TREND: The Prepster

This fall, the preppy look is climbing up the ladder as one of the top trends for men. The term “prep” holds several different meanings, all of which have greatly transformed over time. Traditionally associated with an image of a privileged and elitist group, the term “prep” related to anyone who was associated with an Ivy League or university-preparatory school. Today, preppy fashion is more commonly associated with a clean and sophisticated image, and is generally associated with brands such as brands J.Crew, Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitizer.

This fall, preppy basics such as blazers, cardigans, plaid, button-downs, sweaters, collars and vests are making a return in the male wardrobe. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the preppy look is that most men already own many of the prep-essential items. Matching his black and gray knitted sweater with a black collard shirt underneath, today’s Fashionisto has combined different elements from his wardrobe and has created a casual, yet suave and clean-cut look. Another item to note on this Fashionisto are his nautically-inspired boat shoes. He is sporting a pair of beige Sperry Top-Sider’s, a leading shoe brand for prepster fashion.

While the term "prep," and the images associated with it have evolved significantly over the years, the prepster look is a classic, timeless male fashion trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

TREND: Lumberjack Plaid

This fall, plaid continues its popular reign as fashion’s favorite fabric. Plaid and flannel shirts have been a fall classic over the past few years and this year is no exception. Although the fabric stems form countries around Europe, plaid has become a staple in the American wardrobe.

Traditionally known as lumberjack plaid for its red and black coloring, plaid and flannel shirts are not only a classic fall staple, but are comfortable and are an easy way to incorporate a bold and colorful pattern into your wardrobe. Plaid shirts are versatile, but not plain, and can be found in a variety of patterns and colors.

Today’s Fashionisto shows us that you do not have to be chopping down trees in the woods to get his look. This Fashionista is wearing a lumberjack-inspired red and black plaid shirt  and has matched it with a pair of blue jeans, creating a simple and classic fall look. Summer is long gone, and it is time to retire those cool colored and graphic tees and  welcome some warm colors into your wardrobe. Not only does this plaid shirt work for going to class, but it can easily be transitioned to wear for a night out. Dress that plaid shirt up with some nice jeans or khakis, pair it with some boat shoes or loafers and you're good to go.

Hint: Gap, J. Crew and Patagonia are three brands that have a ton of plaid to choose from.

Time to say good-bye to those T-shirts Fashionistos! 

TREND: Biker Chic

Looking for a fun and edgy way to spice up your fall wardrobe? Look no further than the leather jacket.

Leather never goes out of style, but this season leather has been taken to a whole new level. Being used for everything from shoes to pants, shirts and jackets, leather has become one of the most prominent fabrics of the fall season. Available in traditional colors such as black, brown and grey, or more vibrant colors such as purple and blue, leather jackets can be used for multiple seasons and are a worth while investment.

Today's Fashionista is ready to rock with her edgy, yet chic ensemble. Her black leather jacket is a slim fit, and is detailed with various zippers along the sleeves, cuffs, and body of the jacket. She has paired her leather jacket with black leggings and a bright green tank, adding an eccentric splash of color to her dark ensemble. Another element to note about this Fashionista's ensemble is her choice of shoes. Ankle boots are undeniably one of fall's favorite shoes and can be found in a variety of different styles. Today's Fashionista choose a pair of ankle boots that complimented her ensemble, adding a tough, yet femine touch to her biker-chic look. The zipper-teeth trim provides an edgy look to a classic vintage inspired ankle boot.

To get this look, try spicing up your fall wardrobe by matching some edgy items to your outfit. Although leather jackets can be a bit pricey, they are not going anywhere anytime soon and can be worn throughout multiple seasons.

TREND: Rain Boots

Over the past few years, rain boots have transformed from a practical way to keep your feet dry to a total fashion statement. Comfortable, trendy, and now totally stylish, rain boots have become increasingly popular among women, and are a very practical shoe choice for the fall. Available in various colors, designs and patterns, rain boots are far from limited to a particular style and can appeal to many fashion types. Brands like Jimmy Choo and Hunter offer styles that are stamped or embossed with textures like crocodile print, snakeskin and quilting. Other designers are also offering styles with various prints, including Valentino's lace print, and Burberry's classic checker print.

Today's Fashionista is wearing an outfit that truly embraces the fall season, and has matched her outfit with a pair of black rain boots, showing us that rain boots are not just meant for rainy days. She has paired her rain boots with a long dark gray sweater and skinny jeans. She has matched her outfit with a bright blue fall scarf, a pefect touch of a fall accessory.

To get this look, match your favorite skinny jeans or leggings with a pair of rain boots. Most shoe stores and major retail outlets will have a large selection to choose from. While there are also plenty of options to choose from online, I recommend trying them on first to get the best fit. Depending on the designer or brand, rain boots can run in a lot of different styles.

This fall, try incorporating rain boots into your wardrobe, with or without the rain.

TREND: Opaque Tights

The best part about accessories is that they have the power to turn an outfit from good to great in a matter of minutes. When it comes to utilizing fashion accessories, most Fashionistas immediately seek out their favorite pieces of jewelry, handbags, or even a pair of shoes to add some creativity and distinction to their look.

This fall, opaque tights have become increasingly popular and are making their way to the top of the accessory line-up. Ranging in color and style, these tights are perfect for fall temperatures, and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Not only are they great for warmth, but a pair of opaque tights can make your outfit more exclusive and original.

Today’s Fashionista chose to pair black opaque tights with her outfit, creating a distinct and contemporary look. She has paired them with a black skirt, black boots and a black leather jacket. Primarily wearing a black ensemble, this Fashionista chose to feature small, yet stand out touches of color to her look. Pairing a white shirt with her black ensemble adds contrast, while her over-sized red bag serves as the perfect eye-catching and statement making accessory.

To get this look, try incorporating a pair of opaque tights with your next outfit. In addition to opaque tights, there are also tons of textured, lace, and animal print options to choose from.

Hint:  American Apparel and Urban Outfitters both offer large selections with many different colors to choose from.

TREND: Western Flare

Time to retire your flip-flops Fashionistas. Fall fashion is in full swing and all your favorite stores are stocking their shelves with the season’s must-have boot collections. Ranging from thigh-high to ankle, suede to leather, boots are one of the most versatile and diverse items in fashion and can appeal to many different style-types.

Today’s Fashionista is wearing her boot of choice, the cowboy boot. Traditionally thought to be the rugged and country shoe of the west, this Fashionista turned totally rugged into totally chic. She is wearing a black, strapless dress that features a lace hemmed bottom, and has paired it with strands of pearl-white beads and black cowboy boots. Pairing her boots with an elegant black dress and beaded accessories, this Fashionista turned two extreme styles into one. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, designer Ralph Lauren showcased a spring collected filled with western-chic attire. Featuring subtle floral print maxi gowns to elegant chiffon gowns, Lauren paired this items with heavy western accents, creating some of the most glamorous western inspired attire.

To get this look, try incorporating some western accents into your chic wardrobe. Fringe, lace, ruffles and embroidered or embellished belts are a good place to start.

Hint: If you’re looking for cowboy boots, there are several different unique styles to choose from. Check out Steve Madden or Nordstrom for a large selection with lots of styles to choose from.

TREND: Transition into Fall

Thanks to Mother Nature and the rapid change in temperatures, September in Colorado can be a tricky month to dress for. The chilly and breezy mornings remind us that fall is coming, but the hot blistering afternoons tell us that summer is not quite gone. With that said, it is crucial to make outfit choices that may easily be transitioned from cool to warm temperatures.

This Fashionista is transition ready. Prepared for the heat of the day, she is wearing jeans and a sleeveless floral designed top. However, to accompany the chilly morning temperatures, she has paired her outfit with a baggy white sweater and matching flats. Pairing your outfit with an over-sized sweater allows for easy access to adjust to the temperatures throughout the day without having to change your entire outfit.

Aside from there practical use, over-sized sweaters are one of fall's favorite items- and mine too! Each fall I find myself falling in love with this trend. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are chic and versatile.Whether you pair it with jeans, leggings or tights, over-sized sweaters are available in a range of styles and colors, and can be used to create various different outfits. This look is totally fuss free and allows you to combine some of your favorite summer and fall pieces together.

Hint: Try this ruffled or this shawl collared sweater with your favorite summer pieces.

TREND: Salute your Wardrobe

The military fashion trend has come and gone, but this fall it's back in full-force and is offered in wardrobe selections form head to toe.

One of the most inspirational military wardrobe items is the military jacket. These jackets and coats are a classic addition to the fall and winter wardrobe year after year. From brass buttons to cargo pockets and structured collars, these uniformed jackets are a great choice for a polished look. Today's Fashionista is showing off her olive green military jacket, featuring both cargo pockets and brass buttons. Military fashion is typically restricted in colors and comes from a strict pallette of mostly greens, neautrals and grays however this year fashion designers are taking a different route. Many military fashion pieces are now available in blacks, blues and even leather.

Stemming from a masculine look, designers such as Marc Jacobs have amped up the femininity this year showcasing military fashion in new light. Pairing your military jacket with skirts, ruffles, leggings, or accessories such as waist belts can help create a more feminine look. This Fashionista addeded a feminine touch to her military look by choosing a jacket that accentuates her waist line with a belt.

Military fashion is an easy and affordable trend that can be worn either casual or formal and can be paired with almost anything. Just dont forget to add your feminine touch!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rock and Roll into Fall

While the summer season is nearing its final stretch, fall is quickly approaching and that means it is time to start re-thinking our wardrobe selections. While some of us are sad to retire some of our favorite summer pieces, now is the perfect time to get in touch with your daring side and create new and refreshing looks.

Traditionally thought upon as the fabric for a tough image, leather is now being showcased in a new and refreshing light. While the traditional leather jacket has been a classic fall trend for the past few years, we are now seeing leather used in all categories ranging from outerwear to dresses, shorts, and even accessories.

Today's Fashionista is ready to rock. Wearing a black leather jacket and skin-tight leather leggings, this Fashionista has created a sleek and edgy look for herself. While leather leggings can be tricky, it is important to remember that worn with the correct accessories, tops, and footwear, this article of clothing can be a head turning and stand out fashion look. This Fashionista paired her leather ensemble with an over-sized gray tee and light blue Keds, adding a splash of color and contrast to her sleek look.

To get this look,  check out these leather leggings from American Apparel and this leather jacket from Express. Add your favorite accessories, a splash of color, and you're ready to rock.


TREND: Take It to the Max

Maxi dresses are popping up everywhere and have undeniably been one of this summer's biggest trends. Light-weight and comfortable, these floor skimming dresses can be found in various prints and patterns. The greatest part about these dresses is that they can work for various shapes and sizes, totally disregarding the common misconception that maxi dresses only suits one type of shape.

For many of us Fashionistas, the name Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw, means one thing: fashion icon. With the lauch of Sex and the City 2 this past spring, the fabulous women of New York, including 5"4 Sarah Jessica Parker, modeled a series of maxi dresses throughout the movie, proving that women with smaller frames can rock this look too. The trick in choosing a maxi to suit your peitie frame is to choose something that has a slimmer cut and fits more closely to your body. It is also important to keep in mind the length of the dress, choosing one that falls just above your ankle and not totally to the floor.

Many maxi dresses can either be worn for a casual or more formal look, depending on the accessories and other articles of clothing you pair with it. Most maxi dresses are statement making pieces on their own, so be careful not to overload on the accessories. This Fashionista took a combination of a statement making dress and subtle accessories and created an ultra chic and glamorous look.  Choosing a dress with a vibrant pattern, this Fashionista embraced her femininity by adding a few pieces of chic and subtle accessories to her look.