout for sweater-everything, everywhere. Keep warm, Fashionistas, because it sure is chilly out there.

TREND: The Mix Up

Recently, mixing prints has been coming back into style, but what about mixing the same prints? Some may say it's too much of a good thing, but if it's done right, it can be the perfect dose. I caught this Fashionisto sporting plaid-on plaid and pulling it off perfectly.

This Fashionisto shows that the key to pulling off this trick is varying the size of the prints. His plaid button-down is a smaller print, while the plaid on his coat is larger. This creates contrast and ensures that each print stands for itself rather than getting lost in the other, which could make the prints clash.

It is not important to make your prints match, but make sure they "go together." This is subject to opinion, so if you think it looks good, wear it with confidence and it will look good.

Stick with a simple bottom, like jeans or black pants, when sporting this trend. This Fashionisto's classic jeans work great with his plaid mix. Since there is so much happening on top, the bottoms must be kept simple.

Try this trend with plaid, stripes, florals or abstract prints. You can wear a shirt and coat combination, like this Fashionisto, or mix it up with a shirt and scarf, hat or maybe even shoes of the same print.

Hint: This trend requires no shopping!  Look in your closet and pull out that striped scarf that you haven't worn because your favorite striped shirt "clashes."  Pair them together and head out.

TREND: Sweater Nation

Sometimes a big, cozy sweater is the best thing in the world. They're warm, comfortable, cute and perfect for a lazy afternoon, spent studying in the coffee shop. I found this Fashionista hard at work in a coffee shop in Amherst, Massachusetts; despite the appeal of just throwing on sweats for an afternoon of work, this Fashionista found a cute and comfy alternative.

As a sweater enthusiast myself, I have found that the bigger the sweater, the better; this allows more room to curl up inside the sweater and create a cocoon of coziness. This Fashionista clearly shares my sentiments with her oversized gray sweater, over a pair of leggings. The three-quarter sleeve on her sweater offers a nice contrast to the length, so she doesn't appear consumed by the sweater, and shows off her array of bohemian bracelets.

Since this Fashionista's sweater is big, she contrasted this bulk with a pair of leggings and mid-calf boots, which show off the shape of her legs. With larger things on top, it is important to remember to contrast with tighter things on the bottom. Leggings are a great option, or a stretchy mini skirt over tights. These combinations have come to be my favorite fall uniform!

Hint: Ask your grandfather if he has any old sweaters! This is how I found my favorites this fall.  Goodwill is also a great place to find cheap sweaters.

TREND: The Vest is Back

A vest is a tricky thing to pull off; they seem to be reserved for safaris or bird watchers. However, this Fashionista shows us that this is no longer the case: the vest is back.

This Fashionista's hunter green vest is slightly military-inspired, without the unflattering bulk normally associated with a vest. It cinches at the waist to create a feminine shape, while the cargo pockets add a rugged edge. By pairing it with a cozy sweater, this Fashionista looks like she is ready to take on the wilderness in style.

Whether you're really braving the woods or just the hallways (it can get pretty rough there, too), a vest is perfect attire. It adds slight warmth, which is great for the finicky temperature of BU classrooms. Vests are also a great layering tool; you can throw one on over a T-shirt, a sweater or even a tank top.

Recently, vests similar to this Fashionista's have been showcased on the runways of Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren. Both designers use vests in a classic Americana way, invoking images of a cozy fall day in the countryside. Although Boston might not be the countryside, it is the host of many quintessential fall days for which you will definitely need a vest!

Hint: Pair a military vest with a floral skirt for a super edgy look!

TREND: And the Winner is…


Well, Fashionistas, it’s officially too cold for flats. The adorable and appropriately warm alternative to keep your feet in fashion is a great pair of booties, like this Fashionista’s. Available in many different shapes, sizes and patterns, there’s a bootie out there for everyone.

This Fashionista’s great leopard print booties are perfect: the print is eye-catching and they match with many things (black OR brown!). With her all-black-everything theme, vintage-looking sun glasses and cute booties, this Fashionista looks trés chic.

Booties are available almost anywhere. You can of course find them at shoe stores, like Aldo or DSW, but also at stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and H&M. The styles are incredibly varied also; you can find ankle booties or ones with a higher rise and you can find metallic booties or print booties or plain colored booties! The possibilities are endless, really. You could even find a bootie for every outfit! It’s exhausting when you really think about. Luckily, I’ve compiled the best-of-the-best booties right here:

Best MettalicBest Solid.ToughestWarmestBest Lace Up

So, the votes are in Fashionistas.  Now hold your own award show in the shoe store and decide which bootie is right for you.

TREND: In the Trenches

Think trench coats are only for creepy people in horror movies or business people on Wall Street? Think again. These two Fashionistas show that a classic trench coat can keep you warm, dry and in style.

When picking out your perfect trench, keep in mind the main colors of your wardrobe; if you own mostly black, get a black trench, like the Fashionista on the left, so it matches whatever you wear. Also, get a mid-length trench, as the full length ones do come across as “flasher-esque.” The Fashionista on the right exemplifies how to dress down the trench, with a bit of cheery floral print brightening up the drab day and a cute pair of Wellies.

Conversely, you can dress up a trench with a dress or business-casual clothes if you’re going to an event or a job interview. Every Fashionista knows that looking good doesn’t stop with what clothes you wear, but includes shoes, accessories and coats; a trench keeps you looking good at all levels.

The multifuncionality of the fashionable trench coat makes it a must-have. It’s appropriate for all situations and can make for a provocative Halloween costume!

Hint: Raid your Mom's closet in search of a vintage trend.  Sometimes – just sometimes – Moms have the best clothes.

TREND: Conservatively Wild

Sometimes cheetah print is a bit too Snooki for my taste (although I love her, don’t get me wrong), so I usually shy away from it. However, this Fashionista’s cheetah-all-over dress is subtle and cute, with absolutely no hints of Jersey Shore; she looks casual, fun and stylish!

A small cheetah print such as this Fashionista’s dress is best for an all-over print; a bigger print can look tacky if worn everywhere. If you’re looking for a dress or shirt, aim for a smaller, subtler print. However, if you’re using the print as an accent (which can be very chic!) a larger print is fine. My favorite cheetah print accents are a pair of flats, or a skinny belt. Black pants with a black shirt tucked in, accessorized with a cheetah print belt is a perfect go-to outfit for comfort and fashion.

I’ve caught this particular Fashionista looking great multiple different times. This testifies to her keen fashion sense, and over all style. So, kudos to you, Fashionista! You inspire us all.

Hint: If you really love this Fashionista's style, cop her dress!

TREND: Your Legs Will Thank You

When I was little, I hated tights; I thought they were restrictive, uncomfortable and ugly. I kept this belief right up until last year, when I discovered the wonder and convenience of modern tights. Recently, tights have come to the forefront of trends with a variety of patterns, textures, materials and colors, which were previously unavailable (and more importantly, unfashionable). This Fashionista models the modern marvel that are fashion tights with her vertical-striped nylons.

Tights can be worn with many things, such as skirts, shorts, dresses and tunics. The even better part is that tights can now be used as an accessory! Personally, I love patterned tights (which I’m wearing right now!), especially cute floral patterns. This Fashionista’s striped tights are super edgy and unique. The vertical stripe elongates the leg, making them flattering for all figures.

This Fashionista also exemplifies the shorts-and-tights trend, which has been all over campus lately. It allows more freedom of movement while showing off your fashion tights!

Finally, this Fashionista’s red cowboy boots are the perfect punch at the end of a great outfit. They offer fashion, fun and warmth! Cowboy boots are best worn out of context (as in without other western inspired pieces) like this Fashionista did. So try out the fashion tights trend, Fashionistas! Your legs will thank you.

Hint: Still think tights are uncomfortable? Try a low-rise pair, rather than the normal control top ones.  Your stomach will thank you.

TREND: Classic Style with a Modern Twist

Autumn fashion is my favorite, but it can be tricky temperature wise. Most days are too warm for a coat, but too cool not to wear one; hoodies are always an option, but they aren’t the most fashionable item. Although it might seem like an old solution, one that’s been written about, and one that’s been done, this solution will be forever classic and appropriate for these in-between days: the blazer.

The day’s weather was 60 degrees and sunny when I spotted this Fashionisto; the sun was warm, but the wind was a little nippy. It was certainly one of those in-between days. With his structured navy blazer with maroon piping, jeans and oxfords, this Fashionisto maintained the perfect temperature and the perfect style.

Blazers are universally flattering. There are multiple different styles, so there is definitely a blazer for everyone! This look is certainly classic, but if you feel it’s too boring for your style, try wearing a blazer in an unexpected material or with fun detailing, like the maroon piping on this Fashionisto’s blazer. A velvet blazer is both warm and unexpected. The rich texture of velvet will add flare to your outfit in a luxurious way. The blazer is an age-old solution to an age-old problem. Have fun with this classic style! This Fashionisto looks modern and chic, while sporting the classic blazer. Make it your own, and stay warm!

Hint: For girls, blazers can be worn with boots and leggings to create the same classic effect with a little more comfort!

TREND: Rainy Day Woman

Waking up to pouring rain outside your window can definitely put a damper on your mood, but don’t let it put a damper on your style. Looking cute while staying dry is easy! This Fashionista put on an adorable straw hat to protect herself from the rain.

A hat will not only make you look cute, but will keep your hair dry and looking cute. You can try a straw hat, like this Fashionista’s, or a cloth fedora, like this. A larger brimmed hat can also be chic and very effective at battling the rain.

This Fashionista also shows how to maintain comfort on a drab day, while still looking great. Her oversize flannel is definitely comfortable, especially paired with jeggings. She dressed the outfit up a bit with a pair of structured boots. While hers have a slight heel, this is not necessary; a flat boot can look just as classy as her heeled boots do. A great pair of leather boots is definitely an investment, but they don’t go out of style and they last forever!

Despite the pouring rain outside, this Fashionista strolled into class looking cute, comfortable and dry! Rip a page out of her look book, and test this outfit against the weather.

Hint: Flannel can be expensive; to get around this extra cost, check out your local Salvation Army.  They have a huge selection of great flannel in the range of $5-$10.