BEAUTY BAR: Lustrous Locks

Curls, waves, and braids can really add the finishing touch to a flirty and feminine outfit.  However, having silky, luxe locks feels impossible given Atlanta’s humidity in the spring and summertime. This Fashionista decided to brave the heat and put her favorite hair product, Ouai Wave Mist, to the test in order to complete her fun, polka dot ensemble.

Loose curls are the perfect way to make an outfit look more polished for work, date night, or getting weekend brunch with friends. The best part? The look only takes a few minutes to create, but still looks Instagram-ready. In order to get this Fashionista’s locks, spray your hair with the wave mist of your choice, then curl it with an iron in two inch sections. Make sure to focus your big, loose curls at the halfway point of your hair—too close to the roots will add more volume then you would want for this look.  When you are finished styling your hair, make sure to set it with a hairspray to ensure they’ll keep all day long.

If you notice your curls losing volume towards the end of the day, make sure to follow this Fashionista’s pro tip to spruce them up again: Pinch the bottom tip of your curl with two fingers, then use your other hand to glide the curl back up towards your roots.  It’s a similar motion to curling a piece of ribbon with scissors, only you are curling your hair with your fingers. This trick is perfect for remaining fab on the go!

Next time you are looking for some hairspiration, give this Fashionista’s timeless, loose curls a go. Whether you decide to dress them up with a sparkly headband or let the hair speak for itself, they will be the perfect accessory to any outfit.


Whenever I want to add interest to a casual outfit, I pay a visit to the outerwear section of my closet. A blazer can make a V-neck shirt appear more polished, bomber jackets can make a plain sheath dress more fun, and solid color cardigans can help tone down a loud patterned outfit. This Fashionista used a light gray varsity jacket and pink baseball cap to create a ready for class ensemble that was both sporty and feminine.

Color choice matters when you are creating a look that is a mashup of two different styles.  This Fashionista chose a baby pink top and cap in order to anchor the overall aesthetic of her outfit. The blue detailing in her gray varsity jacket is the same shade as her high-waisted jeans, ensuring that the ensemble remains cohesive. This Fashionista keeps the focus on her overall sporty-chic look by wearing simple accessories, like a gold necklace.

Great stylists know that every element of an outfit must work together in order to emphasize the right pieces. That means that choosing the right pair of shoes and jeans is just as important as picking out a trendy jacket or top. This Fashionista’s choice to tuck high-waisted jeans into a pair of leather booties keeps the look sharp and streamlined. Therefore, the rest of her look doesn’t detract from the main focus of her outfit: the bomber jacket and baseball cap combo.

Whether if you want a new outfit to wear for a college sports game or are looking for new ways to rock your varsity jacket, take some notes from this Fashionista’s playbook. Pair a jacket with a matching baseball cap and shirt. Make sure to avoid flare jeans and heels so that the ensemble doesn’t become too busy. Don’t own a pair of booties like this Fashionista? No worries—a pair of white tennis shoes would look equally rad.

STYLE ADVICE: Playful Plaid

Springtime is just around the corner in Atlanta. As the nights grow longer and the weather grows hotter, there is one question on several Fashionistas’s minds: “What am I going to do with all my flannels now?” Although the plaid button-down shirts have been a winter staple for many, in theory the wool garment does not seem like the best piece to transition into cherry blossom season.

However, I found a Fashionista who was able to prove that plaid is a worthwhile addition to any March wardrobe. By pairing a vibrant colored flannel shirt with a pair of clean white shorts, this Fashionista was able to make the garment feel spring break ready.

One of my personal favorite parts about the return of warmer weather is getting to wear white shorts again. Their versatility allows for endless outfit possibilities and they can make almost any top look effortlessly polished. This Fashionista used white shorts to balance out the vibrancy of her purple flannel, while also reaffirming the top as a year long closet staple. To maintain the structure of her outfit, she chose tan boat shoes and a braided belt in addition to simple accessories that did not distract from the plaid.

This Fashionista’s outfit is so successful due to her use of balance and color. A brightly colored flannel top is easier to transition into spring than a red or black one. If you do own dark-colored plaid, consider wearing a pair of denim shorts, a graphic T-shirt, and then tying the plaid top around your waste for an edgier look. By searching for new ways to wear old pieces, you will already be ahead of the game with more money in your pocket as designers roll out their new springtime look books and collections.


Spending winter break in Pennsylvania instead of Atlanta means more than getting much needed family time in my home town, but a drastic change in climates. I found myself packing all of my warmest opaque tights, sweaters and tons of shirts for layering. After a few weeks, I found the perfect way to transition some of my favorite pieces for Pennsylvania’s brutal winter season: opaque tights.

I wore my favorite plaid tights underneath a skater skirt to add another dimension to my look.  Opaque tights are great to wear under dresses, skirts or even shorts for the bold and come in a variety of colors and patterns. In some cases, they are even made out of the same material as sweaters so they are able to keep your legs extra warm. A simple pattern like polka dots or plaid will match most of the tops in your closet and can add some playfulness to your ensemble. Whenever I wear my opaque tights, I love to pair them with my patent oxfords. My flats are comfortable, stylish and I feel like I can wear them anywhere in any weather.

A thick novelty sweater can keep you warm while adding a ton of personality to your outfit.  My personal favorites happen to be from Le Tigre, like this top featuring two puffins. The image is cute without seeming juvenile and the color palette leaves the door open for some pattern play. Not to mention, the sweater was so cozy that I was able to avoid wearing a jacket.

Finally, I chose to match the colors of my sweater with my eyeshadow. This time around, that meant rocking red and blue on my eyelids. To keep the look suited for the daytime I chose a nude pink lip, however, a braver Fashionista might want to try a navy lipstick if she wants to add a bit of an edge to her look.

Remember, skirts and dresses can be given a new life in the winter time with the right pair of tights. Experiment with different colors and styles to discover what suits your style best–you’ll be glad you did.

STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Keener

Hello everyone, my name is Brooke and I am a returning CollegeFashionista intern for the spring 2017 semester. I am excited to share my second half of my senior year at Emory University with all of you, and will keep you in the know of the standout on-campus trends.

Since this is my final college semester, now more than ever is the time for me to make an impact on my college’s fashion community. I am taking more risks than ever before, bending all the fashion rules and am putting together a wardrobe that expresses my personality without breaking the bank.

For this look, I wanted to bust the myth that curvier girls are unable to wear stripes. Time and time again, I have always avoided wearing those horizontal or vertical lines on my clothes because I was told it would make me seem larger or bring too much attention to myself. However, part of being an adult and going into the real world is making decisions for yourself. I love the stripe trend and think that anyone can wear them. At the end of the day, you should wear clothes that please you and not worry about what others think if they make you happy.

I paired my black and white striped dress with a pair of Timberland heels and a black and white patterned Betsey Johnson purse. The look is simple but fun and I cannot wait to wear these booties to my next home improvement store shopping trip.

Finally, I have always had issues figuring out how to style my hair since I have bangs. I decided to go with a look that is a bit of a flashback to the past: a tiny poof. It’s simple to accomplish and really adds a new dimension to my outfit.

As always, I am excited to share all of the great college fashion Emory University has to offer.  Stay RAD and cheers to a stylish new year!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Outstanding Outerwear

As the semester draws to a close and final exams loom over the entire student body, it is easy to put fashion on the back burner. There is something to be said about the comfort of wearing your university’s hoodie with some skinny jeans as you fuel up on coffee and study for upcoming tests. However, you can still dress in a fashion-forward way even on your busiest days. Take a page from this Fashionisto’s book and make stylish, comfortable outfit choices so that you can look and feel great even when exams are getting you down.

The right jacket can make all the difference as you cozy up with your textbooks in the library or run out to meet friends for lunch. The key is to find outerwear that is not only comfortable, but has potential to bring an entire outfit together. This Fashionisto chose to wear a denim parka that gave his overall casual look a bit of an edge. He then wore a printed henley shirt and his favorite pair of skinny jeans to help anchor the look. Finally, he tied the entire outfit together with his use of brown leather accessories to match his combat boots. His finished look is casual and relaxed with a twist, giving him the appearance as though he is ready for whatever life throws at him.

The important part about end of the semester style is to wear fashion-forward pieces that you feel like your best self in. Whether that is a denim parka or a leather jacket, the outfit components that will bring you the most comfort during this stressful time are the ones that fit your personal sense of style.


Atlanta has been going through some roller coaster weather this fall that has thrown our local Fashionistas for a loop. Sweaters, cardigans, opaque tights and boots remain packed away in closets as we await cooler days where we can bust out our favorite autumn pieces. In the meantime, people like this Fashionista have been finding ways to stay cool during these hot fall months while still staying true to the season’s style. From her leather purse and jacket to her baby pink tennis shoes and sunglasses, this Fashionista’s look is the epitome of southern autumn fashion.

While a striped bodycon dress is generally considered more of a summertime piece, the way it is accessorized can really transform its overall look. The use of leather really drives home the autumn feel of the outfit. Layering a classic black leather jacket over a dress is not only an easy way to give it an edge, but it gives the outfit an overall warmer feel. It’s a staple piece that every Fashionista should have in their autumn wardrobe.

In addition to the leather pieces, this Fashionista also made her outfit fall ready by wearing  pink tennis shoes. This shoe keeps the outfit from becoming too dressy which makes the overall look a great choice to wear to class or study in the library. This Fashionista completes the look with a pair of light pink sunglasses and they tie her entire outfit together.

Get inspired by this look and wear a jacket like this Fashionista did or embellish it with some darker pieces like a choker necklace or chunky sneakers


While October means the return of favorite fall trends, delicious apple cider and Halloween parties, there is one part of the month that college students everywhere dread: midterm exams. If you are anything like me during the midterm/exam season, the library will become a second home to you as you study your days and nights away. Even when your nose is crammed in books, you can still look fashionable as you work for that A. This Fashionista was able to stay comfortable without sacrificing her focus with a cotton T-shirt, skirt and denim jacket ensemble.

One way to make an outfit look bold while maintaining its casual feel is to put on a denim jacket. The outerwear will help you stay cozy as you power through your library study sessions and will add a new layer of interest to your ensemble. This Fashionista opted for a relaxed, light blue denim jacket that popped against her otherwise gray and white outfit.

If you crave the comfort of your favorite cotton T-shirt, but are worried about looking too dressed down, a flowy maxi skirt might be the solution to your problem. This Fashionista took her casual shirt and dressed it up with a striped skirt, making the look appear effortlessly polished. She completed her dressed up casual outfit with a pair of leather high top Oxford shoes.

Did you finish up your studying and are now ready for a night on the town? Leave the denim jacket and Oxford shoes at home and instead opt for a pair of strappy heels.

STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Keener

Hello everyone, my name is Brooke and I am a senior studying English and creative writing at Emory University.

While I normally gravitate towards the more kitschy side of fashion, this year my wardrobe is a bit more minimalistic—at least for my standards. I want to be able to make a statement with my clothes using less pieces for when I’m on the go. After all, late night study sessions are inevitable and I still want to look polished even when I feel anything but.

We all have our own rituals for making ourselves feel better on stressful days. I have friends who like to order a ton of Chinese takeout or do study walks as they prepare for major papers and exams. For me, fashion and beauty help me find my zen. Once I put on my favorite pair of jeans or a flowy dress, I feel powerful and ready to take on anything. Regardless of how you do it this semester, make sure to take some time for yourself during this busy time of year—even if that means just spending an extra 10 minutes in front of the vanity perfecting your winged liner.

For my look, I wanted to do a blend of fall and summer fashion since it is in between seasons. While my dress is a looser fit that is geared more towards warmer weather, the mauve color is definitely more suited for fall. Smoky eye makeup has always been one of my favorite autumn trends and I decided to give it a vibrant purple update over the traditional browns and blacks to keep such a heavy look summery. Finally, I tied the look together with my favorite pair of brown suede booties, matching the gold buckle detailing with the gold in my headband.

During this time of year, don’t be afraid to mix pieces from different seasons together. Depending on how you style it, you can make your favorite sweaters, booties and seasonal colors work all year as long as you keep them in balance.

I cannot wait to start my third semester with CollegeFashionista and see all the looks Emory students put together this year.


In the summertime, it can be difficult to create men’s looks that are comfortable to wear, but still polished.  The last thing anyone wants on a hot day is to structure an outfit with more layers like adding a blazer or vest.  While you might be tempted to beat the heat in gym shorts and loose fitting tops all season long, there are still ways to look and feel cool that are perfect for when you are on the go.

This Fashionisto added some flare to his V-neck T-shirt on a warm summer afternoon by pairing the top with some trendy cargo shorts and boat shoes.  Both the shorts and shirt are a comfortable, relaxed fit, but the overall look is polished because of his use of color.  Black shorts may not be ideal for the summertime, but a pair in charcoal gray add just enough edge to an outfit without falling too deep into an autumn color palette.  The brown leather boat shoes are fitting for the season and tie the comfort chic look together.

If you are excited to start wearing fall shades like plum, black, or chocolate brown again, consider pairing them with a warm weather color like yellow, white, or khaki.  After all, any color can be worn during any season with the right styling.

One Simple Change: Are you looking for something comfortable to wear on a record-breaking heat index day? Try wearing a loose fitting top and cargo shorts in fun and unusual colors that keep the look fun and relaxed.